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EC2051 WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS L T P C 3 0 0 3 UNIT I OVERVIEW OF WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS 8 Challenges for Wireless Sensor Networks, Enabling

Technologies For Wireless Sensor Networks. UNIT II ARCHITECTURES 9 Single-Node Architecture - Hardware Components, Energy Consumption of Sensor Nodes , Operating Systems and Execution Environments, Network Architecture Sensor Network Scenarios, Optimization Goals and Figures of Merit, Gateway Concepts. UNIT III NETWORKING SENSORS 10 Physical Layer and Transceiver Design Considerations, MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks, Low Duty Cycle Protocols And Wakeup Concepts - S-MAC , The Mediation Device Protocol, Wakeup Radio Concepts, Address and Name Management, Assignment of MAC Addresses, Routing Protocols- Energy-Efficient Routing, Geographic Routing. UNIT IV INFRASTRUCTURE ESTABLISHMENT 9 Topology Control , Clustering, Time Synchronization, Localization and Positioning, Sensor Tasking and Control. UNIT V SENSOR NETWORK PLATFORMS AND TOOLS 9 Sensor Node Hardware Berkeley Motes, Programming Challenges, Node-level software platforms, Node-level Simulators, State-centric programming. TOTAL= 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1. Holger Karl & Andreas Willig, " Protocols And Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks" , John Wiley, 2005. 2. Feng Zhao & Leonidas J. Guibas, Wireless Sensor Networks- An Information Processing Approach", Elsevier, 2007. REFERENCES: 1. Kazem Sohraby, Daniel Minoli, & Taieb Znati, Wireless Sensor NetworksTechnology, Protocols, And Applications, John Wiley, 2007. 2. Anna Hac, Wireless Sensor Network Designs, John Wiley, 2003.

EC2045 SATELLITE COMMUNICATION L T P C 3 0 0 3 UNIT I SATELLITE ORBITS 9 Keplers Laws, Newtons law, orbital parameters, orbital perturbations, station keeping, geo stationary and non Geo-stationary orbits Look Angle Determination- Limits of visibility eclipse-Sub satellite point Sun transit outage-Launching Procedures launch vehicles and propulsion. UNIT II SPACE SEGMENT AND SATELLITE LINK DESIGN 11 Spacecraft Technology- Structure, Primary power, Attitude and Orbit control, Thermal control and Propulsion, communication Payload and supporting subsystems, Telemetry, Tracking and command. Satellite uplink and downlink Analysis and Design, link budget, E/N calculation- performance impairments-system noise, inter modulation and interference, Propagation Characteristics and Frequency considerations- System reliability and design lifetime. UNIT III SATELLITE ACCESS 10 Modulation and Multiplexing: Voice, Data, Video, Analog digital transmission system, Digital video Brocast, multiple access: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, Assignment Methods, Spread Spectrum communication, compression encryption UNIT IV EARTH SEGMENT 8 Earth Station Technology-- Terrestrial Interface, Transmitter and Receiver, Antenna Systems TVRO, MATV, CATV, Test Equipment Measurements on G/T, C/No, EIRP, Antenna Gain. UNIT V SATELLITE APPLICATIONS 10 INTELSAT Series, INSAT, VSAT, Mobile satellite services: GSM, GPS, INMARSAT, LEO, MEO, Satellite Navigational System. Direct Broadcast satellites (DBS)- Direct to home Broadcast (DTH), Digital audio broadcast (DAB)- Worldspace services, Business TV(BTV), GRAMSAT, Specialized services E mail, Video conferencing, Internet TOTAL= 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1. Dennis Roddy, Satellite Communication, McGraw Hill International, 4th Edition, 2006. 2. Wilbur L. Pritchard, Hendri G. Suyderhoud, Robert A. Nelson, Satellite Communication Systems Engineering, Prentice Hall/Pearson, 2007. REFERENCES: 1. N.Agarwal, Design of Geosynchronous Space Craft, Prentice Hall, 1986. 2. Bruce R. Elbert, The Satellite Communication Applications Hand Book, Artech House Bostan London, 1997. 3. Tri T. Ha, Digital Satellite Communication, II edition, 1990. 4. Emanuel Fthenakis, Manual of Satellite Communications, McGraw Hill Book Co., 1984. 5. Robert G. Winch, Telecommunication Trans Mission Systems, McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1983. 6. Brian Ackroyd, World Satellite Communication and earth station Design, BSP professional Books, 1990. 7. G.B.Bleazard, Introducing Satellite communications NCC Publication, 1985. 8. M.Richharia, Satellite Communication Systems-Design Principles, Macmillan 2003