Automobile Engineering

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Sensor Operated Automatic Reverse Braking System Digital Fuel Level Indicator Automatic Pneumatic welding Robot Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler Voice Controlled Material handling vehicle Vehicle Accident identifier with SMS informer Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler Automatic Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV) Cell Phone Controlled jumping Robot Sensor Operated Track Guided Vehicle Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine Digital locking system for material handling vehicle Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler Remote operated weapon system Foldable Electric Go Bed Drive Automatic reserve indication system Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic Jack Automatic head light dim and bright controller Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Two Wheeler Automation with security System Fabrication of Gas kit for two Wheeler GPS based vehicle root tracking system Automatic Vehicle Locator(AVL) SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system Composite leaf spring suspension Hydrodive Bosch Suspension Kinetic Grill-less Design Electronic Throttle control- Intelligent systems Catalytic Converters Quasi Turbine Engines Ion Drive Engine Future Trends In Automobiles Independent Wheel Vehicle Suspension Future Electrical Steering System Electronic Multipoint Fuel Injection System

Directional Reach Trucks Traffic models and trafffic simulation tools Advanced Ferryboat Technologies and Lean Burn Spark Ignition Engine Electric Automobiles Advanced Propulsion Methods Air Car .                                       Fuzzy Logic In Automotive Engineering Impact Of Fuel Quality Recreational Vehicle (RV) Hydro Drive Automotive Mechanics Variable timing Valve Trains (VTVT) The Hy-Wire Car Application of advanced materials in automobiles Tiptronic Gearbox Negative Pressure Supercharging Generation and safe use of hydrogen as a road vehicle secondary fuel CVT Design Air Car Adaptive Light patterns for Automobiles Automotive embedded electronics Recent trends in emission control techniques for engines Fuel Energizer Automobile Pollution Automatic Parking Brake Soild State Electic Braking System Hydrostatic Power Steering Steering Systems Speed Governor Magnetic Levitation Trains Quality Function Deployment Platooning for Small Public Urban Vehicles Safety Systems Four Wheel Steering Air Cushion Vehicles Current demand for automobile financing Pallet Stackers & Pallet Trucks The beginnings of the German car industry Multi.

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or eco-efficiency analysis Design for environment (DfE) LED Lighting Sustainable Engineering and Eco Design Energy from Stored compressed gas (air.                              Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Super Flexible Elastomeric Coupling Cellular Manufacturing Thermal Energy Storage or Permanent Load Shifting Cost Effective Near Net Zero Energy (NZE) Solution Manufacturing of synthetic fuels Microbial Fuel Cells Aerodynamic design of wind turbine Analysis of solar thermal power generation Wind energy system controls Ultra Low Pollution Combustion Engine/Fuel Power quality issues with Grid connected Wind Energy Systems Solar Lightning A Smart Grid-Integrated Efficiency Solution Solar Industry -Challenges and Opportunities Developing sustainable strategies Cycle Management Product Sustainability Through Carbon Foot Print and Life Emissions management. clean development mechanism projects Technology benchmarking. Hydrogen. Oxygen) Under water hydroelectric energy planes Carbon footprint Life cycle assessment (LCA) Developing sustainability indicators Solar Cars / solar aircraft Gravity energy capture device Sustainable Engineering .