Introduction The research aims at conducting a blind taste test on 20 people for our product, the orange fizzy drink. Three different brands were selected i.e. Mirinda of Pepsi, Fanta of Coca Cola and Gourmet Orange of Gourmet. We choose these three fizzy drinks as they have a name in the market. The Sample of 20 was divided into 2 categories; Population A and Population B. Population A consisted of People below the age of 25 while Population B consisted of People above the age of 25. The Sample from Population A consisted of students from LSE and outside LSE. The range of the sample from Population was of 9 years with the lowest being 15 years while the highest being 24 years. The median age was 22 while the mean was approximately 23. The sample from Population B consisted of mainly middle aged, working people primarily from outside LSE. The Range of sample form Population B was 30 years with the lowest age being 30 years while the highest being 60 years. The Median was 46 years while the mean was approximately 52 years. The rationale for choosing such a sample was to divide consumers into two different generations. With the sample divided into two different generations, the idea was to compare consumer tastes and preferences regarding our product and whether any difference existed. Also differences in results can indicate a trend among different age groups regarding our product although to validate it a larger sample will be required.

Seven members from Population A preferred Fanta while the rest went with Mirinda. one could only guess Mirinda correctly while one member correctly guessed Fanta and Mirinda. c. Analysis and Findings Our results indicate the following: a. Seven members of Population B were able to identify at most one correct brand and that was Mirinda. b. This is contradictory to the fact that Pepsi is the leader in this part of the world. e. while others at least correctly identified one brand. The younger generation is the most likely customers of orange fizzy drinks. None of them preferred Gourmet Orange. two correctly guessed Fanta. b. . Out of the remaining four members.Results The results of our exercise are as follows: a. Six members of Population A were able to correctly identify all three brands correctly. Most of the young generation prefers Fanta which according to them has a superior taste than the other two. c. None of the member of Population B correctly guessed all three brands with none having any only 2 having preference to any brand. d. An Interesting finding of the study was that many people found the taste of Gourmet and Mirinda to be similar.

. The Study also indicates the fact that Gourmet Orange has yet to penetrate the Pakistani Market properly as none of the member of our sample had a preference for Gourmet Orange.d.

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