May 28th, 2012

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Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online
10 Blog Conversion Tips
Source: By Joe Karl on May 28th, 2012

and then leave quickly. What is it about that page that makes you click the back button? Clearly, length of stay is important because Google Analytics tracks the amount of time a visitor spends on your site. A first impression happens only once, and it is critical the bloggers learn to capitalize on each first impression that their site receives. Some tips to help keep readers are as follows: Layout: The layout of your blog should explain the content of your blog in under ten seconds. This means that visitors should be able to ascertain from your title and subtitles what the subject of your blog is about. Keep it simple: Avoid the very common mistake of adding too many objects to your blog. There are a few things that are important and those elements should be simple, easy to use, and easy to find. The goal of a blogger is to make your reader feel comfortable and at home. There are so many articles and blogs out there on the Internet, that readers can get overwhelmed easily. As part of your first impression, show off a few accolades that demonstrate authority within your niche. Once that is accomplished leave a link that readers can follow to more accolades if they want to.

Conversions is something I work really hard at to perfect, when I first started in internet marketing I was getting so much traffic but converting that traffic to money in the bank was another story. A blog conversion is an action that readers take when they move from being a reader to being a customer or a subscriber. Think of conversion as super consumers because that is just what they are. The key words to consider are customer and subscriber. A conversion can be one or the other or even both. In fact, both is just exactly what your goal should be. Now that we understand what the topic of this article is all about, lets get into the details of how to convert readers to customers and or subscribers.

Tip 2: Make It Easy For Readers To Convert to Subscribers
The term “Opt-In-Form is something that is tossed about a bit. It simply means an area where readers can EASILY subscribe. Readers may subscribe to a newsletter, RSS feed, etc. The key is to make it easy. Many times the Opt-In-Form is found in the Feature box which is typically found between the blog content and the header of your blog/site. The location of your OptIn-Form is up to you. Though be aware that there are areas of your blog/site that are more visible than are other areas. Some options for placing an Opt-In-Form are the sidebar, the bottom of your blog, or your footer. Think for a minute about being a reader. If you stay on the page and make it to bottom the article, then you are likely vested in a blog because you have read it. This adds a bit of power (of sorts) to the blog, and the bottom of your blog becomes an action area. Are you as a reader more likely to sign up for a newsletter before

Tip 1: The First Impression
This is less of a tip about conversions as it is more of tip on how to keep readers on your page. Writers lose the opportunity to convert visitors to consumers or subscribers if the reader does not engage your writing. The first impression is critical, and as such, it is important that bloggers learn to make their blog reader friendly. Think about webpages that you might visit


May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

reading the blog or after? A very strong method that I use is a pop up style Opt-In-Form that is quite visual because it stops the reader and is more visual in the reader’s eyes and has better Opt-In rates compared to an Opt-In-Form in the right side bar. Keep in mind Its always good to split test and find what works for your website best.

Tip 5: Stopping The Bounce
A percentage of all readers end up on blogs by accident. They were brought by a tag or a blog title through a search engine. Clearly these readers are looking for something, and one way to enhance your odds of keeping them is to provide them an easy to see, easy to use feature often called a topical navigation box. A topical navigation tool or box is merely a list of your related blogs listed by topic. The goal is to catch the visitors eye with something they may want to click on and investigate. This is one way to help keep accidental visitors on your site and even present you an opportunity to convert them to regular readers.

Tip 6: The Bio – for yourself and for your site
Readers are curious creatures. They want to know about who you are. That is why it is important to write an honest and compelling bio that talks about you, your skills, and why you matter. In short, your bio should confirm your authority on your topics. What makes you qualified to write your blogs? What make your qualified to recommend products or services? When you write your own bio ask other people read it, and be open to criticism. Remember that your bio is a tool of conversion.

Tip 3: To Sidebar or Not To Sidebar ?
The sidebar on a blog is much like a remote control for the television. This is usually where readers and visitors go to dial in the site to their liking. It is also a place where many types of reader actions can take place. Most blogs use a side bar to list or house their social networking buttons and Opt-In-Form. It is also a place where readers can sign up for stuff or find out about all of your services. It is helpful to list content that is relevant to your blog on the sidebar. Listing relevant content helps readers find other articles on your blog that may interest them. Again, it is important that whatever you contain within your sidebar be neat and organized. One of the strengths of using a sidebar is that readers who read your work will have a constant area to visit if they want more. On some pages of your blog or even some sites altogether, the sidebar may be eliminated. This may seem like a contradiction of terms, but not every page of your blog needs to have a sidebar. In fact if your goal is merely conversions than a sidebar may deter readers from your goal. This brings us to the understanding of need. What is it that you need your readers to do? That question is important because how the blog or page is laid out is a critical part of how readers respond to your goals. If the sidebar does not support your goal then remove it.

Tip 4: Supporting Resources



Blogs that are selling services or items should always have a resource area that contains supporting icons or links. In many cases, it is better to link to other areas of your own blog or if you are an affiliate than to link to the host site with a referral link. Linking works well because you are able to build a solid case for whatever you are selling with supporting documents and blog work. Using your own past blogs as a resource keeps the reader on your site. This tip is not just for those blogs that sell, it works well for blogs that are new and have not built up a lot of content yet.

Both your bio and the bio of your site should be housed on your About Page… though these pages are not specifically called the About Page any more. Maybe it is titled WHO AM I? The bio for your site should include some accolades, your sites achievements, and spell out a clear set of expectations of what readers can find on your site or blog. This is also a spot to place an Email Sign Up Form. In fact, many successful blogs have more than one Email Sign Up form on their About Page. Scatter the Email forms throughout the page so it is easy for readers to find.

Tip 7: The Boom Of Social Media
While social media is booming, many sites will display their share information with readers. Facebook likes, Googe +, Twitter, etc. all offer buttons that can display how many times a site, or a page has been shared. If your site has been shared 458 times, than that is a positive accolade and should be included. If your site has only been shared 10 times, that number can have a negative impact on your readers. Sometimes it is important not to share social media information. Really evaluate what those numbers say about

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

your site and then make an informed decision about whether or not to post them. By all means, make those social media buttons available for readers to use just consider hiding the number of shares until that number is a positive for your site.

or confusing. Convert readers by making it easy for them to understand what you are saying. Put definitions into your article so that readers are not confused. They will appreciate the extra work it takes.

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Tip 8: Cleaning House
Think about getting rid of blog features that are not used by readers. There are tools available that can help you track usage by readers. Analytics is one such tool. Another handy tool is heatmaps. Heatmaps allow the blog owner visually to see where readers are spending their time. They outline the movement of the mouse as a reader interact with the blog or site. The value that tools such as heat maps provide is that they not only show the blog owner what is used they show the owner what aspects of the blog or site is not being used. The three products that come to mind when talking heat maps are. 1- Crazyegg 2- ClickTale 3- LuckyOrange Identifying an area of your blog or site that is not used is a great opportunity to remove and replace those elements with applications that may add to conversions. This is a chore that should be done semi-annually.

Leverage The Power Of Google + To Grow Your Business
Source: By Joe Karl on May 28th, 2012

Tip 9: Don’t Mess With The Training Of Your Readers
Did you know that your readers have been trained. We have all been trained to recognize the alternative coloration of links when they appear in text. For this reason, make text uniform in color and avoid messing with your readers training. Use bold and italics or bullet points to mark text as important. Leave the colored text for links. Remember that your goal is to increase conversions and if your reader is confused about what is a link and what is not a link you may miss opportunities to convert.

Tip 10: Write It, Own It
It pains me to have to write this, but the examples of why the following statement is needed are many. Write quality content and think about layout. Articles and blogs should be easy to look at, and readers should be able to find what they are looking for quickly. Consider using grammar checkers along with a spelling checkers before publishing anything. Pay close attention to common grammar errors such as wordy sentences. Say what you mean in a simplified manner. It does not sell products if your product description is vague

Social media is the essence of link building and accumulation of readership for blogs, article writers, and websites. Lately, when writers talk about social media it is with awe and admiration over Pinterest, but the reality is that there is a trilogy of social media that businesses and writers need to pay close attention to. The aspects of what each social media site does is important. Pinterst, which is the latest, allows members to share photographs. Twitter is a site that allows members to share their thoughts by tweeting little blurbs, links and embellishing both with #hashtags. Facebook members find friends and exchange information back and forth about their lives, products they love, and general rants. Facebook, however, is not alone. Google recently launched a competitor to iconic social media site, Facebook. Googles entry into the social media network is known as Google +.

How Google Is Learning Facebook – Growth:


Google (The search engine, etc.) receives 153 million new visitors each month that are unique. Whereas, facebook is logging 137.6 million unique visitors each month. Google +

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

is currently receiving 20 million unique visitors each month with trending expectations to soar upwards into a closer contingency with Facebook. There is a lot riding on who rises to the top of the social networking industry. In the balance is the vast fortune that comes from Internet marketing. It is estimated that Facebook will likely be valued at somewhere close to 100 billion dollars by the end of 2012. That is fuel and motivation for Google to push the Google + platform. Part of the power of sites like Pinterest is that they were able to utilize the sharing power of Facebook to grow their member base. Pinterest racked up 11 million new and unique members in just seven months. While the power of Facebook is enthralling, members are not always thrilled with the company behind Facebook. What other platform besides Google could take on the looming presence of Facebook and not utterly fail? I am reminded of the spiralling crash of, and yet, there is knowledge to be gained from watching Facebook’s evolution. Those lessons were put to work by Google when they created their social network site Google +.

How Google Is Learning From Facebook – What to do and What Not to Do:
The biggest lesson that Google has learned from Facebook is all about privacy. The continual floundering of Facebook over user privacy will likely be the company’s eventual downfall. Facebook comes from the position that they have no competition and thus, can do as they please because users have nowhere else to turn. That attitude is no longer a true statement because Google + is happy to take over disgruntled Facebook users. To help offset the backlash that Facebook has created, A need to know portal which explains what information is gathered, how it is used and simplifies it for a world audience. The wholehearted approach by Google toward easing user fears of data theft has been well received by Social Network Users. The depth of knowledge that is explained is remarkable. Google’s approach has taken a very bad situation and helped to make it better. An example of why this is important appeared recently on the Internet when a blog in Australia provided details of how the Facebook LIKE button continues to track users and user activity over the Internet long after the user has logged off their computer. The resting backlash has Facebook facing a world-wide investigation by world governments including a wiretapping suit filed by the American Government. This is just the latest in recent issues that Facebook has unleashed upon its users. Google has learned these lessons from Facebook. They have put into place a method of explaining their privacy policy through their own education centre. This is one of the primary reasons that the unique visitor traffic to Google+ is growing rapidly. In short, Google+ has learned not to lose the trust of its users while making the effort to explain in simple language the how and why data collection is needed.

been so functional. It is very easy to use. Simply click the button and the process is complete. This is the lesson to learn for any site wishing to promote itself. Make it easy for your followers to praise and share your site with their followers. Considering that Google is the king of search engine traffic and that their recent changes have all pointed a heavy finger toward relevant content, than it only makes sense to make sure that your site’s content is very relevant. Readers who find your sites information useful are likely then to give their approval and that is exactly what the LIKE button on Facebook does, and the Google+ Button does on Google+. The Google+ button is very important because it allows readers to validate your site. The more + button approvals that a site receives the more it is deemed relevant in the eyes of Google search engine results. This means that making it easy for your readers to approve your site will drive new, unique visitors to your site. That is the goal of every business on the internet. Unique visitors equate directly to new sources of revenue. Make it easy for your visitors to share your site and to praise your site. This is how to use Google + to drive new and unique visitors to your site. The lesson that web developers and site owners need to understand is that marketing only goes so far on the Internet. What is needed to create a mega-site is public support. This means that site owners need to understand that little users that share your site with their followers, who then share your site with their followers, and on and on and on. The value here is that the little user who may have 100 follows is your connection to the Internet population because those 100 followers have 100 followers. Capitalizing on this network of followers is what every businesses goal should be.

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How Google Is Learning From Facebook – Using Google+ To Grown Your Business:
Driving unique visitors to your site or blog begins by making the process of following and praising your site as easy as possible. This is exactly why the Facebook LIKE button has

Blogging Strategies How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast! With Guest Posting
Source: blogging-strategies-how-to-increase-blog-traffic-fast-with-guest-posting/


May 28th, 2012
By Joe Karl on May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

With all the changes happening with Google lately I am looking at the best ways to create traffic. Guest Blogging is an amazing traffic strategy! Guest posting is the art of writing articles for blog and article sites other than your own. The benefit of guest posting is to enhance readership of your own blog or Website by helping other bloggers build content within their site/blog. The process sounds easy enough, but there are certain quality expectations that should be considered when writing for another site. The other benefit for guest posting is that it provides a small opportunity for back-linking to your own blog/site. While the opportunity is there to contribute to Guest Blogging, the process may not be as simple as writing a blog and submitting it. There are many considerations that need to be addressed in order to become successful at guest posting.

Guest Posting – A few Tips and Tricks:
The first tip is to include the blog owners name in your submission. A good way to do that is to offer a thank you statement. Including the blog owners name in your article links your submission to their blog. That is important because it helps your submission to fit into the list of blog entries that exist on the site. Every blog owner wants blog posts that match their style and content. Add a few, no more than three, links to other blog posts on that site Sometimes even one keyword related link. By providing links to other posts on the site, helps your submission to blend into the blogs already posted there. That is important because it shows the blog owner that your content is going to complement what is already written on his site. Include only ONE inbound link to your own blog and that link should be attached to your name as a writer. Allow the blog owners readers to find you without making it obvious that you are trying to gather readership. Keep in mind that your blog should fit into the blog owners profile of writing and topics, be well written and promote his site more than your own. This is an opportunity for you that is paid for by your effort in promoting the blog owners site.

Guest Posting Reasons:



When I write articles for myself, I write them with a purpose. The act of writing a guest post should be no different. In fact, the act of writing a guest post should supersede the act of writing for yourself. That is how important quality is to guest posting. Consider that not every submitted article will be accepted. The first determination for dismissing a submission is the lack of quality. Consider carefully why you are writing and submitting a guest post. The core reasons are to develop and expand readership of your own blog, to increase a few links to your blog, to contribute in a positive way to another bloggers writing platform.

Guest Posting – Writing is a Craft:
Quality writing takes work, planning, and know-how. If writers are going to invest the time into creating readable documents, than they are going to need to understand how to excel at the craft of writing. This means choosing topics, building paragraphs, and constructing supporting sentences that lead your reader on an easily navigated journey. Constructing a quality blog is only the beginning of the work required. It is critical that writers learn how to edit their work and objectively read their own work before submitting it to someone else for approval. If your writing does not meet your own standards, then do not submit it to someone else. When writing a guest post make sure that you have spent some time reading other posts on the site where you are going to submit your work. Read the blogs to get a feeling for, and how other posts on the site are constructed, in both form and tone. Understanding how the process works will help you to write a better blog post as a guest blogger. All of these elements come together to help your work become approved by the blog owner. It is a big investment in time to write blogs and articles. It is a big waste of time if you write articles and blogs that are rejected. Always keep in mind why you are writing a guest blog and adhere to the quality standards of the blog owner.

Guest Posting – Adhere To High Standards:
Writers should consider the differences between successful blogs within the written topic and blogs that fail to propagate sustainable readership. Those differences that are not related to the topic can be measured in terms of the quality of the written word, the flow of the article/blog, and the understanding of the topic by the writer. Emulating the high standards and craftsmanship of successful blogs requires that writer construct their blogs in a logical manner that follows the reader-friendly format. This means thinking about what you are going to write and developing a plan that produces the type of content that is acceptable. Part of this process involves understanding what the blog owners blog submission standards are. Each blog owner have their own set of requirements, and it is important to consider those requirements carefully before undertaking a writing project for that blog owner. It is also important that the blog site being considered for submission to matches the standards of your own blog/site. Remember that you are trying to attract readers from that pool to your own blog. Successfully keeping those readers, reading your blog is going to require that your blog be similar in content and structure to any blog that you submit as a guest writer.

Guest Posting – Develop A Wish List:
This is a tip that goes back to the reasons why you want to be a guest blogger in the first place. The primary reason is to increase readership of your own blog. Spend some time each week researching and reading blogs that may be suitable guest blogging destinations. Not every blog that you come across is going to fit your needs nor your writing style. Because writing is a long-term project, the development of a wish list should be an ongoing activity that occurs weekly. Perusing blogs within your niche allows you to measure your competition, gather ideas for blog content, and develop honest relationships

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

with blog owners. Finding potential blogs is as easy as using keyword searches within social media sites such as Google, Twitter, and even Facebook. Make a habit of participating in potential guest blog sites by leaving feedback and comments that are relevant to the topic being discussed within the blog. Let the blog owner get to know you, and you will improve your chances of getting your submission excepted.

prepared to invest time and energy into the process and that strategy will pay off.

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Guest Posting – Dedicate Yourself To The Project:
A portion of all successful businesses invest a portion of their profits back into advertising. That is the same with writers and bloggers except in this case the investment is paid for in time and offset by future readers/earnings. It is one thing to write the world’s best content, and quite another thing to have it read by the masses. Invest the time, to be a guest blogger. Many times these projects are viewed as frivolous, but again, consider why you are doing this. The reason is to increase your readership and that means increasing your ad revenue, etc. That should be your motivation for writing guest blogs and doing the work involved in searching out and finding likely and complementary guest posts spots. Set a time goal each week that you devote to growing your readership. This will allow you the reasoning and rational of working on non-paying guest blogs.

Guest Posting – That Which Should Be Unspoken:
Before you publish your first blog, and by all means before you submit a guest posting for approval, make sure that you have written a professional byline that explains who you are and what your expertise is within that niche. The goal would be to establish yourself as an expert by creating a memorable bio that conveys simple, yet informative points about your skills and knowledge areas. This is the first step in creating and maintaining your brand. This is also a good place to return to as a writer to remember what your goals are for writing. This is one of the fist place a blog owner will visit to see if you fit into their blog style. Take the time to create a professional byline.

Google Nukes Private Blog Networks
Source: google-nukes-private-blog-networks/ By Joe Karl on May 28th, 2012

Guest Posting-Conclusion:
There are a lot of tips and methods that are accumulated here. Each should help you succeed in getting your guest postings approved by appropriate blog owners. The last consideration that should be thought about is how you will handle negative comments, rejection, and being criticized. As a writer in an online format, it should be expected that readers and blog owners are going to be negative from time to time. That is just a reality of our world. Understand that with an online format it is very easy to provide an opinion. As a writer just accept those negative words as opinions. Negative comments may be based in truth, or they may not be based in truth. The reality is that it is not worthy of a quality writer to fight openly with blog owners, commentators, or readers. Just accept the comment and move on. Typically, my response is that while I might not agree with your statement I value your comment non-the-less. If you are writing quality content, than allow the process to happen. Nothing really occurs overnight that is worthwhile. Be OK so there’s alot of this going on at the moment so I though I better give my take. Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing and SEO is a tough world these days so if you don’t do it right or if your just getting started it can be very very hard and daunting. Google has taken an active role in straightening up the Affiliate Marketing bonanza that has existed for decades. I suppose that it is fair to say that any time there is money to be made then people will find an unfair way to get ahead of their competitors. Today, the world wide web is ablaze with shock and dismay over the effects unleashed when Google released Panda 3.3. The news of giant blog networks being toppled and pulled down have run rampant amid an already sceptical blog atmosphere.


May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

Google, and De-listing – Changes in Google:
So what is really going on over at Google? The simplest explanation is that Google has evolved from this cavernous warehouse of data into a storage system for localized search results. The key to the changes made at Google are about promoting local results to local people plus they also want to deliver the best most relevant high quality content. That is really the gist of what Google is up to these days. In plain terms, if I am looking for a movie theatre in the city where I live, then I will no longer be seeing high-ranking articles from places where I do not live. These changes go hand-in-hand with how technology has changed over the past several years. Think about being able to “check in” where you go or using the GPS feature on smart devices and tablets to find interesting things near where you are.

search into a billion local searches. For those searches to be accurate, than the search results must be local and not global. That means that link building sites are going to have to find a way to become relevant within the local search category. Think in terms of cities and not about sites that are more global. This means that the general wheel behind linkbuilding sites are going to have to reduced, replicated and renamed to specific geographic locations. Instead of having one product creation venue, linkbuilding companies are going to have to create hundreds of sites that spread themselves across the geographic playing field. If I were a linkbuilding company, than I would be building websites called (example) HotspotsLA, HotspotsSF, HotspotsNYC, HotspotsDallas, HotspotsDenver, and so on. Each of those sites would have to become a smaller version of how the original site worked. This means collecting local facebook and social media followings relevant to those cities. Maybe even developing 5-10 blogs that support each city site and developing a way to create backlinks that are more natural and less fabricated. This also means that part of the labor involved is going to have to go back to the writer or marketer. Linkbuilding sites could offer writers access to article spinners and allow the writer to spin the articles, post the articles and develop the marketing around the articles themselves. Joining a paid service would gain the writer access to the list of quality blogs and guest blogs where writers could post their articles in appropriate categories. This type of basic service already exists on places like and where writers can post their articles. Where linkbuilding companies would make money is from offering services, tracking and reporting to writers and marketers who do not have a huge existing network. The trouble comes in keeping the networks clean. This is one reason why the writers must be involved in the process, and the service itself must change from automatic linkbuilding into links that are or appear natural. That can happen only if the site remains clean and promotes a positive front in the eyes of Google.

Backlinks, Google, and De-listing – The Nuts and Bolts:
For decades, there have been sites out there that will sell marketers backlinks as a means of influencing article and site ranking within searches. A long time ago Google treated all links as being equal. In the letters that have gone out to webmasters, several of the key phrases from Google are: artificial or unnatural linking, buying links to pass PageRank, and link schemes. Google has decided that it is no longer going to tolerate those sorts of schemes, and in making that decision they have created Panda. The process of evolution has now gone on long enough that Google has begun to issue written warnings to sites that are not in compliance with the Google Terms of Service. In the Last weeks, we have seen some of the larger marketing houses and sellers of backlinks topple.

Backlinks, Google, and De-listing – The Next Steps:
Buildmyrank and Rank Jumpers have both fallen along with many others. Those losses alone have caused a huge splash in the Internet pond and have left many sites reeling with loss of backlinks. The collapse of both Buildmyrank or Rank Jumpers has resulted in the disappearance of hundreds and hundreds of blogs that provided unnatural, artificial, and schemed links to articles and websites all over the Internet. Interesting is that fact that comments from Rank Jumpers is that they are unwilling to rebuild their site to comply with Google because they see no way not to be punished. That alone speaks volumes about the industry. We are talking about companies that have lost millions of dollars worth of technology, sales, and business. When a company walks away from that kind of loss without the thought of rebuilding, it really says a lot about how much change would need to occur within the industry to fix the problems.

The Next Steps Global
On a more personal level, fixing the problems created by using low quality backlinks begins with each of us. The only answer is to find better methods of creating quality natural backlinks. The problem for most writers and sites is that creating better and high quality natural backlinks takes a lot of work. Another issue that many writers and sites are going to encounter is the huge amount of competition for natural backlinks. Both of these issues are reasons that led to this mess in the first place. Writers need to go back to the basics of creating relevant content that is unique both in terms of information and in terms of selling points. The competitive nature of the Internet is not much different then the competitive nature of two companies selling the same widgets. Building better quality backlinks is now going to have to include the entire garment of tools available to web-masters, marketers, and writers. This means embracing video sites and social networking sites by implementing creative but legitimate approaches to marketing. It is important to keep in mind the changes within Google. Writers are going to have to produce content that is not only

The Next Steps Local:
Now that the axe has fallen on a few of those giant link building networks the logical question for those remaining is how to stay in business without being delisted or blacklisted. The biggest issue has been about low quality links. Couple that with how google has changed search results away from the global

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

relevant but localized. That begins with developing stronger marketing strategies that include an individual aspect for attracting a lot of individual social media users. One of the better things to come from all of this is that the spot light on social media has grown. Marketers are not just faced with twitter and facebook, but newer markets such as Google + and Pinterest are also out there. In the meantime sites like Digg, Stumbpleupon, and reddit and all the social media sites / hubs have become anchors for posting links. The difference here is that as links are shared they become natural. The reader base for these networks have grown and continue to to grow. That means renewable and scalable natural link opportunities exist. With harnessing these social elements you have a recipe for high search engine ranking and visibility.

Pinning For Profit – The Growth And Phenomenon Of Pinterest
Source: By Joe Karl on May 28th, 2012

Backlinks, Google, Conclusion:



Going from a site that takes money from consumers looking to buy backlinks and instead becomes a site that empowers the smaller marketer and writer in such a way as to create a massive number of natural backlinks is really an untapped gold mine. But it looks like the gold rush has come to a end. It comes back to building quality content, probably a good idea is to focus on fewer sites and try and work on the ones that are ranking well and try to add better content and all the social signals, because if you are delivering quality content relevant to your niche you will get socially shared as well. Google has been issuing these warning letters to sites and webmasters for a while now. They have moved from the silent admonisher to the vocal advocate and disciplinarian of marketing. Articles that are written about the fall of these giant marketing houses usually begin with “It is no surprise,” and really it is no surprise that these sites are being delisted or blacklisted so for now, consumer need to focus more on how to attract and create natural backlinks instead of paying for an unatural backlinking service.

If I am not on Facebook I am on Pinterest, I am Hooked!! seems to have taken the internet and world by storm, and yet, the very definition of Pinterest eludes most of its users. Pinterest is the digital combination of post-itnotes, cork boards, photo albums and scrapbooking. This is where users pin photographs to digital boards arranged by topic. Popular photographs are then re-pinned to other boards and thus the digital world becomes a beautiful escape. Despite today’s success and the awe inspiring public’s love of this company, the beginning days were not so bright. The determination and dedication needed to develop an internet phenomenon was there, but like many things in the natural world, luck also plays a part in success. Luck and or research into topics take brilliant ideas and ignite the minds of potential internet users. Those are the combinations that are needed to create a winning web venture, but even the best idea needs the determination and motivation of success to become the next web phenomenon. The overall success of Pinterest was not an overnight process. While there are many accolades handed out to Pinterest, the growth of the company was slow. Pinterest began as an idea in 2009, and launched a beta mode platform in 2010. The path to development and production was long and arduous. It is during that time frame that determination and motivation play a key role. The remarkable thing about Pinterest and its huge success today is that the company’s growth was spurred by word of mouth and that validation has only continued since the launch of the company.

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Pinterest – The People Behind The Scenes:
The primary creator of Pinterest is Ben Silbermann, and it is thanks to his persistence that Pinterest exits today. It takes more than brains to succeed on the internet. This can be evidenced by the Website graveyard where crappy websites lay along side the broken dreams of sites that could have been front page news. These broken failures are examples of why persistence is important in web ventures. Many standard products faced set back after set back and failure after failure, and without perseverance, those products would not have

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

become the iconic legends they are today. Perseverance is the key. Most of use have seen the Dyson commercial where Mr. Dyson says this vacuum took X number of thousands of failures before we found success. What is important here is not the fact that things failed. It is the fact that Mr. Dyson learned from each failure. This is the lesson that people need to understand when launching sites on the internet. Having the ability to pick yourself up by your boot straps and dust yourself off is important, but finding the drive to continue is even more important.

Pinterest – Growth:
From beta mode to 1 million unique visitors took one year and four months, which is awesome considering that the primary mode of marketing was by word of mouth. The extreme excitement about Pinterest’s growth comes form the period between July of 2011 and April of 2012. During that period, Pinterest has welcomed over 12 million unique visitors. The balloon in new visitors equates to 11 million new visitors in just seven months. That rate of growth has amplified the excitement around Pinterest and fuelled the fervour of other web developers. The knowledge that giants can still be born and the next Google may still be undiscovered has many people dusting off their projects and trying again. One of the fuels that has created this remarkable growth is the utilization of Facebook as a means of logging in to Pinterest.

idea behind Pinterest is to share beautiful photographs. Not every business will fit into that structure, but there are still ways to promote your business using Pinterest. Complicated marketing strategies will not work well. Ideas need to be simple and clear much like an advertisement in a magazine. The goal is to have your pins shared by everyone who comes into contact with your boards. Since Pinterest is organized around pin boards, businesses and individuals can use either the pin or the pin board as a marketing tool. Creating simple and beautiful pin boards can help businesses to gain followers. Which is better a single, beautiful photograph or an entire pin board full of them? Perhaps neither and yet both may be better. That is the quandary that marketers face when dealing with social media. The important thing to remember is that growth takes both time and energy. Pinterest has the ability to replace or at the very least compete with sites such as While this may seem like a broad statement, consider the fact that online store front can be an extension of a physical store. If a Pinterest marketing campaign can drive visitors to an online store then the possibility of online sales increases. is a mega-plex of small online stores. The difference is that charges for their services when people want to list things to sell. With Pinterest, the sale transaction takes place on the businesses website and not on Pinterest. Combine the motivation for each social network you use into a marketing plan that encompasses all of them. If facebook is used to find friends and twitter is used to share information, and pinterest is used to share photographs, then use pinterest to enable your friends to share information about products. Using the power of each social media site to your full advantage is not only awesome it is pretty much free. Marketing plans should include some form of activity that occurs on a daily or weekly schedule. Timed promotions encourage readers to visit your pin boards regularly.

Pinterest – The Relationship With Facebook:
A new Pinterest feature that I found today was the ability to add Pinterest to my Facebook time line. The relationship between Pinterest and Facebook is long. Pinterest allows users to sign in using their Facebook account. In the Pinterest terms of service, they explain their data collection programs, and that includes all of your data on Facebook. This is one of the reasons why 11 million users signed up in just seven months. Pinterest is able to market to all of your Facebook friends. This is an important lesson for other sites who are trying to recruit unique visitors. The power of social media sites is awesome. Facebook is not the only social media site that Pinterest uses, nor it is the only site that offers an opportunity for user recruitment. Twitter is another great source and one that is also used by Pinterest.

Pinterest – Applying Pinterest to Business Marketing Plans:
Applying the principals of business to the fundamental aspects of social media is something that large and small businesses should consider. The power of social media is that they contain a great many users. That fact is evidenced in the shear magnitude of unique users who signed up for Pinterest in the last seven months. Applying social media to your business plan takes us back to applying perseverance to your daily routine. It takes more than just signing up to attract followers. It takes an investment of time for social media networks to pay off for business applications. Turning social media into a winning marketing platform begins with developing a plan for how your business will use social media sites as a tool, especially Pinterest. The

Pinterest – Conclusion:
Thanks to Ben and Pinterest team, the latest web phenomenon has eclipsed even some of the larger web giants. The continual upward momentum stirs the excitement pot even for investors. The success of Pinterest is a homage to the perseverance and a lesson that other web developers should pay close attention too. Websites, store fronts, and online marketers can take advantage of the magnetism of Pinterest by developing marketing strategies that work with the strengths of the platform. This may include using the different characteristics of all social media sites within the marketing plan. Businesses should keep in mind the rewards


May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

for being persistent by applying daily and weekly aspects to their Pinterest marketing plan. There are many lessons to be learned from Pinterest, and most of those lessons are positive. The best aspect of Pinterest may not be its function, but rather the fact that it completes a marketing trilogy between itself, Facebook, and Twitter. Marketing is about attracting unique visitors, and now that Pinterest has brought into the mix the ability to share beautiful photographs the elements of marketing online are close to being complete. In the meantime, the opportunities for businesses to utilize social media sites as free marketing tools have gotten better.

As Google rolls out the latest version of Panda and rools out 40 search updates 3.3 Panda has caused quite a stir within the SEO and affiliate marketing arenas. The attention is being paid to the changes or suspected changes as to how Google Search will rank pages or sites and of course the de-indexing of all the blog networks, some that where highly respected in the SEO and Internet Marketing community. The uproar has been over the de-indexing of those blog networks, as many internet marketers used these sites to help push their links and rankings up. Speculation over the recent changes may mean the end of Page-Rank as Google has had time to polish the more efficient Search Tool within Panda 3.3. The question is what is Panda 3.3 looking for? The answer, though unclear, seems to revolve around backlinks with preferential treatment to natural backlinks and natural back linking methods. In saying that what this really means is if your site is good enough and the content you deliver is of quality and offer’s your reader or subscriber enough value to come back, your reader may share your site naturally through social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and all the other web 2.0 platforms. People who like your work and find value in your posts will link back to your site, providing you continue to offer quality content and by doing this, you will start to build a social community of people sharing your stuff.

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Where To Get Better, More Natural Backlinks Defined:
What is a natural back-link? A natural back-link is a link to your article or site that occurs when someone who likes your work posts a link to your work on their site or within their article, or by sharing your link through a social media platform. So it could mean that building a top and consistent reputation and presence with a large following of fans could take years to develop. This is why the question from every SEO master or Affiliate marketer is where to go to find quality natural Backlinks and where to find them fast. However, that is not really the best question to ask of Google, right now. Let me explain this by looking into how Google has changed with Panda 3.3

How To Build Better Backlinks
Source: how-to-build-better-backlinks/ By Joe Karl on May 28th, 2012

Where To Get Better Backlinks How Google Has Changed
Think search. Think innovation to the Internet. Think local. Think RELEVENT, Those are the things that Google is about. Changes to mobile technology have lit a beacon to locality. Google has recognized that searches are divided into generalized research or specific destinations. So people who are searching the Internet are looking for information that is either general such as, how to grow tomatoes etc. However, the other side of searches are people searching within their local areas. They may be searching for a restaurant, a destination, or products. Google has validated the local consumer. Many of the changes that have occurred with the latest update of Panda now rank local search results above those results that are farther away from the searcher. So it seems that regardless of Backlinks relative distance now seems to be the key to

Where To Get Better Backlinks? That’s The Hot Topic In SEO currently I have been spending a lot of my time lately reclining back in my black comfortable office chair kicking up my feet on my study desk cracking open a packet of Doritos (original flavored of course) opening a bottle of corona and flicking open a tab in google chrome to the Google Webmaster Help forums, the threads have been quite entertaining as the changes are upon us.

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

ranking higher in Internet searches. This takes us back to one of the key components of Google. Quality Content wins over Quantity. This is even truer as Google Search promotes local search results.

Where To Get Better Backlinks And Finding Better Backlink Opportunities With Social Sites
There are many sources out there that provide Backlinks. One of the easiest places to get better Backlinks are from social networking sites. If you notice, in search results on Google that there are icons that indicate how readers have judged those articles that appear within the search. Facebook Like, Google +, and Twitter buttons are some of the most popular and now there is even a pin to pinterest button on amazon. Those social networks and many others such as DIGG, Reddit, Buzz, Stumbleupon, and Linkedin provide links and followers. Most if not all of these sites provide you with an instant back-link to your site or article. More importantly, these sites all offer the potential for many of the sites users to interact with your site or article in such a way that would create even more natural and better backlinks. Each time that someone shares your work, or likes your work, etc, creates a link back to your work and in doing so provides search engines with proof positive that readers validate your work. Using social media sites and social media marketing is not only about finding backlinks they are also a perfect way to build a following which helps build your brand and your tribe. And google knows whats going on in the social arena they can see what sites are popular and are getting shared around from social site to social site from web 2.0 sites to social and so forth, they know!!

Where To Get Better Backlinks – Finding Better Opportunities – Building Support

Where To Get Better Natural Backlinks – Finding Better Opportunities – Sharing The Spotlight:
There are many opportunities out there for sharing the spotlight with people who write or market within the niches that appeal to you. Obviously, our goals should be about promoting our own work first, but collaboration will often bring your work farther than it would go if it was promoted only by yourself. If we think about search engine evaluation results or SERPS, then we have to include that relationship as a form of collaboration. The idea behind building better backlinks is to enhance the collaboration between your work and page position on search engine results. That can be achieved by looking for opportunities that allow writers and marketers to be guest writers on other blogs relevant to their niche or topics. The best way to approach this is to recruit quality guests to post on your on blog(s). That is how collaboration works. A group of people working together to promote each others work becomes a marketing team. Each member becomes exposed as a writer or marketer to more and more readers. Those readers then have the opportunity to share your work through social media sites. Collaboration works well to increase readership and fan base and both of those are important parts of developing natural backlinks.

Many internet marketers who try to build these little fly buy one night, gone the next type of websites like adsense revenue sites, online selling, and Amazon kingdoms, affiliate blogs, CPA blogs etc fail to attract the number of readers / subscriber’s or shoppers needed to sustain a quality income long term. If you’re not focusing on what’s really in it for your reader and customer, what are their needs wants and desires? And delivering exactly what that is straight to their door through quality content and a great user experience and also delivering to them what they are looking for using compelling copy you don’t have a chance in hell as these days the big G is getting smart as they know what delivers quality in the eyes of the customer. People or newbies are just not building a social online community of loyal subscriber’s and perhaps the biggest fault is the lack of support for their blog, article or site. It is one thing to write a great article, but it is quite another thing to follow through with supporting that article in as many venues as possible. So how does one accomplish that? In the old days, writers would have spun the article and posted it to many of the article marketing websites and people still do that using Article Marketing Robot and other automated article marketing software. Today that is a very dangerous thing to do as spun articles are pretty much pushed to the bottom of the grid by Panda. Those article and web 2.0 sites are still there, and they still remain a great way to promote or support an article, blog post, or even a site but to do this under the watchful eyes of Panda requires a spin of a different nature. Most of these sites have a minimum word requirement for articles to be posted, but writing a 400 – 550 word sub article is not difficult, especially if you have a team of writers. So the goal is not to spin your article, but to spin your idea and still deliver high quality new content to those sites. If you write an article about the newest I-phone then be prepared to write as many mini-articles about your promotional points within your main article. For example, one mini-article may be titled Why buy the new I-phone? Don’t copy your main article just touch briefly on the point within your main article. In each mini article, place a link back to your main article, Then they get submitted to all the article and social sites. In this way, you gain readers, backlinks, and support for your main article. Each mini-article that you write should be different from all

May 28th, 2012

Published by: Joe Karl Dynamite Internet Marketing Online

of the others and should support a different part of your main article. So make sure you don’t forget to spend time writing a great main article as good content is king. Also don’t over optimise on on-page SEO, that’s not as important these days so just keep it natural and make sure you vary up your backlinking anchor text also!!

Panda 3.3 – Conclusion:
The new changes unveiled by Panda 3.3 have made a drastic change to how Internet Marketing and SEO is done. While changes cause us all to take a closer look at how to succeed within this arena, they also provide an opportunity for all of us to compete fairly for market share. And of course lead to Google Finding more high-quality sites in the search engine which is excellent. Learning how to find better backlinks and how to build your own backlinks is the power that Panda gives to each of us. No longer, is the little guy going to be buried by the powermarketers with massive sites and massive link networks. The tools contained in this article should help everyone to build support for their site and their writing. This takes work, but mostly everything in life that is worthy takes work and dedication.

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