Kemetic Fractions(Egyptain Fractions) and KemPtah mind State Introduction

Kemetic fractions are the prerequisite to Black Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra and Calculus. Very fundamental concept and it is easy learn as such, you would think you should have learned this when you was five years old. That is how foundational and simple it is to learn it. Very easy to convert one unit fraction into it’s corresponding components (we call it component fractions). This operation alone is related to the Djed calibration, in that, both are the show of synergy of sides or KemPtah. The Crakkka scientist used every formula to figure out how to do it masterfully but never made the mark. I think I am the first in thousands of years to be know internationally how to do this rudimentary concept masterfully. What it take westerns to solve for years only takes me a several seconds. Again, because of synergy of sides, it is no gap inbetween unit(0) and components(1)…but of course the Eurocentric white nationalist mathematician believes in 0=0 and 1=1, in which components do not relate to the unit in any fundamental way. That’s why they bust their brains on trying to solve the most easiest sh!t. I can imagine why they need all this power in the universe just to kill a fly. That is their source contradiction; thinking that the law of identity or homogenious balance is the root to reality, thought and society. This peace that I’m writing is cool, but this is only the beginning of mind opening and getting ya’ll to think outside the white or any form of box. How can you create a grand unifying theory when the root of your own thought and heart sits in the seat of law of identity crisis? That’s as stupid as buying food to starve, it’s a contradiction not only in terms, but a real stupidity and error in logic, connection and patterns. The conventionalist of KemPtah is the method of synergy of sides, and synergy of sides in itself is totally unconventional or formless form. KemPtah math repeats only if what is repeated is opposite of what to be repeated. Simply repeating things on a different basis, Perfect Disorder!

The Egyptian leather scroll is a learning game or rites of passage to learning the underlying laws of fractions. The table itself is a learning tool and not the actual underlying tool for everyday practice. It is just like Kush and Kemetic Division and multiplication that is known to the western world, both are learning devices to make you

remember the underlying laws. This game has real sh!t and the bull sh!t as synergy of sides. The leather scrolls gives you examples of kemetic fractions and you must figure out the pattern that govern not only the examples but all numbers too. Very fun, depending how you look at it. The whole point in any mathematical rites of passage is the training in how to synergize different aspect in math to make an organic mathematical machine or computer which is we, we are KemPtah (Computers). At first sight, when you look at the fractions on the leather scroll it seems at random, but if we look at it simply we see the unit fraction I.e. ½ then we see the component fracton I.e. 1/3 + 1/6. Hence Unit Fraction = Component Fractions. And since components of any phenomenon whether math or not are the subdivisions and the unit represent the integration or the whole of the components then this is not no ordinary law of identity formula. Remember zeros are polar and represent close-up (Zero in or zooming in +0) details hence the synergy that translate(transform) whole to subdivisions and zoom-out which transform(translate) the components to the unit. Hence the Equation in the eyes of a Eurocentric looks like ½ = 1/3 + 1/6...But to a KemPtah it is …

In above conversion of unit fraction into 2 component fraction we add half to the original denominator of the unit fraction (½) then we get the second component by merely doubling the denominator of the first component.

Above is the step by step organics of finding the component fractions from a single unit fraction. This is a universal pattern of converting all fractions! The KemPtah one-two step in unit-component conversions. Hence the polar zero plays as the show or skin of the internal organs which is neutral zero. Hence it is not and identity crisis formula. I will go into the operational part of Kemetic Fractions(Unit-Component fractions). The most basic way of making a Kemetic fraction out of any unit fraction (1/n) is to have a given denominator then add that half back to the donominator then the second component fraction comes from just doubling the Nu denominator and your finish. In this conversion the unit fraction always gives two component fraction. That simple. The complement to

above conversion which gives three component fractions instead of two is….

This unit fraction(½) is converted to component fractions by doubling the denominator to make the first component fraction. After that we make the second component fraction by adding 2 (from the unit fraction) to the first component fraction which gives us 1/6. The third component is the doubled denominator of the second which is 1/12. All other unit fractions such as 1/12 1/31, 1/64, 1/8 can be translated into component fractions by this method. This means this pattern of conversion is universal and underlying pattern, and not just inclusive to the unit-component fractions given on the Egyptian leather scroll. That is the use of our tables from our Kemetic and Kushite ancestors, to guild us to not needing the tables by finding the underlying mathematical laws or universal pattern…KemPtah Patterns…Black Supreme Patterns and Connections. When you add the components you actually zooming out and when you are finding the components to the unit fraction you are actually zooming in. Real Mathematics isn’t deminsionless or it couldn’t deal with the multidimensional universe…Concrete Reality. That is why mathematical progression is important because we are now learning the history of numeration.

This is what the Western mathematician get out of reading our mathematical rites of passage: Modern

The original mathematical texts never explain where the procedures and formulas came from. This holds true for the EMLR as well. Scholars have attempted to deduce what techniques the ancient Egyptians may have used to construct both the unit fraction tables of the EMLR and the 2 /n tables known from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus and the Lahun Mathematical Papyri. Both types of tables were used to aid in computations dealing with fractions, and for the conversion of measuring units.[2] It has been noted that there are groups of unit fraction decompositions in the EMLR which are very similar. For instance lines 5 and 6 easily combine into the equation 1/3 + 1/6 = 1/2. It is easy to derive lines 11, 13, 24, 20, 21, 19, 23, 22, 25 and 26 by dividing this equation by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 16 and 32 respectively.[4]

Some of the problems would lend themselves to a solution via an algorithm which involves multiplying both the numerator and the denominator by the same term and then further reducing the resulting equation:

This method leads to a solution for the fraction 1/8 as appears in the EMLR when using N=25 (using modern mathematical notation):

Look it up on yahoo or other search engines to see how they view it. Since they have the law of identity crisis (A=A), they erroneously call the equation unit fractions because (unit fraction = unit fraction instead of unit fraction = component fraction). KemPtah take on Kemetic fractions are correct and operational. Also note since the whole western core law is a law of fracture, this force the mathematician to apply nothing but mathematical force without real mathematical sensitivity (number since) so they flexing mathematically in the dark not hitting a dam thing. They even use multiplication and fliping numerators and denominators without reguard to KemPtah mathematical structure inherited in Kemetic fractions. They miss their mark a million times. LOL. They say the mathematical text of our ancestors never explains the origin of procedures and formula, but our ancestors did, the procedure and formula is KemPtah Formula! Hell, the Western mathematicians only see non-KemPtah formula hence they, in their core, are not trying to find the origin of procedures nor formulas that our ancestors are proposing. Even if the Eurocentric wants to find the origin they can’t, just like someone without legs wants to sincerely run, but can’t. Same sh!t different camold. In all forms of 1/n(unit fraction) “n” represents any number, n can be a fraction hence encompasses rational and irrational number and not just intergers). This basic pattern comes up repeated times in the leather scroll because it is the most basic way of converting unit fractions to component fractions. This conversion is like looking at something at a distance then we come close enough to witness it’s basic components. That is the lession of the Kemetic fraction table lessions. There are other conversions too. For instance

Also study the patterns of the Unit-Component fraction given on the Kemetic Leather Scroll to find different but universal ways of making different component combinations and see if you can find ones that have 4 or 5 components too. Be scientific but creative, and the only synergy that can regulate the two is observation and

participation in the rites of mathematic passage. KemPtah Ase Sasa. Don’t let the math rule you, rule the math, master it.

Questions and finding the solution: What is the component fraction of 1/49, 1/17, 1/23? What is the opposite of component fractions? What is the component fraction of 7/14, 32/64, 3/7? Clue ¾ is only ¼ +¼ +¼ a.k.a. Complex unit fractions. While others can’t be “reduced” others can. To see if you have the right answer just add the components together and reduce the fraction(both unit and component) fraction to see if they are Maat (Equal). Unit Fraction Table:
C o l u m n 4

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3


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