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Initialize the Software as per the data given in the Problem/Project. (a) Project Information.(i) Selecting Project to start from Start or finish date. (ii) Assigning Start or finish date (b) Tool Options: (i) View : (aa) Default View Gantt Chart (ab) Date format- Choose from Drop down menu (ac) Select all options below Show (already selected by default. (ad) Currency option for Project Symbol Type Rs. (ae) Decimal Digit Select 0 (af) Outline options for Project let it be as per default settings. (ii) Schedule. (aa) Show scheduling message be selected. (ab) Show assignment units as Decimal (ac) Scheduling option s for Project i. New Task: Start on Project Start date. ii. Duration is entered in : Days iii. Work is entered as days iv. Default task type : Fixed Duration (ad) De-select Auto link inserted or moved tasks. & Split in Progress Tasks (iii) Save: Auto save every 5 minutes. (iv) Click OK and come out from Options. (c) Tools- Change Working Time. (i) Making holiday as working day. (aa) Select the date on which working day is to be declared. (ab) Select Radio button non default working time. Both morning & Afternoon timing will be displayed. In case a half wkg day is required then delete the bottom afternoon timings. The date fig gets underlined. (ac) Working day in to a holiday. Select the date. Select radio button non working time. The date gets underlined nd the sqr gets meshed. (ad) Declaring full wkg day in to half day. : Select the date. Select the radio button non default wkg time. Delete the unwanted time duration. The sqr becomes 45 degree hashed line and figure gets underlined. (ae) Editing all days in the calendar. Select Heading of the day. 2. From drop down Menu of View- Resource Sheet. Fill up Resource Sheet of software. 3. Back to Table: Entry format (View-Table: Entry) : Fill the activity details, using split windows. 4. Find out following without Levelling, and fill in the Resource Card.

(a) PD, (b) PD Start and PD finish dates. (c) ESTs & LFTs Dur & WF of each activity. 5. Pick up Work Force data from Resource graph w/o Leveling (ViewResource Graph) & fill in the resource card (Row against Manpower w/o levelling. Also look for resource overloading Blue and red portions of Histogram in resource graphs. 6. Find out availabilities of floats on various activities. Write these values, if asked. (View- Table - Schedule.) 7. Carryout Levelling.(Tools-Level Resources-Resource Levelling dialog box- (ensure only option Level only with in available slacks is selected.) Press button Level Now- Dialog Box Level Now- Select Entire Pool- (if Dialog Box Microsoft Office Project appears - Skip all). Increase Max units in Resource sheet. Again repeat the above steps till the entry in red Colour in Resource Sheet turns black. (Indicative of the Levelling achieved). 8. Check PD, EST, LFTs, Dur, Floats. 9. Fill up the RL & S Sheet, in similar way we filled for without Levelling. 10. Clear leveling. In Table Entry Mode Select tool and from its drop down menu, select level recourses and select Clear Leveling. 11. Adjustment to see resource graph. In resource graph, right click on time scale. Select Time scale. Look for Size %. Adjust the % to suit your requirement. 12. Resource card Filling.

13. Top row Date: date of commencement, various dates, date of finish, also mark holidays. 14. Days: 1,2,3 . till the day of completion of project. These are already printed. 15. Below days : Fill up project activities details. (Name of Activity, EST, LFT, Duration, WF/ resources. From MSP 2003) 16. Manpower w/o Levelling: Here fill up the no. of WF needed on daily basis from the resource Graph of MSP 2003 before going ahead for levelling the resources. 17. Manpower after leveling: Fill up the daily WF needed after the levelling has been achieved. 18. Total mandays : Sum of the daily WF for the entire duration of the project. This can also be picked up from Project Information- Statistics. 19. Min WF= Mandays/PD 20. Initial EFR= Mandays/(Initial Peak WF* PD) 21. Final EFR =Mandays/(Final Peak WF* PD) 22. Draw Resource graph both before and after RL (Use different colour)