BP&S- 2011-13 Project- Scope Analysis

a) The project on scope analysis is designed to be an application of learning to a ‘live’ context. The sessions on ‘strategy in a multi business company’ were intended to be an appreciation of issues involved in corporate strategy and diversification; specifically the decision to enter new businesses. You need to be familiar with the related readings including the handouts (eg. the note ‘Scope of Firms and their Economic Performance’ has an overview of some research in this area). b) This project proposes to examine the relationship between scope expansion of firms and the performance of the firm. Scope expansion here will deal with an increase in global scope and acquisitions will be considered as a key avenue by firms for going international. Other avenues e.g. alliances may be considered where acquisitions do not apply. For more pl see the note ‘Scope....’; overseas investments follow a geographic scope expansion to begin with but this could lead to a vertical scope expansion issue or even a horizontal scope expansion. Our interest is in a final assessment of the key factors that could explain scope expansion and performance (or poor performance). These factors may be in line with conceptual frameworks that are in place or there could be some new possible explanation. Pl look up management presentations, interviews, analyst reports, management discussion & analysis in the annual reports or other credible sources that may describe the logic of the overseas investments. c) A ‘typical’ template for assessing performance follows...

supplement to Project B.xlsx

d) In addition to the metrics in the excel above, pl chart the stock performance by indexing the stock and the market (NSE30) to a common date and then tracking relative performance (see below for a simple illustration)

160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11



if desired. The names listed in the accompanying file must be assigned (or ‘chosen’ by a group as the cocos deem best). The list of references/ end notes must be complete. . market shares. The cocos are requested to manage the assignment of a distinct company for each group. f) Pl look up and include all relevant management quotes (with sources) that may assist in capturing the reasoning of the strategic moves towards geographic scope expansion. I may be able to help get you a hard copy. h) As defined in the outline. sector trends. are to be completed by (TBA) and are to be uploaded on ephorus. industry dynamics. additional names may be selected (pl ensure these names have ‘eligible’ overseas acquisitions) to expand the list to 30 names. dates/ sources of information as endnotes and ensure you attribute all sources at the relevant section in the note itself. Project B carries 20%. the spread of the plants/ facilities. competitive strengths. the report needs to not merely list references at the tail but also have links to end notes within the text itself so as to enable further exploration. While these may be distinct sections. give the full link as also the date accessed. the index ……. j) Submissions. competition. management. pl do not treat this as a form filling exercise. main products/ markets. i) You may need to look up online resources (including business school case studies and analyst reports) and our databases for the project related preparatory work.e) The structure for the note on the company should have brief segments dealing with its history including overseas investments in the past seven years (vertical or horizontal scope). The intent is to obtain a good understanding of the company based on this note for which you might need to know among other things. performance over time (financial and market) and outlook. g) Follow proper citations. For cases listed on ECCH. by way of an example if some input arises from the company’s web site. lines of business. stock price performance over the past five years relative to competition. under five pages. By way of reiteration.

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