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Interactive Skills

The Power to Become...

Interactive Skills is built on a premise. A premise BASIC and SIMPLE, Yet INTENSE and DISPARATE The premise of HUMAN BEHAVIOUR

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About Us
Established in 1995 by Industry professionals and Academicians with the passion to contribute An expert team of consultants providing Behavioral and Soft Skills Training to corporate, educational and social organizations Committed to be a one stop shop for all Human Resource Needs Office in Mumbai- Associate centers in all metros of India

Our CEO - Ms. Kishwar Adil Nensey

Has an extensive operational experience spanning over 25 years in the field of Human Behavioural Development Worked across industries and levels of management A gold medallist at the Masters Level in Education from the Mumbai University Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management - A certified counsellor and psychologist A degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second

Our Services
Interactive Paradigms Corporate Training

Interactive Finepoint English Language Proficiency / Voice and Accent Training

Our Services
Interactive Greens Outdoor Management / Adventure Program Interactive ODP Management Consultancy & HR Support

Interactive Paradigms
Competency Mapping Performance Management Systems (PMS) Psychometric Tests / Assessments- MBTI, 16pf, Leadership profiles. Analysing Training Needs Competency based interviewing techniques Individual Coaching / Mentoring Content Development / Training modules

Interactive Paradigms
Self-Enhancement Personal Effectiveness Group Dynamics Leadership Induction Organizational etiquette Behavior Wellness management Interpersonal Relationships / Team Performance Emergent leadership, Situational leadership Getting ready to soar : campus to corporate Managing cultural diversities/ corporate

For the mind, body and soul : Stress

Business Communication Interact your way to success

Interactive Finepoint
Interactive individual / group activities Scientific based on principles of TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Multi-level programs based on pre test Ongoing assessment Audio / Video recording Post work assessment Computer / Web-based programs available

Interactive Finepoint
We have specially trained faculty who can addressNeutralization of (regional) accents Proper Pronunciation (using a dictionary) and Phonics UK and US accent training Word and Sentence stress Voice calls and video conferencing

Interactive Greens
Rappel down a rugged cliff Dizzily follow the butterfly Trek through lush green forests Camp under a star-spangled sky Crawl through a gloomy cave Cross over a gushing river Experience Fun and Learning You will cherish forever!!

Interactive Greens
Outbound Training Programs:

The great outdoors is a master tutor. Creates a learning environment which is cooperative and democratic Adventure activities call for tasks that are beyond perceived physical, mental and emotional limits Helps in developing capacities of mind, body and spirit making it one of the best platforms for self development and growth.

The Process
Step 1: MUSE We discern your need and implement a solution Step 2: REACH We weigh the efficacy of the solution

M - Meet U - Understand S - Sketch E - Effect

R - Review E - Evaluate A- Ascertain C- Counsel H Help Maximize ROI

This twin MUSE- REACH approach ensures that the requirements and the objectives are perfectly aligned with the solution.

Our Core Methodology : PACE

Participate Evolve



A process truly experiential. A learning truly complete.

Our Esteemed Clientele






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Interactive Skills
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