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Original Arrival date Arrival location airdate Rendezvous With September 9, RMS Titanic in the Atlantic April 13,

, 1912 1 Yesterday 1966 Ocean The pilot episode. United States Senator Leroy Clark (Gary Merrill), who was once a paratrooper under General Kirk, arrives from Washington, D.C. to observe the status of Project Tic-Toc in Arizona. Clark threatens to cut off funding unless the time travel technology can be successfully demonstrated before he leaves the following day. Late that night and against orders, Dr. Anthony Newman powers up the time tunnel, enters, and is successfully sent back in time. He arrives on board the RMS Titanic on the day before the ship collides with an iceberg and sinks. Realizing what is going to happen, he tries to convince the captain of the impending disaster but the captain orders that he be locked in a cabin. Dr. Doug Phillips convinces the commanding general that he needs to be sent back to rescue Dr. Newman. After breaking Dr. Newman out of the cabin, they send an SOS message requesting immediate, emergency assistance, but they are both captured and locked back in the same cabin. After the iceberg is struck, Doug and Tony convince the captain to begin an evacuation. Title Project Tic-Toc shifts the travellers to another time to keep them from dying in the icy waters. Tony arrives outside of Tic-Toc headquarters in 1958, where no one knows him. He is shifted to save him from being shot by security. Senator Clark promises that no action regarding funding of the Time Tunnel will be taken until Newman and Phillips are either safely returned or beyond all possible help. Tony and Doug are shown reunited in a compartment of a manned rocket that is about to launch. One Way To The September 16, 1978 Spacecraft 2 Moon 1966 The two time travellers arrive on a rocket ship. The craft, captained by a man named Kane (played by Larry Ward) and including astronauts Nazarro (Ben Cooper), Beard (James T. Callahan) and Harlow (Warren Stevens) is to be the first manned mission to Mars. The added weight of Doug and Tony, a combined 335 pounds (about 152 kilograms) leaves the ship without enough fuel to make the trip. The ship is also unable to communicate with Earth, and it is discovered that the radio was sabotaged. The captain decides to pick up extra fuel at a depot on the moon built for this mission. On the moon, Beard kills Harlow in the depot and starts work on a time bomb in order to destroy the ship. Tony, and then Doug, suspect Beard of being the saboteur and confront him in the depot. Beard is knocked out, but the bomb is not found and Beard is killed when the depot explodes. The ship takes off and the time travellers are shifted. Meanwhile, back at Project Tic-Toc, General Kirk receives a scientist named Dr. Brandon (Ross Elliott) and an admiral (Barry Kelley) from the Department of Space to help them. The admiral's aide, Ensign Beard, is shocked to find he is on board the craft in the future. Brandon is found to be a spy, and tries to hide in the complex. Beard, unaware of his own future, kills his accomplice Brandon to escape suspicion. End Of The World September 23, May 21, 1910 A mining community 3

1966 During the 1910 pass of Halley's Comet, the travellers arrive in a small town where the local mine experiences a cave-in, trapping a number of miners. Doug and Tony try to organize a rescue party, but all of the townspeople have left the town after a local professor named Ainsley (played by Gregory Morton) predicted the comet would destroy Earth that very day. Doug reviews Ainsley's calculations, but is unable to find a flaw with them. Doug then theorizes an invisible gravity field could be the reason why the comet would eventually go off course and miss the Earth. Using a radiometer and the university telescope, Doug and Ainsley discover such a field. The professor then tells the townspeoplewho are waiting for their doom on a hillsidethe comet will not hit, and they go back to town to rescue the trapped miners. Meanwhile, back at Tic-Toc HQ, the Time Tunnel accidentally pulls the comet toward the complex. Ray shuts down the Tunnel to prevent the destruction of the Earth. The incident stops the heart of crew member Jerry (Sam Groom), but the staff revives him by shocking him with electrical cords. Ray then muses that the project should be shut down if it could lead to the end of the world, but Ann and Kirk disagree. The scene from episode one, in which Tony arrives outside of Tic-Toc headquarters in 1958, is then replayed in its entirety. Then he and Doug are shifted to another time. The Day The Sky September 30, December 6, Honolulu, Hawaii 4 Fell In 1966 1941 The time travellers arrive inside the Japanese consulate in Honolulu the day before the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The young Anthony Newman was living in Honolulu at the time and had spent that night at his friend Billy Neal's housewhich would be destroyed in the raidbut Dr. Newman has no memory of what happened. His father, a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy, was never seen again after the attack. When the travellers try to warn Tony's father of the impending attack, they are not believed. The attack goes on schedule the following morning, but the travellers are able to persuade Billy's mother, Louise Neal (played by Susan Flannery), to take Billy and young Tony and flee to the mountains. Lt. Commander Newman is seriously injured at the communications center in a bomb blast while trying to warn the USS Enterprise to stay away from Pearl Harbor. Tony arrives and helps his father transmit the warning to the ship. The elder Newman then dies in his son's arms. The Last Patrol October 7, 1966 January 6, 1815 near New Orleans, Louisiana 5 The time travelers arrive in Louisiana the day before the final battle of the War of 1812. They are taken prisoner by the British troops, court martialed as spies and sentenced to be shot at dawn. A British general, General Southall, played by Carroll O'Connor, is brought to the time tunnel so that the team can establish the location of their scientists. Recognizing his ancestor, Colonel Southall, and confessing that he does not have long to live anyway, General Southall insists on going back to order his ancestor, also played by Carroll O'Connor, to release the two scientists and to find out why he led his troops into the strong point of the opposing army. General Southall fails to convince his ancestor, and both of them are killed in the battle.

Note: This episode said that the battle occurred on January 7; it actually occurred on January 8. October 14, August 27, Krakatoa in Maritime 6 1966 1883 Southeast Asia The time travelers arrive in vicinity of Indonesia, on the island of Krakatoa the day of its eruption in August, 1883 just in time to stop the sacrifice of a young Indonesian by his companions, who are there to serve as guides to Dr. Holland and his daughter. Dr. Holland is conducting a scientific investigation of the island following the loud vulcanic explosion a few months before. Karnutu, the chief guide, believes Tony and Doug are devils, who are causing the eruption, and he tries to sacrifice them to the fires to stop the eruption. Tony and Doug find that they have only a few hours to convince the scientists to leave the island before it is blown up with the biggest explosion in history. One problem they face is lack of information, Doug feels that they should go to Java for safety when they must go instead to Sumatra. Tony is retrieved just before Karnutu throws him into a lava pit, but when he gets to the Time Tunnel complex he finds all personnel frozen in a time warp. Tony finds the correct escape information written down by Dr. Swain. He takes it with him when he sends himself back to 1883. Karnutu is thwarted and falls into the lava pit. Doug and Tony finally persuade the scientists and their remaining guides to leave for Sumatra, but Doug and Tony must be left behind due to a lack of room in the canoe. Fortunately Tony left coordinates necessary to move the time travelers on a pad of paper in Dr. Swain's frozen hand when he was there during the time warp. They are shifted just in time to avoid the "big one." Crack Of Doom Revenge Of The October 21, April 23, 1184 Near Troy in Anatolia 7 Gods 1966 BC The time travelers arrive near the city of Troy after the tenth year of the siege by the Achaeans (Mycenaean Greeks). Ulysses the Greek commander takes Tony and Doug to be gods from Olympus to the disgust of Sardis, one of Ulysses's commanders. Sardis is defeated by Tony in a sword fight and defects to the Trojans, whose Prince Paris uses him for a raid on Ulysses's camp. Doug is captured and tortured in Troy. Tony distinguishes himself in a battle against the Trojans with the help of Jiggs, the Time Tunnel chief of security, who is sent back in time by accident with modern weapons and ammunition. Tony gets the privilege of joining the Greeks in the Trojan Horse for the capture and sack of Troy. Both Sardis and Paris are killed, and Queen Helen and Doug are rescued. (See Trojan War.) October 28, June 23, 1876 Big Horn County, Montana 8 1966 The time travelers arrive a few days before the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Dr. Newman is captured by the Indians and taken to their camp. Dr. Phillips is found by a young courier and goes with him to the camp of the 7th Cavalry. Dr. Phillips tries to convince Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer to rescue Dr. Newman, which Custer will not do. Failing that, Dr. Phillips tries to convince Custer that his regiment will be totally wiped out so he should not go to battle. Custer has him arrested to prevent him from telling this to the rest of the troops. Meanwhile, the Indians threaten to execute Dr. Newman, but for his bravery in facing this, he is adopted by Sitting Bull. Dr. Newman convinces Sitting Bull to not attack Massacre

the soldiers but to talk peace. Dr. Newman is sent to convey the message of peace to Custer. Custer has Dr. Newman arrested, but Dr. Phillips has already escaped. Sitting Bull remains in his tent for the duration of the battle, waiting for Custer to come talk peace. November 11, Devil's Island in South March 14, 1895 9 1966 America The time travelers arrive on the French penal colony of Devil's Island just as new prisoners arrive. They are mistaken for two of the prisoners who have escaped and are imprisoned in their stead. The other prisoners are not interested in escape until Captain Alfred Dreyfus arrives on the island. (See the Dreyfus Affair.) Devil's Island November 18, October 8, 1793 Paris, France 10 1966 The time travelers arrive in Paris, France in the middle of the French Revolution during the Reign of Terror. A shopkeeper offers to help them get out of the city if they will help him get to Marie Antoinette in an attempt to free her. Instead, they end up helping the Dauphin, Louis XVII, to escape. In this effort, they end up meeting a young artillery lieutenant by the name of Napolon Bonaparte. Reign Of Terror Note: This episode said that Marie Antoinette was executed shortly after noon on October 15; the execution actually took place on October 16. November 25, June 16, 1956 Southeastern Europe 11 1966 A general in The Pentagon takes advantage of them arriving at the right time and location to send them on a spy mission. They are sent a message to meet a contact who will get them in to a secret, Soviet project, A-13. A-13 turns out to be a project very similar to Project Tic-Toc, but it is not quite functioning. Also, the chief scientist of that project is currently (in 1968) defecting to the United States. The two time travelers pose as scientists and return valuable information on the project and the defector. Secret Weapon December 2, February 21, Baltimore, Maryland 12 1966 1861 The two time travelers arrive in a barn while a meeting is occurring of people conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln before he has even begun his Presidency. These followers of John Brown are hoping to make it look like southern secessionists had done it, thereby sparking a war with the South and resulting in an end to slavery. The Death Trap December 9, March 6, 1836 The Alamo Mission 13 1966 The two time travelers arrive just outside of the Alamo on the final day of the siege. Knowing that the defenders are doomed they attempt to convince the commander, Col.William B. Travis, to have the men abandon the fort or at least evacuate the wounded. The Alamo The Night Of The December 16, mid May, 1886 Thar Desert in India 14 Long Knives 1966 The two time travelers arrive in the Thar, where Dr. Phillips is immediately captured by Afghanistan rebels. Dr. Newman is shot and presumed dead, but is found by Rudyard Kipling and taken to the local British fort. Rebellion against the British occupiers is rising,

and the local commander has been ordered to not attack the rebels. But one of the scientists has escaped and must convince the British to attack the rebels, freeing Dr. Phillips and stopping the Night Of The Long Knives, the signal to begin the general uprising. Dayton Lummis appeared as the character Gladstone. December 23, June 4, 1944 Cherbourg, France 15 1966 Two nights before the D-Day invasion of Europe, the two time travelers arrive in Cherbourg. The two are almost immediately taken captive by the local Gestapo. Dr. Phillips is taken to be brainwashed while Dr. Newman is allowed to escape so that he can be followed. Invasion The Revenge Of December 30, King John's Castle in June 14, 1215 16 Robin Hood 1966 Runnymede, England The Earl of Huntington, formerly Robin Hood, is petitioning King John to sign the Magna Carta, or the barons (who have raised armies) will overthrow the king. Dr. Phillips has arrived just outside of the throne room and overhears the end of the conversation. When King John orders his men to arrest the Earl of Huntington, Huntington puts up a valiant fight (with swordplay) but is apprehended when he runs into Dr. Phillips on his way out. They are questioned by the king as to where the barons are meeting, but when they don't give up the information, they are taken to the dungeon to be tortured for the information. Dr. Newman had arrived earlier in the dungeon, and when the time is right, he overcomes the guards and frees the two prisoners. The two time travelers escape first, but Huntington is recaptured on his way out. On their way to warn the barons, the two travelers are caught by the Merry Men. After escaping the king's men, rescuing the Earl of Huntington and kidnapping the king, the episode ends with King John reluctantly signing the Magna Carta. February 17, Minami[disambiguation needed] 17 1945 The two time travelers arrive about 700 miles Southeast of Tokyo, Japan in the South Pacific on the island of Minami Iwo, one of two islands off the coast of Iwo Jima, two days before the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. They manage to overpower the observer left on the island to radio the position of the U.S. Navy ships but are captured themselves when a Lieutenant Nakamura surprises them. Instead of imprisoning them or killing them, he offers them an opportunity to capture or kill the Japanese soldiers. Nakamura gives them a one-hour head start but no weapons. Dr. Newman has a badly sprained ankle, so Dr. Phillips sneaks back and manages to take five grenades from the supply room. The two sides play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, but Lieutenant Nakamura seems strangely suicidal. Kill Two By Two January 6, 1967 Visitors From January 13, In space above Mullins, 1885 18 Beyond The Stars 1967 Arizona The time travelers arrive on an alien spacecraft in space above the Americas. Two aliens soon appear, pull a gun, and force the travelers into an area that translates between their different languages. The aliens tell the two travelers that they are going to take all of the protein (food) from Earth and that there will be no life left when they leave, just as they have done with other planets. The aliens also tell them that there are three kinds of people: those who cooperate, those who can be made to cooperate and those whom they must kill.

"Resistance is impossible," they say. The aliens (from Alpha 1) land their ship at a farm near Mullins, Arizona (approximately 112W 34N). Their first objective is to take over the farm house, which they do. Their second objective is to take over the town, which they almost succeed in doing. Dr. Phillips has been made cooperative by the aliens. Dr. Newman has to get help from the sheriff and the bar owner in order for his plan to take the aliens' control unit away from them to succeed. Meanwhile, two of the same species of aliens (who no longer need to raid planets for food) appears in the Time Tunnel control room and demand that they prove that they didn't destroy the ship or face the destruction of the Earth. After they are shown an image of the ship leaving Earth safely, the aliens leave. January 20, October 23, Italian Alps in Villa Galba, 19 1967 1915 Northern Italy The travelers arrive at the Italian Alps just outside of fictional Villa Galba during the Italian Campaign in World War I, and enter the cellar to avoid an artillery bombardment. A German advance team has just arrived at the villa. A German corporal is mysteriously stabbed to death while investigating a crypt marked Nero, which was exposed by a bomb. Fearing that the Germans will think they did it, the travellers hide and accidentally find a secret passage to the upper floors of the estate, where the owner, an Italian count named Galbawho is descended from Roman emperor Galbaoffers to protect them from the Germans. When the Germans arrive at the room, Galba tells the Germans that the two travelers are neutral American guests of his. The German major orders them to stay in the room as prisoners while the Germans use the villa to observe the movements of Italian forces. The Ghost Of Nero A German officer is possessed by the ghost of Nero and tries to kill the descendant of Galba, whom Nero blames as his assassin. The ghost also tries to kill the nobleman by possessing Tony. Project HQ utilizes the services of a paranormal researcher, who suggests zapping Tony with 1,000,000 volts of electricity for one milisecond through the Tunnel to force the ghost out. This nearly kills Tony, so HQ attempts to bring him back to the present. Nero is transported instead, and almost destroys HQ before the scientists can send him back. When the Italian army retakes the Villa, the ghost of Nero enters a young Italian Corporal by the name of Benito Mussolini, who vows to drive the Huns from his country and restore the glory of the Caesars. The travellers are transported to a new era at this point. Note: Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary in May 1915, but it was not until August 1916 that Italy declared war on Germany. Count Galba also appeals to Nero for help against the "Huns", a common nickname for the Germans in WWI. But the real Huns invaded Italy four centuries after Nero's demise. The Walls Of January 27, 1550 BC Near Jericho in Israel 20 Jericho 1967 The travelers arrive outside of the tent of Joshua during the night, two days before the end of the Israelite siege of Jericho. Joshua comes to believe they are who they say they are time travellersand sends them to spy inside the city. Doug and Tony save a young virgin from being sacrificed to the Levantine deity Chemosh by the high priest of Jericho. Doug is captured and sent to the dungeon to be tortured as an Israelite spy. Tony escapes into a

house with an unlocked door. When the resident arrives, he calls her (Rahab) because, from the Biblical account, she is the one who sheltered the two Israelite spies. (Rahab is the sister of the almost-sacrificed virgin.) After Tony rescues Doug from the dungeon, they take refuge on the roof of Rahab's house, but are betrayed by her servant woman Azah, who desires the reward of 1,000 talents of silver. Doug escapes to tell Joshua the information that he seeks. Tony and Rahab are about to be stoned to death, but when the Israelites complete their march, blow their trumpets and shout, the walls of the city fall down as what appears to be a tornado traces the destruction. Ann, a skeptic, decides that since a tornado is a natural phenomenon, that the fall of the walls was not a supernatural event, while Ray is convinced it was supernatural (perhaps because tornadoes are not known to strike in the Holy Lands). The travellers are transported to a new era after telling Rahab she'll be safe. February 3, October 12, near Veracruz, Mexico 21 1967 1519 Hernn Corts (played by Anthony Caruso) has captured the royal family of the Tlaxcalan people of Mexico just as his army of 3,000 Tlaxcalans begins its deadly rampage through Cholula during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. He is questioning them about the location of a golden mask, the symbol of ruling authority to these Indians. Doug and Tony arrive before the torture begins and are captured trying to save the royals. Once Corts gets the information he wants, he kills the king and queen but keeps the timid royal heir alive for the moment. While Corts is away watching the burning of his ships to prevent the rebellion of his troops, a member of the tribe frees the royal heir and the two travelers. The four of them try to retrieve the mask before the Spaniards gain it. Idol Of Death Project HQ, meanwhile, has enlisted the aid of a Mexican named Castillano to help pinpoint the travellers' location in Veracruz in order to bring the two scientists back. It turns out, however, that Castillano is more concerned with acquiring the mask for himself. He insists that the project team bring back the mask before their colleagues. When HQ transports the mask, Doug, Tony and the young chief are in the cave containing the mask, being forced by a Spanish captain to collect the gold gifted to the pagan god. The transport of the mask threatens to collapse the cave, so the team tries to send it back, but Castillano grabs the mask and threatens to shoot anyone in his way. A short gun battle breaks out in HQ and the mask is successfully sent back. The time disturbances, however, cause the cave to collapse onto the greedy captain. The young chief, now confident in his ability to lead his people, saves the mask while Doug and Tony are transported to a new era. February 10, April 23, 1881 Lincoln, New Mexico 22 1967 The travelers arrive in Lincoln, territory of New Mexico, but a gang on horses chases them into the sheriff's office. The gang kills the deputy who is guarding Billy the Kid. The young outlaw plans to shoot the travellers, but Doug manages to shoot Billy. The scientists then escape out of town. Billy, whose belt buckle deflected the bullet, pursues them and catches them in an abandoned shack outside of town. Before Doug and Tony can be shot, Lt. General Heywood Kirk sends an audio transmission to the room stating that Billy is surrounded by law enforcement. The travellers then overpower Billy and tie him up. Tony Billy The Kid

goes back to town to get help from the sheriff, but is mistaken for the Kid and arrested. When sheriff Pat Garrett arrives back in town he verifies that Dr. Newman is not Billy the Kid, but the townspeople are convinced that he is and besiege the sheriff's office. Garrett sends out a deputy to start a cattle stampede to disrupt the lynch mob, allowing Garrett and Tony to escape the jail and return to the shack to arrest Billy. Billy, however, has been rescued by his gang. Doug evaded them and headed for town. When he arrives back in town, he finds Billy waiting for him. Billy demands a showdown in the streets, but Garrett and Doug arrive and save him. Garrett arrests Billy and his cohort, and the travellers are transported to a new era. Pirates Of February 17, Near the Barbary Coast of April 9, 1805 23 Deadman's Island 1967 Africa The travellers arrive somewhere in the Mediterranean on a pirate ship during the First Barbary War and are captured and taken to an island. Captain Beal, a Barbary pirate, orders that the strangers be shot. However, the nephew of the king of Spain, Armando, was also captured and pleads for the lives of the Americans, saying the travellers can watch over him until a ransom can be paid. Doug, Tony and the boy attempt several escapes, but are recaptured each time. Beal then decides to kill Doug and Tony for good, but the shelling from several U.S. Navy shipscommanded by Captain Stephen Decatur, who has arrived to defeat the pirates in the First Barbary Warputs an end to the pirates' plans. The pirates head for their ship to engage in battle. Tony is hit by a shot on the beach is and presumed dead. The pirates take Armando and Doug onto their ship during the battle. Tony recovers and swims out to the U. S. flagship. The Time Tunnel personnel accidentally transfer Captain Beal back to HQ, and he causes a ruckus and kidnaps Ann. She persuades him to go back to his ship, where he is intentionally killed by one of his own crew. HQ then transfers Armando and Doug back to the island before the pirate ship is destroyed. They then transfer first Armando and then Doug to Captain Decatur's ship to save them from the shelling. Both Doug and Armando are seriously wounded, however, and it is feared they may both die. The newly retired Time Tunnel staff doctor, Dr. Benjamin Berkhart, insists on going back to save their lives and help the wounded American sailors. Dr. Berkhart arrives and treats Doug's shock with an injection and administers an anesthetic to Armando. Happy knowing he will live out the remainder of his life in this time period, Dr. Berkhart goes to look after the wounded sailors as the travellers are transported to a new era. Note: This is the last episode to have the opening narration. Chase Through 24 February Various Dates Various Areas 24 Time 1967 The travellers arrive near the Grand Canyon, Arizona, in 1547. Meanwhile, back at HQ, Raul Niman (Robert Duvall) is a spy for an unspecified country or organization. Now that his mission is over, he has planted a nuclear bomb somewhere in the complex, and the timer has been placed in the Time Tunnel control room. In order to place the timer, he killed the person monitoring the time tunnel just before a security check. No other avenue of escape is left, so he jumps into the Time Tunnel. The Tunnel had been tuned to the location of Doug and Tony, so Niman arrives near the Grand Canyon at the same time. The two travellers are told that they must apprehend Niman and get him to tell them the

location of the bomb. But the lock on the time period drifts and moves Niman to another time, so the two travellers are sent after him. They arrive in the year 1,000,000 A.D., ten years after Niman has arrived. Niman is helping the inhabitants of this future age to build a time machine so that the 'masters' can spread their "ultimate human society"actually a repressive, orderly society based on bee societythroughout different ages. The two travellers are pressed into service to help him build the time machine, but the Time Tunnel personnel are able to move themalong with Nimanbefore they can come to trouble. However, two people from that time are accidentally moved as well: Niman's guard Vokar (Lew Gallo) and a sympathetic female worker named Zee (Vitina Marcus). All five of them arrive in 1,000,000 B.C. and the chase continues until they all fall into a cell in a giant beehive. Niman is reminded that if the Time Tunnel is blown up, they will all be stuck here. Niman tells them where the timer is located and it is disabled. But the Time Tunnel can only transfer two people at a time; Doug and Tony are moved first, and then the two from the future are moved. The Tunnel can't do anymore moves at this time, so Niman is apparently left to face angry giant prehistoric bees. The Death Merchant March 3, 1967 July 2, 1863 Adams County, Pennsylvania 25 The two travellers arrive in the middle of the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War, where Dr. Tony Newman is quickly killed by an artillery blast. Dr. Doug Phillips retreats from the battlefield with a small group of Union soldiers, whose commander tells him to put on a Union uniform to avoid getting shot. The Time Tunnel personnel send a shock through time to revive Tony and he is found by a small group of Confederate soldiers. Suffering from amnesia, he becomes convinced he is the lieutenant whom the Confederate soldiers were expecting and dons a Confederate uniform. The Union soldiers had intercepted the courier so they know that a man named Michaels, who has stolen some gunpowder from the Union army, is going to sell it to the Confederate army. Both sides are attempting to find Michaels first and get the gunpowder. Mr. Michaels is actually the early-16th century philosopher Machiavelli (played by Malachi Throne), who has been moved to this period by the Tunnel due to similarities with Doug's "pattern". When the Confederates show up, Machiavelli is willing to give them the gunpowder because the war is much more interesting when the sides are evenly matched. Tony takes Doug prisoner. Tony, Doug and Machiavelli eventually make their way to the cave where the gunpowder is stored. Tony and Doug fight, which results in Tony regaining his identity after being knocked out by Doug. The Time Tunnel transfers Machiavelli back to his own time (January 3, 1519) and then moves the two travellers to a new era. Note: In this episode, Machiavelli says that he is working on his book, The Art of War. This should not be confused with the book by Sun Tzu, which bears the same title when translated into English. Attack Of The March 10, 1967 1287 East Asia 26 Barbarians Tony and Dougwearing their usual attire despite having left the previous era in soldiers' uniformsarrive somewhere in Mongolia or Eastern China and are captured by Mongols

and taken to the tent of Batu Khan (Arthur Batanides). Batua grandson of Genghis Khan feels he is the rightful heir of Genghis, but he has to overcome Kublai Khan. Doug is thought to be dead, so Tony is tortured on the rack for information on the weaknesses of the nearby enemy fortress. Batu and most of his guards leave once Tony passes out. Doug wakes up and carries Tony away from the camp, where they are found by Marco Polo (John Saxon). The travellers seek safety in the fortress, where Tony falls in love with Princess Sarit (Vitina Marcus), the only daughter of Kublai Khan. Batu comes up with a plan to kidnap Sarit and marry her, thereby uniting the various Mongol tribes behind him in his quest. Batu's men succeed in kidnapping Sarit, but she is freed by Doug and Tony. Batu's forces then launch a massive assault on the fortress. Doug and Tony are able to make artillery shells by mixing gunpowder and potassium nitrate in empty water jugs. General Kirk is able to send back igniters to make the bombs successful. The tide is turned in the battle, and the travellers are transported to a new era. Merlin The March 17, 1967 544 Cornwall, England 27 Magician Merlin the magician appears in Time Tunnel HQ and freezes the personnel. He then brings the two travellers out of their "time limbo" (between destinations) back to the Time Tunnel control room in suspended animation so that he can instruct them to do what he asks, though they may die in the effort. He then sends them to Cornwall in the year 544. There, they fight off a band of Vikings and encounter a young man named Arthur Pendragon whose father has been killed by the Viking raiders. Merlin appears and orders the travellers to protect Arthur at all costs. A band of Vikings then attack and Doug is felled by a sword while Tony and Arthur are captured. Merlin prevents the Time Tunnel crew from moving the two travelers out of this time, going so far as to injure Dr. Raymond Swain with an electric shock. When Doug awakes, he is in the castle of King Leodegrance of Cameliard and is being cared for by the king's daughter, Guinevere (Lisa Jak). Merlin heals Doug and has Guinevere fetch the doctor new clothes. Tony escapes from his bonds and frees Arthur, but they are later recaptured. Doug goes to look for weaknesses in the Viking-held castle, and he and Guinevere, who followed Doug, are captured as well. Guinevere is imprisoned in a room by the Viking chieftain Wogan (Vincent Beck). Arthur, Doug and Tony are imprisoned in a cell. Merlin frees them from their bonds, but tells them that they must free themselves from the locked room, since there is a limit to how much magic he can perform at a time. Doug and Tony blow the door of the cell off by improvising a pressure cooker from water, a pot and two thumbscrews. Doug gathers Leodegrance's troops and brings them back to fight, but Merlin says that the Vikings will not be frightened by these "gentlemen knights," so he changes their clothing to that of Vikings, which is the last way Merlin can help them in this venture. The knights storm the castle and drive the Vikings out while Tony kills Wogan in a sword fight. Arthur declares he will make Doug and Tony his first knights, but they are transferred by the Tunnel. The Kidnappers March 24, 1967 8433 Planet orbiting Canopus 28 An alien time traveller from the future called OTT appears in the Time Tunnel control

room and kidnaps Dr. Ann McGregor. After the kidnapping, a metal punched card is discovered that has a set of time and space coordinates. Time Tunnel HQ then directs Doug and Tony to those coordinates. HQ attempts to bring the three back together, but OTT arrives, stops the transfer, and steals their space-time converter. Doug and Tony find out that the head of alien encyclopedic project (the Curator, played by Michael Ansara) wanted themthe first time travellers from Earthand Ann was just the bait to get them. The project involves gaining all knowledge from important historical Earth figures for an in-depth database of Earth, but the process leaves the subjects in a permanent vegetative state. The Curator intends to do the same to Doug, Tony and Ann, and has administered sleeping pills to them in the guise of nutritional supplements. They didn't take them, however, and come to discover that the aliens have a significant vulnerability: they derive their energy directly from the light of their sun and so are inactive and vulnerable at night. Doug, Tony and Ann find the converter and successfully send her and the device back to the Time Tunnel Headquarters. Doug and Tony are then shifted to another era. Note: This episode gives the distance to Canopus as 98 light years when it is actually 310 20 light years. Raiders From Outer November 2, March 31, 1967 Near Khartoum, Sudan 29 Space 1883 The two travelers arrive in the middle of the Battle of Khartoum between British and Arab forces in the Sudan. This chapter is loosely based on the campaign of General Gordon. In their efforts to hide from the battling armies, they encounter two aliens who take them prisoner. The alien leader (from Aristos) then contacts the Time Tunnel control center and tells them not to interfere. Rather than kill them, the aliens are ordered by their leader to bring the two travelers back to their base. After explaining their plan to conquer Earth by destroying the city of London, the aliens order Dr. Newman to be taken out in the desert and killed with a dehydration ray while Dr. Phillips will be put in a machine to extract all of his knowledge. But the alien ordered to kill Dr. Newman leaves when they are encountered by two British soldiers. Dr. Newman is thought to be an Arab spy, so he leads them to the alien base where one of the soldiers is killed. The Time Tunnel is also able to move Dr. Phillips out of the alien machine to where Dr. Newman is. But in response, the aliens send a bomb in to the Time Tunnel control room that will explode in sixty minutes unless all personnel are evacuated to the upper levels of the complex. Unable to attack the aliens effectively with the resources they have on hand, the two travelers and the British soldier return to Khartoum. There, they acquire grenades and gunpowder. When they return to the alien base, they attack it successfully enough to enter, but have insufficient resources left to destroy it. However, just before the bomb explodes in the Time Tunnel control room, they use the Time Tunnel to transfer the bomb to the alien base thereby destroying it. Note:The Battle of Khartoum was fought in 1884-1885. September 10, Fictional town of Cliffport, 30 1978 Maine The travellers arrive in a hotel cellar containing sophisticated equipment. When they get to Town Of Terror April 7, 1967

the lobby of the hotel, the proprietor (played by Mabel Albertson) tells them that there is no cellar. When they attempt to show her, she immobilizes them. The Time Tunnel frees them from their immobilization by moving them. Doug and Tony flee and are pursued. A force field around the town prevents their escape, but two young peopleJoan (Heather Young) and Petesoon encounter them. The travellers find out that the townspeople have been immobilized and aliens are using the forms of the townspeople to appear as humans. The aliens are planning to transport all of the oxygen from Earth's atmosphere to their atmosphere-poor home planet of Andros. The aliens also start sucking oxygen out of the Time Tunnel headquarters, nearly asphyxiating the staff. Joan and Pete help the travellers procure dynamite, which are made into time bombs. Doug and Tony successfully destroy the alien control room, destroying their ability to remove Earth's oxygen, freeing the townspeople and saving Time Tunnel personnel. In the final shift of the series, Doug and Tony end up back on the Titanic, and a synopsis of that episode ("Rendezvous With Yesterday") is shown in clips.