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Corporate Governance in Mexico
Corporate governance can be defined as a system by which shareholders participation, board of directors, independent auditory, legitimated stakeholders and all the direction activities in an organization are monitored, directed and regulated. All the good practices of the corporate governance are carried out with the aim of increasing the organizations value in order to facilitate its access to credit, capital and to maintain the company’s perpetuity. The efficiency in the management of any corporate governance depends on the corporate responsibility, transparency, fairness and accountability, which are basic principles that can impact directly in the success of the company. The necessity of having a corporate governance arises because the employees and managers´ interests can differ from the organization’s interests, this happens because they are not the owners of the stakes so it does not matter if the company have gains or losses, their salaries will not be affected, they will continue receiving the same amount of money for the work they perform. This way, with the creation of corporate governance, organizations can assure that the company’s interests and the interests of the people that conform it are aligned. In order to effectively carry on all the activities and decisions made by the corporate governance and for its conformation organizations must select a group of members that act in a professional, honest and responsibly way so the company can achieve its goals and avoid further problems with its administration, management, legal concerns and company success. On the other hand, poor corporate governance practices and lack of ethics can affect the financial performance and market value of companies.

the selection. supervision. This code includes some board members´ specific functions such as: the revision and direction of the corporate strategy. energy. In Mexico the administrative and financial standards for the corporative practices are incorporated in the ”Code of Best Practices” issued by the Business Council. According to surveys made by the IMEF (Mexican Institute of Finance Executives). construction. the conflict resolution between directors and the misuse of corporate assets and abuse in related party transactions. its essence was taken from the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). but the problem is that . seven out of ten Mexican companies believe that the adoption of corporate governance is fundamental. This information let us now that Mexican companies believe that corporate governances are necessary for the fulfillment of the characteristics previously mentioned in this work. compensation and replacement of board members. the insurance of a sufficient and proper process of disclosure of information within and outside the company. culture. the establishment of an Audit Committee to ensure effective corporate governance practices that allow for adequate supervision of the administration of the company. An example of this is that a hundred per cent of the automobilist companies have a corporate governance. natural resources and companies listed in the stock market. action plans. traditions. regulation and results can differ from one to another because the local authorities. the sectors that follow this trend are the ones related with real estate. IPADE (Pan-American Institute of Higher Business Management) and KPMG consultancy. annual budgets and investments. ensuring the integrity of information systems and financial accounting of the company. risk policies. That is why it is important to analyze the specific way of how corporate governance works in this particular country.The existence of corporate governances is a reality in many countries of the world as it is in Mexico but its management. education and the way of doing business is different in each country.

but the disappearance of all the family companies is due to the lack of corporate governance and preparation for the succession which can be considered as the Achilles´ hell of Mexican companies. Also. only fifteen per cent reach the Mexico. in countries where family companies are very important as in Spain. No matter how small or big a company is. including family business. a good corporate governance is very important for the consolidation of a solid business because it improves the structures and processes that make possible the decision making of any business. fifty six per cent of business families have a family protocol that will help them maintain the perpetuity of their business. ninety per cent of the companies are family business –it is important to recall that the seventy per cent of the gross domestic product and eight out of ten formal jobs are generated by these companies. Only one out of ten Mexican family businesses have more than a hundred years and less than one-third of it survive to be handled by a second generation. With this work we can realize that Mexican companies should implement corporate governance in order to maintain their businesses for a larger number of generations and to maintain the competitiveness not only of their companies but also of all the Mexican economy. in Mexico only three out of ten family businesses are able to consolidate the second generation and only four per cent of it reach the third generation. While. .

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