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March 2012
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A note from Jim…
Welcome to the March edition of the SoTel Systems news and specials letter. We have gotten some good feedback on our new design for 2012, and will continue to make changes based on your feedback. This month we are bringing you special pricing on 43 separate highlighted SKUs from nine different manufacturers. As always, if you don't see the hardware you are looking for listed here, you can rest assured that we have a fully stocked warehouse of products fully tested and ready to ship to you. Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to work with you. We consider it nothing less than an honor and a privilege to serve your needs and the needs of your customers. 2012 will continue to be a year of growth and improvement for us at SoTel Systems. We take an active approach to improving the local economy in our native St. Louis, Missouri. We are hiring and expanding. Here are the latest three job listings posted to our careers page. Warehouse Technician Test Technician Refurb Technician This expansion and other changes and improvements brings our company to just over 100 employees. I consider these specific departments to be the operational backbone and an important force in making Just Right, Right Away happen for our valued customers. We are a dedicated company looking for even more dedicated people to add to our team. As part of that dedication, we continue to make great service options available to you. If you haven't yet tried out

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Contact Info[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems
our SIP service, we have a new promotion available to anyone who purchases a Sangoma Vega gateway. See more details about this promotion below. There is still more to come. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you. If you need to reach me for any reason, I'm available at

P: 1 866 GO-SoTel E:


SoTel Systems specializes in Nortel and Norstar hardware for the small and medium business. Our quality refurbishing process cannot be matched and we stock thousands of products under the Nortel name alone. These multi-line IP phones come fully-featured and ready to deploy directly out of the box. The 1140E and 1120E have backlit graphical displays for easy readability. They have USB ports to add a mouse or keyboard for user navigation. You also have the option for POE or an external power supply. The M3903 has three lines of 24


$189 $128 $595 $265 $42 $699


Refurbished BCM400 rls 4.0 (upgraded)

Refurbished BCM exp

Refurbished M3903 CHARCOAL

Unused Analog M/W Line Card

characters each with interactive soft keys. This model also supports full logging for incoming and outgoing calls.

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Points with Cisco CleanAir technology are the industry's first

Unused, open box Aironet 3502I Wireless Access Point[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems
802.11n access points to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network. CleanAir technology is a system wide feature of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network that improves air quality by detecting RF interference that other systems can't recognize, identifying the source, locating it on a map, and then making automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage. These innovative access points provide the highestperformance 802.11n connectivity for mission-critical mobility. By intelligently avoiding interference, the 3500 Series offers performance protection for 802.11n networks to help ensure reliable application delivery. Two Antennas Dual-band a/b/g/n Omnidirectional Antenna



$200 $195 $230



The reason why Avaya solutions should be your choice of telephone systems is the way in which the design and manufacture of these systems was executed. Instead of simply scaling down a phone system that was actually meant for implementation in a larger company, these systems specifically target small and medium businesses. They are specifically designed for businesses of that size and scale. The Avaya family of products is in stock and ready to ship to you.


$175 $205 $850 $295 $139


G350 vintage D



SoTel Systems stocks a huge inventory of Avaya equipment that is ideal for all of your business installations. The Avaya telecom equipment is a well known and trusted name in the telecom industry and we offer their entire product line in unused and refurbished condition.

The NetVanta 3200 Series of Modular Access Routers are designed for cost-effective Internet access, MPLS, corporate Frame Relay, point-to-point connectivity, ADSL, and VPN for applications requiring bandwidth up to dualT1s. They include a Stateful Inspection Firewall, QoS for delay sensitive traffic like VoIP, NAT and DHCP, and can be managed with a familiar Command Line Interface (CLI) or ease to use Web-GUI. These modular platforms offer one 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN port

NetVanta 3200 Network Access Router
1202860L1 (refurbished)

$45 $835 $1,350 $15 $25

Adtran TA908 Router
4212908L1 (unused)

Adtran TA908E Router
4242908L1 (unused)

Adtran Dual FXO Plug in Module
1200103L2 (refurbished)

Adtran FXS Mod Quad 2nd Gen
1200300L1 (refurbished)[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems
and one interface slot that will house a variety of the NetVanta Network Interface Modules (NIMs) and Dial Backup Modules (DIMs).

Sangoma - Vega Promotion
The Vega 5000 is an award winning gateway that can bring your old PBX or Key System out of the dark ages with SIP Trunking. SoTel is excited to announce our new Sangoma Vega Series promotion. Receive 90 days FREE SIP service with the purchase of any Sangoma Vega series gateway! Contact our Sangoma product manager, Andrew Leet, for more information at 314-787-1763 or email us at

Polycom is the only company today delivering end-to-end rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the web from desktop and mobile personal systems to room systems to the network core. The vision is to enable people to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a virtual experience as natural as being there. SoTel Systems carries the full complement of Polycom IP solutions products at the best possible prices for quality refurbished hardware. This equipment is in stock in our warehouse and ready to ship to you. Our inventory is huge and all of it tested and ready to be installed immediately. With the well-recognized Polycom name, you can be sure that your customers' deployment will go smoothly.


$105 $80 $65



NEC[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems
We are stocked with unused and refurbished NEC Phones and NEC Phone Systems. If you're looking for a way to cut costs without sacrificing performance, make the smart call to SoTel Systems. We're your source for refurbished and unused NEC phone equipment. NEC started as a telecommunications company 112 years ago. NEC built the initial Japanese telecommunications infrastructure via a joint venture with Western Electric. From a telephony perspective, NEC is the third largest vendor, according to some market research. The company offers four business telephony platforms: DSX, UX5000, SV8000, and Sphericall. Read more…


$100 $125 $500 $115 $195 $60 $50







We only sell the highest quality refurbished Siemens phone equipment. Right now, we are featuring the following part numbers.


$49 $49 $135 $160 $49 $150 $90 $215



Unused You can save even more by bundling this great hardware with SIP Trunking. We are a leading North American distributor of commercial grade voice services. See the following competivelypriced packages: SoCallMe SoClear SoSimple





We offer the highest quality refurbished Tadiran telephones and Tadiran telephone systems.

DKT1110BLK V5 or V6

$70[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems

DKT2320BLK V5 or V6

$90 $135 $119 $80

72440164385 (Flexset 120S)

72440162900 (Flexset 281S)
Flexset 120s Features 10 buttons 3 x 24 LCD full speakerphone soft-key operation Unused

77440102000 (T208M)

Read a Vendor Snapshot for NEC
To introduce a detailed research report for, David Michels wrote a company overview article about NEC. The post briefly summarizes the telecommunication company's history, size, reach and featured product lines. In addition to hospitality and healthcare, NEC claims significant telephony penetration in higher education. Each of these markets includes impressive references: Some of the largest hotels in the world, well known and prestigious hospitals, and highly regarded universities. The customer list is an impressive global collection of names. NEC designs and engineers its products for a worldwide market. Sphericall development is taking place primarily in Illinois and the Netherlands. Its core UC business solution, available on Sphericall and on its SV8000 products, is developed by a partner in New Zealand. That's an important point--NEC heavily uses partners to build-out its solutions. The company does not feel obligated to invent everything itself. However, the finished solution is predominately NEC branded and supported regardless of the source. You should read more about this on No Jitter's Vendor Snapshot for NEC.

Open Source Spotlight: Scribus
Here at SoTel Systems, we are big fans of open source software development. Recently, featured on their blog a program we are familiar with as their March Project of the Month. The tool is called Scribus, and it is a page layout design application. It can handle simple print shop tasks, but is powerful enough to handle large scale print businesses, magazine layouts and just about any marketing material of any format. Here's a better description from Peter Linnell, one of the founders of Scribus quoted from the blog post. Scribus is an open source page layout application. It's used for laying out magazines and books. Especially the type of publications that are highly graphical in nature. You can use it to create posters, all kinds of different publications, for example greeting card, things like that, of any arbitrary size and format. Its most powerful aspect is the ability to create commercial grade PDF, which goes to a commercial printer, and just works.[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems

If your business does print marketing of any kind, you'll want to check out this tool and consider adding it to your arsenal.

Quick News Links
Here are a series of short news links that caught our attention this past month. An Analysis of VoIP Networks, their Vulnerabilities and the Impact of VoIP Technology on Emergency Call Handling ITEXPO East Speaker: The Future of HD - including snippets of an interview with Stefan Karapetkov, Emerging Technologies Director with Polycom Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing and Telepresence Market Reaches $2.7 Billion

Need a Real Person? As a friendly reminder, SoTel Systems is always here to answer your calls. If you need hardware, sales or support, please call us at 1.866.Go-SoTel. You will get a real, live person on the phone usually right away. Image credit:, used pending permission.[2012-03-02 2:58:42 PM]

March Specials | 2012 | SoTel Systems

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