Bronte School Headmaster’s Newsletter

25th May 2012
A reference first to the visit by the children of St. Pierre School last week. Mr. Carter (clearly half way to his knighthood) received the following e-mail from the directrice: Dear Sir Carter, Avec du retard, un grand merci pour la chaleur et la qualite de votre accueil. Nous étions très contents de notre journée. Nous esperons vous voir l’année prochaine. A bientôt.’ Thank you, the pleasure was all ours and we are already looking forward to next year. As you would expect, lots of extra time has been spent in school this week and over the weekend preparing for the inspection, which concludes today. (The final version of the inspection report, by the way, is issued to the school by ISI within four weeks of the end of the inspection. We shall then make it available to all parents). Those who were in school last Sunday became aware of an intense buzzing and remarkable activity on the white pillar outside my office. A swarm of honey bees was establishing a new colony. John Goffin the Bee-man from Gillingham came to the rescue at the same time as giving us the benefit of his considerable knowledge about bees. The whole story was so interesting that I booked him immediately for a talk to the whole school (Monday 25th June). This all seems a long time ago considering all that has been happening this week—as does the enjoyable visit on Monday by Years 1 and 2 to Hall Place Gardens.

Mrs. Britton had some lovely comments about the children’s artwork when she attended the ISA London South Art Exhibition on Tuesday. No first places this time but Eva’s ’Miss Piggy’ stool must have been close. You will be able to see this and lots of other exhibits at the end of year exhibition which Mrs. Britton has arranged for the 3rd July. This will take place in the Girls’ Grammar School next door and be judged by the head of art.

Mrs. Lippard took these amazing photographs.

The French trip to the Chateau departs early on Sunday morning. We wish you a most enjoyable and educationally valuable week.

Today the children are all dressed in royal colours to celebrate the Jubilee—a normal timetable this morning, then a Bronte Friends’ lunch (thank you Mrs. Appleby), fun activities and a Jubilee tea party. ….. And Daisy Lonergan’s grandad is bringing to school a Jubilee double-decker bus which was built in 1952, one of three buses that travelled to America to encourage visits to Britain in coronation year—how thrilling and topical is that! Tonight is Quiz Night. Will the teachers again be in sparkling form? All will be revealed in due course.

The school photograph was delivered to us yesterday afternoon. The school blazers make all the difference—do come and have a look—it is on the window sill in the office and there is a proof with an order form for every pupil. The freestyle class photographs have also been made available this week. All orders should be returned to school by 12th June.

Sam, our frequent and most welcome visitor from STEM, was back with us yesterday morning for a Music Workshop. Years 3 and 4 had a very exciting morning making music with all sorts of different On Wednesday Mrs. Rogers was joined by Mr. Carter, implements. Mr. Wood and Mr. Singh in taking the school Kwik Cricket team to Dulwich. Because of the weather, it was the first time that the children had played on grass this season. As we all know, there is so much to learn in cricket about tactics as well as technique— but we’re getting there and the children were happy to tell me about their exploits on Thursday morning. We came third out of eight teams. The next major cricket event is the Gravesham tournament on Thursday 14th June. There’s great news about an extra club after half term which Mr. Ansell has kindly offered to take. `(I doubt, however, whether I shall be able to keep away!). This is a cricket activity after school on a Tuesday. A letter accompanies this newsletter.

With this warmer sunny weather in mind please remember that you can buy a school sunhat from the office. No other sunhat should be worn as part of school uniform.

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