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Brief Introduction to North China Electric Power University

LIU Yongqian PhD, Associate Professor on Renewable Energy Executive Dean of International Education Institute Director of International Cooperation Department North China Electric Power University No.2 BeiNong Road, HuiLongGuan, ChangPing, Beijing, 102206 China Email: Tel. +86-10-6177 2259 (Office), +86-137 0102 7361(Mobile) Fax:+86-10-6177 2342

Brief Introduction
Founded in 1958 Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China One of 211 Project Universities in China Only key national university in electric power and energy
With 7 largest electric power corporations as its trustee members

Two campuses in Beijing and Baoding

Basic Facts-Academic Staff

2392 Total teaching staff 1649 Total academic staff

324 professors 535 associate professor

790 lecturers & lecturer assistants

Basic Facts-Distinguished Professors

5 academicians of China Engineering Academy

Prof. Yang Qixun

Prof. Huang Qili

Prof. Chen Yunbo

Prof. Shen Guorong


Basic Facts-Academic Schools : 10 Schools

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Energy Power & Mechanical Engineering Control Science & Computer Engineering Environmental Science& Engineering Renewable Energy Nuclear Science & Engineering Economics & Management Humanities and Social Sciences Mathematics and Physics Foreign Languages

Basic Facts-Academic Programs

2 key national disciplines 13 key provincial & ministerial disciplines 4 post-doctorate work centers 20 doctorate programs 52 postgraduate programs 54 undergraduate programs

Basic Facts-Scientific Research

Total research funds in the year 2010: RMB 400 million. 542 national scientific research projects in recent 5 years,

including National High-Tech R&D Program(863 Program), National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National Natural Science Fund Programs, and National Social Science Fund Programs.

Basic Facts-Scientific Research

1 National Engineering Technology Research Center 1 National Engineering Research Lab 2 key MOE labs 6 key provincial & ministerial labs 1 national experimental instruction demonstration center 1 Beijing municipal energy development research center NCEPU Science Park a national science park

Major Laboratories & research centers

National Engineering Laboratory for Biomass Power Generation Equipment Dedicated to develop the high efficiency, low-cost biomass power generation technologies and equipment which is suited to the Chinese situations. Also, to provide technical support for the biomass power generation industry in China. National Thermal Power Engineering Research Center To play the important roles on promoting the overall technological level of Chinas thermal power and its continuous upgrade, and speeding up the application of cutting-edge technologies in Chinas thermal power industry.

Major Laboratories & research centers

Beijing Energy Development Research Base It is a unique base in the energy legislation and energy policy, environmental protection legislation and policy areas, and the professors participated in drafting the Energy Law" of China. Key MOE Laboratory of Power System Protection & Dynamic Security Monitoring To explore relay protection new principles and methods and the wide area PMU based security monitoring for power systems, and to provide the theory and technological support for the safe and stable operation of large AC-DC hybrid power systems in China. Key Laboratory of Condition Monitoring and Control for Power Plant Equipment, Ministry of Education To provide the original technological solutions for the safe, economical operation of power plants in China.

Key Research Field of NCEPU

1.Protection and security defense of interconnected power grid. 2.Safety and magnetic environment effects of UHV equipment. 3. Key technologies of smart grid. 4. Large scale renewable power generation and its integration to the power system. 5. Key technologies of ultra-super critical and super critical coalfired power generation.


Key Research Field of NCEPU

6. Power generation theory and technologies from low carbon energy sources. 7. Clean production of electricity with low emission and low water consumption. 8. Monitoring, control and information technologies for electric power production process. 9. The coupling system of climate change, environment, and energy. 10. Energy system engineering.


International Exchange & Cooperation I

North China Electric Power University has many partner universities, such as Manchester, Strathclyde, Cardiff and Bath in UK; Queensland university in Australia, Grenoble Institute of Technology in France; Illinois Institute of Technology and Virginia Tech in USA, etc. The cooperation activities cover the exchange of students and academic staff, joint research, joint lab, etc. The joint 2+2 and 3+1undergraduate program with universities in UK, France, Australia, Canada, South Korea, and USA has been very successful.


International Exchange & Cooperation II

Many academic staff of our university got their PhD from Japanese universities, such as Tokyo University, Osaka University, University of Nagasaki, University of Tsukuba, Tohoku University, etc. and they maintain close links with Japanese partners for students exchange, staff exchange and joint academic research. To extend the cooperate with Japan is an important international strategy of NCEPU. We are willing to establish partnership relations with more Japanese universities and enterprises.


Renewable Energy Research and Education at NCEPU

RES (Renewable Energy School) was officially established on July 15th, 2007 in Beijing RES is the first RE School in China Currently, main areas are: Hydro, Wind, Biomass and Solar


Renewable Energy Research and Education at NCEPU

Goal of RES in NCEPU To become the national most excellent center for RE education and research with 80 teaching staff To contribute to the RE research and education of the world through international collaborations


Wind Energy Research and Education

Education on Wind Energy:

Bachelor Program: Wind Energy & Power Engineering, since 2006 Master Program: Wind Power engineering, since 2006 Renewable Energy and Clean Energy, since 2008 Doctorial Program: Renewable Energy & Clean Energy, since 2008 Training service


Wind Energy Research and Education

Research on Wind Energy:

R&D of WTGS Wind resources measurement and evaluation Wind power prediction Optimal design of wind farms Condition monitoring and diagnosis Electrical engineering for Windfarms Control of WTGS

Hydro Power Research and Education

Bachelor programs : Water conservancy and hydro power engineering Hydrology and water resources engineering Master Programs: Hydrology and water resources engineering Research on Hydropower: Water Resources and Environment Hydro Power Engineering, etc.

Bio Energy Research and Education

NELB was granted by NDRC of China in 2008 NELB is co-constructed by NCEPU, DragonPower and NBE

National Engineering Lab for Biomass Power Generation Equipment (NELB)

Lab Location at NCEPU 4000m2



Research Areas in NCEPU and NELB

Thermochemical conversion

1) Direct combustion 2) Co-firing of biomass and coal 3) Gasification, pyrolysis, liquefaction

Biochemical conversion

1) Cellulosic Ethanol 2) Biogas 3) Others


Law and Policies Research

Research on law and policies related to RE Beijing Energy Development Research Base is affiliated in NCEPU RE related law and policies are among its main research area. Director of the Base, Prof. Zhou Feng-Ao is a well known expert on Energy law in China.


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