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Submission of copy of Bill of landing, packing list, invoice, duplicate of CTDm jetty challan along with local delivery order, removal note and wagon loading sheet at the collection department of the port.

Processing of the documents at collevtion dept. of he port and payment of mandatory landing charges on the basis of the Jetty challan by the agent.

Documents are taken to delivery section of the prt where they are checked for custom PASS – OUT order.

Payment of cointainer rent or cargo rent if the containers remain in the port beyond the free time on the delivery date of the containers.

Issue of loading tally sheet after the loading of the rakes.



CCONCOR issues Inland Way Bill (IWB) after the payment of charges and hands over the original IWB to the importer for movement of containers by rail for the KDS / HDS – Birgunj leg. At Raxaul original IWB issued at port along with the passed CTD is handed over to Cconcor Raxaul. Container terminal manager. The IWBH is issued on the name of CONCOR as it is both the consigner and the consignee.Importer / CHA after filling up the forwarding note presents it to CONCOR for its consent at the port After the custom and port formalities like the Ready for booking order from the Dy. CONCOR issues IWB for the loading of the empty containers on to the rake for delivery at VED. CONCOR then delivers the MT to the shipping lines plot. CONCOR arranges for placememt of the rake. END SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH .

b) The transit time for moving a rake from KDS/ HDC – BGJ by tain should ideally takes around 1. The detention of the rake at a) Jharia for 5 to 6 hours where the Eastern Railway staff hands over the rake to East Central Railway staff. 4. However CONCOR takes around 2-3 days to do the same.1. The port provides a free time of 20 days ( section 13. Slow run of the train between Barauni to Muzaffarpur due to . The greatest weakness of CONCOR is the time it takes ot complete the entire circle from taking the loaded containers to Nepal and bringing back the empty containers to the shipping lines plot. CONCOR provides safe transit of containers as they are loaded face to face making it impossible to break the one time lock. containers moving by raod and easily prone to pilferage. The port detention charges are in respect to both the container as well as cargo. a) CONCOR takes a lot of time to place a rake at the port . On the contarary. 3. The rates charged by CONCOR are uniform they do not vary due to seasonal fluctuation i. But . CONCOR carries the containers on railway and such can carry a large number of containers at a time on a single rake. WEAKNESS ( shortcoming in the method) 1. 5. CONCOR provides single window service to its customers where by it takes the responsibility of taking the loaded containers to the LCS at Birgunj (Nepal) and bringing back the empty / export containers to the shipping lines slot. due ot demand and supply conditions as is the case for road transportation. b) Garhara / Barauni for 24 hours or so because of change in locomotive from electric to diesel. The main reason for such long transit time is : A. B. This is very beneficial for importers importing in bulk say 40 to 50 TEU s for Nepal at one go.e.1) to CONCOR for both container and cargo. it provides monetary benefits to the Importers moving their cargo through CONCOR.1 ½ days. the placement of rake is possible only when there is sufficien number of containers ot be carried. 2.

a) Single line. . b) Poor infrastructural facilities in the section like poor signaling system and track conditions. c) Congestion in the section because of numerous passenger trains.