Burgundy by bike


Burgundy by bike

Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ®

Cycling for Fun in Burgundy
iscover Burgundy in all its splendour, stopping and starting as
and when you please, as you travel alongside canals, disused railway lines or quiet country roads. Whether you have a few hours or a few days to spare, whether you are cycling, rollerblading… or pushing a pram, now is your chance to explore a region synonymous with the good things in life, to meet its inhabitants, admire its heritage and history and enjoy its inimitable art de vivre.

Holiday cycling used to be a concept, but Burgundy has made it a reality.
Now, with the Cycling Tour of Burgundy, cycling enthusiasts can give free reign to their passion and at the same time discover the beauty of the countryside. The Cycling Tour of Burgundy is not designed as a stiff sporting challenge but as a gentle itinerary taking you to the heart of the land – its vineyards, its little-known landscapes and sleepy country villages, its towns steeped in art and history. A Romanesque church rising above peaceful meadows, a lock-keeper’s house inhabited by a craftsman, the little cobblestone streets of a medieval town, the welcoming cool of a wine cellar…. a never-ending list of things to do and see as you cycle in quest of authentic Burgundy. Those of you familiar with Yves Montand’s beautiful song La bicyclette will know that happiness is “getting up early in the morning and setting off with friends along the highways and byways…. à bicyclette. Take the Cycling Tour of Burgundy and enjoy tourism with a human face!



Ways and means p. Canal du Centre. The 5 Itineraries of the Tour p. Here. you can combine all the fun of cycling with the discovery of the region’s many attractions: vineyards and gastronomy.com 03 . Voie des Vignes (“Vineyard Way”) and a host of other itineraries you can build up for yourself in the four departments of the region. rivers and canals. then that region is surely Burgundy. www. Burgundy Canal. 04 to 13 If there is one region where cycling rhymes with pleasure. old buildings and historical monuments. Nivernais Canal. 28 to 31 Practical information and tips for planning your trip.Contents The Tour of earthly delights p. The region offers a unique network of cycling routes: five main itineraries (Southern Burgundy. welcoming inns and hotels and inimitable Burgundian hospitality.la-bourgogne-a-velo. 14 to 27 The expression voie verte (“green way”) owes its origin to Burgundy.

Volnay. page 26). – all generously provided with vineyards and welcoming wine-tasting cellars! So you can look forward to some pleasant visits to blissfully cool wine cellars and beckoning country restaurants before saddling up once more. a grand cru or perhaps a more modest vintage.Montrachet and others that you will meet on the véloroute running from Beaune to Santenay (see Itinerary 5. The Cycling Tour of Burgundy is a tour of the vineyards! www. the Côte Chalonnaise and the Mâconnais.la-bourgogne-a-velo. from a region holding the world record for the number of appellations (100 AOC wines listed). Chassagne. your legs rejuvenated and your mind refreshed. Enter a rich and complex world in which local soil and time-honoured expertise combine to produce the finest Burgundy wines. The Cycling Tour of Burgundy takes you through the vineyards of the Auxerrois and Tonnerrois. the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. Or perhaps you prefer a good night’s sleep on the wine estate after a hearty meal? Each stage of your journey brings an opportunity to savour a particular variety of wine.Vineyards and Winegrowers Out and about in the land of great wines I f Burgundy is virtually synonymous with great wines. etc.com 05 . the Cycling Tour of Burgundy is inseparable from such vineyards of world repute as Pommard. Meursault.

inns and tables d’hôtes along the way. A veritable feast for the senses and an unforgettable moment of pleasure and emotion. If you want to put this reputation to the test and check that the culinary traditions are alive and well. that the chefs have lost none of their legendary prowess – then the Cycling Tour of Burgundy is an excellent way of doing so! At different points along the way. a handful of raspberries gleaned from a producer in the Hautes-Côtes. The succulent produce on display at a country fair or a local market will whet your appetite for the recipes served in the countless restaurants.com 07 . no holiday would be complete without a meal at a top restaurant in one of France’s most renowned gastronomic regions. a few slices of Morvan ham slipped into your saddle bag for a well-earned snack. an enticing pôchouse (fish stew) as you break your journey along the banks of the Saône. And to save the best for the last. Cîteaux and Chevreton de Mâcon. Enjoy to the full such simple pleasures as the fabled Bresse chicken or an andouillette sausage in a Chablis sauce. you will have a chance to savour the many culinary delights of Burgundy: deliciously light and creamy gougères (choux pastry with added cheese) to accompany an aperitif in a country bistro. that the local produce is as varied and as excellent as ever. followed by such delicious Burgundian cheeses as Epoisses. etc.la-bourgogne-a-velo. www.Bon Appetit! jaunts T Gastronomic he region enjoys of course a worldwide reputation for gastronomy.

Beaune and Nevers with their inestimable treasures of art and history. Vézelay and Paray-leMonial.The Legacy of the Past Cycling Beaune Cluny Auxerre into the past C ycling in Burgundy is also a journey into an ever-present past! Wherever your itinerary takes you. not forgetting the cultural and industrial legacy wrought by human ingenuity: Digoin and the boatmen of the Loire. the beauty of these historical monuments is complemented by the infinite charm of little medieval towns (Semur-enAuxois. too. and so on. and last but not least the Burgundy of the ducal towns of Dijon.com 09 . flamboyant Burgundy with châteaux like Bussy-Rabutin and Cormatin. Montbard and the famous scientist Buffon. At every turning. Cluny. the tunnel of Pouilly-enAuxois and the Echelle de Sardy (“Sardy Ladder”) with its sixteen locks on the Nivernais Canal. www. Chalon-sur-Saône and Nicéphore Niepce. etc. the mythical Burgundy of our ancestors the Gauls at the site of Alésia. the genius who invented photography.). pay tribute to such breathtaking feats of civil engineering as the bridge-canal of Digoin. the Burgundy of monastic and spiritual tradition exemplified by such landmarks as Cîteaux. Saint-Gengoux-le-National. you will never be far from a truly exceptional historical heritage. Bourbon-Lancy. Your Cycling Tour of Burgundy becomes an invitation to explore Burgundian history: prehistoric Burgundy in the shape of the famous Rock of Solutré. The canals. not to mention countless little Romanesque churches.la-bourgogne-a-velo.

com 11 . The aptly named Burgundy Canal (from Migennes to Dijon). downstream Canal du Nivernais I n the course of your Cycling Tour of Burgundy you will discover that the canals of Burgundy are much more than simple waterways. the boatmen have long since ceded pride of place to inland waterway enthusiasts. They bear eloquent witness to the adventure of the inland waterways and the extraordinary challenge of creating tunnels and locks to overcome the tyranny imposed by nature’s contours.la-bourgogne-a-velo. The towpaths have been given a new lease of life in the form of cycle paths or véloroutes. with many a reminder of the extraordinary feats of human and technical endeavour that went into their making. On these once abandoned waters. the Canal du Centre (from Chalon-sur-Saône to Digoin) and the Nivernais Canal (from Decize to Clamecy and then Auxerre) together cover some 1000 kilometres. You will have ample opportunity to admire this striking industrial tribute to human ingenuity and to thank the inventors of the canal lock system for making cycling along the towpath such a pleasant – and undemanding – experience! www.Rivers and Canals Upstream. just as certain old railway lines have been converted into “green ways” or voies vertes.

established perhaps in a château or even a former abbey. As you will see. The towns and villages are liberally sprinkled with hotels.com 13 . there are numerous camping sites dotted about the region. at the end of each day. a convivial meal and a comfortable bed? A fter a (not very strenuous) day in the saddle. the owners of little winegrowers’ houses of character. For those of you who can’t get enough fresh air. you will never have any trouble in finding B&B accommodation or overnight stays for groups.Board and Lodging Tempting overnight accommodation You will find no shortage of quality accommodation in the course of your Cycling Tour of Burgundy. ranging from the simple and friendly “Logis de France” network to four-star luxury hotels. Warm-hearted Burgundian folk will open wide their doors to you.la-bourgogne-a-velo. or of sumptuous manor houses complete with period furniture. than a pleasant evening. our motto of “Land of great art and good living” is no idle boast. www. For what could be more rewarding. and if you would rather not weigh yourself down with a tent. you will find other camping grounds that provide little wooden chalets or bungalows. it’s time to reap your reward! As you travel along the little country roads of Burgundy. For one or more nights. Many of them are located beside a river or lake. will make you feel at home.

cyclists of all ages can take their pick from a wide variety of itineraries according to their means and desires. with its historical heritage and its vineyards. Indeed. its 14 www. Burgundy invented the voie verte appellation by opening up a green way between Buxy and Cluny in the Saône-et-Loire department. keeping pace with the desires of a new breed of tourist (cyclists. On your own. the notion of voies vertes – variously known as green ways in the UK. with your family or a group of friends. Since then the idea has caught on in a big way and Burgundy now offers leisure cycling enthusiasts the largest regional network of voies vertes in France. first translated into French in Burgundy and first applied at a practical level in Germany. the whole of Burgundy beckons you. As early as 1997. Burgundy. Cycle as you please and for as long as you like along converted railway lines and beside canals in the four departments of the Burgundy region. With two-thirds of the total 800 km already in operation in 2007. you can choose between a short outing and an expedition lasting several days. The term was first invented by the British. its origins can be traced back to the 1980s and the 600 km of véloroute running alongside the Danube in Germany and Austria. Since then. vias verdes in Spain and Radweg in Germany (see box for definitions) – has gradually been gaining momentum throughout Europe. making the most of a network joining up four very different departments.com . independent and flexible holiday experience. rollerbladers. from the vineyards of Beaune to the Mâconnais. baptised voie verte for the first time in France. Burgundy showed the way with a reserved itinerary running from Givry to Cluny in the Saône-et-Loire department (see the itinerary on pages 18-19). This asphalt strip. proved a great success and led to the creation of a regional network of véloroutes without equivalent anywhere else in the country. From the gentle hedged farmland of the Charolais to the gates of the Morvan. from the sloping vineyards of the Auxerrois to the plains of the Auxois. On your bike! the véloroute (cycle track) reigns supreme O ver the past 12 years or so.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® In the land of the voie verte (green way) In 1997. the phenomenon has spread throughout Europe. France has not been slow to follow suit. scooter enthusiasts and walkers) in search of a safe.la-bourgogne-a-velo.

From now on. quiet country roads shared with motorised traffic*. people in wheelchairs. farmers.com 15 . noise and danger.la-bourgogne-a-velo. the gradient must not exceed 3%). • A voie ver te is a special itinerary exclusively reserved for non-motorised traffic: pedestrians. today’s cyclist has turned that dream into reality. It is made up of different stretches which may take different forms: voies vertes. The great Dukes of Burgundy once dreamt of a Europe without frontiers. cyclists may also come across waterway officials. pleasant. long-distance cycling itinerary (with very few exceptions. www. etc. you can count on a véloroute close at hand – and a wonderful feeling of achievement at the end of the day. and marked by only the gentlest of slopes! Cycle where. Burgundy is in fact on the itinerary which will shortly link Nantes to Budapest. *Fewer than 1000 vehicles per day according to national specifications. Burgundy boasts a higher proportion of voies vertes than most other French regions. roller-bladers. It should be noted that a voie verte is neither a pedestrian area nor a road and is not yet covered by any precise legal definition. local residents. On certain stretches. cycling corridors. the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. A Burgundy blissfully free of traffic. These véloroutes may also be used by rollerbladers. etc. cyclists. when and as you please. walkers and persons with restricted mobility.Voies Vertes and Véloroutes town and villages and its inimitable art de vivre. all véloroutes lead to Burgundy! • A véloroute is a safe. Located at the hub of the European network. You can’t go wrong! Whatever your choice. Thanks to its many towpaths.

The network is expanding with each succeeding year thanks to the combined financial contribution of the French State. accompanied baggage facilities. partly made up of voies vertes where no motorised traffic is allowed. the Burgundy Regional Council and the four General Councils of the Côte-d'Or. It will also be accessible via the Eurovéloroute. the Nièvre. joining up four very different departments and showcasing their main attractions (châteaux and other historical buildings. disused railway lines and little country roads. * 580 kilometres operational at the end of 2006. The itinerary. W 800 km tomorrow ith the development of the nation’s most extensive network o f v é l o ro u t e s . Bu r g u n d y w i l l eventually possess a continuous loop of over 800 kilometres*. bicycles for hire. little towns of character. for the most part follows canal towpaths but also vineyard paths.com . etc.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo®… 580 km today. B&B accommodation. villages.) under a single “itinerant tourism” heading. The Cycling Tour of Burgundy is divided into five itineraries described in detail in the following pages. vineyards.). and from the west via Nantes and Nevers. the Saône-et-Loire and the Yonne.la-bourgogne-a-velo. from the east via Switzerland and Chalon-sur-Saône. 16 www. about 660 kilometres scheduled for the end of 2007. The aim is to provide cyclists not only with suitable routes and tracks but also with a complete range of services (stopping places. restaurants. etc.

from Dijon to Santenay p. 18-19 p. from Auxerre to Dijon Parcours praticable Parcours en cours d'aménagement Parcours à venir de nal Ca Yonne Migennes o p.com 17 .la-bourgogne-a-velo. return via the Voie Bleue p. 20-21 la ire Lo Mâcon 0 20 Km 40 Km àD i igo n 0 20 Km 40 Km www.…Today and Tomorrow Itinerary 4: Along the Burgundy Canal From Migennes to Dijon via Montbard Tomorrow*. 22-23 NuitsSaint-Georges Châtillon-en-Bazois Beaune Santenay Saint-Legersur-Dheune Ca nt re St-Symphoriensur-Saône Pagny-le-Château Nevers Villeneuve-sur-Yonne Decize Cana l la tér al à Chagny Verdun-sur-le-Doubs Gergy ld u Rully Givry Cronat Bourbon-Lancy Digoin ne Canal de Roan Ecuisses Montceaules-Mines Parcours praticable Itinerary 2: From the Saône to the Parcours en cours Loire via the Canal dud'aménagement Centre Parcours à venir From Chalon-sur-Saône to Saint-Légersur-DheuneRivièrefrom Volesvres to Cronat and Tomorrow*. from extension asVignobles far as Nevers Ligne TGV Volesvres Parayle-Monial Saôneet-Loire Cluny Charnayles-Mâcon Mâcon-Loché na Chalonsur-Saône Ce La Saône à la r Loi e Clamecy Pouillyen-Auxois Nièvre Chitryles-Mines Dijon Tournus Fleurville Itinerary 1: Southern Burgundy From Chalon-sur-Saône to Mâcon via the Voie Verte Tomorrow*. 26-27 vernais Canal du Ni Itinerary 3: The Nivernais Canal From Decize to Auxerre via Clamecy p.Canal Chalon-sur-Saône to Decize. 24-25 Ca na l de Rivière Canal Vignobles Ligne TGV Can a Bo ur go gne Auxerre Montbard l la tér al Y e nn Tonnerre Côted'Or Pontde-Pany Itinerary 5: The Vineyard Way (Voie des Vignes) From Beaune to Santenay Tomorrow*.

Fleurville (17 km) Km 0 Mâcon. After the old railway tunnel of Bois Clair. Rest areas with tables will soon be available along the itinerary. Pending its extension to Chalon-sur-Saône. Givry CHALONSUR-SAÔNE Buxy N6 A6 St-Boil SA ÔN E TOURNUS T he itinerary is based on France’s very first voie verte. Gateway to the Val lamartinien (Vale of Lamartine). We then leave the wine slopes and travel alongside the river Grosne.Charnay-les-Mâcon (65 km) Chalon-Givry section: work ends in 2007. dovecotes.6 km). between Buxy and Cluny following the trace of an abandoned railway line. etc. Km 65 Charnay-les-Mâcon. Km 23 Saint-Gengoux-le-National. Km 19 Etiveau. Characteristic old railway station and little medieval town with remarkable fortified houses. corn exchange. specially converted for cyclists and pedestrians (6-8 minutes by bike). the itinerary starts at the picturesque little wine town of Givry and skirts the foot of the Côte Chalonnaise vineyards as far as the highly evocative former railway station of Saint-Gengoux-le-National.la-bourgogne-a-velo. etc. National Stud. Delightful Romanesque church (former priory of Cluny). Climb towards the old railway tunnel. . Km 57 La Roche-Vineuse. old winegrowers’ houses. stairways. beautiful fountains. grand staircase in an open well. Km 35 Taizé. separating the Clunisois and Mâconnais regions. Km 17 Fleurville. A tourist centre is scheduled to open in 2008 in the old Fleurville gravel pit. skipping from one bank to another as we cycle through a green valley. Cycle Museum (5000 exhibits). Pretty traditional village atop a hill. ramparts. traditional Mâconnais buildings (houses with galleries. we join up with the vineyards once again at Berzé-le- A6 CLUNY Fleurville Pont-de-Vaux Berzé-le-Châtel N6 N Tunnel du Bois Clair 79 Berzé-la-Ville La Roche-Vineuse N 79 Prissé N7 9 A 40 THE VOIE BLEUE Mâcon . charming little town with remains of fortifications. medieval town. es Km 9 Buxy. St-Gengouxle-National Malay Cormatin Taizé Parcours praticable Parcours en cours d'aménagement Parcours à venir Rivière Canal Vignobles Ligne TGV N 80 sur Dheune SA Ô NE N 73 Southern Burgundy via the Voie Verte and the Voie Bleue From Givry to the gates of the Morvan. Viaduct in the village and vineyards. (near “Le Poisson d’Or” restaurant) Cycling alongside the Saône has become a real pleasure since the recent creation of the Voie Bleue. wine museum. Renaissance château (superb Louis XIII interior.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® YOUR ITINERARY Givry .). Flower-bedecked villages. Km 28 Malay. Benedictine abbey. spiritual influence and the romantic appeal of the country forever associated with the poet Lamartine. archaeological site of the quarries of La Lie. Former station now the Tourist Office. converted into a voie verte. Km 52 Berzé-le-Châtel. ecumenical community. the Voie Verte is a delightful blend of the vineyards of the Côte Chalonnaise and historical heritage. bartizans. opened in After Cormatin.com SA ÔN E Lugny 1997. Km 62 Prissé. remarkable works of religious art in the church. Km 0 Givry. which each year attracts thousands of young people from all parts of the world. the longest voie verte tunnel in Europe (1. Extensive tree-lopping and pruning work has opened up new vistas of the Saône. Wine village of SaintSorlin. etc. Museum of Art and Archaeology. elegant town hall (18C). And so we come to Cluny whose celebrated abbey was the largest church in Christendom from the 10C to the 13C. The Voie Bleue now climbs from Mâcon to Fleurville and will extend to Chalon via the Saône in the future. sweeping views from the Tour des Fromages. Km 44 Cluny. English garden). medieval castle. towers. with its beautifully restored 17C château and extraordinary cycle museum. home of the late lamented Brother Roger’s ecumenical community. point of departure for excursions to Solutré and the vineyards of Pouilly and Saint-Véran. Km 31 Cormatin. Km 49 Le Bois Clair. we continue to the foot of the hill of Taizé. Curious church with domes and semidomes. 0 Charnay-les-Mâcon Mâcon-Loché 10 Km MÂCON 18 www. At the western edge of Mâcon.

little Romanesque churches. pottery and paintings produced by the monks are on display. La Roche-Vineuse. Chatel.. you can always visit the shop where the books.). religious discussion. etc. etc.): winegrowers’ houses with galleries. At La Roche-Vineuse. www. etc.com 19 . Les Haras nationaux de Cluny Romantic nostalgia is the theme of this 70 km route as we explore the country which inspired some of Alphonse de Lamartine’s most famous poems. A n i n s t r u c t i v e a n d m ov i n g excursion in the steps of a great poet. CLIMB THE CHURCH TOWER of Saint-Gengouxle-National. The best-known vintages (Mercurey. and admire the superb view over the medieval town. Montagny) are of truly remarkable quality and finesse.Itinerary 1: From Chalon-sur-Saône to Mâcon Cluny On the way. we waste no time in reaching Prissé and then Charnay-les-Mâcon. SEARCH FOR AUTHENTICITY in the little villages of the Mâconnais (Berzé. between wine villages and remote farmsteads. Walk to the top of the hill. you can taste the wines of the Mâconnais. Prissé. The itinerary now runs below the Mâconnais hills. by way of the c h â t e a u x o f Mo n c e a u . Rully. land of the poet Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869). DISCOVER THE WINES OF THE CÔTE C H A LO N N A I S E . a little road leads to the famous Roche de Solutré and its cousin the Roche de Vergisson. and visit the museum which traces the site’s prehistoric adventure. FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF LAMARTINE.la-bourgogne-a-velo. We travel from the museum housed in the family home in Mâcon to the poet’s endearing house of Milly. like so many others before you. among others. dovecotes.. ( P i e r r e c l o s ) a n d Sa i n t . Short of a full week-long retreat in the ecumenical community open to all (prayer. Givry. 12C Romanesque church modified in the 16C. Pouilly-Fuissé and Saint-Véran. Roche de Solutré GO ON A RETREAT AT TAIZÉ. dominated by a spectacular feudal castle. TAKE A PILGRIMAGE TO SOLUTRÉ. You can climb to the top of both these rocks and enjoy superb views over the entire region. At the end of the itinerary.Po i n t . washhouses. Or perhaps you would prefer to climb to the top of the nearby Mont Goubot. in the many private and cooperative wine cellars along your route. – all built from the ochre stone which gives the landscape its characteristic gentle luminosity. Back on the Voie Verte. where the véloroute comes to an end for the time being in front of the old station which now houses the Tourist Office.

Tour Saint-Nicolas. pottery. In the town. From Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune. Built on a hill close to the Loire river. The magnificent 18C castle of SaintAubin is considered as the first castle of the Loire. Maison Jayet. Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Further on.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® YOUR ITINERARY Chalon-sur-Saône – Saint-Légersur-Dheune (34 km) Km 0 Chalon-sur-Saône. After a leisurely stroll along the embankments. it is possible to reach Decize and the start of Itinerary 3 by the D 979 (31 km). Km 34 Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune. A leisurely waterside jaunt! Santenay re Chagny N 6 Ca n Rully St-Legersur-Dheune Ô Cronat NE N Vitry-sur-Loire Ecuisses Givry CHALONSUR-SAÔNE BOURBONLANCY Montceaules-Mines GUEUGNON N 80 Buxy St-Aubin-sur-Loire Gilly-sur-Loire A6 St-Boil l d u C e la N 79 an a Loir e Volesvres C Parcours à venir Rivière Canal Cormatin Vitry-enCharollais N 79 Malay TOURNUS PARAYLE-MONIAL Taizé 0 10 Km Vignobles Ligne TGV 20 www.la-bourgogne-a-velo. Blanzy. ceramics information centre. Ecuisses. Canal-carry bridge. Km 171 Cronat. End of the ‘véloroute’. Chapel of the Visitation. Commercial port. Km 16 Chagny. Little canal-side village. The itinerary will cross Saint-Julien-sur-Dheune. Ciry-le-Noble and Palinges. Important crossroads. top restaurants. Saint-Vallier. old watch tower.-Besbre Ca na l la tér al à N 70 DIGOIN ntre Parcours praticable St-Gengouxle-National Parcours en cours d'aménagement E SA 73 immemorial. Km 115 Digoin. it is time to head for the Voie Verte which follows the southern branch of the Canal du Centre. on the towpath of the Canal du Centre. on the Île Saint-Laurent and through the old town huddled around the cathedral of Saint-Vincent. we cycle through the lush hedged farmland of the Charolais before reaching the plain of the Loire at Digoin. boasting a front-ranking technological and economic centre as well as a museum devoted to photography and named after its inventor. Km 155 Bourbon-Lancy. we come to the vineyards in the vicinity of Santenay. a pleasant little town on the banks of the river Dheune and W ed to the Saône since time al l l atér a l na Ca du Ce nt i re à la L o LO IR E N6 . After a series of eight locks in quick succession. The Véloroute arrives at the marina. Lively wine town. SaintLéger-sur-Dheune is a pleasant river stopping place on the Canal du Centre –‘capitainerie’ and house-boats rental–.com SA ÔN DompierreS. town mansions. a spa and a brand new fitness centre: CeltÔ. Nicéphore Niepce. The Voie Verte starts on the towpath of the Canal du Centre. we reach the port of Chagny. From Digoin to Gilly-sur-Loire (29 km): road shared with traffic . Km 144 Gilly-sur-Loire. Volesvres – Cronat (74 km) Km 98 Volesvres. The Voie Verte follows an abandoned railway line. From the Saône to the Loire via the Canal du Centre Leaving the Saône plain behind us. a 70 km ‘véloroute’ will join. Finally. Km 20 Remigny. church (13C nave. Km 101 Paray-le-Monial. Montceau-les-Mines. in the north-west of the town. follow the cycle corridors to reach the canal. we arrive at the charming spa of Bourbon-Lancy. monumental Romanesque tower). and then there is a complete change of scenery. From Cronat. Km 22 Santenay. end of 2007. Km 150 Saint-Aubin-sur-Loire. BourbonLancy proposes a pretty historical centre (medieval architecture). Hiéron Sacred Art Museum. Volesvres. Km 1 Start of the Voie Verte. Chalon-sur-Saône has in recent times become known as the “image town”. casino.

Cheilly-lesMaranges. powerful and highly coloured red wines with distinctive aromas of soft fruit and the undergrowth. The town centre. history and culture of its own. is considered one of the finest examples of the architecture of Cluny. we pass through several picturesque villages (Chassey-le-Camp. we meet up with the Voie Verte at Volesvres.Itinerary 2: from Chalon-sur-Saône to Digoin well-known for such shrines of Burgundian gastronomy as Lameloise. Here the vineyards give way to the lush meadows of a land which gave birth to the famous Charolais cattle and numerous Romanesque churches. So why not “get back to form” between two stages of your itinerary? Treat yourself to a course of treatment at the spa or to hydrotherapy or fitness sessions at the brand new CeltÔ centre. This historical health resort (handsome early 20C villas in the spa district) makes a refreshing break. Further south. AND EXPLORE EGYPT! Chalon is above all the home town of Nicéphore Niepce (1765-1833). The Loire is unique. A less well-known native son. GET TO KNOW THE RIVER LOIRE. www. on its way to Bourbon-Lancy. pages 26-27). In the little town of Digoin.. V ISIT C HALON . fauna. On our way to Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune. On the way. TA K E T H E WAT E R S AT B O U R B O N -L A N C Y. but still hugging the Canal du Centre. cradle of the worship of the Sacred Heart. with its fine restaurants and old houses. we get back to a voie verte which runs alongside the canal.. all worthy of a visit.com 21 . one of the islands on the Loire and its alluvial forest. The last stretch of our itinerary is once more on a little road open to traffic.. also has a museum devoted to him. From here. the itinerary forsakes the comfort of the towpath for a somewhat steeper little country road open to traffic. in the heart of the Charolais.. the man who invented photography. The véloroute now heads south along the foot of the Maranges vineyards where many a wine estate lies in wait for you. an interactive museographic centre in Digoin. Dominique Vivant Denon (born in Givry in 1747). the visitor can admire the marvellous drawings made by the “first modern museologist” as a member of the team of scientists accompanying Napoleon to Egypt. In addition to numerous archaeological exhibits. flora. you will learn a lot about the natural environment of the river bank.SUR -S AÔNE . After Digoin. with a life. In addition to its curative virtues. Or follow the nature trail at Le Petit Fleury (between Saint-Aubin-sur-Loire and Bourbon-Lancy). This charming and beautifully preserved medieval town is well worth a visit. The Maranges country awaits you at the southernmost tip of the Côte de Beaune: a string of authentic wine villages like Dezize-les-Maranges clinging to the hillside. a pretty little town snugly ensconced on the edge of the Nièvre department. Explore all these features at the ObservaLoire. The museum named after him has been housed since 1972 in a former 18C town house. not only for its historical legacy but also for its hydrotherapy centre and casino. At Gilly-sur-Loire. famous for its ceramics. FOOTLOOSE IN THE MARANGES. And don't forget the village of Bouzeron and its famous aligoté white wines. close to the château de Saint-Aubin-sur- Bourbon-Lancy Pont-canal à Digoin Loire.la-bourgogne-a-velo. The basilica at Paray-leMonial. the canal continues to thrive thanks to a busy marina and the presence of a remarkable canal-carrying bridge 243 metres in length. and remarkable. we make rapid progress along the towpath to first Remigny and then Santenay where we join the Voie des Vignes (see Itinerary 5. Journey's end is at Cronat. is a stone's throw away and an ideal spot for a leisurely meal or a short cultural visit. In the space of two hours... A wide choice of formulas is available. hydrotherapy helps you get away from your daily routine and to take stock of your health. Dennevy).

16 locks in the space of 4 kilometres. little back roads to Clamecy via the pretty wine village of Tannay. Return to the towpath. pass underneath some awe-inspiring cliffs. We then leave the towpath and make our way along little country lanes through the grazing land of the Bazois. Then there is the “Sardy Y N Châtillon-en-Bazois is v i e rn a l du N D 978 MoulinsEngilbert St-Benin-d'Azy St-Honoréles-Bains La Machine N8 1 Cercy-la-Tour N 81 D9 79 E DECIZE L AL I O R 22 www. Km 34 Panneçot.la-bourgogne-a-velo. Km 74 Port-Brûlé. Continue on the towpath to La Cour Barrée. activity on the canal started to decline sharply following the decision not to upgrade the central portion to the “Freycinet Gauge”. The itinerary and the canal both start at Decize. Km 138 Le Saussois. follow the towpath as far as Cercy-la-Tour. Natural beauty and “canal civilisation” are the watchwords of this Véloroute. return to little roads alongside the Yonne. pass alongside several double locks and one triple lock. After Lock 65. Collegiate church and Romain Rolland Museum. Km 15 Cercy-la-Tour. AUXERRE The natural beauty of Chablis D the Nivernais Canal This itinerary runs from the Nièvre to the Yonne department. Continue along the towpath. Km 117 Clamecy. End of the prepared véloroute. exceptional view of the town. Old fortified village. lively town with a handsome Renaissance church and a former abbey. Km 142 Mailly-la-Ville. Towards the end of the 19C. return to the towpath. overlooked by its château. leave the town by the road and join up with the towpath 3 km further on. Km 78 Sardy “Staircase”. makes an incursion into the Vales of the Yonne and ends at the foot of the Auxerrois wine slopes. Km 70 Baye. Km 98 Saint-Didier. First of all. Departure point of the canal. Drawbridge over the canal. The véloroute crosses the Yonne and the RN 6 main road. Km 175 Auxerre. Km 86 Chitry-les-Mines.com . Our journey takes us through the rich farmland of the Bazois. Km 165 Bellombre. Once past the market town of Châtillonen-Bazois. the Nivernais Canal links the Loire valley to the Yonne and the Seine.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® YOUR ITINERARY Decize – Clamecy – Auxerre (175 km) Km 0 Decize. Option to continue to Corbigny. we come to the impressive civil engineering structures of Baye. a bustling and pleasant town on the N 15 St-Saulge Loire. easy country lanes with a few slopes. The véloroute passes through Vaux-surYonne and then enters the town. little road to the church of Prégilbert. Km 153 Bazarnes. Km 26 The véloroute leaves the canal. Km 54 Châtillon-en-Bazois. The good old canal was saved by the advent of inland water tourism and it is today one of the most popular waterways in France. at the foot of the Auxerrois vineyards. first lock on the Seine side. Return to the towpath. Km 121 Pousseaux. three underground tunnels carry the canal across the watershed separating the Seine from the Loire catchment areas. Bustling market town dominated by its castle. Parcours praticable 96 5 N6 Coulanges-la-Vineuse Irancy Cravant Accolay Coursonles-Carrières Mailly-la-Ville Rochers du Saussois N6 Lucy-sur-Yonne Pousseaux Châtel-Censoir VÉZELAY CLAMECY 1 1 D 95 Varzy Tannay St-Didier B Lormes L' O N Brinon-s-Beuvron Corbigny Chitry-les-Mines Parcours en cours d'aménagement Parcours à venir Rivière Canal Vignobles 78 D9 0 10 Km Sardy Baye C an a E uilt between 1784 and 1842 as a means of transporting firewood from the Morvan to the people of Paris. Return to the towpath at the bridge over the canal. meanders. skirts the massif of the Morvan. following the course of the Nivernais Canal from start to finish. The Collancelle tunnels: the canal goes underground three times as it crosses the watershed. then return to the towpath.

Keeping to the towpath. Clamecy LOIRE. a succession of locks with their impressive period mechanism and picturesque lockkeepers' houses.. the chevets of its churches overlooking the river. the old districts and their half-timbered houses with tiled roofs.70 m). DIVE INTO THE WATER AT THE ETANG VAUX. You can find out more about this aspect of local culture at the Romain-Rolland Museum in town. museums and old districts. You can also rent a barge for the day or canoe down the river with the Canoë-Club de Decize based at SaintLéger-des-Vignes. On 14 July each year. There are facilities for waterway tourists at the port of Les Poujats.la-bourgogne-a-velo. on our way to an incredible construction at Bélombre – a church. the canal meets up with the Yonne valley and stays with it all the way to Auxerre. GO CLIMBING ABOVE THE YONNE. or at Asnois (near Tannay) where the earthy founder of the “Morvan Log Train Association” exhibits his models and regales visitors with stories of the log floaters. This historical town. perpetuates tradition by staging very lively water jousts (the favourite pastime of the log floaters). which takes its name from the old silver-lead mines and is full of memories of the writer Jules Renard. Next stop is Saint-Didier with its extraordinary drawbridge over the canal. The Surgy rocks are more accessible and suitable for beginners. You will be rewarded by a view of the Yonne stretching out like a ribbon 60 m below you. at the foot of the Auxerrois wine slopes. In the best local boating tradition. At Sardy. We pass through the pretty villages of Cravant and Vinzelles. The second part of the itinerary alternates between specially prepared sections of the towpath and little roads running alongside the Yonne. GLIDING DOWN THE TRAVEL BACK TO THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE LOG FLOATERS. we reach Chitry-les-Mines. How about a little rock climbing as a change from cycling? The Saussois rocks at Merry-sur-Yonne offer an extensive choice of climbs (400 routes rated 4 to 8 on the scale of difficulty). a bridge and a dam rolled into one! The arrival at Auxerre makes a fitting finale with a panoramic view of the old town stretching out towards the horizon. between Châtillon-en-Bazois and Corbigny (altitude 260 m). swimming and water sports area is very popular in summer and makes a refreshing port of call. The canal is connected to the Etang (pond). at the foot of the Morvan. www.Itinerary 3: from Decize to Auxerre Les rochers du Saussois Vers les voûtes de la Collancelle Clamecy Staircase”. where the often remarkable natural environment includes such spectacular features as the Surgy and Saussois cliffs.com 23 . is an ideal spot to break our journey: elegant Gothic collegiate church. This fishing.. now often occupied by craftsmen. A host of things to do and see! On the way. Les Ligéries (an association of former Loire boatmen based in Decize) organise cr uises aboard a gabarre (traditional barge measuring 15 m by 3. The itinerary now leaves the canal by a little road climbing up to the wine village of Tannay and then wends its way between the hills to Clamecy. birthplace of the writer Romain Rolland and traditional centre of the famous “log floaters of the Yonne”.

Km 45 Tonnerre. As we continue to cycle beside the canal. châteaux and industrial heritage. Alise-Sainte-Reine and Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. the canal follows the charming Ouche valley. Church with remarkable stained glass windows. the town centre and the railway station are 1. the leader of the Gauls defeated here by Julius Caesar in 52 BC.Barbirey-sur-Ouche en-Auxois La Bussière-sur-Ouche Vandenesse-en-Auxois A 6 Eguilly DIJON . Superbly decorated Renaissance château. Fosse Dionne (circular washhouse). Burgundy Canal Cycle from Migennes to Dijon along the canal towpath and quiet little back roads. Old river port where coal from Epinac-les-Mines was loaded onto barges. The various towpath stretches are linked by little roads passing through the towns and villages. which has preserved intact the legacy of the famous naturalist Buffon. return via the canal from Pouillenay. to the site of Alésia. from lock to lock.5 km away.la-bourgogne-a-velo. Km 194 Pont-de-Pany. Km 0 Migennes. make the most of the numerous tourist attractions along the way. Fine Arts Museum. The voie verte gives way to a cycling track alongside Lake Kir. Parc Buffon.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® YOUR ITINERARY Migennes-Montbard-Dijon (212 km) The itinerary keeps close to the Burgundy Canal. Km 112 Venarey-les-Laumes. T he itinerary begins at Migennes. Migennes marks the northern entrance to the canal which follows the river Yonne before climbing steadily. Km 78 Ancy-le-Franc. Optional detour to Semur-en-Auxois (12 km via D 9). The towpath becomes a Voie Verte until Lake Kir situated at the entrance of Dijon. Km 120 Pouillenay. part of UNESCO World Heritage. In the course of our journey. Km 212 Dijon.com Ca A 31 N6 Semur-en-Auxois 05 D9 Venarey-les-Laumes Les Laumes Alise-Ste-Reine Flavignysur-Ozerain PlombièresN 71 les-Dijon A 38 POUILLYPont de Pany EN-AUXOIS Châteauneuf. Renaissance château (16C) with a contemporary art centre in the outbuildings. Saint-Florentin Along the Km 96 Buffon Forge. The towpaths are maintained by the VNF (French Waterways Authority) and are on the whole in good condition. we will follow the Armançon valley and cross the limestone plateau of the revitalised vineyards of the Tonnerrois before reaching the historical and industrial town of Montbard. hospital museum and vineyards. this itinerary features Burgundy in a nutshell: vineyards and farmland. It is an easy bike ride to the Château of Bussy-Rabutin. preferably on a mountain or hybrid bike. Circumventing the "Burgundy threshold" tunnel (3350 metres). we pass beneath Mont Auxois with its statue of Vercingetorix. Km 53 Tanlay. From the Tonnerre area to the Ouche valley. Arrival and departure at the marina. Hôtel-Dieu. A detailed itinerary may be found in the handbook entitled “A vélo le long du canal de Bourgogne” (Cycling alongside the Burgundy Canal (see p. the village of Parcours praticable Parcours en cours d'aménagement Parcours à venir Rivière Canal Vignobles Ligne TGV Précy-sousThil Vitteaux Pont-Royal A6 St-Thibaut Canal d Bierreles-Semur eB rg ou gn o e eB ou rg og ne ld N 74 na 0 10 Km Pont-d'Ouche 24 www. you can leave the canal for a while and set out in search of the Burgundy of legends: Commarin. Major rail hub. At the same time. earthenware museum. D 94 3 Migennes Tonnerre AUXERRE 65 D9 Tanlay Ancy-le-Franc Rougemont MONTBARD a little town nowadays mostly known for its railway station but which originally owed its development to the creation of the Burgundy Canal (1775-1834). Musée de l’Ancienne Orangerie. With a mountain or hybrid bike you can even keep on them from start to finish. Optional loop (25 km) via Bussy-Rabutin. Beyond Pouilly-en-Auxois. Km 171 Pont-d’Ouche. Km 100 Montbard. and to the medieval villages of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain and Semur-en-Auxois. Km 155 Pouilly-en-Auxois. nearby Fontenay Abbey (12 km round trip). canal bridge. Km 17 Saint-Florentin. old district with shops. to Pouilly-en-Auxois where it crosses the watershed (the “threshold of Burgundy”) by means of an exceptionally long tunnel (3350 m) before dropping down towards the Saône plain. the itinerary starts on the towpath at Lock 114. Make sure you find time to visit the Cistercian abbey of Fontenay. 29)). 18C industrial establishment remarkable for its technique and architecture. villages of character and towns of distinction.

. while the latter contains the largest collection of mural paintings currently preserved and some superb period apartments. the varnished-tile church tower reminds us that we are now approaching the heart of ducal Burgundy. Ancy-le-Franc. At Pont-d’Ouche . the naturalist Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon was also an entrepreneur who founded the Great Forge. find time to explore the nearby vineyards (once renowned. the town owes much to the railways and its church of Christ the King has in some ways become the "Lourdes" of railwaymen. then destroyed by the phyloxera scourge. and today thriving once more).com 25 . IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BUFFON. Indeed. Situated halfway between Paris and Dijon. the valley is a succession of picturesque villages and bucolic landscapes. ready to unveil its architectural and historical treasures. lies in wait. Starting in Pont-d’Ouche. At Plombières-les-Dijon. "CAP CANAL" AT POUILLY. The capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. OUT AND ABOUT IN THE TONNERROIS. two of the most beautiful Renaissance châteaux in Burgundy (16C). the lock of La Charme and its store selling local products. Hôtel d’Uzès. the Fosse Dionne washhouse. FANCY FREE IN THE OUCHE VALLEY. a hall devoted to the toueur (boat-tower) and the hydroelectric power station. The Burgundy Canal information centre comprises the Canal Institute (museum area).Itinerary 4: from Migennes to Dijon On the way. Born in Montbard in1707.). Semur-en-Auxois Dijon www. Dijon itself beckons on the other side of the lake named after Canon Kir. There is an admirable monumental statue of Christ and an impressive 60 m church tower. etc. After marvelling at Tonnerre's remarkable architectural heritage (Hôtel-Dieu and hospital museum. Pont-de-Pany where river and canal pass through the middle of the mountain. You and your bike can go through the tunnel on a pleasure boat and get off a little further on.la-bourgogne-a-velo. The former houses a contemporary art centre in its outbuildings. Ancy-le-Franc ACT Vandenesse-en-Auxois THE LORD OF THE MANOR at Tanlay or the author Henri Vincenot with its superb inhabited château. the Burgundy Canal makes a 120° turn to follow the Ouche valley: Veuvey-sur-Ouche.. an industrial establishment remarkable for its technique and architecture. Barbirey-sur-Ouche and its gardens. just like Auxerre at the outset of the itinerary. You can learn more about his life by visiting the Musée de l’Ancienne Orangerie as well as his study located in one of the towers of the Parc Buffon (both in Montbard). the famous ecclesiastic who was also mayor of Dijon. MIGENNES AND THE RAILWAY ERA. and the little medieval village of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois perched on top of a hill and huddled around its castle. Stop off to admire the landscaped gardens at Barbirey (art exhibitions in summer) and the Cistercian abbey (now a hotel) at La Bussière. La Bussière-sur-Ouche and its old Cistercian abbey now converted into a hotel.

the Wine Museum. Volnay Santenots. we drop down towards the chapel of Notre-Dame de Pitié and the premier cru vineyards of Les Champans and Les Santenots. Leaving the village.com . and then climbs gently through the vineyards to Pommard which we reach at the Clos de la Commaraine. The Vineyard Way From Beaune to Santenay. We cycle below the vineyards of Le Batard-Montrachet before crossing the secondary road CD 906 and climbing up to the village of Chassagne-Montrachet. For the time being. to name but a few. the véloroute runs alongside the Clos (walled vineyard) de la Mousse. the véloroute gives you an insider's view of the Burgundian terroir: Pommard Grands Epenots. the véloroute winds its way along vineyard paths. An appetising journey in the heart of Burgundy . go down between the premiers cru vineyards of La Maltroie and Les Champgrains. Meursault Charmes. either towards Chagny and Chalon-surSaône or towards Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune (see “Canal du Centre” itinerary. The stretch between Dijon and Beaune is not yet strictly speaking a cycle track. From the main square we head for Chassagne-Montrachet (view over the hills of the Côte Chalonnaise).la-bourgogne-a-velo. The arrival is via the premier cru vineyard of Les Gravières. the wine capital of Burgundy possesses an astonishing and enviable architectural heritage: the emblematic and renowned Hôtel-Dieu with its characteristic roof of varnished tiles. Still hemmed in by its old city walls. Puligny-Montrachet. A As you travel from one wine village to 6 du Ca n Rully St-Legersur-Dheune Ô NE 73 al SA N Givry CHALONSUR-SAÔNE N 80 Buxy N6 26 www. Km 13 Puligny-Montrachet. We go through the village (Clos Saint-Jean in the middle). each an invitation to explore Burgundy's unrivalled expertise in the production of fine wines.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® YOUR ITINERARY Beaune . Km 3 Pommard. Km 4. superb view over the plain of the Saône with the Jura mountains beyond. Starting from the Parc de la Bouzaise. The véloroute runs through the village and then climbs towards Volnay alongside the vineyards of Pommard-Rugiens and VolnayFrémiets. the Vineyard Way (Voie des Vignes) begins at Beaune. We pass in front of the town hall with its roof of coloured and varnished tiles. but you can still cross the vineyards of the Côte de Nuits along the Route des Grands Crus. Batard Montrachet. Km 8. thereby avoiding the heavy traffic of the main road. the splendid town houses. Meursault. passing through villages with such evocative names as Pommard. and then hug the hillside at the foot of the ruins of the abbey of Morgeot.Santenay (20 km) Pommard Km 0 Beaune. we reach Puligny by the premier cru vineyards of Les Folatières and Les Pucelles. Km 20 Santenay. . and then cross the vineyards of Les Porruzots. The itinerary is liberally sprinkled with the parcels of grands crus.not forgetting the large number of wine cellars and bars awaiting your visit after a day in the saddle! For the most part following the little vineyard paths used by winegrowers and grape harvesters since time immemorial. the collegiate church of Notre-Dame. Km 15 Chassagne-Montrachet.6 Meursault. Volnay.8 Volnay. Santenay Les Gravières and a host of others.and the heart of Burgundy wines! Parcours praticable Parcours à venir Rivière Canal Vignobles 31 Parcours en cours d'aménagement A3 6 F rom Dijon to Santenay by way of BEAUNE Pommard Volnay Meursault A6 Chassagne-Montrachet Santenay re nt Ce Puligny-Montrachet Chagny N Beaune. etc. Les Genevrières and Les Charmes. Continuation possible by taking the Voie Verte alongside the Canal du Centre. For a lover of Burgundy wine it would be hard to imagine a more tempting itinerary.

000 bottles! AWAY FROM IT ALL. but don't forget to look in on the village hall where some scenes of one of France's best loved films. This is an opportunity to put to the test the old adage which insists that "one does not really know a wine until one knows the vine from which it springs and the winegrower who has raised it". that the winegrowers are always more than happy to share the secrets of their trade with you. too. So you can look forward to some fascinating conversations as well as some interesting discoveries. The BIVB (The Beaune Interprofessional Bureau for Burgundy Wines) in Beaune is the undisputed font of knowledge for all things wine. And you will want to visit the château's wine cellars storing a little matter of 800. This will help you make the most of your itinerary. You will find. Meursault is of course reputed for its superb white wines. Here you will find the little church surrounded by its peaceful cemetery. The inimitable charm of deepest Burgundy! www. OUT AND ABOUT IN MEURSAULT.Itinerary 5: from Beaune to Santenay On the way. you will be surprised to learn that this bustling little town in the middle of the winegrowing area is reputed for its mineral water and its casino! al Festival of Baroque Opera has established an enviable reputation and is now a major attraction for music lovers from all parts of the world. DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF MUSTARD.la-bourgogne-a-velo. If you are looking for peace of mind. La Grande Vadrouille. Learn about Wine as you travel… Before setting off on the vineyard roads: the Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne (Burgundy Wine School) (lectures & tasting sessions.com 27 . Beaune is less well-known for its mustard than its hospices. You can even try making some yourself! R EL AX TO THE SOOTHING SOUND OF A BAROQUE MUSIC CONCERT.. Arriving at Santenay. head for the little village of Narosse near Santenay. Listening to the music in the extraordinary setting of the collegiate church of Notre-Dame or the main courtyard of the Hôtel-Dieu is a truly unforgettable experience.. with as an added bonus a 15C choir with multiple ribbed vaults and a beautiful statuary. nestling snugly at the bottom of a coombe on the "Cliff of the Three Crosses". wine properties large and small await you at every turning for a tasting session (in moderation of course!) in the welcome cool of a wine cellar. The July Internation- another. were shot. LEARN ABOUT WINE. and yet a visit to the traditional Fallot mustard factory will help you find out all about the secret of mustard production. weekend and other tasting courses).

specifically devoted to the Cycling Tour of Burgundy® is published by the Burgundy Regional Tourist Board. to help you plan your own cycling trip is available from the Burgundy Regional Tourist Board.com This site. Operational in july 2007 and regularly updated.com . and the Tourist Development Agencies of the Côte-d'Or. 28 www.Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® Planning ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on the Internet www. etc.la-bourgogne-a-velo. the Nievre and the Yonne. Whether you are travelling alone or with a group.la-bourgogne-a-velo.com your own trip A wide selection of maps. etc. Burgundy Regional Tourist Board (Bourgogne Tourisme) documentation@crt-bourgogne. websites.fr www. for a short trip or a long trek. guides. visits and useful addresses. it brings together all the information you need to plan a cycling excursion in our region: itineraries already in service. brochures. services available and advice. updates on work in progress. they can provide you with all the information you need. the Departemental Tourist Board of the Saône-et-Loire.bourgogne-tourisme.

com A vélo le long de l’Yonne et du canal du Nivernais Description of the stretch between Clamecy and Auxerre along the towpath of the Nivernais Canal. Cyclists must not disturb the VNF staff (in particular lock-keepers) in their daily activities.com www. maps and documents ITINERARY 1: SOUTHERN BURGUNDY Voies vertes et Cyclotourisme en Bourgogne du Sud Voies vertes and cycling in Southern Burgundy. the Region and Departments of Burgundy.N. Published by the Saône-et-Loire Departmental Tourist Board Free leaflet.bourgogne-du-sud.com www. : +33 (0)3 85 21 02 20 documentation@bourgognedusud. bike rentals and rules of good conduct. : +33 (0)3 86 72 92 00 adt-89@tourisme-yonne.Voie verte Canal du Nivernais Cycling guide in the form of fact sheets Canal and the surrounding area. However. in partnership with the French State.tourismeyonne. accommodation. an overview of the network and a list of useful services.com www. La véloroute autour du canal du Nivernais 15 cycling loop circuits in the form of fact sheets for discovering the Nivernais … www. to develop tourism on the canals. 5 euros (+ 2 euros postage). Nivernais Canal and Canal du Centre) are still governed by Article 62 of the Navigation Code which states that "circulation on the towpath is forbidden except on foot". fishing enthusiasts). etc.bourgogne-du-sud. with map and practical information (bike hire. the VNF (the public authority responsible for running the French inland waterways) has agreed.F. : +33 (0)3 85 21 02 20 documentation@bourgognedusud. Saône-et-Loire Deparmental Tourist Board : Tel. Published by the Nièvre Tourist Development Agency. There are also photographs and information on the circuits.com ITINERARY 2: CANAL DU CENTRE Saône-et-Loire Deparmental Tourist Board : Tel.com ITINERARY 3: NIVERNAIS CANAL La véloroute . waterway tourists.com section: “Brochures”. This leaflet includes a map of the Saône-et-Loire department.com www. shops.) Edited by the Yonne Tourist Development Agency. Nièvre Tourist Development Agency Tel.tourisme-yonne.com section "Voies vertes".la-bourgogne-a-velo.nievre-tourisme.Leaving on your own ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Downloadable brochures. Source V. covering the 180 km of the Nivernais Canal. Order brochure on www. Order brochure on www.bourgogne-du-sud. Pack of 8 "circuit" sheets + 1 "practical information" sheet 6 euros (+ 2 euros postage).nievre-tourisme.com section: “documentation”. we help to ensure that the use of the towpaths is an enjoyable experience for all concerned. particularly with regard to the transformation of towpaths into cycling tracks.com Voies Vertes et Cyclotourisme : Itineraries 1 and 2 WARNING Cycling on towpaths The towpaths of the Cycling Tour of Burgundy® (Burgundy Canal. Yonne Tourist Development Agency Tel. Document downloadable on www. By respecting these simple rules.nievre-tourisme. : +33 (0)3 86 36 39 80 info@nievre-tourisme. from Saint-Léger-des-Vignes to Auxerre.com 29 . Free brochure The publication may be ordered on www.com section: “Brochures”. and must maintain good relations with the other canal users (boatmen. Published by the Nièvre Tourist Development Agency Pack of 15 sheets.

cotedor-tourisme.ville-de-santenay.com section: “Yonne“.la-bourgogne-a-velo.Local delegation for the Burgundy Canal Tel. shops. Published by the Syndicat Touristique Intercommunal du Pays Beaunois. Don’t forget to reserve your places the day before (by phone). www. these buses are equipped with bicycles racks. bike hire. free brochure.com Santenay Tourist Office Tel.com section: “Télécharger nos brochures“.fr Savigny-les-Beaune Tourist Office Tel.com .Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ® Planning your own trip(continued) ITINERARY 5: THE VINEYARD WAY La Voie des Vignes : la véloroute Beaune-Santenay Map describing the Beaune-Santenay itinerary with details of tourist offices along the way.fr www.fr Various modes of transportations .com www.com www. : +33 (0)3 80 63 69 49 documentation@cotedor-tourisme. +33 (0)3 80 26 21 30 contacts@ot-beaune. Further information on the website www.mairie-savigny-les-beaune.fr section: “Dépliants“. +33 (0)3 80 26 12 56 mairie.com 30 www.ot-beaune. : +33 (0)3 80 29 44 44 www. 32 pages.fr www. “A vélo le long du canal de Bourgogne“. +33 (0)3 80 20 63 15 tourisme@ville-de-santenay. +33 (0)3 80 21 80 73 ot@nolay. downloadable on www. etc.for-system. +33 (0)3 80 21 25 90 info@ot-meursault.nolay.directions Some of the itineraries of the Tour de Bourgogne à vélo® have already regular bus services. This publication may be downloaded on: www. le long du canal de Bourgogne Detailed description of the MigennesTo n n e r r e MontbardPouillyen-AuxoisDijon cycling itinerary with useful information (board and lodging.fr www. tourist information. Beaune Tourist Office Tel.) Co-published by VNF (Voies Navigables de France).com VNF .fr www. We suggest you to use them to join the departure of your trip.fr http://ot-beaune. then “documentation“ Côte-d’Or Tourisme Tel.savigny-les-beaune@wanadoo.la-bourgogne-a-velo.tourisme-yonne.com Meursault Tourist Office Tel.fr Nolay Tourist Office Tel.cotedor-tourisme.com Yonne Tourist Development Agency Tel.tourisme-yonne. : +33 (0)3 86 72 92 00 adt-89@tourisme-yonne.vnf.ot-beaune. Côte-d’Or Tourisme and the Yonne Tourist Development Agency.com www.ot-meursault. Free document.fr ITINERARY 4: … BURGUNDY CANAL A vélo.

france-randonnee.com LI 089 06 0001 FRANCE RANDONNÉE 9.la-bourgogne-a-velo. : 02 99 67 42 21 info@france-randonnee.com LI 071 05 0001 BOURGOGNE LATITUDE Rue de la Glacière 71640 MELLECEY Tél.com www.com www.sandquisteurope.com www.com LI 021 04 0004 DÉTOURS IN FRANCE 8. : 03 80 22 06 03 Fax : 03 80 22 15 58 info@detours-in-france.fr www.com www.fr www.cotedor-aventures.halmiltonfitzjames./Fax : 03 80 24 61 10 info@sandquisteurope.dilivoyage. : 03 80 22 02 62 Fax : 03 80 22 04 67 info@halmiltonfitzjames.com www.com LI 021 05 0004 DILIVOYAGE 10.com www. rue des Fossés 89460 CRAVANT Tél.com AU 058 97 0001 AGENCE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT TOURISTIQUE DE L’YONNE 1-2.randonnees-astronomie. rue des Portes-Mordelaises 35000 RENNES Tél. abilities and wishes.com LI 021 05 0001 Find practical information about cycling in Burgundy on the website www.promenades-en-france. : 03 86 72 92 10 sla@tourisme-yonne. : 03 86 42 35 96 Fax : 03 86 42 55 65 info@franceavelo. Don't hesitate to contact them directly or consult their websites for full details./fax : 03 80 52 71 65 eric@cotedor-aventures.com LI 021 95 0001 FRANCE À VÉLO 19. : 06 07 17 25 57 Tél. AGENCE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT TOURISTIQUE DE LA NIÈVRE 1.detours-in-france.com HA 021 02 0001 CLAUDE LAHOUSSINE ORGANISATION Le Village 21160 FLAVIGNEROT Tél.com LI 021 05 0002 RANDONNÉE & ASTRONOMIE 73110 LA ROCHETTE Tél. avenue de la République 21200 BEAUNE Tél : 03 80 24 24 82 Fax : 03 80 24 24 94 dilivoyage@wanadoo. : 03 85 37 14 60 contact@bourgogne-escapades. : 06 32 18 54 53 erwan.fr HA 021 99 00011 CÔTE-D’OR AVENTURES 3.la-bourgogne-a-velo.Presse (Fontaine-lès-Dijon) . av.clor.fr www. June 2007 .bourgogne-latitude.aem@wanadoo. Illustrations: Bernard Deubelbeiss. : 03 80 26 22 12 Fax : 03 80 26 22 13 beaune@promenades-en-france. du 8 Septembre 21200 BEAUNE Tél.bourgogne-escapades.fr www. rue Rameau 21160 COUCHEY Tél .com www. avenue Saint-Just 58003 NEVERS Cedex Tél.ISSN pending www.nievre-tourisme. Dijon Photographic credits: Alain Doire (CRT Bourgogne) except pages 04 et 05 Michel Joly.franceavelo. rue Chaumergy 21200 BEAUNE Tél.com Published by the Burgundy Regional Tourist Board (CRT Bourgogne) Creation/Design: FTM. : 03 85 45 17 04 et 06 81 49 87 35 Fax : 03 85 45 17 04 contact@bourgogne-latitude. : 03 86 59 14 22 info@nievre-tourisme.bourgogne-randonnees. quai de la République 89000 AUXERRE Tél.tempsRéel.Let a professional organise your trip Getting your trip planned by a professional Feel like a cycling holiday but too busy to plan your trip? No problem! There is a large selection of agencies specialising in cycling holidays and ready to draw up programmes tailored to your budget.com AU 089 96 0001 BOURGOGNE ESCAPADES Le Château 71570 CHAINTRÉ Tél./fax : 03 80 42 94 17 clor@wanadoo.com HA 073 07 0011 SANDQUIST Chemin des Carrières La Montagne 21200 BEAUNE Tél.com www.tourisme-yonne.com 31 .com LI 071 06 0001 BOURGOGNE RANDONNÉES 7.com LI 021 05 0003 PROMENADES EN FRANCE 14.com www. rue Poterne 21200 BEAUNE Tél.com www.com www. : 03 80 22 06 03 Fax : 03 80 22 15 58 helloinfoBR@aol. Printed by: Desmet-Laire (Belgium).fr LI 035 97 0005 HAMILTON FITZJAMES 36 rue Ste Marguerite 21200 BEAUNE Tél.

FRANCE www.Bourgogne-Tourisme Comité Régional du Tourisme de Bourgogne B.21006 DIJON Cedex . 20623 .P.la-bourgogne-a-velo.com .com www.bourgogne-tourisme.

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