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University of Westminster student charter

A joint message from the Vice-Chancellor and the President of the Students Union. The University of Westminster is a diverse and international community of scholars and practitioners, where respect and opportunity for all is fundamental to our culture. We are committed to putting students at the centre of our activities, and to helping you to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to fulfil your potential. Our Student Charter, produced jointly by the University and the Students Union, sets out our responsibilities to you and highlights what we expect from you in return. This charter is designed to guide you through your time with us and to ensure that together we can strive for and reach the highest standards. It will be reviewed during the year and we will report on how we are meeting the commitments we have made.

yoU can expect the University to:

be an active learning community in which you will have the opportunity to develop and to achieve your potential provide high standards of teaching, academic guidance and support draw on current research and professional practice to provide you with a relevant and forward-looking learning experience provide a range of opportunities for personal and professional development offer opportunities for you to take part in cultural, recreational, social and sporting activities maintain good facilities and resources to assist you in your studies and commit to addressing sustainability in your curriculum and on the Universitys estate give you feedback on your work that helps you to progress communicate clear and accurate information on all aspects of your programme of study in a timely manner be prompt and professional in its interaction with you support you by providing access to guidance and advice on matters such as health and emotional well-being, finance, careers, disability learning support, accommodation and scholarships provide representation and advice through the Students Union support the building of strong student communities give you the chance to act as a student representative on relevant University committees, boards, groups and reviews ask for your feedback on your experience as a student, listen and act upon that feedback to help enhance your university experience treat you with dignity, respect and courtesy

in retUrn yoU are expected to:

engage fully as an active student in our shared educational community take responsibility for your own learning and make good use of the opportunities provided attend all sessions related to your studies and take an active part in them attend all examinations and submit all work on time pursue your academic studies in a serious, honest and professional manner use the facilities and resources with respect and consideration for others and support the Universitys commitment to the principles and practice of sustainable development make use of feedback, guidance and advice read and familiarise yourself with the information made available to you respond promptly to communications addressed to you tell us about any special needs that you may have relating to any disability seek help appropriately if you are experiencing difficulties participate in the building of strong student communities pay fees or charges when they are due give your views honestly and constructively on your educational and university experience treat fellow students, staff and visitors with respect and courtesy


The links below provide direct access to a range of key online content. The list is not exhaustive, but offers a good starting point for you to explore the online resources and material available to you. If you are already enrolled at the University, the current students portal ( is one of your central online resources, providing information on a variety of topics. learning and teaching-related material can be found in Blackboard (our virtual learning environment) at If you have not yet enrolled but will be joining us soon, or if you have just started your studies with us, you will find a dedicated online area for new students at If you are an international student at the University, or are an international student who will be starting here soon, you will find tailored online resources at General Postgraduate Prospectus Undergraduate Prospectus University contacts directory University homepage eSSenTIal referenCe InfOrmaTIOn appeals essential Westminster Handbook of academic regulations mitigating Circumstances Publication of results Suspensions and withdrawals University calendar UnIverSITy ServICeS Career Development Centre Disability learning Support faith and spirituality library and IT Services School registry Offices Student accommodation Student advice service STUDy reSOUrCeS anD SUPPOrT Blackboard Course Handbooks learning and study skills support Personal Development Planning Personal Tutoring Student exchanges University bookshops fInanCIal aSSISTanCe access to learning fund Bursaries fees funding Scholarships Student advice service


HealTH anD WellBeInG Counselling Service Polyclinic Prayer rooms and quiet rooms Sport Student Health Services PerSOnal DevelOPmenT Career Development Centre Personal Development Planning (PDP) Polylang Student ambassador Scheme Student exchanges Teaching support placements in schools and colleges STUDenT rePreSenTaTIOn Course representatives national Union of Students (nUS) Student Surveys Students Union Students Union Constitution rIGHTS anD reSPOnSIBIlITIeS academic conduct Diversity and Dignity at Work and Study Policy memorandum and articles of association Student Code of Conduct Student Complaints Procedure

leGal maTTerS Data Protection freedom of Information Health and Safety Policy Intellectual Property rights neW STUDenTS enrolment and orientation new students webpages InTernaTIOnal STUDenTS english language support International students webpages International Student adviser International Student Welcome Programme visa advice POSTGraDUaTe STUDenTS School registry Offices reSearCH DeGree STUDenTS research Degree Guidelines research Degree regulations research Office GraDUaTeS alumni Career Development Centre Graduation ceremonies

Our Student Charter gives a summary of our aspirations and expectations for each other at the University of Westminster. It is not, however, a legally binding contract and it is not intended either to define or limit the legal rights and responsibilities of the University, the University of Westminster Students Union and each student. all students should ensure that they are aware of all documents published by the University of Westminster and the University of Westminster Students Union which relate in any way to being a registered student and/or a member of the Students Union and all regulations, policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines issued by the University of Westminster and/or the University of Westminster Students Union from time to time.

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