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Getting More Mileage out of your Smart Plant Solution


April 14, 2010

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SmartPlant Enterprise Configuration SmartPlant P&ID SmartPlant P&ID SmartPlant P&ID SmartPlant Electrical SmartPlant Electrical SmartPlant Electrical Site A P & ID Citrix Server Site B Site C Site A Site B Site C Host Project Site Electrical Citrix Server Instrumentation Citrix Server Project Central Database SmartPlant Foundation SmartPlant 3D Work Share Site A SmartPlant Instrumentation SmartPlant Instrumentation Site B SmartPlant Instrumentation Site C Satellite A Satellite B Satellite C .

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The Pearl project – Qatar Petroleum and Shell launched new Gas to Liquid (GTL) Pearl Project in Qatar July 2006 – Build offshore upstream gas production facility and onshore GTL plant – Major goal – deliver instrumentation data to commissioning personnel earlier to de-risk the de risk project • Chose MW Kellogg as PMC • Chose SPI as the design tool • 25 Engineering companies chosen for the Design effort – Challenge • Manage the multi-contractor design effort • Mitigate the risk of having to merge 25 versions of the design data around the globe .

Location of the EPCs .

999% – Significantly reduced support calls – Data amalgamation eliminated – Much lower I. skill set in EPCs – Timescales . built. Costs and I. tested and commissioned within 3 months – Fi t Engineering company November 2006 – N users and EPCs put live within First E i i N b New d EPC t li ithi hours – 250 users – excellent feedback from end users and EPCs – Less than 30 minutes of down time since Go-Live – up time of 99.much Improved progress monitoring . Costs and Risk significantly reduced .T.T.The Result – Infrastructure designed.

000 Employees .Alcoa – a global organisation Alcoa – a global organisation 44 Countries 123.

Global EDM ‘Network’ Host Facility in Nashville .

All Rights Reserved.Conclusion Single Design bases for the Project (best practice) Lower the IT cost Easier to make scope splits Project reviews from one single source Central source for management of change Lower cost and risk of data hand-over to operations hand over Need good infra structure Support around the clock pp © 2010. Intergraph Corporation. 15 .

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Power and Marine Division .Process. The Future of Engineering – Today .

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