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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. - Oscar Wilde
Masks allow us to choose how the world sees us. In a sense, we put on a mask every day: the way we present ourselves to the world school, public places, work, etc. Perhaps only those who are closest to us see us as we really are. The face we give to the world lets us show and hide specific things about ourselves, just like Jack can hide behind the paint on his face. Assignment: Your task is to create your own mask. Similar to the masks in Lord of the Flies, your mask also needs to be symbolic. It needs to hide certain aspects of yourself while selecting other aspects to display. Steps

1. Construct a mask. (125 points)

Requirements: a. Create a mask that has elements of the face that the public sees and elements of the face that depicts how you feel you really are. Focus on good and bad elements of yourself. Be prepared to share your mask with the class. b. The basic form of the mask does not have to be a human face; however, it must be handsfree and wearable. You are encouraged to use supplies you have or find to create your mask; you are NOT required to purchase craft-store materials for this assignment, nor or you permitted to simply modify an old Halloween mask, or a mask you have completed for another class. DO NOT RE-USE A MASK FROM ANOTHER CLASS, I.E. ART CLASS.

BE CREATIVE. BE ORIGINAL. RECYCLE. 2. Write a 3-paragraph essay describing your mask. (75 points)
Guidelines: a. Paragraph 1 (minimum of 8 sentences) Describe what you wanted to show and hide about yourself in your mask, and explain how your mask accomplishes this. What does your public face depict? What does your real face depict? Explain the symbolism in your mask. What do the shapes represent? What do the colors represent? Is the size of the mask important? b. Paragraph 2 (minimum of 8 sentences) Describe the manner of masking. When do people wear masks? Why do they? What do masks give them, or how do masks change them? c. Paragraph 3 (minimum of 8 sentences) What characteristics about the boys do the masks show and hide? Choose different characteristics and/or characters to analyze. Consider the following: How do the boys in Lord of the Flies use their masks? What do they show or hide about the boys? Analyze their transformation. Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, using Times New Roman. Include an appropriate heading and title. Your mask and essay are due on ________________________________________.