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TOSHIBA e-STUDIO Series Copyright(c) 2006-2010 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All Rights Reserved.

June 1, 2010 This product has the following restrictions and issues. Please be sure to read this before using. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Installation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Issues ====== 1. When a previous version of the Remote Scan driver has been installed, uninsta ll it and install the latest version. The TOSHIBA e-STUDIO series products are as follows: e-STUDIO6530C Series e-STUDIO4520C Series e-STUDIO850/853 Series e-STUDIO451c/453c Series e-STUDIO452/453 Series e-STUDIO282/283 Series e-STUDIO3510c Series e-STUDIO455 Series e-STUDIO855 Series 2. New drivers and applications, which are installed from this CD-ROM, may not f unction properly if those of old TOSHIBA products are already installed on a PC and are removed after the installation of new ones. In such a case, uninstall the new drivers and applications, then install them ag ain using the CD-ROM. 3. Do not use the Repair setup on the PC to repair the client software, where Wi ndows XP SP2 is not supported. Instead, uninstall the client software, and then reinstall it using the installer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------e-STUDIO Series Remote Scan Driver Version -------------------------------------------------------------------------------To enable the e-STUDIO Remote Scan driver, settings may be required depending on application software used. If the settings are required, please make settings in accordance with the manual of the application software. - TextBridge/OmniPage Configure the following in the "Scanner setup wizard": 1. Select "Show TWAIN Interface" in the "Advanced" configuration. 2. Capture a one-page original for testing the scanner. - Readiris Configure the following in the "OCR wizard": 1. Select "Scanner" to proceed. 2. Select "<Twain><other models>" on the "Type" dialog. 3. Select the "Configure" button on the "Scanner" dialog. 4. Select a driver on the "Select Source" dialog. - Use Custom Insert to capture documents from Microsoft Office.

- Imaging applications do not support reading an original containing B&W and ful l-color pages that vary in size. - Applications such as Acrobat do not support capturing through TWAIN; depending on colors, paper sizes, or several originals with mixed resolutions. To captur e an image using such applications, capture each page individually or use the Fi leDownloader to save the same document first. Then open it from applications su ch as TIFF/PDF. This software supports the following models: - e-STUDIO3510c series - e-STUDIO451c Series - e-STUDIO452/453 Series - e-STUDIO282/283 Series - e-STUDIO850/853 Series - e-STUDIO6530C Series - e-STUDIO4520C Series - e-STUDIO455 Series - e-STUDIO855 Series The Remote Scan driver needs a scanner enabler or a print and scanner enabler. ( e-STUDIO452/453 Series, e-STUDIO282/283 Series, and e-STUDIO850/853 Series) When you use Windows Server 2008, install Desktop Experience via Administrative Tools in advance. (1) Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager (2) Click [Add Features]. (3) Select the [Desktop Experience] checkbox and click the [Next] button. (4) Click the [Install] button. (5) When installation results are displayed, click the [Close] button. (6) When you are asked if you want to restart your computer, click the [Yes] but ton to restart. Issues ======== 1. Cautions for Using The Remote Scan Driver (1) Control Panel While A Remote Scan Is Being Connected - While a remote scan is in operation, the control panel displays the remote sca n screen. - A remote scan connection can be forcibly terminated by pressing the [CANCEL] b utton on the control panel. -All operation buttons, except for the [CANCEL] button, are disabled. -A remote scan connection can also be terminated from a client application or the Scan Jobs function of TopAccess. -As each remote scan connection continues until a transmission of images to a client PC completes, it may take several minutes for other operations to become available after a scanning operation completes. (2) Remote Scan Restrictions - No Notification is sent when a remote scan job is successfully completed or an error occurs. - When an electric power failure occurs while a remote scan job is in operation, the scanned image data disappears. Please repeat the procedure again from the beginning. Troubleshooting ====================== 1. Cannot find the MFP.

[Problem Description] Even the Local Discovery function cannot find the MFP. [Corrective Action] Please check the following: - The MFP and PC are connected to the network via TCP/IP. - The gateway setting is correct in the case that the device is in the different subnet area. 2. Cannot connect the MFP which was found by the Local Discovery function. [Problem Description] The MFP was found by the Local Discovery function but cannot be connected after being selected. [Corrective Action] (1) Check that the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or later is installed. (2) Check that the proxy setting of the Microsoft Internet Explorer is correct s o that the MFP can be connected. (3) Check that the Microsoft Internet Explorer is online. If it is offline, set it to online. 3. Image Corrupts When Acquiring Color Mixed Document [Problem Description] An image will become corrupted when capturing the document that contains both co lor pages and black and white pages, using the RemoteScan driver. [Corrective Action] Capturing a color and black/white mixed document is not supported by some applic ations. In that case, capture the color pages and black and white pages separat ely or store the document as a file using the FileDownloader. 4. Error Messages When an error message appears, please solve the problem with reference to the fo llowing explanations: [Error Message] "Device is not found." [Corrective Action] The power of the MFP is off or the network is in operation. Please turn the pow er of the MFP on (or off and on again) and repeat the procedure again after a wh ile. [Error Message] "Internal Error Occurred." [Corrective Action] An internal error occurred. Please check the status of the MFP. If the error c annot be cleared, turn the power of the MFP off and on again and restart the app lication, then repeat the procedure again. [Error Message] "Disk is Full." [Corrective Action] Your PC's hard disk is full. Please delete unnecessary data using the Delete fu

nction and repeat the procedure again with a sufficient free space. [Error Message] "The MFP is Unsupported." [Corrective Action] When an attempt is made to connect with an unsupported model, connection fails a nd this error message appears. Please connect to a model supported by this softw are. [Error Message] Invalid Combination [Corrective Action] The combination of settings is not supported. Make a correct setting again. [Error Message] "Paper Jam Occurred." [Corrective Action] A paper jam has occurred in the MFP. Please clear the jam and repeat the proced ure. [Error Message] "MFP is Busy" [Corrective Action] The MFP is in a busy state. Try again after a brief interval. [Error Message] "Connection lost due to timeout." [Corrective Action] A session timeout occurred. Restart the application, or reconnect the MFP by se lecting "Devices" => "Discovery" or "Devices" => "Select e-STUDIO" from the menu . [Error Message] "Another user is using the MFP." [Corrective Action] Another user is operating the MFP. Retry this operation later. [Error Message] "Network Error Occurred." [Corrective Action] A network error has occurred. Check the network connection. [Error Message] "Outside range parameter." [Corrective Action] An invalid value is set. Set a valid value. [Error Message] "Invalid department code." [Corrective Action]

An invalid department code is entered. Enter a valid department code. [Error Message] "Invalid Username or Password. Please make sure your user name and password are correct." [Corrective Action] An invalid username or password is entered. Enter a valid user name and passwor d. [Error Message] "RBAC error: A user having the entered username/password is not provided with th e RemoteScan privilege. Please contact your server administrator." [Corrective Action] A Role Based Access error has occurred. Please check role (rights to use functi ons assigned to each user) settings. [Error Message] Failed to auto login.User's domain setting had been changed.Please login again. [Corrective Action] User domain settings have been changed. Try to log in again or contact your syst em administrator. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trademarks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The official name of Windows XP is Microsoft Windows XP Operating System. - Microsoft, Windows and the brand names and product names of other Microsoft pr oducts are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. - Other company names and product names in this manual are the trademarks of the ir respective companies.