(By renting a cabin you agree to these policies and understand credit cards are held and may warrant a charge for damages or violations to these policies.) Minimum Nights: BEAR LAIR requires a 2 night minimum stay during most of the year. A 3-night minimum is required for most Holiday weekends; a 4-night stay is required for Thanksgiving weekend. During the winter season, Jan. 3rd through mid-March, and during the week at other times we will allow one night stays. Payment Terms: All transactions are credit card only. A credit card is required to be on hold in case of damage. Renters paying by credit card will pay the full amount at time of reservation. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and most other credit cards. THE CREDIT CARD WILL BE AUTHORIZED TO HOLD OUT $300 AS A DAMAGE DEPOSIT. THIS AMOUNT IS NOT COLLECTED OR CHARGED OUT UNLESS DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE TO THE CABIN. Check In & Check Out: Check in time is 3:00 PM and check out is 11:00 AM. Certain times of the year are not as busy as others so you may inquire about early check in or late check outs during these times. Please be prompt about checking out as we need to prepare the cabin for other guests. Remove all used linens & wet towels and place on floor, wash all dishes and put away, wipe tables, counters; set thermometer to 55 in winter and 80 in summer. Secure all windows, doors. Turn off all lights, ceiling fans, appliances. Leave the cabin as you found it. If excessive cleaning is required, a cleaning fee of $50 will be charged to your account. This fee is only if the cabin is not left as found. Occupancy & Age Requirements: BEAR LAIR sleeps up to four people. The person signing the agreement must be 25 years of age or older. Since we are located in a dry county the use of alcohol is not permitted. DUE TO HEALTH AND AESTHETIC CONCERNS, TOBACCO USE IS NOT PERMITTED. Violation of this policy will result in a $250 charge for damages. Cancellation Policy & Charges: All cancellations or changes to reservation must be made by the person listed on the reservation. Cancellations must be made at least 3 days prior to your arrival date for a full refund. You may choose to reschedule your visit one time if cancellation is made at least 3 days prior to arrival. BEAR TRACK LAKE RENTALS is not responsible for inclement weather, illness, someone in your party “backing out”, etc.

Damages: All items are inventoried before and after each guest, missing items and damages to property will result in additional charges. Guests and their visitors will not participate in any activities that will cause damage or require excessive cleaning to the property. Loud and large house parties are forbidden and will result in immediate eviction without refund. Broken items, wall damage or

furniture damage, lost keys, lost tv remotes, will be charged to your account if found after your departure. It is best for you to contact us regarding damage, stains, broken items to discuss reimbursement.

Amenities: Our cabin comes with satellite tv with movie channels, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, deck, deck chairs and rocking chairs as well as a wood burning stove [firewood furnished]. Pay-per-view movies are not to be rented. If rented, they will be charged to your account. The cabin has bed linens, hand & dish towels, toilet paper, 3-4 trash bags, liquid hand soap & dish soap. Pets: Sorry, we cannot accommodate pets. We have discussed this policy with our resident pets, six ducks, three chickens, one cat and three dogs and they are in agreement that they can handle any pet duties. Fire Safety: Our cabin is a wood structure and is located in wooded areas so it is of utmost importance that you adhere to the following rules: Ø Only have fires in fire pit area and keep small enough to fit within the diameter of the fire ring or fire pit. Do not leave fires unattended and always throw water on fire when finished. Do not drag uncut logs or trees on fire. (Be Smart!) Ø Do not use charcoal grills on decks. Do not leave burning grill unattended. Do not discard burning embers, charcoal, ashes on ground. Dump into fire pit or wait till cool and bury. Do not put charcoal into gas grills! Ø Ø NO FIREWORKS! Use caution when removing ashes and only dump in fire pit or bury.

Lost and Found: Items left in cabins will be left in our storage garage for up to 2 months for you to pick up. Due to time constraints and lack of return reimbursement in past, we can no longer mail items back. We may make exceptions for valuables such as wedding rings, Passports, prescription glasses, wallets, etc. Just contact us to save your item and let us know what day you will be picking it up. We will have it ready for you. Refunds: BEAR TRACK LAKE RENTALS strives to keep all our properties in good working order, clean and well furnished. However, as with anything that is mechanical, etc, failures will sometimes occur. Generally if we are notified we can fix or replace minor issues. No refunds will be issued for early departures, minor malfunctions, inclement weather or someone "backing out". SHOULD YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR CABIN YOU NEED TO CONTACT US UPON ARRIVAL. Road Conditions: Mountain roads can be winding and steep. In winter we do recommend four wheel drive if there is any chance of snow or ice. Often roads are not treated timely in winter. Do Not Expect Roads to Be Plowed and Salted on your arrival or departure day as they may not. If roads are icy we advise waiting until late afternoon to depart as often the roads melt by then. We will not expect you to leave by 11:00 AM if roads are icy. On rare occasion if roads do not clear on your departure day we will allow you to stay an extra day at no charge. If there is an ice or snow storm on your arrival day we will contact you to ask about your type of vehicle and may offer you the option to trade dates. Indemnification:

BEAR TRACK LAKE RENTALS nor its affiliate, AUSTIN ENTERPRISES, INC. are not responsible for accidents, falls, injuries, illnesses that occur on the premises or within the home. BEAR TRACK LAKE RENTALS nor AUSTIN ENTERPRISES, INC are not liable for loss or damage to any property due to theft, fire, water, rain, hail, lightning, failure of utilities, or guests or visitors of guest at any time while on the premises. It is agreed that the guest is assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises, or others that the guests may have invited to the premises. Items left behind or forgotten are not the responsibility of BEAR TRACK LAKE RENTALS or AUSTIN ENTERPRISES, INC. If notified about missing expensive items, we will attempt to find and return things such as wallets, keys, glasses, rings, cell phones, iPods, etc.

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