Summer Weddings with Handmade & Vintage

Issue 3 2012

Fine Wedding Gowns
Elegant and sensuous. Revel in the adoring crowd.

11 Candles & Candlesticksnight Glimmering light makes every

13 Wedding China

The quintessential wedding gift. A “vintage” approach may be in order.


The Wedding
It’s the little things that make the difference. What better than with handmade and vintage!

14 Copper is Special What other kitchen accessory is so
cherished as to deserve a place on the wall? Beauty and functionality.

Get the Silver
Is there anything more enduring than silver?

15 Flowers and Their Vases
Imagining fresh cut flowers for every day and every room.


The Marriage Bed
It’s the ideal time to create just the look you’ve dreamed of.

16 Glass Art – the Centerpiece

A wonderful gift you’ll see featured front and center in the new couple’s home.

24 Etsy Team StylishHome 10 Pictures to Cherish
Curates Your Wedding!
Select items from our team artisans and collectors. Frame that special image that captures your heart.

On the Cover
Thanks to Etsy store TreasuredEditions and their Crepe Paper Carnation Poms adorning this outdoor wedding table.

THE 2012 “Summer Wedding” Issue
Handmade and vintage are really an indispensible part of the modern day wedding. As brides, grooms, their families, and friends work to make the day memorable and authentic, it invariably falls upon the the unique accessories, gifts and displays of love and affection, to mark the day and event as special. We hope you enjoy our selections of wedding essentials and gifts to stir your imagination. THE LISTINGS Invaluable assistance is provided by the member Etsy artisans of team StylishHome, who deliver a cache of their “favorites” from which this collection is assembled. Each listing image links directly to the Etsy product page for purchase. Please understand with the one-of-a-kind nature of these products, price and availability change frequently.

Blushing Pink Wedding $980

Bohemian Wedding $1,600

Beautiful Bride

Silk Chiffon 450 Eur

Ivory Wedding Dress $1,690

Painted Flutes $55

Invitations $100 deposit

Cake Topper $29.99



The special details that can make a wedding uniquely yours.

Bridesmaids’ Heart Necklace Set $130

Ring Bearer Pillow $45

Monogrammed Fabric Aisle Runner $300

Table Numbers $1.85/ea

Ceremony Programs $75

The Little all the difference Things …make

Wedding Card Box $50

Wedding Guest Book $45

Candlesticks $72

Tea Service $750

Silver Serving $1,290

Silver-plated Salt & Pepper $19


The Gift of a Lifetime

Sterling Cocktail Picks $140

French Serving Dish $189

Sugar Spoon & Butter Knife $16

Silver Wine Tags $22

Husband/Wife Forks $19.99

Herb Garden Stakes $39.50

Salad Serving Set $39.99

Bedding Set $185

Romantic French Painted Bed $1,995

Marriage Bed
Perhaps you’ve already set up house. But marriage marks a new beginning and with it an opportunity to create a romantic environment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Vintage French $3,295

Bed Set with Bed Skirt $150

Indian Gold Shankh Bed Set $190

Pillowcase set $60

King Victoria Duvet Set $975 Custom Queen Linen Blanket $225

Bedside Carafe & Glass $14.95

Organic Hemp Pillows $26/ea.

Whether it’s your own wedding or that of friends or family, it is certainly an occasion that compels us to “show the love!” Etsy’s special Wedding channel has stories, trends, logical shopping categories, and even a registry.

Button Frame $40

Distressed Frame $18.95

Wedding Photo Frames
…every picture tells a story!

Picture in a Picture $42

Wedding & Family Frame $75

Summer Wedding Frame $73

7 Tea Light Wine Barrel Candle Holder $24.40

Candle in Vintage Tin $7.99 GBP


Wood Wick Soy Candle $31

Zen White Wedding Candles 22 Eur


Irvinware Mid-Century Candlesticks $12

Dansk Candle Holders $79

Danish Modern Candlesticks $22.00

Antique Gothic Candlesticks $85.00


The days of the future stand in front of us like a line of candles all alight
Constantine P. Cavafy.

Elephant Candle Holders $32

Candlesticks for the Beach $19.99

Platinum Ring Wedding China $250

Meiko 20-piece $79.99

Meito 20 piece set $79.99

Art Deco Demitasse Set $75

English Ironstone $125.00 On plate and flowers and pouring tea and cup and cloth; and they and we flung all the dancing moments by with jest and glitter. Brooke

Fine China

German Fine China Set $900

Vintage 1940s Fine China $1,475

Vintage Copper Cake Molds $25

Vintage Copper Colander $75

Copper Fish Preparation Pan $27.45


It’s beauty, it’s excellent heat conductivity, it’s Country French kitchen appeal. Perfect.

Antique Copper Cauldron $695

Hammered Copper Egg Poacher $22

9 Mid-Century Vases $649

Hand Blown Art Glass Vase $55

Vintage Aqua Ceramic Vase $16

Porcelain “Paper Bag” Vase $175


Beautiful flowers in beautiful vases make beautiful homes!

Antique Silver & Blue Mercury Globe $95

1930s Roseville “Blue Lily” Vase $125

Hand Painted Bowl $36

Blown Glass Dish $365

Sunshine Pink Blossoms $40

Fused Glass Bowl $20

A Centerpiece of Glass

Blown Glass Centerpiece $65

Sea Blue Blown Glass Bowl $65

Etsy Team

Handmade and Vintage Wedding Ideas

A meaningful addition to a wedding that says so much in just three words. $15

Six variously sized candle jars create a calming environment after the big day is done. $120

A wonderfully thoughtful Bridesmaid’s gift. Select a stained-glass color for all to remember. $25

Delicate hand woven linen table runner. A treasured gift to be used for years to come. $125

An unforgettable gift. Submit a photo of the bridal bouquet and have a custom painting created. $250

An elegant ring pillow suitable for the most sophisticated wedding. $105

Features sculpted and hand-painted roses perfect as table centerpiece or for romantic nights. 8.75EUR

A set of four photos of stylized floral arrangements. A unique gift $84

Sophisticated linen napkins. A perfect addition to the urban flat. $36

There’s a wonderful nostalgic quality to a table caddy. Made of a unique wood, this is a great rustic character piece. And it’s useful! $45

Pfaltzgraff Procession series dessert plates. A refreshing surprise gift. $45

A manly clay mug for the groomsmen. Could be right out of an Old Spice ad. They will love it and covet it! $35

French porcelain ring bearer bowl. C’est Magnifique! 33,00 EUR

A special wedding ring storage piece. Just the right shape… don’t you think? $7.20

A very specific wedding frame. Celebrate this loving time. $48

What could be more special than to share monogrammed pillowcases? $36/pr

‘Style Your Wedding in Handmade & Vintage’ by Bearcatwoodworks Style the perfect wedding with Etsy!

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