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n 2012, two consistent characteristics of Selvig are strong defense and his ability to find the best players to coach. The first thing youre looking for is their basketball ability. Good players a million things go into that: size, speed, quickness, shooting, passing. Selvig cited his one constant as playing defense. He said they have a great defensive tradition, and he gets players who create a hard defense. A set-in-stone style does not exist; he is flexible and works with whom he has.

andy Selvig, Marti Kinzler and Anita Nowak all played for the Lady Griz in the past. Sandy, Selvigs sister, was part of her brothers first three teams from 1978-81. Nowak played with Sandy during the 1980-81 season and scored 1,158 career points from 1980-84. Kinzler made her mark later in 1986-91 and was a twotime All-Big Sky Conference selection for the Lady Griz. In June 2003 the women all came back to the University for a Lady Griz reunion and brought along their daughters: Haley Vining, Jordan Sullivan and Carly Selvig. Years later, Vining said its funny to look back on the picture to see how tiny she was compared to everyone. Vining could have taken a much different path. Last year, she had to make a crucial choice: soccer or basketball. She was recruited to play both. I couldnt imagine not playing basketball, Vining said. I knew it would be hard to give up soccer, but I just couldnt picture myself not playing basketball. I kind of grew up going to Lady Griz games, and when youre little, its such a big deal. So I always wanted to play out on the floor. Vining grew up going to those Lady Griz games with her mom, Marti (Kinzler) Vining. Haley Vining admits that whether she wanted it to or not, her mom playing at UM influenced her decision. Due to knee problems suffered in her senior year at C.M. Russell High School, Vining has only seen playing time toward

the end of the 2011-12 season. During games, Vining loves Selvigs intensity on the sidelines, but during practices she said he is an easy-going guy. Hes just constantly making sarcastic remarks, and I guess if you didnt really understand his sense of humor you wouldnt understand it, Vining said. Sometimes it lightens the mood if its an intense practice or youre getting down on yourself. Upon examination of Montanas short program history the numbers cant hide the depth. For Vining, it is something that she admires. She said she remembers looking at the records and thought it was cool to see Selvig included on lists of coaching accomplishments with notables like Tennessee coach Pat Summit, who has led her team to more wins than any other coach in D-I womens basketball history. Earning a spot on a list of numbers doesnt seem to matter to Selvig, though, as was evident by game 1,000. The week leading up to Dec. 8, 2011, the team heard through the media about this milestone game, but Selvig never mentioned it. Vining said in all of their minds they knew it was a historic moment, yet her coach wanted it to be just another game for them. I think it shows how humble he is, how much hes just in the moment and not looking for recognition of what hes done, but just trying to get one more win, Vining said.

Nick Gast/Montana Kaimin Coach Selvig sits in front of a Lady Griz quilt that hangs in his office. The quilt was a gift from Shannon Robison, the mother of former Lady Griz player Shandra Robison.

o Selvig, game 1,000 really proved to be just another game. Dont really think about things like that much, Selvig said. Its just obviously a lot of games. I dont know, (I guess its) some kind of milestone. Not real different than 1,001 or 999. With a winning record like Selvigs, other schools have pursed him over the past 34 years. He doesnt deny ever thinking what if, but does not seriously think about leaving the place where hes turned a program into a family. Im not a big city guy, he said. Ive got all that I need here.




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