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Hunger Games Fitna of the Free World

Film Review


George Orwell died in penury and obscurity, hard put to pay for his lethal tuberculosis. Hunger games grossed third largest ever box office when released, and film critics completely missed the connection. Suzanne Collins scripts this 1984 of the capitalism with her Rambo who fought the Khmer in jungles for Reaganomics reinvented as Katnis a teenage self taught archer. Kept in the pale and ghettos of a futuristic worlds Capitol, katnis grows in abject poverty among the confinees of a district punished annually for a past uprising that failed. The Original Sin now calls for redemption through sending annually some 20 teenagers to fight like gladiators at the Arena. Arena of course is patterned after Reality show survivor games in the open at jungles which Suzanne tells us was one of the inspiration for the novel. The other is Rambos Vietnam War which her father served and died.

So now we could understand the repetitious loath and self hate for the Riches, the vulgar display of wealth at every frame contrasted with the stark poverty of the District 12 the coal mine ghetto. Her father she must feel had died for this class of filthy rich ugly Americans and the master race of the global animal farm. Competition in the free market is the Fitna-oppression of have nots, in having to push through a dog eateth dog capitalist world. More like its author who hates her world but yet does the inevitable fight for survival, Katnis the heroine too reconciles to arriving-as the winner of this grim reality show where out of over 20 competitors fighting each other to death she emerges as the winner pair. What must intrigue the watcher or reader of this novel that was made as hollywood blockbuster by Gross is this penchant for americans particularly for self hating flicks. The more you hate the system and more you portray the inhumanity and barbarism of free market built free world-the better. Be it Avatar or this Hunger games which are more closer to truth if shown as where it really happened, like George Orwell did- in communist dystopias and its ruthless labour camps the less it would appeal. Mao had passbooks for city dwellers and Peasant identity cards that disallowed masses from entering the cities. Quarantined and pocketed in grinding subsistence they resorted to cannibalism at one point.. Hunger games were a grim reality in communist china. Its the history of communist Kulag camps. A feature that is mass deaths due to oppression and starvation were one thing that wasnt witnessed anywhere in free market driven nations all along while this got documented as the pattern story at these socialist paradises. Both fictional Rambo and the scripter Suzannes father at vietnam did well fighting that enormous evil that George Orwells 1984 accurately juxtaposed to Stalinist utopias. Free markets have over the last decades have consistently rolled back poverty around the world, championed by accursed America. It may not be perfect or perfectly fair enough, as all human systems share human imperfections. But Utopian alternatives from the Left especially have been hideous flops. They have guaranteed rights for billions that leftist dystopias brutally snatched away-promising the emancipation and delivering historys worst ever oppressive regimes. Still leftist thinking would project all that upon Free market worlds and call for more self hate. Like Marx they repeat his prophesy of futuristic doom for the Free world.

Hunger games would have a better setting in a futursitic dystopia of Islamo fascism where the Capitol would be Damascus or Baghdad and Tributes would have t o be sent in a segregated world of the Ruling Master race trampling over a mass kept in Pales. That is what a George Orwell would have penned. 2084. Like Orwell any such truthful writer of that futuristic world that is more probable and accurately depict must not also expect spectacular box office runs or best seller listings. That our slow in the head crowds would rush to shower upon the Fitnas of the Free world.