QB Fundamentals in the Spread Option Mike Bellotti, Univ.

of Oregon 2008 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Friday, March 7, 2008 Thoughts on Team-building Not “if,” it’s “when” – show confidence for players in order to inspire confidence in them Love your players Team pledge/core values – “We” statements; what we (coaches & players) believe ∙“We promise to…” -- take responsibility for action and inaction -- no regrets, no excuses Story night – everyone tells their life story; creates bond among all… Spread Shotgun Advantages: ∙force defense to defend the width & depth of the field ∙create more 1-on-1 situations for more RAC (run-after-catch) opportunities ∙can see the blitz coming or it must come from a distance ∙easier to read coverage ∙QB separation from LOS Disadvantages: ∙lose lead back running game ∙QB eyes must be on shotgun snap, affects ability to read coverage ∙2 open-side offensive tackles with no help ∙defense can always outnumber – need options, hots, sight reads in the offense ∙QB must be a viable run threat QB Development Characteristics looking for in QB recruit: 1) mental characteristics 2) performance characteristics 3) physical characteristics skill development: ∙drop step – when under center; clearing step to get foot out of way of center ∙weight transfer – start with line thru hips aimed at receiver, finish with belly button aimed at receiver; “overframe” the target by moving front foot wider during throw, moving from closed stance to open stance

Bellotti 2008, p.1

∙“2nd and long” drill – competitive; emphasizes good decision-making by QB; don’t have to have deep/long play; need to get sufficient yardage for good 3rd down situation; look for checkdowns Do as much 11-on-11 as 7-on-7 ∙7-on-7 does not give sense of amount of time have for the throw ∙11-on-11 is more realistic

Bellotti 2008, p.2

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