Gun Fight Analysis - Avinash Maddi

Gun Fight

Gun Fight Analysis - Avinash Maddi Formal Elements

Player :  A Old West Cowboy

Number :  Multiplayer (1 player vs. 2 player)

Player Roles:  Shooting

Objective:  Destroy : Eliminate the opposing Old west cowboy

Procedures: Player has to insert coin to start the Game Player controls the cowboy with keyboard Player doesn't control the view Player can move in 4 direction ( Up,Down,Left,Right) Player can paddle hand in 2 direction (Up , down) Player can fire bullet ( the bullet direction depends on player position and player's paddle angle)  Player can stand behind Cactus, Pine trees and cart to take cover.  Player can add more coins to play the game again      

Gun Fight Analysis - Avinash Maddi Rules:        Gunfighter have to always face their opponent, so they can fire straight across the screen Player has to kill the opponent to go to next level. Player has limited time to kill the opponent (60secs). Player has limited bullet to kill the opponent (6 bullets). Player moment is limited to particular area . (the player can cannot intrude opponent area) Game goes on until cowboy is hit, or both have run of bullets Time is reset and ammo is restocked every round

Object and Concept:       Character Enemy (Player2) Bullet Cactus, pine tree and cart (obstacles) Time Score

Restricting action:  The player cannot change the view  the character has limited area for moment  the character cannot go to enemy area

Determining Effect  If opponents bullets hits, the player dies and opponents get a point.  if player successfully shoots the opponent then player gets 1 point.

Resources  Bullets

Conflict • Obstacle  Cactus, Pine tree and Cart o Physical o blocks bullet

Gun Fight Analysis - Avinash Maddi • Mental: stress  Dilemma : timing and direction

Outcome:  Non - Zero Sum Game

Dramatic Elements Challenge: Obstacles : more obstacles are placed between player and opponent the more the level goes up

Player Target: Killer

Premise: The Character begins with 6 bullets and 60 sec's time to defeat the opponent.

Character: Yellow coloured Cow boy

Story: There is no story

Dramatic Arc: *two player playing gives the tension and challenge to the situation

Gun Fight Analysis - Avinash Maddi

Dynamic System

Object Cowboy (Player)

Properties • Yellow Sprite, • States: Idle/Walking, • Shooting Direction • Yellow Bullets Yellow coloured Yellow Sprite Points 60secs

Bullets Cactus, Pine Tree Cart Score Time

Behaviours • Follow players direction (Move, Shooting Direction, Firing) • Exist/not on player hand direction • • • • Destructible when bullets hit Moves up and down screen none count down when game starts

Relationships • Move within limit • When hit by opponent die • • • • • Kill if it hits Enemy Bounce's when it hits the Boundary Act as obstacle. Act as obstacle. Increase when Player kills opponent

• • • •