Florida Department of Education: Florida Instructional Materials Adoption Supplemental/Intervention Reading Program Submission: eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary

, and Comprehension (bid #1995) June 7, 2012 Dear Florida Reviewer; Welcome to the 2012-2013 Florida State Adoption of Instructional Materials eSample review. Sopris Learning, a business unit of Cambium Education Inc., is honored to submit eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension (bid #1995) for review under the "Supplemental/Intervention Reading Program" category. eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension is a blended (print and webbased) program that combines fluency practice with vocabulary and comprehension strategies to promote foundational skills that are essential for successful reading development. As its name suggests, eSolution is a literacy Intervention program that integrates three major content strands of instruction. It comprises 150 informational passages at six readability levels for Florida students in grades 3-5. With these passages, students increase their reading rate, build their vocabulary, and improve their use of comprehension strategies. To access the eSamples, please: 1. Go to the Sopris Learning Florida Adoption web site: www.soprislearningflorida.com 2. Click in the “Click to Login” box in the center of the page 3. A box for your username and password will pop up; enter: a. Username: floridareview b. Password: soprislearning c. Click “OK” 4. On the Sopris Learning eSample home page, click on the “View Sample” button where you see the eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension logo.

5. Now you should be on the Major Tool eSample page for eSolution. Click on the relevant buttons to access sample information. Within the eSolution program page, there are four features to aid in your review. • • • • eSample Letter/Review Instructions ePresentation (15 minutes) Correlations (pdf) Usernames and Passwords (for Student Edition)

Major Tool samples

6. Recommended sequence of review: a. Watch the ePresentation b. Review eSolution Teacher Edition c. Review eSolution Student Edition—Please Note: The associated bid ISBNs for eSolution Intermediate are listed on the site, as there are multiple ISBNs on our bid that provide different packaging options for the Student Edition. d. Review Correlations 7. To view the eSolution: Student Edition, the online, web-based program: a. click on to be directed to the student site located at es.soprislearning.com: the Student Center log in page.

b. Use a unique login found in the Username and Password document located on the eSolution sample page. There is a unique Username (UN) and Password (PW) provided for each of the six levels of eSolution. c. Once logged in, you will be on the “Student Dashboard.” Just click “GO” to begin an assignment as a student would.

d. If it seems as if someone has begun an assignment, please use a different username and password on the list. You will know that a reviewer has begun using the username and password if an answer has been filled in or is highlighted in red like the two screen shots below.

e. Please note: For your convenience as a Florida Reviewer, passages have been assigned to this Student Edition in advance. Typically, a teacher would assign these. They assign up to five passages at a time; then a student automatically moves on to the next five or advances a level. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. If at any time during the review you require assistance, please email Erin Ramsey at erinr@cambiumlearning.com or for technical support, please contact reviewersupport@soprislearning.com. Sincerely, The Sopris Learning Team A Business Unit of Cambium Education, Inc.

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