In  2003,  many  anti-­‐war  protests   took  place  in  New  York  City.

   On   February  15,  somewhere   between  100,000  –  400,000   people  took  part  in  a  massive   demonstration.    A  similar  protest   took  place  on  March  22.      

peacefully  assemble  and  to   exercise  their  right  to  freedom  of   speech.  

The  City  Council  became   responsible  for  making  the  rules   more  fair.    Instead  of  holding   hearings  and  using  a  democratic   process  to  determine  the  new   assembly  rules,  Speaker   Christine  Quinn  let  NYPD  write   the  rules  with  no  public  input.      

Fast-­‐forward  to  2012  :  suddenly,   Congress  and  the  President   outlaw  protests  targeting   politicians,  and  they  call  it  the   Anti-­Tresspass  Bill.    All  of  a   sudden,  Quebec  outlaws  protests   for  more  than  50  people  without   prior  police  approval,  and  they   call  it  Bill  78.      





Other  massive  protests  took   place  later,  including  one  on   August  29,  2004,  in  which  as   many  as  800,000  people   marched  past  the  Republican   National  Convention  at   Madison  Square  Garden.   During  these  protests,  NYPD   arrested  thousands  of  bicyclists,   AIDS  activists,  senior  citizens,   regular  citizens  –  anybody  and   everybody,  who  chose  to  

And  the  NYPD  used  violence   against  protesters.    Examples  of   violence  include  backing  horses   into  demonstrators,  shoving   people  into  metal  barricades,   spraying  a  toxic  substance  at   penned-­‐in  demonstrators,  using   abusive  language,  and  raising   nightsticks  against  some  people,   who  couldn't  move.    



In  2006,  many  courts  ruled  that   New  York  City’s  rules  governing   citizen  assemblies  were   unconstitutional.      

In  February  2007,  Speaker  Quinn   rubber-­‐stamped  the  new  rules   into  effect.    Suddenly,  it  was   illegal  for  more  than  50  people   to  assemble  publicly  that  would   involve  a  march,  without  prior   permission  from  NYPD.  


Our  #CivilLiberties  are  on  a   #SlipperySlope  -­‐-­‐  thanks  to  the   dangerous  precedent  set  by   Speaker  Quinn.      

Then  #Occupy  happens.  

The  Constitution  says,  “We  the   People”  -­-­  not  “We  Need   Protest  Permits.”  

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