1. Why do you want to work for this organization?

Ans-I want to work with your group because your company is rising and reputed and I am also want to be a part of this company. My motto of life is not only Dose but I what to be a public figure and want to feel proud while telling to others about my working company. I have read more about this company this company provide good salary and incentives also. 2. How long would you expect to work for us if hired? Ans- As long as we both feels I’m doing a good job. 3. What is your philosophy towards work? Ans- My philosophy towards work is: "In every action there is a corresponding reaction" so if you do good things in your work there will be good outcome or result of what you've working for nevertheless, if not you will lose your job. 4. What irritates you about co-workers? Ans-If co-worker starts gossiping during work hours will irritate me and also if he doesn’t completes the work given by me. 5. What is your greatest strength? Ans- My greatest strength is my ability to connect to different people in all walks of Life, how effective I am in selling my ideas, services & products to others. 6. Tell me about your dream job. Ans- dream job- is that job where my skill is used for the company growth, respected my value, my devotion, my contribution, my skills. (A job where I can start my work as soon as I sit in my chair and serve the needs of all the employees in an Organization. Some organizations are there where we find no human values, no respect with colleagues. There should be good relation between each employee so that there will not be any hindrance in work or in the performance making of the Organization, when the teamwork is good there will be profit making and a good name for the Company.) 7. Why do you think you would do well at this job? Ans- Will do well in this job because I already have previous experience in the similar field. So I will use my previous experience in this job and I am interested in learning new things and enhance my skills. 8. What kind of person would you refuse to work with? Ans- Those who are not flexible and cooperative, highly orthodox in their stands and who are not ready to recognize and appreciate the achievements of fellow workers.

How would you know you were successful on this job? Ans-I m sure that I were successful in the because any job offered in your company is my dream. Then I frosted and disappoint . 15. That first impression can often be misleading.. 12. What is more important to you: the money or the work? Ans. we should try to cope up with situations. Pressure to perform better than everyone. there is also pressure. 16. both to me personally.. 14. Work follows money and money follows work.every responsibility comes along with pressure. What motivates you to do your best on the job? Ans-I have always wanted to ensure that my company's clients get the best customer service I can provide.Certainly both. to provide a positive customer experience. If you are in school. I've always felt that it's important. Do your skills match this job or another job more closely? Ans-I would try to utilize my skills according to the job given to me. So Without existence of one another we can’t be achievable 10.9. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure. 13. and for the company and the clients. Would you be willing to relocate if required? Ans-If circumstances forced me definitely I will relocate and find the ways to settle down wherever I am going to work. 11. . What has disappointed you about a job? Ans-When I do the targeted work and involved myself to in depth of the work and still my boss is not appreciate or recognize my ability. B’coz only pressure oriented responsibilities yields positive result. What have you learned from mistakes on the job? Ans-I have learned to give every person a second chance. And I can do anything for my dreams. Even though work is Worship money makes livelihood. Another way I m like to do this from my heart not for money. Instead of avoiding pressure. Ans.

Ans-My work ethic is strong. refrigerators. 23. Before the corporate Name Change to LG. a passion to work hard as well as the capability to figure out how to work in a smarter way . what went wrong. producing radios. household products were sold under the Brand name of Lucky. I believe in being at work on time and completing each task that’s assigned to me. Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own? Ans-Of course yes 18.In a team.I believe in continuous improvement. what needs to be tuned to improve effectiveness? 19.17. What position do you prefer on a team working on a project? Ans. . while Electronic products were sold under the brand name of Gold Star. Do you have any blind spots? Ans. Describe your management style. Ans. I have all the qualities to fulfill your organizational needs and hence I am the best candidate for this post. TVs. 20. I’ll do my work. History of Company:The Company was originally established in 1958 as Gold Star. It all does not mean that I never face failure or never commit any mistake but finely I got success whatever I had chosen to do. Why should we hire you? Ans-you should hire me because I am experienced dedicated and I have a positive attitude. On a daily and weekly basis we look at what went right. washing machines and air conditioners. from which the abbreviation of LG was derived. And that is why I believe in teamwork because when you are a team you can point out other people's blind spots and they will do the same for you. I am a hard worker and it shows through my work. 21. My wok will represent me and take aside me on a leader position. The LG group was a merger of two Korean companies Lucky and Gold Star. The current “Life’s good” slogan is a Backronym. 22. Describe your work ethic. The Gold Star brand is still perceived as a discount brand. Do you consider yourself successful? Ans-I am successful person because I have achieved whatever goals in my life I made and also I am pursing some.I would say everyone has blind spots and i would too.

LG Philips LCD 2. (c) 3G Handsets. LG Decom Business areas and main products Mobile communications (a) CDMA Handsets. LG Electronics control 110 local subsidiaries in the world with around 82. LG Twins 6. LG Group 1.000 executive and employees. Global Operation:LG Electronics is playing an active role in the world market with its assertive global business policy as a result. Gold Star was renamed of LG Electronics and acquired Zenith Electronics of the United States. LG Chemicals 3. (d) Cellular Phones Digital appliance:- . LG Telecom 4.In 1995. (b) GSM Handsets. LG Powercom 5.

d)Washing Machines.a)Air Conditioners. Digital display:(a) Plasma TVs (b) LCD TVs (c) Micro Display Panel TVs (d) Monitors (e) PDP Modules (f) OLED Panels (g) USB Memory (h) Flat Panel Computer Monitors Digital Media:(a) Home Theater Systems (b) DVD Recorders . b)Refrigerators. f) Home Net. c)Microwave Ovens. e)Vacuum Cleaners. g) Compressors for Air Conditioners and Refrigerators.

(c) Super Multi DVD Rewriters (d) CD±RW (e) Notebook PCs (f) Desktop PCs (g) PDAs (h) PDA Phones (i) MP3 Players (j) New Karaoke Systems VIISIION V S ON Global Top 3 by 2011 Global Top 3 Electronic/Telecommunication Company GROWTH STRATEGY GROWTH STRATEGY “Fast innovation. Market leadership. Fast growth” CORE COMPETENCY CORE COMPETENCY “Product leadership. “we” not “I”. People leadership” CORPORATE CULTURE CORPORATE CULTURE No excuse. Fun workplace .

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