NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly noted that Pedro Hernandez had confided in family members as far back as 1981 that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child" in New York City. Hernandez repeated the claim to others in his family over the years, though he never identified his victim, Kelly said. Pedro also told his relatives he disposed of the child’s body in a dumpster and that the child was six years old. Pedro told this to his entire

family along with a church group.1 Hernandez’s relatives could have easily put two and two together because aside from these self-incriminating statements this is what they knew: 1. Luz and Norma knew Pedro had started working at Luz Santana’s husband’s bodega in SOHO Manhattan in April 1979. 2. Luz and Norma knew Pedro lived in the neighborhood as he had a bed in Luz’s nearby apartment. 3. Luz and Norma knew that in May 1979 a six year old boy disappeared from Manhattan a few hundred feet from the Bodega where Pedro worked. It was in all the newspapers and on TV in Spanish and English. There were missing person posters posted all over the neighborhood. 4. Luz and her husband part of Pedro’s job was to put the Bodega’s trash in a dumpster supplied by a commercial garbage hauler. So the remark about putting the child’s body in a dumpster should have registered. 5. Luz knew that on the day of the murder Pedro worked until sunset. Luz must have noticed that he was shook up when he went home that night. 3. Luz and Norma knew Pedro returned to Camden in July 1979 and moved in with his mother. Thi was a month after the disappearance. If the Bodega Pedro was working at was unknown to the family or was located far away from the crime scene or the time he was working there was after the murder or before rather than during or was unknown to them they might have been in the dark but this was not the case. The family knew the child was Etan Patz but were too uncivilized to turn him in until Jose Lopez, Hernandez’s brother-inlaw, called the NYPD's missing persons department in May 2012 and said that Pedro Hernandez told relatives and a spiritual advisor that he killed a boy, but never gave a name. Based on Mr. Lopez’s tip the police questioned Pedro Hernandez and he confessed. Pedro might have kept the

name of the person he killed secret to protect himself and his family or he might have confessed to his family.

THE HERNANDEZ FAMILY LIED TO COVER THEIR ASSES The Daily Beast reported: Relatives of Pedro Hernandez first contacted police not long after Patz vanished from his New York City neighborhood on May 25, 1979, according to the source [has to be a relative]. The relatives are said to have told police after Patz’s disappearance that Hernandez, who worked in a nearby store, had admitted to them that he killed the 6-year-old boy. Detectives interviewed Hernandez at that time, the source says, and he confessed to the crime. But the detectives deemed this first confession to be “the raving of a lunatic,” in part because he told them that he had put the body in a box and stashed it someplace only for it to disappear. “They didn’t believe him,” the source says. “You can’t just leave a dead kid out in the street and nobody reports it.” Pedro’s name appears on a police report about the bodega but he was never interviewed even though he lived in the neighborhood and moved about a month later when his departure would not arouse suspicion. He probably left on the advice of his family who were involved in the cover up. Norma Hernandez is probably the source for the above as she said she told Camden police about the disclosure in the early 1980s. The Camden police would have brought this to the attention of NYPD. She said the officer wrote down her statement in a little notebook. Camden Police records do not go back that far and they issued a statement that they have no record of her coming in and ratting out her brother. All we have is her word. She didn't say whether she filed a police report because the skank never filed a police report. "I just feel angry that people who heard the

confession didn't do anything," she said. Hernandez said she has spoken with New York Police Department investigators recently about her report to Camden police and other matters regarding her brother. The reports of Pedro confessing to the police and Norma’s alleged conversation with the Camden police are contrived by the family to cover their asses as they knew all along who did it but did not say a thing. Assuming Pedro did not fully confess, if the family was serious about making a police report they would have supplied police with all the details which were known to them: My brother Pedro said he killed a six year old boy in New York City and dumped his body in the trash. I have heard of the famous case of Etan Patz a six year old boy who disappeared in New York City. I do not believe it is a coincidence that my brother worked at the family Bodega a few blocks from where Patz was last seen. He worked there during the time this happened and left shortly thereafter. Part of his job involved putting out the trash. I think Pedro Hernandez killed Etan Paz.

A report like that would not get lost in the shuffle. More BS from the family: Hernandez's sister Lucy Suarez said that her brother long ago told relatives that he had hurt a child. But he was never specific. "He didn't say, 'I killed somebody,'" she said. "My conclusion was that it was a hit-and-run, or he hit someone with a bike. Nothing like a murder." Lucy was the only family member who didn’t hear the part about stuffing the body in a garbage can. Hernandez’s wife and daughter (seen on the right) had no idea that Pedro was scum. I really feel sorry for

those two women for what that psychopath put them through. Margarita Lopez, another sister, shared the family secret with her husband who finally went to the police. This man deserves the reward that was offered for info. HOMOSEXUAL CHILD MOLESTER? Why kill a six year old out of the blue? All of a freakin’ sudden he decides, I am going to murder someone today? “I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die?” According to a story in the New York Post Pedro Hernandez knew intimate details about the killing of Etan Patz that were withheld for decades just for such an occasion as this. They said the closely-held details likely related to Etan's body -- scars, birth marks, moles or other identifying characteristics -- items he wore or had when he disappeared or knowledge the killer gleaned about Etan's family before the killing. The key word here is: Intimate: Of or involved in a sexual relationship. If these intimate details prove to be the result of Hernandez having undressed Etan for a sexual encounter then Hernandez’s motive for the murder becomes clear. He raped Etan in the basement of the bodega then killed him to cover up the crime. He is ashamed to admit he is a homosexual child rapist rather than an impulse killer. Hernandez said he strangled the boy immediately and there was no sexual abuse so how would he know about birthmarks or family details? If he is telling the truth it would have to be clothing or possessions. He has not been charged with sexual assault. Another possibility exists he was going orally or anally sodomize Etan but changed his mind at the last minute and killed him to cover up his having undressed him. Pedro moved back to New Jersey after the murder and he wed his first wife, Daisy. He may have done so to convince himself he was not gay. The pair divorced after three years and Hernandez moved back to New York where his sister Luz took him in and gave him back his old job at the Bodega. Sometime in the 1980s, he returned to New Jersey and married his second wife, Rosemary, who he’s been with for about 26 years. He had a history of heterosexual relationships and he is not being charged with a sex crime:

Who knows what his motive was? Perhaps it was culture shock. In the 1960s, on a farm in Yabucoa, in eastern Puerto Rico, Pedro’s seven sisters slept in one room. The family had 11 kids in total. He and four brothers shared another, the oldest swaying in a hammock. They had no electricity or running water. Their father, Esteban, grew yams and bananas, but villagers mainly recalled him as a great horseman and an excellent maker of pitorro, the local moonshine. “Even when he was drunk, the horse couldn’t make him fall,” one villager, Bienvenido Gómez-Ortiz, 65, said. But Estben was disabled, when, in a drunken altercation, a cousin cut him so deeply with a machete that he needed 125 stitches. Pedro came to New York in 1973 from Puerto Rico right out the freaking jungle. His mother cleaned a doctor's office. Pedro attended Woodrow Wilson High. Perhaps the hip bohemian nature of SOHO twisted his primitive mind. Pedro claimed that Etan reminded him of Sammy Santana, 3, a nephew he hated and that was why he killed him although Etan did not look in the least bit Hispanic and was twice that age. This is a cover story, not a motive. But Norma Hernandez said she had heard her nephews, years later, gossip about Mr. Hernandez’s saying that he could see “the devil” in Sammy’s face. Mr. Santana, now a New York City sanitation worker, said he had heard the stories. But he added, “If I could remember when I was 3, I’d be a mental genius.” So Pedro saw the Devil in Etan’s face, he had a hallucination and suddenly Etan sprouted horns and turned red. Whatever

his motive might have been evidence suggests Pedro planned this rape and murder in advance or had help from his family in covering it up. THIS EVENT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN SPONTANEOUS Police say that Pedro Hernandez was working as a stock boy at a bodega on 448 West Broadway and Prince St. in Manhattan when out of the blue he spotted 6 year old Etan Patz and spontaneously lured him into the basement of the store with the promise of a nice cold soda. Why did he trust Pedro? When his parents let him go to the bus stop on his own didn’t they warn him about strangers? SOHO is not far from Greenwich Village. Etan’s mother said he had a dollar with him to buy a soda along the way so why go off with this man? How did Hernandez know the child wanted a soda? Had he supplied Etan with sodas in the past? Had he watched Etan in the past when Etan was in the bodega?

Hernandez led Patz down into the basement of the bodega that had a separate entrance accessible through folding metal doors on the sidewalk. It would have had to have been on the Prince Street side. The photos show only the West Broadway side. Patz never went into the Bodega. He went to the Prince Street side and down cement stairs to the basement. He could have been seen doing this by those in the store as there was a window on the Prince Street side right over the basement entrance. Only those

walking or driving on Prince Street and people coming in and out of the store who turned on to Prince and headed North could see Etan descend the stairs. But no one reported seeing him in the vicinity of the bodega or going down the stairs to his doom.

Why not go into the Bodega for the soda rather than the cellar? Why go down in the cellar with someone you just met, the proverbial stranger who offers you candy, a much older boy. The answer is either that Etan was a trusting child or that he had been in the basement before and he thought it was safe to go there again. He was conned by a psychopath because Patz went down into the cellar voluntarily and did not scream for help. There was no report of a screaming kid or anyone seeing Hernandez, a Hispanic, accompanying a white kid into the basement given by passersby’s. Then there were the customers walking in and out of the place. No reports of having seen anyone go into the basement with a little boy. What about the other workers in the bodega? They were the most likely to have observed him that day. But the bodega was family owned and its employees were all family so if they did they might have kept it to themselves. One of them could have come out and seen him go down to the basement with Etan. Another cousin could have gone down to basement to get Pedro to tell him something. The entire crew had to be there for the breakfast rush as the place was a takeout sandwich and breakfast joint. Were they in the “invisible city where no one sees nothing” as Jakob Dylan sang. Were they afraid to say anything to the police because it would bring disgrace on the place and the family and they might

lose their jobs and loose the bodega? The workers were questioned by detectives and did not report anything suspicious had occurred. After the fact they could have reasoned, “We hire Pedro and a kid disappears!” THE GARBAGE BAG Reports based on Pedro’s confession state that as soon as he got Etan to the basement he strangled him then put his body in a garbage bag then sealed the garbage bag and put it in a box. There is no way that a kid weighing 50 pounds and being 40 inches in height (from the MISSING PERSONS poster) would fit into the average 1.1. mil garbage 33 gallon bag. (Size: 33" x 39" x 1.1 mm thick) without it rupturing. If Pedro folded the body the width would still be 7 inches wider than the bag. How was Pedro going to seal the bag with a tie? This murderer had a large industrial size garbage bag on hand to put the corpse in, a virtual body bag. This would not raise suspicion as Pedro was in charge of the trash. He might have used this bag in the course of his work or he might have brought it in especially for this purpose. The cardboard box had to be strong enough to hold fifty pounds and long enough and wide enough to fit the dead body in it! Then he had to tie the box shut with twine so that it would not open. What if he did not have the right size box on hand? He had all this stuff on hand, boxes, twine etc. because this was a pre-meditated crime. He probably had a handcart in the basement too. Or a family member supplied him with the stuff. The New York Post reported: Pedro Hernandez revealed to authorities that after killing the child May 25, 1979, “he put him in the walk-in freezer box and kept him there until he took him out and put him in the garbage,” a law-enforcement source said. It’s unclear how long Hernandez kept the boy’s body hidden in the basement fridge at his family’s SOHO bodega, where he worked as a stock boy, after killing him. Etan’s body had been stuffed in a plastic bag

and then put into a box before being stowed in the walk-in, sources said. But the grisly package remained there until the coast was clear and Hernandez could sneak it out to the street that night. He told cops he wound up carrying the box to an alley down the block and dumping it in other garbage that was later hauled off by a trash truck either commercial or NYC Department of Sanitation. Hernandez said he had no idea what happened to the box after he dumped it. First of all how many employees had access to that walk in freezer? Did one of them come in and see the box only to find it was missing the next morning? The employee would think Pedro was looting the place. Pedro waited until late at night to leave the Bodega’s basement carrying a large box and head over one short block from West Broadway and Prince to an alley on Thompson Street and Prince. No one saw him. Why didn’t any customers coming out and turning on to Prince Street walking north see him with the box? Why didn’t any pedestrians or drivers on Prince Street see him along the way? Because SOHO was pretty desolate at night at it was a short distance and there was nothing suspicious about what he was doing. Why didn’t any of his cousins at the Bodega see him leaving that night carrying a box? They were there. Pedro came in early that morning and stayed late that night working at least a 12 hour shift on the day of the disappearance leaving after dark at the earliest 8PM. Why wasn’t this reported when the cops questioned the Bodega crew? When he came back that night to his sister’s apartment he had to be totally freaked out about what had happened that afternoon. It is hard for me to believe no one in the family picked up on it or wondered why he had worked such a long shift the day that little kid disappeared.

This is more evidence that Patz’s murder was pre-meditated. Pedro admitted knowing about the alley where he dumped the body prior to the event. When he passed it he must have thought that it was a good place to dump a body. He planned this in advance and did not kill Patz on the spot. The Daily News: "Pedro Hernandez claims he then stuffed the 6-year-old boy’s body in a bag, then placed that in a box and took it to a hiding place, the sources said. Hernandez, 57, said when he returned two days later to collect the box — it was gone, the sources said." NY Times: "The man, Pedro Hernandez, told investigators that he had left the box at a location in Manhattan, but when he returned several days later the box was no longer there." Pedro was coming back on Sunday to make sure it had been picked up Friday night or Saturday morning before the news of Patz’s disappearance broke. The box would not have drawn suspicion from the garbage men until news of Etan being missing spread. Then they would have asked “What is in there, lead or that missing kid?” Remember there would be no trash pickup on Memorial Day so it had to get done on Friday or Saturday. Patz was missing since 8 AM Friday May 25, 1979 and his body was dumped that night. The

search started that night and got more serious on the afternoon of Saturday May 26. The first NYT article about it was dated Sunday May 27, 1979. His body had been picked up before the story broke. John Saracco whose father Charles owned the property at the time said investigators scoured the building’s basement and every other building in the area, after the boy disappeared. “They searched all the buildings around there,” he said. “That building was definitely one of the ones that was searched. If (the body) was there they would have found it.” It was gone. NO GARBOLOGY The major flaw in the Patz investigation was that the garbological method was not applied. The kid had a limited perimeter. The first step would be to question all the sanitation men about suspicious garbage. If something suspicious came up conduct a search. No search of any dump was ever done in search of Etan’s remains. There were no Sanitation Department records prior to 1989 so Etan’s body will probably never be found. The detectives are going to try to find commercial hauler’s records. It would be ironic if Etan’s body was hauled away by the mob. JOSE ANTONIO RAMOS Jose Antonio Ramos, 68, who is serving the final months of a 27-year sentence for sexually assaulting a child in Erie County, was once involved with a woman who sometimes walked Etan home from school. In the late 1980s, Ramos — while doing a separate stint in state prison for the assault of another Pennsylvania child who was at a Rainbow Gathering sobbed, "I’ll tell you everything," when questioned by a federal prosecutor in New York about Patz’s disappearance, according to a 2009 New York Magazine story about the case. Ramos, however, swore to investigators that he had only lured Etan to his apartment the day he went missing, and then let him leave

without harm, according to the story. No charges were ever filed against him. The Patz family remained convinced of Ramos’ involvement in their boy’s disappearance, and in 2001 they filed a civil lawsuit against him. A few years later, the family was awarded $2 million, money they would never see. It was ridiculous to take Ramos’s word for this as he looks like a mental case. However, the statements made by Ramos that seem to implicate him were far outweighed by the statements that did not fit with the theory that he had murdered Etan on May 25th, 1979. When Ramos was first brought in for questioning he was convinced that the detectives were looking to get him on a tax evasion charge; he did not mention Etan first, the detectives did. When explaining having seen the boy the day he disappeared Ramos described him as having "blonde hair and blue eyes"; Etan Patz had dark eyes. His description of the events that supposedly transpired the day Etan disappeared--his taking Etan to his apartment for "sex" and putting him on a subway to meet with a non-existent aunt in Washington Heights when the boy was not interested--had a notably fictional aspect to them. After all was said and done, Jose Antonio Ramos provided no information that only Etan's killer would know. The detail about the sneakers, which was the most convincing evidence that Ramos had ever had contact with Etan, could have been learned by Ramos during the many times he saw Etan before May 25th, 1979 (Ramos' girlfriend at the time was paid by Etan's parents to walk him to the bus stop every morning). THE PATZ FAMILY The Patz family knew of the danger to Etan and that was why they hired Ramos’s girlfriend to walk the child to the bus stop. Was she sick that day and could not walk him? Were they too lazy to walk him and told him to go by himself? They said he begged and pleaded with them to let him walk alone but so what? What was he a gang member who grew up on the streets? He was only six freakin years old and knew nothing. Why let a six year old walk by himself on the streets of Manhattan? His opinion was not worth shit. They made a

wrong decision that day and will pay for it for the rest of their lives, a punishment that does not fit the crime.
1. The New York Times reported Hernandez had confessed during a prayer meeting in the early 1980s to killing the boy. The former leader of the prayer group, which was held in a Roman Catholic Church in Camden, stated that Hernandez said in front of the meeting's attendees that he had strangled a boy and left his body in the trash. "He confessed to the group," said Tomas Rivera, who often led the meetings at St. Anthony of Padua and was present during the admission. Rivera said he did not tell the police at the time "because he did not confess to me." But Rivera did not know any more.

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