[4]=-~ Gotz The Woodcutter Area ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In this area, you will find Gotz's house.

Staying inside the house, you will find Gotz (of course!) and Louis. Near the house, you can find 4 tree stumps and some flowers within the area. Behind the house, you will find many fallen tree trunk. - Spring - 2x Moon Drop Flower; 1x Blue Herb - Summer - 2x Pink Cat Flower; 1x Red Herb - Autumn - 2x Magic Red Flower; 2x Mushroom; 1x Green Herb; 1x Poisonous Mushroom - Winter - Nothing! If you have plant the Pink Cat Flower (the flower seeds can be bought from Won), you will lure bees to make a beehive near your apple tree. Take the honey from the tree. It works like foraging except you just need to stand near the tree and hit X button. Go and collect a bottle of honey. Bring the honey to Louis. The next day, you will get a cut-scene with Louis and your honey's price will raise from 50G to 60G Gotz: He has a thick beard, wears a white t-shirt along with blue pants. He is hard working fellow in my opinion. He loves his job and would go up to the Mother's Hills even during Winter. Talk to him and you will get the following options: [Operating Hours: 11 am to 5 pm; Closed on Sundays] Buy lumber (50 gold each) 1) Upgrade hen house* (5000 gold and 420 lumber) 2) Upgrade house `#1`* (4700 gold and 370 lumber) 3) Upgrade barn* (6800 gold and 500 lumber) 4) Upgrade house `#2`* (10,000 gold and 750 lumber) 5) Hot house* (30,000 gold and 580 lumber) * You will be only able to get the later upgrades provided that you have gotten the initial upgrade. The list is stated in chronological order. [Places] [Recipe] [Gift] [B-Date] Mother's Hill, His House, Supermarket Veggie Pancake Pink Cat Flower; Lumber; Boiled Egg; Bodigizer; Apple Fall 2nd

Louis: He is the guy who wears glasses and a green hiking outfit. Louis is looking for a rare bee. He is also the housekeeper for the house, I supposed. As for his relationship with Gotz, I don't really know... If you give him a honey from your farm during summer 1st year, you can upgrade the price of the honey from 50G to 60G. [Places] [Recipe] [Gift] [B-Date] Mother's Hill, Gotz's House Apple Jam Pink Cat Flower; Honey Spring 2nd

[5]=-~ Chicken Lil's ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is the place where you can buy chickens. The farm is owned by Lillia, Rick and (Popuri). Lillia is the mother of the two children. Her husband has left the farm to look for a rare flower to cure Lillia.

Rick hosts the annual Chicken Festival and leads the Chicken Team for the Tomato Festival during Summer.. (I presumed dyed or perhaps natural. Blacksmith Shop Bodigizer. she has pink hair. Once it is being used. He HATES Kai due to the latter's popularity with girls. Mineral Clinic. [Places] [Gift] [B-Date] [Recipe] Poultry Farm. Ice-Cream. Chocolate.. {Moon Drop Flower}. Fry Egg. Fruit Juice.. Fry Egg Rice. {Pink Cat Flower}. Cake. [Places] [Gift] [B-Date] [Recipe] Huge Mailbox Area. Hot Milk. Wild Grapes Fall 27th I can get it from him. Outside Poultry Farm. hates animals. Talk to her during the operating hours: Chicken Feed Buy Chicken Sell Chicken Animal Medicine 10G (max. Chocolate Cookie. Bodigizer. {Magic Red Flower}. May's mother has left her there under the care of . Mushrooms. Poultry Farm. May. he gets really fed up when it rains on Mondays) and his granddaughter. [Places] [Gift] [B-Date] [Rival] Hot Spring Area. Poultry Farm. Barley who loves to visit the hot spring during Mondays (BTW. * You are only entitled to buy this once. {Red Magic Red Flower} Spring 19th Scrambled Eggs Popuri She it is to know Popuri: She is one of the girls that you can opt to marry in the game. Rice Omelet. [6]=-~ Yodel Ranch ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is the place where you can buy cows and sheep for your barn. He likes to get along with Karen. Basil's House {Toy Flower}. Honey. His blond hair has touched his shoulder. Mineral Beach {Toy Flower}. Spa-boiled Eggs. you will find it available for purchase. Apple Pie. Sandwich. you will be brought to the list of chickens..4 pm (every days except for Sundays) Lillia: She is a kind-hearted lady with a pink hairstyle like Popuri. Wine. Omelet. just select the chicken that you wish to sell. Relaxation Tea. Cookie. 99x per talk) 1500G -----` 1000G* ` If you pick this option. Lillia is easy to get along with as she loves the same flower that her daughter does.Operating hours: 12pm . except her face is a bit more mature IMO. Summer 3rd or Summer 10th (if your B-day falls on 3rd) Kai Rick: Rick wears glasses and look like a young farmer. It is owned by the old man. Church. {Spa-boiled Egg}. is a crybaby and loves eggs-related stuffs along with flowers. {Pink Cat Flower}. Like her mother. Boil Egg. Wild Grapes. Apple Jam. {Truffle}.) She admires you a lot when you get her well.

. Inside the horse. he is bald..) Inside Church. vegetables and food manufactured from livestock. making accessories and . Both of them love mining-related stuffs and mountainous vegetables. you will find a female dog. you can go upstairs of his house. If you get on good terms with him. Hana-chan in the spring of your 2nd year. BTW.. Thomas' House Green Pepper. She would show the gift that you have given to her grandfather.M Potion* S. you will be able to buy this item again. She loves company if you get into good terms with them. you will get to know more about her past. Closed on Mondays) Barley: He is the old man who wears a green outfit. Moon drop Flower.M Potion* Buy Cow Buy Sheep Sell Cow` Sell Sheep` Bell' Animal Medicine* [20G] (max. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Yodel Ranch. BTW. Pink Cat Flower. Barley. After the mating. `You will be brought to the list of cows or sheep. you will find Yone of the puppies here. Yodel Ranch Fish Bone). 'You can only buy it once... he would even mate your dog with his female dog. Saibara and his grandson (apprentice). Saibara often visits festivals and takes a long time in upgrade your tools. The Blacksmith Shop owned by the old blacksmith. 999) [3000G] [3000G] [6000G] [4000G] --------[500G] [1000G] *After you used the item. Bamboo Shoot.. who wears a red dress. Ice-cream give you any. [7]=-~ Saibara's Blacksmith ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is one of the most important shops that you must know in Harvest Moon: BTN. Hot Spring Area. (Operating hours: 9am to 3pm. (Operating Hours: 9am to 4pm. Hana-chan. Talk him during working hours and you will get the following options: Fodder C. Gray.Barley. He loves flowers. Spa-boiled Eggs. closed on Thursdays) Saibara: He is an old fellow who is an expert in remodeling your tools with the ore that you have mine in the game.. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Same as Barley (After you have Outside Church. Garbage (except Winter 26th I doubt she can known her past and take her to the church. You can get your horse here upon your first visit. Mushroom Spring 17th Ice-cream May: May is a cheerful little girl.. glasses and a long bear.

The experience points chart is the one that is shown below: Class Copper Silver Gold Mystrile Ore Color (Copper) (Silver) (Gold) (Dark Blue) Experience [100%] [200%] [300%] [400%] Amount of Days [3] [3] [3] [3] Cost (1000G) (2000G) (3000G) (5000G) NOTE: It is not necessary to go from the levels. When collecting an accessory. there isn't any need to equipped the ore on the hand. you WILL NOT be entitled to enter the shop. Gray wears a blue cap and a light brown coat. Cabbage Spring 11th Pickle Turnips Gray: He feels extremely boring by staying the village. Cheese Maker. Adamantite Ore 5 Days Yard Ball Maker* (20000G). Library. Girl's present (01000G). make sure you have an additional slot in Equip column. You can STILL enter the shop on certain festivals when the tool/accessory ready for collection. To upgrade a tool. Mary's House Any Ore. Bamboo Shoot. He often visits the library and stays in the Blacksmith's Shop in the mornings. make sure that you are not holding anything on your hand.. When collecting a tool. Talk to Saibara and you will given the following three prompts: Level up tool Give the ore as gift Nothing While making Mayonnaise Maker. Once you have reached the required experience points. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Blacksmith's Shop. Any Ore. Turnips. Make sure that you put the ore in rucksack or it WILL be considered that you are giving the ore to Saibara as a gift. Inn. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] Blacksmith Shop..certain makers such as Mayonnaise Maker. Talk him during working hours and you will get the following options: Leveling ups a tool . Orichalcum Ore 3 Days Mayonnaise Maker* (20000G). he has met a girl called Mary at the Rose Square.You must equip the tool and ore on the hand. you can upgrade it automatically. Until. Cheese Maker and Yard Ball Maker. Yard Ball Maker and any accessory. Adamantite Ore 5 Days Buy Tool Brush` [800G] Clippers` [1800G] Milker` [2000G] It is rather complex in the beginning but you will get used to it. During the days where he is performing the upgrade. you must earn the required experience points before you can perform an upgrade. Wine Spring 6th . Just simply equip your ore and tool to be upgraded on the hand. Supermarket Mushroom. Adamantite Ore 5 Days Cheese Maker* (20000G).

. The house next to the library is actually connected by the door on top of the library.. Duke. Cheese.. Manna is an ultra talkative person but she is very friendly and gives you hints on how to make friends with the villagers. (Operating Hours: 9am to 12pm. Boiled Eggs Winter 15th I got trouble in getting his recipe. Aja. Pink Cat Flower. Doug's Place Moon drop Flower. [8] =-~ Aja Winery ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You can find Manna and her husband. On the second floor. etc. Manna: Manna wears an apron. Spa-boiled Eggs. She is a gossiper IMO but she could tell you more about the people's past besides hers.. you will be able to find a door leading to the second floor of the house of Basil. Toy Flower. you can get Wine for the Harvest Sprites when the Supermarket is closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Basil's House. Rose Square. harvest sprites.[Recipe] I can't get one from him. Doug's Place Wine. He loves WINE but Manna always keep track of the wine bottles in the store near the grapes field. The Winery has a field of wild grapes to be harvested in Fall. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Aja Winery. Library (Operating Hours: 10am to 4pm. Duke.. Supermarket. Oil. Manna is very friendly and talkative when you meet her outside working hours. closed on Saturdays) Just talk to Manna and you will be given the following options: Wine Grape Juice 300G 200G If you have some cash to spare. She is the one who tells you about how to make friends with the people in village.. black top and blue skirt. Jewelry Fall 11th (every funny sequence) Greens Duke: Duke dressed like a bartender and has a black hair. Anna and Mary. [9] =-~ Western Area of Mineral Village ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In this area. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Aja Winery. . You will find Mary there during her working hours. Flour. forage.. is a loner-looking person perhaps due to the departure of her daughter. you will find three houses along with the Library. closed on Mondays) The library contains good information about Harvest Moon: BTN.. The two houses that you can find are Ellen's along with the Mayor's House. on the hand. The library consists of two floors. which includes a detail list about fishing. He will be offering you a job at the Winery (you can bring Cliff) on the first year of game-play.

Bamboo Shoot. Poisonous Mushroom Winter 20th Gray Ellen's House Inside this house. Mushroom. Apple. Ellen yearns to see the flower of happiness during winter. I will talk more about her under the Clinic. you will find Elli (occasionally). Basil is a person.. You can give him the puppy if you like. He seems to be on VERY good terms with May of Yodel Ranch. Blue Herb. Although there are very people going to read the books. Library. Supermarket Any Flowers. Supermarket Ores [except Adamantite]. who believes that people and plants have telepathy.. Turnips. She is easy to approach and very easy to woo as she loves most things that other girls don't like! [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Lover] Her house. Herbs. His House. You need to give her a lot of flowers for about 2 straight seasons in order to make friends with her.. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Her House. She is a housewife and often accompany her family to the Mother's Hill on Mondays. She is very upset if you attempt to go upstairs without her permission. Mushrooms. As for Elli. Cabbage Fall 23rd I still can't get one from her. Ellen has two grandchildren. Stu is the boy who loves to play pranks and enjoy company. Truffle. Ellen: Ellen is an old lady and a very good friend of the Mayor. Ellen is the old lady who you have met earlier on the tour around Mineral Village.Basil: He dressed a bit like Louis except he is a bit younger. (any vegetable crops). * Tips: Don't attempt to enter the 2nd floor from the house. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Mother's Hill. Instead try to enter from Library as this will prevent the fall in ratings between you and her! Mary: She wears spectacles and dressed like a student IMO. Apple Pie Winter 13th Sandwich . Mother's Hill. Bamboo Shoot Summer 11th Fruit Latte Anna: She wears a white skirt with green lining. Truffle. Stu and Ellen. Rose Square. Red Herb. Stu and Elli. Flour. [a tale which she will tell you if you make friends with her in 1st year] [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Her house Egg. he seems never give any hopes and yearns to see the White Flower of Winter. IMO. Oil. She is not pretty as other girls that you can woo but she is very friendly and easy to approach. Honey.. His House 2nd-Floor Green Herb. she looks like a workaholic and tends to stay in the library or her house. She is pretty friendly and loves all seasons besides Winter. he enjoys writing books about plants and other things about Mother's Hill. Mother's Hill. Poisonous Mushroom.

Ellen's House Wine. Harris: He dressed like a police officer in dark blue uniform. Mayor's House. The Mayor seems to like Ellen (correct me if I am wrong) from his behavior and would deliver apple pie to Ellen during Sundays. Rose Square. Mayor's House Inside this house. He is a pretty easy going lad. Kano: He dressed according to the western culture and has a black apron. He is a friendly person but is terrified of animals!!! [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] His House... Apple. Elli has been working throughout at the Clinic. Wool. the chief photographer of Mineral Village. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Mayor's House Wine. Harris is the police officer in the game.. Egg. Yodel Ranch Wine... Doug's Place. Cucumbers. Kano plays a minor role in the game. He is the photographer of the village and loves mountain [non-poisonous] produce. closed on Tues and Sundays) The Supermarket is a shopper's paradise in Harvest Moon: BTN. Corn Summer 25th Still can't get a recipe from his mouth. He is the man-in-charge and seems to be good friends with Ellen.. Mayor: He wears a red suit (pretty weird huh?) The mayor looks a bit funny in my opinion. Any farm produce. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Blacksmith's House. he is the ONLY 5 year old+ kid in the game! Stu is a bit naughty and loves company. Kano. you will find the Mayor along with his son. Ice-cream Fall 5th I doubt so. Jeff and Sasha own the Supermarket. Supermarket (Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm.Stu: Surprisingly. Doug's Place. He adores his father [the Mayor] and takes photograph for your victory at the horse race. [Places] [Gift] [B-Day] [Recipe] Ellen's House. Truffle 2nd Winter I still can't get it. Flowers 4th Summer Fried Rice [10] =-~ Central Area of Mineral Village ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is an area that you MUST not miss! You will find a Supermarket and a Clinic here. You will find him solving funny cases and normally mistook an animal for being a theft. Rice Ball. Sasha and . The Clinic is owned by the Doctor and Elli is working there as a nurse. Church Bread. Wild Grapes. Yard Ball.. Mushroom. Turnips.. You can find several items that be bought here along with Jeff. He feel lonely because her sister.

e. you will find a new one at the Supermarket. chick or chicken). The seeds marked in '*' is only available when you have met a requirement. Clinic. When you have a hothouse inside your farm. Strawberry . of course you need to pay for it again. He is the owner of the Supermarket. Potatoes. Crops that are marked with {} are seeds that can be bought from Won. Eggplants.Sell 100 kinds of Carrots. check your mailbox the next day. Doug's Place . Sasha is very displeased with that behavior. If you failed. The requirements are listed below. You need to examine the seeds package in the middle in order to buy the seeds. you will be able to buy all seeds at any point of time. Jeff looks a bit cute IMO. [Spring Planting] Grass [500G] Turnip [120G] Potato [150G] Cucumber [200G] Strawberry* [150G] [Summer Planting] |Grass [500G] |Onion [150G] |Tomato [200G] |Corn [300G] |Pumpkin* [500G] [Fall Planting] |Grass [500G] |Carrot [300G] |Egg Plant [120G] |Sweet Potato [300G] |Spinach* [200G] You will find the packet of seeds appearing on the time that you can plant the seeds. ' The Blue Feather is available ASAP once you have made a girl's love rating to orange (i. When the gift is kept inside a wrapper. Cucumbers and {Cabbages} Pumpkin .Karen. I supposed that is enough for the shopping list otherwise I would forget about the people living there. If you have gotten the requirement [check the 'Amount of Produce Shipped' Menu].. the Chinese merchant who you can meet inside Doug's Place after 3rd of spring in your first year. Jeff: He dressed in western culture except he has a small goatee and child-like looking face. Rucksack (L)` 5000G] Wrapping Paper# [100G] Blue Feather' [1000G] ` This is only available after you bought Rucksack (M) # You can wrap any kind of item besides animals (dog. Spinach . He always give his fellow villages on credit and seldom chases after them. you are ready to propose). next examine the wrapper to wrap as a gift. Sweet Potatoes and {Green Peppers} You can also buy the following items by picking them up (they are found on the left and right corners of the shops): [Cooking Corner] Bread 100G Rice Balls 100G Curry Powder 50G Flour 50G Oil 50G [Wrapper Corner] Fish Food [20G per packet] Basket [5000G] Rucksack (M) [3000G. you will find a message that seeds are available for sale. Each packet contained nine seeds. His wife.. you can't store it inside the Cupboard or Icebox. just equip the item and held it on hand. Corn and {Pineapples}.. [Places] Supermarket. Tomatoes.Sell 100 kinds of Onions..Sell 100 kinds of Turnips.

You can find Elli there most of time compared when she stays inside her house.) The doctor looks a bit . Yodel Ranch. Doug's Place.. Her House..Turbojolt XL 2000G after you have gotten bedroom upgrade Doctor: (You should know the basic dressing of a doctor. She is elder sister of Stu and granddaughter of Ellen. Supermarket . Talk to Doctor and you will be able to get the following options: Examination .Bodigizer XL 1000G after you have gotten kitchen upgrade . Flour. Clinic Red Herbs. She is the mother of Karen and wife of Jeff.Bodigizer 500G N/A .. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Mother's Hill. She is rather mature as compared to other 'woo' girls. But she seems to dislike what her parents like. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Rival] Supermarket. He works in the village to continue with his research. The Clinic cures sick and you can find the lone Doctor along with Elli.. closed on Wednesdays) If you step in the clinic automatically without going there yourself. She loves mature guys and is the songbird of the village.. Rice Ball 30th Spring Chocolate Cookies Karen: She dressed a bit westernized and has blond hair. She loves flowers and babies. Oil. Supermarket Honey. Blue Herbs 17th Fall Mixed Juice Elli: She wears a blue and white uniform of a nurse but looks more like a flower girl to me. Elli works at the clinic as a nurse. I supposed that it is really bad.. She visits her home on Wednesdays. Honey. Egg.. Sasha: She has blond hair and resembles a typical housewife. Cheese. [Places] Clinic. She is pretty friendly and easy get along with everyone in the village. Chicken Lil's. Milk. if your b-day falls on 15th] Rick Mineral Clinic (Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm. Bread. gloomy! He seldom smile and tends to hide his feelings. Jewelry 15th Fall [it will be on 23rd fall.. Mineral Beach Wine.. Gotz's Place. Hot Spring Area.10G [you will get recommendations too!] Get Medicine Requirements . She will normally go to the Rose Square and chat with Manna or Anna. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Anna's House. Any medicine (tonic) from Clinic 29th Winter I still can't get one from him.Turbojolt 1000G N/A ....[Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Honey.

Won's seeds store Be careful of long speeches if you don't have an empty slot. Cliff loves cooked food. Church. You can order food at the counter where you find Doug. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Doug's Place Flour. Hot Spring Area Spa-boiled Eggs. He got no jobs offered to him before Fall where you can ask him to help out in the vineyard. Egg 11th Winter Cheese Fondue Ann: Ann dressed like a tom-boy and has orange brownish hair (tied up). Cheese. it will be 22nd] Cliff Cliff: He wears a brown outfit (which is indeed very rare in the game. If you don't offer him the job. Aja Winery Bread.. Ann and Doug lives here. Spa-boiled Eggs 6th Summer I still can't get one from him. Doug is an expert in cooking and win the Cooking Festival most of time. You can find a lot of townsfolk staying here. Bread. Grilled Fish Summer 17th [If your b-day falls on 17th.. Rice Ball. Oil. His wife passed away early.. He loves cooking related stuffs and yearn to "help" her daughter to get married.. Ann is really cute and tom-boyish at the same time.[Gifts] [B-Day] [Rival] Any flower 16th Spring [it will be on 20th if your b-day falls on 16th] Doctor [11] =-~ Doug's Place ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Doug's Place is an inn in the morning and a bar at night. Rice Ball.. Chocolate. Besides her father winning the Cooking Festival. She loves clean rooms and cooked food.. She is pretty modest and loves animals. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Doug's Place. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Rival] Doug's Place.. Milk.. . Cabbage Seeds Pineapple Seeds 500G 1000G . occasionally you may see her winning the competition. he will leave the village in Winter.) Cliff comes to the village alone and feel lonely. Ann spends most of her time in the Inn and occasionally takes a walk to Mother's Hill. You can find Gray and cliff Staying here too! (Operating Hours: 8am to 9pm) Set Meal Salad Apple Pie Cheesecake Cookie Water 500G 300G 300G 250G 200G 0G Doug: Doug has brownish orange hair and dress like a bartender.

Vase . Curry.. you can buy it again unless he pays a visit to your farm. [12] =-~ Mineral Church and The Harvest Sprites ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In this area. Jewelry 19th Winter I still can't get one from him. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Doug's Place Wine. He loves people giving him things. Won dressed a bit exotic and was a merchant.. Bread. for a few times only. There are a total of 7 sprites and you can find facts about them in the library.he will sell one to you for 100G in Fall 1st year. you will find a church. Oil.He will sell one to you for 30. He is a cheater too. Rice Balls. below is a simple ASCII map to help those who got problems in finding the house: __________________ ___________ ____ | | | | HS | HS stands for the Harvest | (Graveyard) | [Church] | |____| Sprites' house. Wine 20th Fall Strawberry Milk Harvest Sprites: The harvest sprites are actually elves or dwarfs. He was found suspiciously and was being chased after by Harris.he will sell one to you for 500G in Spring 1st year. [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Church Flour.Green Pepper Seeds Moon Drop Flower Seeds Toy Flower Seeds Pink Cat Flower Seeds Magic Red Seeds Orange Cup Seeds 150G 500G 300G 200G 600G 500G (Operating Hours: 1pm to 3pm) Won: He wears an ancient Chinese hat and spectacles. SUGDW Apple Dog Ball . . They are small and tiny. |__________________| | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |___________| ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~ Pastor Carter: He is a gentle looking guy who never got angry easily. He wears a bright yellow outfit. any crops. If you lost the dog ball. You can find the icons of them under the Help Screen. He sells exotic seeds and vegetable seeds that you can't buy from the Supermarket.. I don't know a lot of people has gotten the problem in finding the harvest sprites' hut.000G if you did not buy the Blue Feather after reading a mail from the mailbox. making him the easiest person to make friends with.. Anyway. [Places] Harvest Sprites' House .He will sell one to you for 5000G after the bedroom extension upgrade Blue Feather . a graveyard (where you can find graves of the previous mayors) and a small hut at the backyard of the church.

Zack is the person who comes to your farm and deliver your produce from the bin at 5pm. Saturdays and Sundays.) Snow Cone Roasted Corn Pasta Pizza Water 300G 250G 300G 200G 0G Kai: Kai wears a purple bandana and is a terrific swimmer. He seems somewhat associated with Zack the delivery man. Bodigizer. {Rice Ball}. {Wine}. {Bread}. it would be better to get a basket [bought for 5000G from the Supermarket] along with you while fishing. Flowers. Rice Ball. Zack: Zack is a muscular deliveryman and has a punk-like hairstyle. Oil.26th Spring Timid (green sprite) . Cucumber Bold (purple sprite) . He will always come and visit the village in Summer. You can deposit the trash and fish into the bin at the same time. He always carries a straw hat on his back. Corn 22nd Summer Popcorn Greg: Greg is the fisherman in the village..Roasted Potatoes [13] =-~ Mineral Beach ~-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I myself is pretty surprised that I could have so much to say about this part of the village. (Seaside Lodge: Summer Only Mondays . the seaside is pretty quiet for most of times.[Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipes] {Flour}. Honey. Supermarket.22nd Winter Chef. Saibara's Blacksmith. [Place] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Dock Large Fish.15th Spring Aqua (light blue sprite) . The sea is being infested with garbage but contains large fish. Bread. He has dark skin and white hair. You can only find him at the docks from 7am to 10am and 7pm to 10pm during Fridays. Anyway. Dock Large Fish.. [Place] [Gifts] [B-Day] Your Farm at 5pm. [That also explain why Rick is so unpleased with him] Kai is on very good terms with the girls! [Places] [Gifts] [B-Day] [Recipe] Doug's Place. He seldom appears on the streets and even festivals. Flour. Turbojolt. He also helps to deliver the utensils that you can buy from the Supermarket. IMO. Seaside Lodge Bread.Sundays 12pm to 5pm) Food sold from Seaside Lodge (no take-away ^_^. Wine 29th Spring I still can't get one from him. Zack is pretty friendly and loves dogs. Wine 29th Summer .16th Summer Hoggy (yellow sprite) . He will come at that time everyday besides festivals.10th Fall Nappy (orange sprite) .4th Spring Staid (blue sprite) .

Rick's birthday Winter: Winter 2 .Gotz's birthday Fall 3 .Stu's birthday. Ann's Mother's Memorial Fall 9 . Karen's birthday (alternate) Fall 27 .Hoggy's birthday Fall 11 .Timid's birthday Summer 17 .Barley's birthday 18 .Fireworks Display Summer 25 .Kai's birthday.Dog Race Winter 11 .Doctor's birthday Fall 20 .New Year's Festival 2 .Staid's birthday 16 .Sheep Festival Fall 22 .Carter's birthday Fall 21 .Kano's birthday Winter 6 .Popuri's birthday (alternate) Summer 11 .Chef's birthday Fall 15 .Aqua's birthday 29 .Greg's birthday 30 .Harvest Festival Fall 10 .Chicken Festival Summer 10 .Sasha's birthday Summer: Summer 1 .Local Horse Race 19 .Thomas's birthday Summer 29 .Manna's birthday Fall 13 .Cooking Festival 26 .Zack's birthday Fall: Fall 2 .Popuri's birthday Summer 4 .[Recipe] Fried Noodles Spring: Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring 1 .Saibara's birthday 14 . Ann's birthday (alternate) Summer 24 .Gray's birthday Winter 10 .Opening Day Summer 3 .Basil's birthday Summer 12 .Ellen's birthday .Louis' birthday 4 .Cow Festival Summer 22 .Elli's birthday (alternate) 22 .Goddess Festival 11 .Bold's birthday 8 .Karen's birthday Fall 17 .Doug's Birthday Winter 13 .Tomato Festival Summer 16 .Lillia's birthday 20 .Moon-viewing Day* Fall 14 .Spring Thanksgiving* 15 .Anna's birthday.Harris' birthday Summer 6 .Ann's birthday Summer 20 .Cliff's birthday Summer 7 .Music Festival Fall 5 .Elli's birthday 17 .

Power berry 3 : Pas di festival balapan kuda kalau taruhan menang. Power berry 9 : Di dekat winter mine pas ada winter puterin sambil pencet A muter bukan didalam tapi di luar coba kelilingi.Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter 14 15 19 20 22 24 25 26 29 30 - Winter Thanksgiving* Duke's birthday Won's birthday Mary's birthday Nappy's birthday Star Night Festival* Mary's birthday (alternate) May's birthday Jeff's birthday New Years Party Nih aku kasih tau : Power berry 1: Cangkul kebunmu biasanya sih dptnya agak deket rumah lurus belakang aku dah dapet itu sekitar kebawah 20 cangkulan samping 3 cangkulan atau 4. Power berry 7 : Pergi ke gua dimana kamu cari bahan tambang upgrade terus turun sampai nyampai lantai 100 cangkul deh di situ (ini paling sulit aku udh nyoba 5 kali baru berhasil) Power berry 8 : Beli dari TV nonton hari sabtu di TV kalo ada iklan power berry pergi ke inn disitu ada telepon telepon deh power berrynya 10. Power berry 6 : Jika kamu udah dapat pancing dan udh di upgrade jadi mithril bawa pancing ke laut pada waktu winter pasti dapat power berry klo ini harus nunggu. kamu dapat beli bola itu dari Won seharga 5000 G.000 100 G biaya teleponnya. Power berry 10 : masuk winter mine ke lantai 19 cangkul disitu power berrynya dapet. Ada pas winter lho spesial. Power berry 4 : Nah tahun kedua kan kudanya udah gede menangin balapan kuda pas spring atau fall pasti dapat power berry di kasih mayor. kumpulin 900 medali lalu tukarin power berry ke mayor habis balap kuda selesai setelah nggak ada orang kecuali mayor di lapangan. . Power berry 2 : Bawa hasil panenmu di kebun (harus dikebun kalau dikebun ga bisa) trus lemparin hasil panen ke air terjun dekat mata air panas perinya pasti muncul lakukan selama 10 hari tiap hari bawa 1 harus rutin. Power berry 5 : kamu tahu festival lempar sama anjing summer 1 (pantai) menangin itu pasti kamu dapat power berry. setelah 2 atau 3 hari pasti diantar.Latih anjing kamu pakai itu.

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