Merchandise Vanishes Off Racks As Fans Of Team Chennai Gear Up For Ultimate Clash In The Fifth Edition Of IPL Today

Raise your hands, whistle ‘podu’
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r jun Malekar sits on a parapet opposite gate 3A o f M A Chidambaram stadium, a plastic bag filled with IPL merchandise at his feet. He has been there for two hours, and has sold more than 10 Chennai Super Kings (CSK) T-shirts at `200 a piece. “You should buy this now,” he tells a few fans. “Tomorrow, you won’t get a T-shirt for even `500.” And many listen to him. CSK fans are gearing up to paint the city yellow ahead of their favourite team’s clash with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for the IPL title on Sunday There is a . last minute scramble to buy tickets and merchandise. Notices pasted on the gates of the stadium announce that tickets are sold out. But several people hang around in the hope of getting one in the grey market on Saturday. A few negotiate with agents near the Chepauk MRTS station. Some consider it lucky to have got `500 tickets for `2,000. “I was ready to pay `1,200 for a `500 ticket, but they refused to sell,” says P Prakash, who has decided to watch the match on television. “I will watch the match at a friend’s place as he has a big screen TV We . will settle down with some snacks,” he says. Clubs, hotels and restaurants are also gearing up to make the experience enjoyable for fans with dinner and drinks.


A purple wave in the yellow sea
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EXCITEMENT GALORE: Expectations are running high in the city ahead of IPL final and fans have made big plans for the day

Cosmopolitan club has a special offer on beer for the IPL final. “We will have the match projected on the giant screen we usually use for screening movies on weekends. A few of us

plan to be early at the club so that we get a table. The club is expecting a full house,” said N K Kumar, a member. A few others have gone to Bangalore to watch the match on a big screen. “I have a gang of friends in Bangalore. We get a wide variety of drinks. And yes, the pubs there have a better atmosphere,” says Balaji Sadagopan, a HR manager with an IT firm in Chennai. Before the bubbly is opened, astrologers and bookies are working overtime. Some have sent mails predicting the outcome of the final with a request: “You may not publish them till the match is over, for we don’t want people to indulge in betting.”

iding into town, the Kolkata team may find quite a gathering of fans at the MA Chidambaram stadium. As people are gearing up for the grand IPL finale, the Bengali community in Chennai is vying to outdo the homecrowd by sheer vocal powers and jazzy get-up, even if they lack in numbers. As the purple jerseys become a symbol of the underdogs, the young brigade is all excited to be part of this match. “It is not about winning or losing, we are going celebrate KKR’s qualification in the final round for the first time,” says Sudatta Roy a sub, editor with Frost and Sullivan. And truly even though CSK is the clear , favourites, KKR fans are not worried. For them, the glass is already half full. “I’m so excited to be watching KKR play in the IPL final,” says Jayanta Basu, a second year engineering student in Chennai. “So long they

innermost thoughts of most Bengalis. Hoping for the best, the Bengalis are sure to turn up in their team jerseys and caps, for the merchandises have been selling like hot cakes at showrooms and pavements. “Usually CSK merchandises attract most of the buyers in this city, but sale of KKR stuff has gone up considerably in the last one

week,” says Sudeesh Kumar, an employee of a showroom in Nungambakkam. This final is bound to be dramatic, charged with hopes and expectations, with the underdogs pitted against the champions. And amid the yellow fever, there will be a dash of purple frenzy adding to the mania. With banners and flags, face paint and head gears, KKR fans are ready to bring the house down.

BATTLE-READY: Kolkata Knight Riders players during a practice session at Chepauk stadium on Saturday

have had a good season and I hope they don’t run out of luck.” A cricket fanatic, he has been closely following the season. With another four of his

friends, Jayanta plans to watch the finals this time, only because his home team will be playing. “Imagine if KKR wins,” he gushes, voicing the

Kolkata’s ‘Little Chennai’ backs Dhoni, his boys
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Kolkata: In the heart of a city rooting for Kolkata Knight Riders is a fan base for Chennai Super Kings. Hundreds of households around Lake Market — a mini-Chennai — are backing Dhoni & Co, hoping they will beat Gambhir’s purple knights on Sunday . In the by-lanes off Lake Market, youngsters are busy planning for the final. Sunita Mathew (35), who came here from Chennai 15 years ago, has

SUPPORT FROM ENEMY FORT: Fans of Chennai Super Kings in Kolkata paint the town yellow

taken to city’s food and speaks impeccable Bengali. But come the IPL season, she switches sides. “Kolkata is my second home, but I am going to support Chennai. I hope Dhoni’s team manages to lift the IPL trophy for the third time,” she said. Sunita, her family and friends, clad in their team’s canary yellow jerseys, will also gorge on authentic south Indian fare — idli, dosa, appam and tomato rice — that she is planning for the special occasion .

For the footloose, it will be a day of celebration. Nitish K Sundara will see the match in the mini-auditorium at his place with 20 friends along with “beer and popcorn.” “It will be fun,” he said. At Joseph Koshy’s residence on CIT Road, it’s a ‘war’. Koshy supports Chennai while his wife Sharon is a die-hard Kolkata fan. “Chennai is definitely a better team with players like Dhoni and Suresh Raina. I am confident it will win,” said Koshy .


Kali idol found in sand
Deat h

Birt h 22 .1 .1943 1

26 .05.2012

My beloved wife,Mrs . R. DEWANAYAKI (D/o Late. Thiru S.M. Ramasamy Mudaliar, Thirupur), has attained Heavenly Abode. Cremation on 27/05/2012 at 11:00am in Mylapore Crematorium Deeply Mourned by: A. R AJAMANI Chairman ,Devi Exports , GM and Secretary (Retd.) All India Handloom House Sons : AR. Ashok - Lavanya,A.R.M Ravikumar - Jayanthi A.R. Madhusudhanan - Kavitha,A.R.M. Gopinath Meenakshi R. Udayakumar- Geetha & Grand Children

Manjambakkam two months ago. Arumugham had taken the sand from a Chennai: A family in Madhavaram quarry near Manali New Town. which had bought sand to increase the The work on filling sand to raise the ground level at its house found an un- ground level was delayed as Tirupathy , usual object buried under the load on acontractor, went to Kerala. He returnFriday — an idol of goddess Kali. The ed on Friday and the family decided to sand, brought in two lorry loads, lay commence work when the idol was there for two months before the family found. decided to start work, police said. “My wife noticed it first and inThe family memformed me and I bers got excited on BURIED FOR 2 MTHS rushed home. We finding the idol, about were excited to find half-a-foot tall and made of brass, on a the idol on an auspicious day said Ti,” day considered auspicious. They wrap- rupathy He was left clueless for some. ped it in a cloth and performed a puja time as many in the locality told him it before handing it over to the Madhava- was illegal to possess such idols and ram police station. Soon, the news that he would face legal action. spread like wildfire in the neighbourHe immediately informed the Madhood and several people made a bee- havaram milk colony police who handline to the police station. While some ed the idol over to Madhavaram tahsilwatched, others garlanded the ‘god- dar Varadha Rao. “The idol could have dess’ and sought blessings. been lying in the sand quarry The load . Police said C Tirupathy (42) of Peri- man wouldn’t have noticed it as the yasekadu bought two loads of sand sand could have been loaded using an from a man named Arumugham of earth mover,” said a police officer.

Admission for aided courses to begin before self-financing ones
M Ramya

Chennai: Issuing the admission guidelines for 2012-13, the state government has asked the arts and science colleges in city to mention their fee structure in prospectus. Most colleges do not mention the exact fee structure until the student gains admission. This situation is set to change, with the state including a new clause in the guidelines for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The admission guidelines 201213 also insists that admissions for aided courses are to be conducted before admissions for self-financing courses, and that students must not be compelled to buy more than one application form to apply

for various courses in order of preference. The guidelines have also specified that senior teaching faculty be part of the admissions committee in the college. The state has also fixed the responsibility for ensuring a smooth and corruption-free admission process, saying, “The principal of the college and the admission committees will be responsible for any violations.” The colleges also have to adhere to the state rules of reservation while making admissions. This means that 50% of the seats in aided minority colleges like Loyola College, Stella Maris College and New College, and 90% of seats in aided non-minority colleges must be filled based on the reservation rules.

In unaided self-financing colleges and in unaided courses offered by aided colleges 50% of the seats must be filled using the reservation formula. The state government has also asked colleges to put up details of the number of seats sanctioned for the course, number of seats filled up, number of students selected in the list with rank marks, number of seats still vacant and particulars of candidates selected under each category (OC/BC/MBC) in the selection list. The directorate of collegiate education has also set up redressal boxes at the six regional offices across the state to receive complaints regarding the admissio process.

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Raja, while Vennela Kishore plays Khaja, his partner-in-crime. Brahmandam plays a rather dainty dance master called Vidya Balan, and he has an assistant named Nithya Menon! We have had many movies in the past with a similar plot, so the filmmakers were really banking on Ravi Teja’s histrionics to save the day Unfortu. nately, this time around they don’t work. He delivers a typically hyperactive performance full of trademark mannerisms and over-the-top dialogue delivery and expressions. However, it’s a performance that’s more tacky than whistle-worthy . Tapsee Pannu has a great smile and she uses it to good effect, for the role really doesn’t demand anything else from her. Brahmanandam manages to evoke a few chuckles with his dancing act. In fact, he has more screen time than Taapsee. But the jokes aren’t exactly top notch. Saving a few episodes between Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam, there is hardly anything really funny Ven. nela Kishore is his usual loud self, and even makes an appearance in a sari. As far as the narrative goes, well there isn’t any The . director has tried to pack in as much masala as possible and it does come together in bits in the second half, though a bit late in the day The editing is . slipshod as is the cinematography The music is peppy .




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Daruvu (Drama) ##
Cast: Ravi Teja, Taapsee Pannu, Sayaji Shinde, Prabhu, Avinash, Sushant Singh, Brahmanandam Direction: Siva Kumar Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes Language: Telugu (U/A) 58888 code: dar
I Bullet Raja is a small time conman,

Daruvu (dar) Anbulla Maanvizhiye (anb)


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alright, but the background score is a little too loud and leaves you with a not so good feeling.

who gets killed by powerful goon Harbour Raju for falling in love with his fiancée, Shwetha (Tapsee Pannu). Raja goes to Yamalokam and realizes that his life was stubbed out before time, and his soul is rehabilitated into a lookalike’s body. Can he win back his love?

Anbulla Maanvizhiye (Romance) #
Cast: Sunil, Hasini, Risha, Naseer, Vadivukkarasi Direction: Brahmman Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes Language: Tamil (U) 58888 code: anb
I Childhood friends Govind (Naseer) and Kannan (Sunil) rekindle their friendship after being separated for 15 years. Kannan falls in love with Govind’s sister Priya (Hasini) without his knowledge. And when Govind finds out, all hell breaks loose.

with. But director Brahmman adds his bit to this ‘old wine’ with some twists and turns and tries to package it in a ‘new bottle’. The movie has five songs, composed by Arvind Sriram.


e expect a certain amount of craziness from a Ravi Teja film and it is remarkable how "Daruvu" manages to push the envelope even further. Here, the madness starts with the names of the characters, so to speak. Ravi Teja is Bullet


he plot of ‘ nbulla MaanvizhiA ye’ is one that movie-goers of any language will be familiar


27th May, 1982 - 19th Feb., 2012

A full-length comedy Last half an . hour of the movie was absolute fun.



Those we love don’t t away, go they walk beside us every day. UU nseen, unheard , but always near, loved, missed and very dear.

Unadulterated comedy
Wonderful comedy and good songs make this a fun watch. Vimal does a very good job and Anjali proves her talent further. Siva rocks with his comic timing along with Santhanam and Manobala. I JAYLANI Kalakalappu is an amazing movie. Shiva reminded me of Charlie Sheen in 'Hot Shots'. I MK.RAJESH76

s Rishi’ & Arora ’ s
Family & Friends

Film reiterates that Sundar C should concentrate on direction. One of the good comedy movies to come up in the last couple of years. Even though there is no logic or story in this film, we all loved it just for the comic sense and dialogue delivery of each character. I MUTHU The film provides a good escape for two-and-a-half hours. Santhanam is good as usual but it is Mirchi Shiva who proves to be the revelation. Good 25th for Sundar C. I

Story's the winner
Made on a small budget with a strong storyline, this movie is a winner. All the actors have done a great job. With elements of love, pain and disaster, the heartrendering climax makes it a masterpiece. I RAJU Five elements have made this movie a winner: Apt casting, clean editing, good screenplay neat music ,

and a wonderful climax. A fabulous movie. I SATHISH Vazhakku En 18/9 is one of those outstanding films that stays with you for a long time, possibly forever. It is one of the best Tamil films I have ever watched. Every actor has given their best. I SADHANA This is an excellent movie and hats off to Balaji Sakthivel. A movie that holds the mirror up to life without any commercial fluff. Sakthivel is one of the few daring directors in the industry This . movie deserves all the praise and accolades that it is being showered with. I KARTHIK



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