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Hinduism Only Slavery, Nothing Else!!

! Hindus worship Goddess Saraswati - goddess of education, to be literate & to qualify manifold examinations. How can this happen can anyone tell logically? Thou Goddess of Education are prevalent and worshiped in India still maximum Indians are illiterate!! How can this happen, where does the Saraswati go at the time of Studies!! Apart of these Hindus send there childrens to pursue their higher qualification in alien land leaving behind their own motherland of goddess Saraswati!!! According to Hinduism, God Shivas head is the point origin of the river scared river of purity Ganga & on head moon also dwells, which is the natural satellite of Mother earth (if this is a fact then I think American astronaut Neil Armstrong traveled 240,000 miles and landed on the head of God shiv and had a gala time, what a dirty head of Lord Shiva full of mountains and different chemicals and indeed some samples of the dirt was also brought by the astronaut for understanding the chemical composition and for scientific analysis ) Hindus worship Laxmi- Goddess of Money but the surveys conducted prove that still 77% people are alive on the daily income of Rs.20, what to eat and what to wear!! And surprisingly these very Hindus leave their land of Goddess laxmi for earning money. People have invented and manufactured machines, in foreign countries but foolish Hindus still believe and worship God Vishwakarma for being the innovator of all these machines. Hopefully God vishawakarma should be then given the noble prize for the great inventions. And India the land of god and goddess should be proud for bagging all the prizes for having god of money, education, rain, etc Goddess Kali rather Goddess of Violence, is worshiped with the life and blood of young boys & girls. And this is termed as sacrifice. Reports shows that from amongst 2500 missing teenagers, especially Girls, were being sacrificed in the name of goddess Kali!!! Hindus worship animals and even they dont feel ashamed to worship their own childrens to please their deities!!! All the other developed countries like US, UK there are no god n goddess like Saraswati or Laxmi but still maximum of the population are literate and rich in comparison to India. Hindus have embossed the mental slavery which had shut down all doors to be rational!!! In places like Rajasthan state government has established Rajasthan Gao (cow) Seva commission. In this scheme special shelters are being created for 6 Lac cows. in addition to this 5 Arab, 24 crores & 85 Lakhs rupees has been spend by Rajasthan Govts on these cows, but maximum of Rajasthans they live hungry . But government does not have time to think for the 77% people which are alive on a daily income of merely Rs. 20. In 2001 Govts of U.P. had given the manifesto of Gao Seva Aajog & has spent a lump sum amount of Rs 1 crores 25 lakhs. Government of India is least bothered about the stock in the FCI stores which is spoiled by rodents, rats. but no one is conscious to distribute these stuffs to the needy people but rather they prefer to dump it in sea. Brains!!!! About 50000 cows wander on the roads of New Delhi creating problem for the safe driving. Same is the case in other metropolitan cities. But then amusingly these are the Gau mata, the mother. but what a pity that these Hindus are least bothered care about their mothers!!! And in the name of religion Hindus are ever ready to worship rather brutally crucify their deity Mothers. But these Hindus conduct these barbaric acts with a pride esteem which adds to their prestige. Chapter 11 of book The Untouchables: Who were they & why they became untouchables? by Dr B R Ambedkar proves that Hindus not only eat meat but also beef. Hindus are very diplomatic that they use to shape the sweets in the shape of different animals viz.. cow, beef, goat etc so as to satisfy their tongue as they were addicted to eating flesh of these animals but to countermeasure Buddhism these

Hindus left eating meat to swank that they are not less than peace teaching religions .but these were just to sustain and it was merely a showoff. Maximum Hindus are the daily eaters of meat but these all malpractices are carried out in darkness .May it always be dark as these not in the customs or rituals of their holy books. Rig Veda says, let the Madhuparka not be without flesh. Rig Veda says: - worship the sun before drinking madira (drink). Rational nobody amongst us can be the residents be vegetarian. Almost everyone has to be non vegetarian as we tend to make use of one or another thing from the ones listed below:Animal Flesh or other parts of animals are used in the following items:Agarbatti, biscuits, bread & buns, cakes, chips, chocolate, cola, chyawanprash, cricket balls, custard powder, glue, fertilizers, foreign cheese, liquor, ice cream, jam & jellies, perfumes, photographic films, safety matches, shampoo, soaps, toothpastes, toffees, peppermints, vanaspati etc all these contain animal parts!!! (Outlook weekly, New Delhi Dated Oct. 22, 2001) Hindus have made everyone psychologically slaves, in the span of time all of us unconsciously have become slaves of the Hindu rituals. Whole year through this male dominated society will degrade the feminine society and then worship them only on special days or on Women day. and they will worship only renowned womens who have died long way back but the womens striving hard for the upliftment of the women society will be abused by these same people and after these women leaders die they will worship them also , but worship only on special days and again abuse the rest of 364 days. Rakhi- a Hindu Fest is celebrated all throughout the country; but there is no evidence of Rakhi being promoted in Buddhist philosophy or any other religion except for Hindus. Now rationally thinking is a special day needed to pour all the love, care, attachment only on a special day like rakhi for towards sister, mothers day for Mothers? Poor people spend at least 100s of rupees on Rakhis, albeit of the fact that they can hardly afford to celebrate money wasting occasions like Diwali, Dushara, Rakhi but still these mental slaves are willing to celebrate and as a consequences be more credited with loads of money to be repaid back . These all are the beautiful carved tactics of Businessmen to earn money & to trap poor illiterate innocent people .all these businessmans are not from the downtrodden communities, these are all baniyas thakurs rajputs etc..All these people are highly educated but the fact is only downtrodden the untouchables are illiterate. The problem with these people is that they never rational and not ready to be literate .and this make the Indian heritage to be rich with poor people rather slaves to be meant for slavery. Come forward friends & think logically...