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Applications 1D-HAM AFT Mercury AkWarm heat, air, moisture transport, walls optimization, pipe optimization, pump selection,

duct design, duct sizing, chilled water systems, hot water systems home energy rating systems, home energy, residential modeling, weatherization Thermal heat bridges, heat flow, steady state, 2D, 3D, transfer coefficients, thermal conductance, visualization, simulation, European standards, EPBD, temperature distribution, vapor transfer, vapor diffusion, avoiding moisture, avoiding mould, energy performance, linear thermal transmittance, point thermal transmittance, vapor pressure, surface condensation, thermal comfort, dew point thermal design, thernal analysis, energy simulation, dynamic simulation, system simulation buildings, HVAC, simulation, energy performance thermal simulation, energy consumption operating cost, bin data, residential, commercial building information modeling, interoperability, energy performance, DOE-2, EnergyPlus, CAD energy simulation, thermal analysis Automated Benchmarking System Automation Portfolio Manager building simulation, energy, daylight, thermal and moisture analysis, indoor climate design, daylighting, energy performance, prototypes, case studies, commercial buildings air-conditioning, heating, on-site power generation, heat recovery, CHP, BCHP. energy simulation, buildings, courseware, self-learning, modeling, simulation Whole building analysis, energy simulation, renewable energy, retrofit analysis, sustainability/green buildings energy performance, ventilation, air flow, indoor air quality, noise level annual energy use, durational diagram energy simulation, load calculation, building performance, simulation, energy performance, , renewable energy, commercial, residential, complex buildings and systems cellar, heat loss, design rules Energy management, energy efficiency, energy evaluation, energy simulation, energy modeling, environmental performance, sustainable development, CO2 footprint. CHP, cogeneration, capacity optimization, distributed generation energy performance, design, retrofit, residential buildings, commercial buildings, passive solar


Apache ApacheHVAC ApacheSim AUDIT Autodesk Green Building Studio BEAVER Benchmata BSim Building Design Advisor Building Energy Analyzer Building Energy Modelling and Simulation: SelfLearning Modules BuildingAdvice BUS++ BV2 CE3 CELLAR Cepenergy Management Software for Buildings CHP Capacity Optimizer COMFIE

COMSOL Czech National Calculation Tool D-Gen PRO Delphin

Multiphysics, simulations, modeling, heat transfer, finite element EPBD, Energy Performance Certificate, Delivered energy, Energy Demand Calculation distributed power generation, on-site power generation, CHP, BCHP Coupled heat, air and moisture transport, porous materials, building envelope

Demand Response Quick Assessment demand response, load estimation, EnergyPlus Tool DEROB-LTH DesiCalc Design Advisor energy performance, heating, cooling, thermal comfort, design desiccant system, air-conditioning, system design, energy analysis, dehumidification, desiccant-based air treatment whole-building, energy, comfort, natural ventilation, double-skin facade Building energy simulation, visualisation, CO2 emissions, solar shading, natural ventilation, daylighting, comfort studies, CFD, HVAC simulation, pre-design, early-stage design, building energy code compliance checking, OpenGL EnergyPlus interface, building stock modelling, hourly weather data, heating and cooling equipment sizing building simulation, design process, calculation, building thermal properties, natural temperature, graphical interfaces, state space method, maximum load. energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings energy benchmarking, environmental benchmarking, energy audit, invoice verification and reconciliation, performance contract verification building modeling, energy savings analysis, retrofit optimization (work scope development), investment analysis N/A for architects, integrated in BIM software, one click evaluation environmental design, environmental analysis, conceptual design, validation; solar control, overshadowing, thermal design and analysis, heating and cooling loads, prevailing winds, natural and artificial lighting, life cycle assessment, life cycle costing, scheduling, geometric and statistical acoustic analysis whole building performance, building incentives standards and code compliance, whole building energy performance Earth energy, boreholes, ground heat storage, ground source heat pump system (GSHP) energy calculation, commercial buildings, bin method, economic analysis energy performance, load calculation, energy simulation, commercial buildings, daylighting, life-cycle cost building energy efficiency, early design optimisation, architecture oriented, solar toolbox, SIA 380/1 compliance energy tracking, energy alerts, wireless monitoring benchmarking, energy efficiency screening, end-use energy analysis, building performance analysis, utility programs



DOE-2 e-Bench EA-QUIP Easy EnergyPlus EcoDesigner


EE4 CBIP EE4 CODE EED EN4M Energy in Commercial Buildings ENER-WIN EnerCAD Energy Expert Energy Profile Tool

Energy Scheming Energy Usage Forecasts Energy-10

design, residential buildings, commercial buildings, energy efficiency, load calculations degree days, historical weather, mean daily temperature, load calculation, energy simulation conceptual design, residential buildings, small commercial buildings Building simulation, energy simulation, building energy modeling, ASHRAE Standard 90.1, commercial code compliance, LEED NC 2.2 EA Credit 1, federal commercial building tax deductions, EPACT 2005 qualified software, Florida code compliance, ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Appendix G, DOE 2.1E, AHSRAE advanced building design guidelines, automatic reference building generation, automatic EA Credit 1 PDF generation, buildings research residential, energy calculations, code compliance energy simulation, load calculation, building performance, simulation, energy performance, heat balance, mass balance California Title 24, compliance software, energy simulation, commercial, residential energy performance, design, residential and small commercial buildings energy simulation, environmental performance, commercial buildings, residential buildings, visualisation, complex buildings and systems energy accounting, utility bills, calibration, retrofit, simulation energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings single buildings, multibuilding facilities, central energy plants, thermal loops, energy simulation, retrofit opportunities, life cycle costing, emissions impacts, alternative financing 2D heat transfer, cold bridge, fenestration, frame U-value, thermal bridge airflow, heat transfer, simulation, HVAC, ventilation 2D, heat transfer, thermal analysis, thermal transmittance, thermal conductance, building energy analysis, fenestration, window, U-value, EN ISO, surface condensation, moisture, dew point, frame, glazing, spacer, therm energy performance, research, advanced cooling and dehumidification

EnergyGauge Summit Premier

EnergyGauge USA EnergyPlus EnergyPro ENERPASS ESP-r EZ Sim EZDOE



Frame Simulator

FSEC 3.0

Gas Cooling Guide gas cooling, hybrid HVAC systems PRO HAMLab Heat air and moisture, simulation laboratory, hygrothermal model, PDE model, ODE model, building and systems simulation, MatLab, SimuLink, Comsol, optimization energy performance, load calculation, energy simulation, HVAC equipment sizing heat transfer, 2D, dynamic, simulation whole building simulation, energy efficient design, climate responsive design, energy costs, indoor air temperature internet-based energy simulation, residential buildings Energy use and savings analysis. remote power, distributed generation, optimization, off-grid, grid-

HAP HEAT2 HEED Home Energy Saver HomeEnergySuite HOMER

connected, stand-alone HOT2 XP HOT2000 Hydronics Design Studio IDA Indoor Climate and Energy ION Enterprise ISE LESOCOOL LESOSAI MarketManager MC4Suite 2009 Microflo Micropas6 energy performance, design, residential buildings, energy simulation, passive solar energy performance, design, residential buildings, energy simulation, passive solar hydronic heating, radiant heating, simulation, design, piping design, energy performance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, commercial buildings energy management, power quality, power reliability, cost allocation thermal model, building zone simulation, MatLab/SimuLink airflow, passive cooling, energy simulation, mechanical ventilation heating energy, cooling energy, energy simulation, load calculation, standards, Life Cycle Analysis building energy modeling, design, retrofit HVAC project design, sizing, calculations, energy simulation, commercial, residential, solar CFD, airflow, air quality, thermal performance energy simulation, heating and cooling loads, residential buildings, code compliance, hourly object-oriented simulation, energy simulation, controls, energy audit, energy-saving, energy performance, dynamic simulation, research, education, heating, air conditioning Passive simulation, load calculations, natural ventilation, evaporative cooling, energy analysis. solar protection, solar shading, windows, buildings, solar energy transmittance, solar heat gain coefficient, energy demand, heating, cooling, comfort, daylight energy balance, high-performance houses, passive houses heat transfer, mass transfer, radiation, convection, steady-state, transient, 2-D, 3-D Solar System Design Simulation Software (and Heat Pump) Heat transfer, load calculation, BESTEST, GPL, Free source photovoltaic, facade, yield, electrical energy simulation, residential buildings, code compliance, design, weatherization, equipment sizing, EPA Energy Star Home analysis home energy rating systems, residential buildings, energy simulation, code compliance, design, weatherization, EPA Energy Star Home analysis, equipment sizing residential loads calculations, duct sizing, energy analysis, HVAC equipment selection, system design Energy calculation, heat loss calculation, system comparison, dimensioning, 3D-modelling residential, cooling, heating, energy, economic analysis.



ParaSol PHPP Physibel Polysun Popolo Utility Load Calculation PVcad REM/Design

REM/Rate Right-Suite Residential for Windows RIUSKA RL5M

Room Air Conditioner Cost Estimator

air conditioner, life-cycle cost, energy performance, residential buildings, energy savings

SIMBAD Building transient simulation, control, integrated control, control performance, and HVAC Toolbox graphical simulation environment, modular, system analysis, HVAC SLAB SMILE SMOG solacalc SOLAR-5 SolArch SolarShoeBox SPARK SUNDAY SUNREL System Analyzer TAS TOP Energy TRACE 700 slab on the ground, heat loss, design rules object-oriented simulation environment, building and plant simulation, complex energy systems, time continuous hybrid systems energy calculation, heat loss calculation, system comparison, dimensioning, 3D-modelling passive solar, house design, building design, building services, design tools design, residential and small commercial buildings thermal performance calculation, solar architecture, residential buildings, design checklists Direct gain, passive solar object-oriented, research, complex systems, energy performance, short time-step dynamics energy performance, residential and small commercial buildings design, retrofit, research, residential buildings, small office buildings, energy simulation, passive solar Energy analyses, load calculation, comparison of system and equipment alternatives Building dynamic thermal simulation, building simulation , comfort, CFD, thermal analysis, energy simulation Energy Efficiency Optimization, Simulation, Variant Comparison, Visualization of energy flows Energy performance, load calculation, HVAC equipment sizing, energy simulation, commercial buildings weatherization auditing software, BESTEST, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR auditing tool, retrofit, single family, multifamily residential, mobile homes, HERS ratings, load sizing. energy simulation, load calculation, building performance, simulation, research, energy performance, renewable energy, emerging technology energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings, indoor climate energy performance, code compliance, design, research, residential and commercial buildings, costs, environmental sustainable energy performance, code compliance, design, research, residential and commercial buildings, costs, environmental sustainable energy, energy efficiency, energy performance, energy simulation, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings, simulation, HVAC, DOE-2 hygrothermal model, building simulation, MatLab/SimuLink Tool