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Read what others are saying about Nopaleas incredible benets

Afliate Name: I have been pain-free for several weeks now and continue to take Nopalea daily. In the beginning of 2002, I had to have neck surgery. They had to take bone out of my hip which caused arthritis in my hips, knees and ankles. They put a plate and two screws in my neck. The screws broke a year later and I couldnt get any answers. In 2008, I began taking barrel racing lessons with my son, but it caused me much pain. It took me about three days to recover from each lesson. I was limping and in pain all over. When Nopalea launched in April, I began taking it. After just three weeks I could tell a difference. People started noticing that I was moving better. They even saw me running, something I havent done in years! I have been pain-free for several weeks now and continue to take Nopalea daily. Im riding with my son again and having a great time! Thank you so much for a product I wont be without. MELODY C. DENVER, NC After 13 years my husband nally found some relief. My husband has a dreaded, said-to-be incurable auto-immune disease, called neurosarcoidosis; yet we have some outstanding news

Eugene Bly



due to this wonderful nutraceutical breakthrough! We felt energized to write this testimony and share. I can honestly say that after watching my husband suffer through 13 years of headaches, joint, back, rib, muscle, feet, leg and arm pain, it was a tremendous relief for me to see his pain be relieved. When taking Nopalea he has mostly painfree days. Finally after 13 years we have found a natural product. The Nopalea relieves his pain day after day with no side effects, and with no threat of damaging other organs of his body. SHERYL C. PLACERVILLE, CA ...all my back pain is gone. I feel like I am 20 years younger... I have worked in an ofce for 20 years, mostly sitting at a desk in which I had developed some lower back pain. I had gone to doctors and chiropractors with some mixed results but never got total relief from the pain. After using Sonoran Bloom Nopalea for only one week, I noticed a signicant reduction in my back pain. I continued to use the Nopalea product for another few weeks and all of my back pain is gone. I feel like I am 20 years younger, and my other minor aches and pains have also been eliminated. Thanks TriVita, for this great product! MIKE R. LINCOLN, NE

I woke up this past Sunday and was completely pain-free. For the past few months Ive been seeing a chiropractor due to horrible neck and shoulder pain caused by an accident. I stopped going due to scheduling problems, and began taking Nopalea. I woke up this past Sunday and was completely pain-free. I can honestly say that lately I have had minimal pain and I can sleep soundly. On my painful days I would take 800 mgs of Ibuprofen in the morning, mid-afternoon and evenings, to reduce inammation, as was suggested by my healthcare provider. Taking that much Ibuprofen is not so good for the kidneys! You cant imagine how wonderful it feels to sleep without pain, to not have to take Ibuprofen all day long and to be able to work at my computer without horrible pain. I can only attribute my success to Nopalea. I am so thankful that I was introduced to this product. VICTORIA S. SCOTTSDALE, AZ
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