Colombo Dockyard PLC established its operations way back in 1974 and is now Sri Lanka’s largest engineering facility leading in the business of ship repairs, shipbuilding, heavy engineering and offshore engineering. It is situated within the port of Colombo. Besides being a convenient geographical location, it also has the benefits of a deep water harbor Colombo Dockyard operates four graving dry-docks, the largest with a capacity of 125,000 DWT and extensive repair berth facilities. Colombo Dockyard is capable of working in compliance with all Classification Society Standards and strict adherence to international Safety and Quality Standards and is accredited with the ISO 9000-2000 Quality Certification. In 1993, collaboration was made with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd of Japan, a medium scale ship builder. The exchange of technology and the sharing of expertise have served to further enhanced Colombo Dockyard's engineering capabilities. With the expertise and experiences gathered in the past years, Colombo Dockyard has successfully penetrated the Middle Eastern Market and has built vessels to companies, such as Zamil Operations and Maintenance Company and A. A. Turki Corporation. Colombo Dockyard second largest shareholder is Horizon Energy of Abu Dhabi.

Colombo Dockyard is currently expanding its infrastructure facilities enabling it to accommodate larger vessels in keeping abreast with the current trends of new building work internationally.


heavy engineering and allied activities • Efficiently and effectively manage all our resources • Achieve sustainable growth • Enhance the interests of our stakeholders.Company Vision The Colombo Dockyard pursues excellence and superior performance in all what we do to enhance the long-term interests of all our stakeholders in a socially responsible manner. ship repair. Company Mission The Colombo Dockyard strives to: • Be the most competitive and viable business entity in South Asia in shipbuilding. and • Thereby contribute to pursuit of our vision Company structure Chairman Vice Chairman Managing Director / CEO ` Board of directors (7) Assistant managers Engineers (188) Forman 228 Supervisors Workers Nearly 1000 Trainees Nearly 300 2 .

Business. Finance. They proof that not only for Sri Lanka even for the world. International Customers : • • • • Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) Iranian Corporation of Shipping Lines (ICSL) Moldavian Shipping Company (MSC) LYK Lines • • • • Villa Shipping Company Limited Ashapura Shipping LTD Grate Eastern Shipping Company IND-AUST Maritime LTD 3 . instruments are high quality and have standards. The main customer of the company is India when taken as a country. Projects and Engineering. Japan Hayleys Group. Their facilities. Well fare.Current Share Holding • • • Onomichi Dockyard. Security. machineries. Sections of the company. Sri Lanka Public and Various Institutions 51% 20% 29% Physical Strength CDL has highly skilled working force as well as professional management team. So physically they are more strength than any other company in Sri Lanka. Company is divided in to several sub sections to achieve their target on time. Customers: The CDL Business Activities are done both internationally and locally. They owned everything that need for do a job on time. • • • • • • Human resources and Administration.

Local Customers • • • • • Mercantile Shipping Company Limited Ceylon Shipping Corporation (CSC) Sri Lanka Navy Master Divers Marine Service Green Lanka Shipping Main activities The CDL undertakes following Business Activities  Ship Repairs All the types of ship repairs are carried out by Colombo including dockyard dry dock as well as without docking.  Ship building Especially during this session CDL working with Indian company to provide series of tug boats. Also they provide many types of vessels including: • • • • • • • • • Tug Boats Dredgers Work Boats Patrol Crafts Fishing Vessels Service Vessels Fast Patrol Crafts (Aluminum) Landing Crafts All types of Heavy Engineering work 4 . As a result tug boat Abha was handed over recently.

7 9000 16.0 5. Other projects include: • • • • • • • 1750 cbm LPG spheres for villa shipping company republic of Maldives Canyon penstock pipeline Hapugastenna penstock pipeline Belihul oya penstock pipeline Building complex. laying up of the Pipe Bridge across Mahaweli River.0 6.5 8000 44.Apprenticeship Training at Colombo Dockyard PLC  Heavy Engineering Activities Heavy Engineering though a fairly new business.0 8. DOCK NO LENGHT (M) BREADTH (M) DEPTH (OVER BLOCKS – M) CAPACITY (DWT) CRANAGE (TONS) Dock Dock Dock Dock 1 2 3 4 213 107 122 263 26.0 9. to name a few.1 dock facilities 50 50 10 50 Workshop facilities CDL consist of many workshops for different types of activities. is an area Colombo Dockyard has been successful in capturing several landmark projects in Sri Lanka as well as in the Republic of Maldives. The construction of Spherical Liquid petroleum Gas Storage Tanks for SHELL Terminal Lanka.9 125000 Table 1. highways and bridges Fuel storage tanks Multi flute chimney for diesel power plants Dry dock facilities The following special facilities are available in CDL. the construction of penstocks for mini-hydropower projects. This variation in workshops tends to increase the productivity of Colombo dockyard.7 30000 18. Some of them are mentioned below table: Workshop Type of Work Attended 5 .

Steel Fabrication Shop No. Steel Fabrication Shop No.All types of light steel fabrication works. cutting & forming/shaping of steel plates and sections . assembly of prefabricated units and Welding .Rewinding and servicing of electrical motors and generators.2 workshops at Colombo dockyard Ltd. Machine & Fitting Shop .Construction of aluminium hulls and other Components Table 1.Marking.Repairs.Apprenticeship Training at Colombo Dockyard PLC 1. Light Steel Workshop .All types of machining & fitting works 5. 5 . servicing & installation of marine navigational aids calibration & installation of electronic & pneumatic control systems 7. smithy & foundry works 6.Fabrication and assembly of component . Electrical Workshop . Aluminium Workshop .2 3.1 2. Electronic & Automation Workshop 8.Unit fabrication. repairing switch gear . Component Shop 4.

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