TECH 1313 Impact of Modern Technology on Society

How do computers work


Wire "Pins" for electrical connections

This is the “brains” of the computer

One important property is the speed of the microprocessor. This is measured in Hertz (Hz) which is like the number of operations per second. Good ones are like 2,000,000,000 = 2 GHz. Another property is how much data can be processed at the same time.


multiply Some involve alphabetic data Some are used to move data to and from memory Others are used for decision making A Program…………. some complex Word processing Spread sheet operations Graphing Computer games A program can contain millions of instructions 2 . as above.Digital Data Everything is represented by a “1” and “0”. A program is just a huge collection of instructions assembled in such a way to perform a task Some tasks are simple. (called binary bits) For example 25 is represented by 00011001 The letter “R” is represented by 01010010 8 bits. like add. is called a byte Instruction Set The CPU knows how to perform a few hundred basic tasks in response to the proper “instruction” Some are math.

etc.) 3 . CPU Fast Memory Program Instructions Program Data The computer needs permanent memory To store programs and files Hard Disk (milliseconds) CD ROM (milliseconds) Solid-State Memory (Faster like microseconds but needs batteries) (These are called thumb memory. jump drives. memory sticks.The computer needs memory To store data it is doing something to To store the program instructions when the program is being run This is RAM Fast memory (nano seconds) Volatile memory (erases when the power is turned off) So Far Then……….

finally we have……… Network Hard Disk USB Port Printer Network Interface BUS CPU Display Fast Memory Mouse Keyboard Did you know??????? For a computer kilo.A computer also needs……….(K) does NOT mean 1000? It means 1024 (2^10) Mega means 1048576 (2^20) Memory is stored in groups of 8 binary digits – called a byte (B) RAM runs 256 KB to 1 MB per ‘chip’ 4 .uh……display A printer for hard copy Network interface for Internet connection and USB Ports for ‘other’ So. The keyboard for input The mouse for selections of operations The display for……….

More did you know??? A CD holds about 800 MBytes Hard disks can hold a lot more …. up to 2 GigaBytes SO………… Of course you know computers can be made in may shapes and sizes Often microprocessors (computers) are placed in machines. like clothes washing machines. where they perform dedicated. fixed operations according to some program TECH 1313 Impact of Modern Technology on Society How do computers work 5 .741.many GigaBytes where one Giga is 1.073.824 Bytes Memory sticks hold a lot too.

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