To, The Jt.Hon.Secretaries, Mumbai Cricket Association, Mumbai.

Date :29.09.2011

Sub : 5th Inter School Cricket Tournament 2011 – 2012 ( Central Suburbs) U-14 & U-16

With reference to your letter dt.15th Sept. 2011, We are very much thankful to you for appointing the undersigned jointly as Overall Co-ordinator during the captioned tournament. First year it was organised by Smt.Vimaltai Ranganekar’s Youngstar CC whereas second year it was organised by yhe undersigned & third and fourth year Shri. Dharmesh Nadkarni alongwith Shri. M.D.Marathe organised it. Now this year again we have got the opportunity to organise thetournament & we look forward very positively to do it successfully with your support. Sir, as per the format of last year, we submit herewith the Format & Budget of the tournament :

A ) ELITE GROUP U-16 : Total eight teams divided in two groups will compete on league basis & top two teams will play the finals. These are two day matches & last year’s finalists & runners of U-16 Plate group will replace bottom two teams of last year’s Elite group. B) PLATE GROUP U-16 : Last year 43 teams participated in Plate group. This year approx. 50 schools have already taken the entry forms. The Plate group matches will be played of 45 overs & on knock out basis. C) PLATE GROUP U-14 : Last year 39 teams participated in the tournament. All the matches will be played of 45 overs & on knockout basis.

Prize Distribution function of all the three categories of the tournament will be organised jointly.

750 per match 05………. PARTICULARS AMOUNT 01……….TRDO’s honororium @ Rs. S.NO.miscellaneous Rs.D.Oraganising committee’s allowance on match days only @ Rs. to be arranged by MCA 10………. as per MCA rules -------do-------------do----------actuals----- ----actuals-----------do-------Rs. 5.Balls to be supplied by MCA 07………. Thanking you.M.NACHANE M.Ground charges : to be paid directly to the plot owners from MCA 02………. 500 per head per match day for two persons only. 25. Your’s sincerely.Umpiring charges : to be paid directly from MCA 03……….Prize Distribution Function : stage.000/- Kindly approve & sanction the format & budget at the earliest.BUDGET SR.photographer etc.000/- 08……….Prizes : 6 kit bags for winners & runners of 3 categories to be arranged by MCA 09……….Replica for winners & runners 6 nos. 06……….mike.MARATHE .Scorer’s charges : to be paid directly from MCA 04……….snacks.

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