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Untitled Transferring, oh, the idiocy of transferring.

Why can’t one just simply move to another school without this bureaucratic mess? Nick really hated transferring. This would be his ninth time in six years and his dad wasn’t even in the military. He was supposedly just another one of the wayward kids who never got along with anyone. But that’s not the truth. Finn was being shifted for a bigger reason, bigger than anyone at the time could’ve or should’ve realized. But who am I to tell you of the savior of the Clave and possibly the world? Let’s sit back and listen to the story while I make some cookies. “Ah, the first day of school. How much I hate you” Finn mumbled to himself as rode the bus to his ninth new school in just six years. He wasn’t intimidating or anything, just a regular Caucasian male, who also happened to be as tall as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Ok, not really, but in relative terms towards everyone else it seemed as though he was. He also never got into trouble; it seemed to him that his teachers and peers had just been against him from the start, since they secretly despised his father’s wealth. His father happened to be one of the few independent congressmen to get elected and actually be popular with the people. He never understood why people really liked his dad. To Finn, it was just his regular old dad, but to the people he was a politician that may actually care about the country.” Well if they want him, they can’t…” Finn was interrupted by the abrupt stop of the bus.” Here we go again” Finn said with an almost cynical smile on his face, almost suggesting he wanted to get kicked out of school again. Walking around the school was a pain in the gluteus maximus for Finn. To Finn, who’s largest school population had been 900, this school was ginormous. The first day had gone okay for him. The teachers seemed friendly enough not to bite and there had been some decently attractive girls in some of his classes. The only bad thing was that, even though he was a new kid and everyone loves new kids, this was the first day, where basically everyone within a hundred meter radius of the school was new. Yet, he sought solace in the fact that Lance Berchum, an old enemy Finn had, was not going to be here. “Hey, there’s Big Ben or should I say Big Finn?” A voice yelled across the hallway, a comment Finn did not want to hear. Turn around his brain squealed. Leave, leave his muscles begged him. But Finn stayed on track on a collision course to collide with one of his greatest foes, maybe his only, but this did not matter at the moment. Finn thought why he, Lance was there, he had no reason to leave the prestigious school in which they were enrolled in. "Whats up buddy!" Lance said as he strolled over to Finn almost as if he knew what Finn was thinking."Hows my favorite towering monument?" He said with a smirk on his face, telling Finn, Lance knew he was getting on Finns nerves. "Why are you here?" Finn asked and genuinely waited for the answer, but it never came. Finn woke up in a dark room on a doctors examination table. The room also had flickering lights, often going on and off at no particular time or constant schedule, as did most of the school. He started to rub his eyes, when he heard a soft, almost angelic type voice speak to him " Please Finn don't do that, you'll worsen the bruise." He tried to open his eyes to see who was talking to him, but his eyes wouldn't budge. “Who are you?” he said waiting for a honest reply “I'm Brooke, I'm a nurse aid here in the clinic.” Finn wanted to believe this comely voice, but his brain kept saying that she was wrong. He'd been in many clinics before due to his chronic nosebleeds, and this did not feel normal. It felt warm, yet damp, when most clinics are cold and dry. The room also had a presence as though it wasn't above ground, but underground.

"Why am I here?" he said, as he had no memory from the last fifteen minutes of his memory. Brooke stared at Finn blankly as she tried to muster up some proper information"Can I get an answe...Ow!" Finn exclaimed as his body awoke in pain as he tried to sit up. "Finn, sit back down, before you hurt yourself and I will tell you what happened, ok?" Brooke said slightly annoyed. "Ok, but please explain everything, including how you know my name now." Finn said, almost pleading for an answer. Brooke explained as to how he ended up in the weird clinic. Apparently, according to Brooke right after Finn had asked Lance why he was even at this school, Lance punched Finn with such force that he blacked right after the punch.Then after he had fallen, Lance had run away before any administrators could come and find the reason of the scuffle. Thats also when Brooke came and found him lying on the ground. "When I found you on the ground I knew I had to do something so I brought you here." Brooke smiled, happy that she found Finn before Lance could've come back. "Yet, that still doesn't tell how you found out my name." Finn questioned as he felt awkward not knowing someone who he felt already knew him and although Finn had only known Brooke for about a few minutes, he felt she had known him for a much longer period. Finn then realized that she must've heard Lance taunting him, which then made him seem even weaker, being punched and taunted by a guy who was about five inches shorter then him." So, I'm guessing you heard lance shouting?" Finn said semiembarrassedly.

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