Support Request from WAVE - Women Aloud Videoblogging for Empowerment Dear Sir, WAVE encourages women across

India to voice their perspectives on community development using a shared digital platform. We think this project is very much aligned with UNESCO‟s goals of promoting gender equality through ICT tools. Project description Beginning in September 2009, WAVE established the first nationwide women videoblogger‟s network, bringing a new ICT medium to the work of women‟s empowerment. WAVE was the first Indian project to win the Digital Media and Learning competition sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation. The award enabled us to train 50 young women, many of whom are from marginalized socio-economic backgrounds, to use the video cameras we provided to publish their views about their community‟s issues on a web video blog. WAVE‟s website at, launched in March 2010, has already received over 6000 unique visitors from 78 countries. It is evident that there is considerable interest as statistics show 32000 views of over 120 videos. The videos address themes as diverse as the plight of Kashmir‟s half widows - women who live in limbo because their husbands have been abducted to the remarkable win of a Guinness world record by the largest mass of folk dancers in Mizoram. We feel that introducing an all-women‟s „videoblog‟ is an effective way to bring more visibility of women‟s perspectives on community issues into the public domain. With UNESCO‟s support, we hope to sustain this successful pilot project, build on the present infrastructure, reach more young women around India, enable social networking on our website and maximise the impact of our videos by collaborating with organisations on awareness and action campaigns. Statement of need The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) report published this year says that 24% of the people interviewed, heard, seen or read about in mainstream broadcast and print news are female. News stories by female reporters are almost twice as likely to challenge gender stereotypes than stories by male reporters. The first strategic objective listed in the GMMP report is to “increase the participation and access of women to expression and decision-making in and through the media and new technologies of communication.” We feel that WAVE addresses the lack of representation of women in mainstream Indian media by providing a space online dedicated to media by women. The collective perspectives of women from every part of the country makes a strong statement in favour 3S/2 Prudential Palms, Chogm Road, Porvorim, Goa 403521 +91-9922509310

Chogm Road. for further insight into our organization. We believe that this would restore a gender balance in the leadership and decision-making of our shared future.of gender equality. Project staff The project‟s co-founders Sapna Shahani and Angana Jhaveri have community media and documentary filmmaking backgrounds respectively. even about injustices. We invite you to visit our website at www. research. They serve as directors and along with a production supervisor and coordinator work collaboratively with freelance personnel and NGO partners nationwide to manage the project. we know from our experience that the process of making a film is inherently empowering as it involves. We have evaluated our program and are currently engaged in strategic planning for the next three years. we plan to begin generating income by providing production services to the grassroots sector.waveindia. Peeyush Sharma WAVE 3S/2 Prudential Palms. our participants tell us they will now pursue media careers. This model will enable us to sustain our free ICT trainings for women around +91-9922509310 .000 was funded in full by the MacArthur Foundation. creativity and management skills. In our third year. Project timeline Our pilot year is coming to an end soon. Sincerely. We appreciate your consideration of our request and an opportunity to submit a formal proposal for your review. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. 50. as a result of which. We hope to raise the same amount for the next fiscal year and scale up in 2012.000 or Rs.00. Porvorim. Budget summary The first year‟s budget of $107. young women find it difficult to speak out. Goa 403521 info@waveindia. As documentary filmmakers. We designed a unique mentorship program that guides in all aspects of video and ICT skills. Since women in India are not usually encouraged to voice their views publicly. We aim to facilitate smart and highly motivated young women to participate more visibly in the public sphere.