1. What is the text above? a. Announcement c. Invitation b. Message d.


2. The purpose of the letter is to … a. retell a series of events b. tell a fairy tale c. show happiness d. share an amusing story

3. The text is in the form of … a. a narrative c. a report b. a recount d. a description

Text for questions number 4 to 5
Month January February March April May June Number of visitors 5000 4500 4675 4980 5980 5979

4. Which is the least popular month to visit the zoo? a. February b. March c. April d. May

5. How many visitors have visited the City Zoo from January to June? a. as many as 30000 visitors

The two new roads round London d. That’s very kind of you. will help people to get to work more quickly. Rina: Sure. buses move slowly in the rush hours. London’s traffic problems b. Do you like carrying this bag. hopeless d. Because of the crowded roads. Tomorrow I’m going to see it in Studio 21. The new Victoria Line. “…and passengers become discouraged and angry” (line 6) The synonym of the underlined word is… a. (Taken from “Read all about it” by Richard Musman) 6. . …. Could I help you carry this bag. What kind of vehicles used in Victoria Line? a. please? c. more than 30000 visitors d. hopeful c.Tini: Lia. These roads will help traffic move more freely. plane d. please? d. less than 30000 visitors c. let me help you. happy 9. bus b. You seen Harry Potter? Lia: Not yet. Could you help me with this bag. The text tells us about … a. The crowded roads of London c. train 8. A modern underground railway in London 7. and passengers become discouraged and angry. less than as many as 31000 visitors Text for questions number 6 to 8 London’s traffic problems are not new and they are growing greater every year.b. …. a. There are plans for two new roads round London – Inner Box and the Outer Box. please? b. Don’t you like carrying this bag? 10. a modern underground railway. Rio : Thanks. Rina: Rio. ship c. depressed b.

which triangular side sloping to meet each other at an apex.What is pyramid according to the text above? a. Originally. Peter Haddock Ltd. not true pyramids were also built by ancient Mesopotamians and Mayas in Central America and Mexico. Will d. triangular c. Ref.How many years did the ancient Egypt need to build the Great Pyramid? a. the craft of the ancient rulers of Egypt d. is the largest and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Do b. 17 years 14. built around 2650 BC. 20 years b. They are square in plan. America and Mexico . It is a solid mass of limestone blocks covering 5. rectangular b. The Great Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops at Giza.083) 11. round 13. Ancient Mesopotamians b. the art of the ancient rulers of Egypt b. The three pyramids at Giza are the largest and the finest of their kind.Who built the artificial pyramids? a. a. Did c. Have Text for questions number 11 to 15 The only true pyramids ever built were in Egypt where there was the burial place of the ancient rulers of Egypt. 19 years c.Tini: Can I come with you? Lia: Sure. 18 years d. the Pharaohs. it was 147 meters high and took twenty years to build. square d. the grave of the ancient rulers of Egypt 12.Pyramid has a … form a.3 hectares. (Taken from: Text Source. The entrance to the pyramid is in the northern wall and a small passage leads through various other chambers to the burial chamber itself deep within the pyramid. the cave of the ancient rulers of Egypt c. Pyramid-like structure.

an advertisement c. they are provoked. a letter 17. The school won’t meet members of the Science Club again this week d. like the Grey nurse. The chairman of the Science Club will not meet his members again Text for questions number 18 to 19 Often depicted as vicious animals. to prevent their prey from pulling away.… to meet each other at the apex (line 5) The antonym of the underlined word is… a.c. Khufu and Cheops d. Their small teeth are razor sharp and slightly curved inward. center c. I let you know when the club will meet again. Budi will meet no members of the Science Club again this week b. This week the members of the Science Club have no meeting as usual c. an announcement b. Pharaohs 15. an invitation d.What type of text is it? a. Morey eels are magnificent creature to watch and hand-feed … but watch those fingers! . When treated with caution. peak Text for questions number 16 to 17 Science Club Members! There will be no meeting this week. base d. top b.What does the message mean? a. Morey eels are quite shy and will usually only bite when. 16.

awful d.“… Morey eels are magnificent creature to watch and …” (line 4) The underlined word means … a.Look at the picture and the notice. nice b.From the text above we know that Morey eels … bite if they are not provoked. OUT OF What does it mean? a. always b. It means that the telephone cannot be fixed c. It means that the telephone will be fixed . often d. fierce c. sometimes 19. It means that the telephone cannot be used d. horrified 20. It means that the telephone has been repaired b.(Taken from Disney’s Adventure) 18. a. rarely c.

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