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Adage.com.au is Australia’s leading job board for the mature age market. We help connect these jobseekers with employers who value maturity and experience. However, we are evolving to be more than just a job board… Adage is one of Australia’s fastest growing online community for this neglected and powerful audience. Adage provides a range of platforms and channels for organisations to recruit, communicate and engage directly with this market.
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Agenda: Why hire someone over 45?
• Myth 1. Given the over 45 market offers experience, aren’t they more expensive and demanding than their younger colleagues? • Heidi to respond • Open floor to questions • Myth 2: Older workers are reluctant to learn new skills and aren’t tech savvy. • Heidi to respond • Open floor to questions • Myth 3: We don’t discriminate based on age anyway. • Heidi to respond • Open floor to questions experience matters

Older Workers are More Enthused

Source: Ernst & Young

experience matters

Statistical benefits of mature worker
• The 45 to 55 age bracket is the fastest growing labour market segment in Australia (Experience Works, 2009). • Employees aged 45+ will stay with an organisation 2.4 times longer on average than under 45s (Experience Works, 2009). • Mature workers deliver an average net benefit of $1,956 per year to their employer compared to the rest of the workforce - a result of increased retention, lower absenteeism, decreased costs of recruitment and greater returns on training (Experience Works, 2009). • ABS data shows that Australians aged 55-64 are the fastest growing users of information technology. • Mature workers were the least likely group (up to 50%) to take days off due to their own illness or as a carer (ABS 2006 survey). • Mature age workers are less likely to experience work-related injuries compared to younger workers (ABS). • Employer grants of $1k are available for organisations which hire a worker over the age of 50 from 1 July 2012 (DEEWR). experience matters

Why hire someone over 45?
• Myth 2: Older workers are reluctant to learn new skills and aren’t tech savvy.

experience matters

Older Workers are Online
Over 85% of people over age of 50 are online, making it largest generational segment online in Oz

Over 50% of over 50s engage with organisations on Social media

2m users over 50 in OZ on Facebook.

experience matters

Why hire someone over 45?
•Myth 3: We don’t discriminate based on age anyway.

experience matters

Discrimination v Diversity
“We don’t discriminate based on gender” “We are an employer of choice for women”

• Passive / reactive • No strategy

• Positive / proactive • Diversity strategy in place

experience matters

Australia’s labour force growth

32% 68%

28% 72%


1982 - 92 over 45’s

1992 - 02 under 45’s

2002 - 12

BWA, Swinburne University 2004

experience matters

Australia’s demographic cliff
decline in labour market growth (thousands)
220 200 180 160 140 120 100 800 600 400 200 0 -200

LMG - thousands

1980’s and 1990’s we are here

2020’s and beyond
80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 03 07 11 15 19 23 27 31 35 39 43 47
Access Economics

experience matters

Boomers: the neglected consumer
‘According to Nielsen, boomers in 2010 accounted for approx 38.5% of all dollars spent on consumer package-goods Yet it’s estimated that less than 5% of advertising dollars are currently targeted towards adults 35-64 years old. With most marketers generally targeting 18-49 year olds, more than half of the affluent Boomer demographic is ignored entirely.’

“In Australia, many Boomers are online shoppers with over half (54%) having ever made a purchase online (compared to 52% of total population”

experience matters

Case Study:

Masters brand and the Boomers
With the launch of the Masters website and online shopping coming soon, this demographic represents an opportunity to target a separate and powerful consumer market in the home improvement sector.
o Representing only 25 per cent of Australia's population and 38 per cent of households, the Baby Boomers collectively hold 49 per cent of Australia's housing assets (ABS). o 55% of boomers use the internet for an information tool as opposed to entertainment (nineMSN). o Compared to the total population Boomers are 15% more likely to search for home improvement information online (nineMSN). o 86% of Adage jobseekers said they were more inclined to purchase products and services from age-friendly employers experience matters

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experience matters


experience matters

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