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AMWAs Code of Ethics

Preamble The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) is an educational organization that promotes excellence in medical communication and recommends principles of conduct for its members. These principles take into account the important role of medical communicators in writing, editing, and developing materials in various media and the potential of the products of their efforts to inform, educate, and inuence audiences. To uphold the dignity and honor of their profession and of AMWA, medical communicators should accept these ethical principles and engage only in activities that bring credit to their profession, to AMWA, and to themselves. Principle 1 Medical communicators should recognize and observe statutes and regulations pertaining to the materials they write, edit, or otherwise develop. Principle 2 Medical communicators should apply objectivity, scientic accuracy and rigor, and fair balance while conveying pertinent information in all media. Principle 3 Medical communicators should write, edit, or participate in the development of information that meets the highest professional standards, whether or not such materials come under the purview of any regulatory agency. They should attempt to prevent the perpetuation of incorrect information. Medical communicators should accept assignments only when working in collaboration with a qualied specialist in the area, or when they are adequately prepared to undertake the assignments by training, experience, or ongoing study. Principle 4 Medical communicators should work only under conditions or terms that allow proper application of their judgment and skills. They should refuse to participate in assignments that require unethical or questionable practices. Principle 5 Medical communicators should expand and perfect their professional knowledge and communications skills. Principle 6 Medical communicators should respect the condential nature of materials provided to them. They should not divulge, without permission, any patent, proprietary, patient, or otherwise condential information. Principle 7 Medical communicators should expect and accept fair and reasonable remuneration and acknowledgment for their services. They should honor the terms of any contract or agreements into which they enter. Principle 8 Medical communicators should consider their membership in AMWA an honor and a trust. They should conduct themselves accordingly in their professional interactions.
Original: Eric W. Martin, PhD 1973 Revised: June 1989, April 1994, June 2008

AMWA: What We Do
The mission of the American Medical Writers Association is to promote excellence in medical communication and to provide educational resources in support of that goal.
AMWA can help you Sharpen or expand your skills Stay informed about issues and trends that affect the profession Learn about employment opportunities Network with more than 5,600 medical communicators who are AMWA members

AMWA: Who We Are

AMWA members are a richly diverse group of medical communicators: Editorial managers Educators Freelance writers and editors Journal editors Multimedia producers Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals Public relations specialists Publishers Researchers Statisticians Students Translators Writers and editors in settings such as universities and pharmaceutical or health care companies


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American Medical Writers Association
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Benets of Membership
Education ProgramEducation is the core of AMWAs mission. The association offers educational opportunities for new and experienced medical communicators. Workshops are offered at AMWAs annual conference, at chapter conferences, and at on-site locations by request and can be applied toward AMWAs recognized and highly valued certicate program. Earning an AMWA certicate is considered part of a career path in the eld and is required by some employers. Certicates are offered in the following areas: Essential Skills (ES)the skills that all medical communicators should possess, regardless of the area in which they work. Beyond Essential Skills are 4 specialty certicates, each focusing on an area of key interest. Specialty Certicates Business (B)management and operations skills for freelance businesses and larger organizations Composition and Publication (CP)specialized editorial and publication skills Concepts in Science and Medicine (SM) broad, introductory concepts in science and medicine for nonscientists, or as refreshers for those with science backgrounds Regulatory and Research (RR)specialized regulatory/drug development writing and science research skills Annual ConferenceEnjoy the AMWA experience rsthand by attending the annual conference, which offers more than 200 educational sessions, prominent speakers, breakfast roundtable discussions, and unlimited networking opportunities. NetworkingMake key contacts with other medical communicators and potential employers. Learn about different types of medical communicators, industry best practices, and opportunities that are available in your region and throughout the world. Self-Study WorkshopsIn response to growing demands for educational workshops and a need to access them conveniently, AMWA has developed self-study workshops. Each self-study module includes a workbook with examples and exercises, a CD featuring an interactive PDF of the workbook, a laminated Quick Reference Guide, and a test sheet that can be completed and returned to obtain certicate credit for people pursuing an AMWA certicate. The module components serve as excellent long-term reference pieces. Job OpportunitiesJobs Online is updated daily and features multiple positions available for medical communicators. This service is one of AMWAs most popular and valuable resources. Freelance DirectoryA searchable online directory for freelance members to list their services and attract potential employers. Searchable Membership DirectoryLocate other AMWA members by using the searchable directory online, another memberonly benet. ChaptersAMWAs 19 chapters provide opportunities to enjoy the benets of meeting and networking with other members near you. Chapter ConferencesAttending chapter conferences is a great way to earn certicate credits while staying closer to home. The online chapter conference schedule has details on conferences held throughout the year. Web SiteIn addition to detailed information about AMWAs products and services, the Web site has many features that are accessible to members, including job postings, the results of AMWAs latest salary survey, searchable freelance and membership directories, e-mail based communication lists (such as discussion groups, listserves, a bulletin board, newsletters, announcements), and more. MD ConsultMembers enjoy free access to this subscription-based service offering a number of full-text journals and a large collection of health and medical texts online. Member DiscountsSave on AMWAs products and services, including annual conference fees, educational programs, and self-study workshops. AMWA often arranges for member discounts on other products and services such as the AMA Manual of Style, ReferenceManager, EndNote, and GK Documents. AMWA JournalThis quarterly publication, also available electronically, is free to AMWA members. It includes news stories, articles, opinion pieces about important issues in medical communication, and updates about AMWA. Professional Development CerticateThis AMWA certicate provides a way to demonstrate continued commitment to professional development. Willingness to ServeWe welcome the interest of AMWA members in becoming involved in any of the numerous service opportunities within the organization. The benets to you include additional opportunities for personal and professional growth, the camaraderie fostered by forging closer ties with colleagues, and the satisfaction of helping your organization meet the needs of its members. Endowment FundThe endowment fund provides a self-sustaining source of revenue to develop new member benets and services. Members and nonmembers can make taxdeductible contributions to this fund. For more information about AMWAs programs, products, and services, and for an online membership application, visit our Web site (