Prologue: The American citizen is stupefied with myriads of confusing rules that are based upon a non-supported

common law jurisdiction, thus it is very flexible and greatly abused by authoritarians. I will attempt to reach through this quagmire of BS with a true view of getting about with a mobility scooter (or bicycle) that follows the common sense rules of touring. I have spent 50 years (and more than 50,000 miles of pedaling) behind me. My safety is guaranteed by not following rules that inexperienced authorities impose through the use of manipulated statistics; i.e. to gain (illegal) political control over “practical pigs” - like myself. Yes, there is a little rebellion in my approach that needs to be exercised, because I work with rights that both our American, and Texas, Constitutions guarantee. Surrendering rights means you voluntarily lose them. I ride a EW-36 (the worlds fastest mobility scooter) that I have programed to travel (through its cruise control) at the average speed of 20 km / hr. (13.6 mph). This velocity is in tune with tire pressure, suspension damping, steering rate, while maintaining 3 wheel safety for Seniors Citizens by insuring a correct window for aging reaction time. [Also satisfying State Statutes] Ladies can wear dresses without the hem blowing over their head. If you need to travel faster within the reasonable universe of elderly comfort I am projecting, stick with a automobile, enjoy $6.00 a gallon for fuel, and increased insurance for the less traveling you will end up doing because of expense. Most elderly folk are in over their head when they attempt to compete directly with traffic at speeds over 25 mph. I named my mount Freedom because it allows me to comfortably roam my 38 square miles around my home. [Thanks to President Obama] People generally wish to hurt themselves because of Government brainwashing. “How fast will it go,” seems to be a prim concern - generated by American marketing. An old man scooting about the lake on bike trails for a refreshing ride, that takes a few minutes more than it would in a car, excites those of us that live in the world of cheap thrills! In cities with traffic, one must take command of his lane without concern of hoot and hollers, because moving to curb side increases danger by having to dodge in and out of parked vehicles, along with increase in high pressure tire blowouts. Rush hour? One rides the sidewalks, exclusive bike trails, or calm residential streets so as to minimize exposure. Travel by bike is not for highly emotional 'instant gratification' individuals; but it requires the same philosophy as flying an aircraft - by following a “flight plan” of selected roads that have less traffic, and lower risks. Using country roads that have occasional traffic up to 100 mph, one has to be smart enough to ride on the wrong side of the road to see the oncoming fool, and jump off to the roadside areas, moving back onto the road after he/she passes. Authoritarians never consider the rights of the pedestrian, and thus are immersed in stupidity. For example: Carrollton Texas has 52% Senior Citizens, a majority. DOT wants the old folks to compete with youngsters; and politicians wish to appease the wealthy. Stupid signs of “share the road with bikes” exists (for a couple of blocks) that infuriate impatient fools that attempt to honk and scare slower traffic off the road. This criminal activity is supported by law enforcement! As a senior, I realize that with my decaying reaction time, speeds over 25 mph is way too dangerous for me, yet we have village limits that are set at 40 mph. I drive my VW Beetle in 2nd gear for 15 to 25 mph to improve engine braking, and to stay within velocity limits for mechanical handbrake control (that I use as aircraft flaps).


Because of realistic application of human limitations, I probably am considered dangerous because I do not immerse myself in competitive stupidity, and will probably have my driver's license suspended; to force me back onto bikes - only to be felonized in the future. The concept that little old ladies should drive a 300 hp SUV for their protection; with a total disregard for the safety of others - is a total violation of Christian philosophy. If drivers were truly monitored, with as rigid a driving test as imposed in Europe [i.e. testing for psychopathic and coordination defects] it would then be comprehensive to me...But it isn't done in America! Adding to the maintenance of circulation of capitol via carnage; energized by stupidity.

This is an attempt to prove anarchy is superior to democracy, for America.
Permission; to begin with is a seal of approval to do criminal activities – because the law of America is based upon Equity (i.e. the law of contract – just like the Mafia). Common law (the moral code for individuals) has been successfully eliminated by an illegal fraternity titled the Bar Association. [In violation to the original 13th Amendment ratified in 1815, published in 1827] Equity law pertains to corporations primarily, and it is a criminal action to make an individual responsible for the 70,000 rules/laws created (under color of law), instead of natural civil common law. This completely violates “in God we trust,” and replaces Him with a wimpy human dictator that has an available myriad of legal researchers (attorneys), that will hunt for testament that supports a judge's whim (de jure). What I am saying is; the Bar association is an illegal organization that is now using the medieval concept that “might makes right.” [Via extreme overpowerment of individuals.] The way this was accomplished was the same “legal” shenanigans that put Jesus Christ on the cross; i.e. Manipulate the mob by authority figures [celebrities]. Unfortunately this makes Constitutionally correct 6th Amendment attorneys, like myself, subject to massive reprisals for their refusal to join the equitable legal fraternity. When seeking justice with this kind of system, we are repeating the Middle Ages with “Trial by combat” where closure becomes more important than justice. Unless one is supported by a legally approved member of the bar association, the individual must throw away the cloak of common law, and just be the legally approved ventriloquist's dummy (with his attorneys hand figuratively up his butt). The trial by combat uses weapons of money and babble (to confuse those without comprehension of legalese; the language of law). This asinine development destroys any attempt to redress the militant totalitarian overpowering force of an empirical government that is totally out of control; it just becomes impossible. All because of permission - that is flavored with avarice. So we the people of America have to work our asses off, while the celebrity politicians live within extreme legal prosperity (via equity). [Usually boosting income by cooperating with American and foreign underworlds]. Unfortunately, we have a society of very duped individuals, with academia creating a virtual reality – that I define as the “what if” syndrome. Wisdom and common sense generated by actual life experience falls to the wayside when attempting to communicate with a cult of “knowledgeable” authorities, that prefer to propagate illusion reinforced with their manipulated statistics. This is the paradigm I am attempting to bridge with Christian philosophy; however, the robotic and emotional political barrier is now armed (and dangerous). “It pays to be ignorant” is now the true song of the present! The propagandist geniuses that put Hitler on a throne, demonstrates that a ruthless person selling 2

productivity and peace to a fragile society, can become wrapped up as a 'celebrity' enough to eliminate common law, and then turn a peaceful society into a murderous throng of robots. This is the mentality democracy encourages: i.e. a lynching, or warfare with nations that are weaker. “Not a government dictator's fault, this is what folks voted for!”

The Spirit of the Confederacy
One has to realize that conservatives tend to stay within the legal boundaries that supposedly protect them; the American Constitution for example. The Civil war is a primary demonstration of those that refuse to employ their Civil rights timely, lose them! In 1832, the king George ransom for the revolutionary war was finally paid off. The American Government (taxing authority for king George) refused to let up; and with the South following the Constitution (and dedicated to hard money) it became easy pickings for the Northern states that strongly supported Government, but were involved with concealable soft money. The end result was the per capita tax load in the South was four times that of Northern citizens. Adding to this fact the economy of the North was largely dependent on marketing Southern cotton, and selling human slaves worldwide. The North owned all the slave ships, along with the corporations transacting slaves from Africa. Now when you realize North was the middleman for all international cotton sales, while being the center of all slave sales; and distribution of slaves worldwide with the Northern might to become syndicated international bullies, one understands why Lincoln engaged criminal activities for control of the South. The peaceful South attempted to retract into the conservative blanket of the constitution by legally creating the New American Confederate Nation [That had the abolition of slavery written into its Constitution which was similar to the North; but without the comical “legally” ethical abuse of the North.] Some folks believe I am adventurous, and they are wrong. I am a believer of Christian individuality, and am appalled at the attempted total destruction of liberty that the Civil War caused, that becomes obvious after researching history via older textbooks, and law libraries. The war was conducted against a legally assembled nation! Abraham Lincoln prosecuted a war against this young nation that had the right to exist knowing/believing the South was weak with little industrialization, its population was half that of the North, and when the South would eventually lose, all property would belong to the Northern corporations that had respect for the “American dictator.” Lincoln's sole rational for attacking the South was the same as Adolph Hitler's; because he could win!

Some more explanations of human frailties:
Organized religion attempts to make Christ an external spiritual image, whereas I believe the spirit of Christ is internal, and resides within all of us; and that was the basic teaching of Christ - with his battle against the Roman Church (that he lost - proving that might makes wrong). Basically, Calvinism, at a later date, structured the church as defiance to Christ's philosophy; while being supportive to Roman rule, sealing off His true spirit, and replacing it with manipulative propaganda and rituals, that a “mob of folks” prefer; demonstrating why democracy stimulates stupidity. Once the ruling class recognized this weakness, it used it to enslave all the various nations by having the population believe in promises instead of surrounding reality. Good grief! I am supporting some of the mandates of Hitler's Mien Kampf. Contrary to popular opinion, educated intelligence does not fabricate moral little God's (in His image). So how do we get individuals to look inside themselves and free the true spirit of Christ. The first step is to 3

stimulate the attribute of survival, and repair the confidence that was stolen away by Government. The Government is contrary to free thinkers like myself; who is now considered harmless due to being crippled like a plantation slave, and whose posting is small scale seeking only those that also have compassion. Every attempt I have made so far to enlighten those that need assistance, is always blocked by a uncompromising peer pressure bully seeking closure to an argument, rather than concern for the victims they damage. George Orwell was on the money in 1948, with his projection of 1984. If he could have rewrote the book as he got closer to 1984, I believe his opinions would be a lot less gentle. As it is, I made an attempt to organize the Newtimers, a group of Senior Citizens that will be needing transportation as the gasoline prices, automobile and related service prices, soar to the point that the Seniors cannot enjoy the luxury of having a place to congregate. The directed interface of the Senior Center initially was supportive to me and asked for me to write the program up. The price of gas at the time was 3 dollars a gallon. I then acquired my mobility scooter that has a lot of safety features for being street legal in addition to being comfortable for my crippling stynosis back injury. After a reasonable period of time I checked on the progress of the Newtimers only to find the representative did nothing! Then the lady went into a tirade about my “huge” scooter? That happens to be smaller than a wheel chair! She is so hung up on my machine that she looses track of the concept that she wishes she could ride her bike to work, but willingly gives up that right by supporting the concept that all the roads in Carrollton were designed/designated primarily for SUVs. Gas is now 4 dollars per gallon and still climbing with no sign of relief. [In fact President Obama backed off his valiant claim to setting limits on the price of gas.] It takes time to implement a realistic time share traffic system. The SUV driver is currently immorally, and illegally aggressive typically, and it will take Government to help straighten that problem out; i.e. if the majority of Carrollton (the Senior Citizens) press the City Council for their rights of passage, and realize they are the prime owners of roadways, with SUVs and cars, to be accommodating instead of bullying. As an old man I ride “Freedom” (my one half 'horse' EW-36) like the cowboys of the past, but with more speed because of a constantly refreshed steed - that can travel 40 miles instead of 20 per day. [80 miles per day, if destination has “grazing” source for Freedom's total refreshment of electricity.] In basic honesty, I do not need a 200 mph vehicle to command travel in my 38 square miles of neighborhood jurisdiction. “How fast can it go” is a demonstration of brainwashed ignorance. An intelligent individual should concentrate on natural goals, rather than performance. Freedom is a mobility scooter, and not a motorcycle. Its architecture accommodates a 15 mph velocity quite well with safety; and for smooth straight-aways she gallops at close to 22 mph, and that truly is fast enough for young ladies wearing skirts, and young guys not wearing leathers or helmets. In fact climate has a lot to do with my velocity. Cold days I listen to bug teachings, and travel slower to cut down on the “air conditioning.” I study passageways through my 38 square miles for safe travel, with no more than a 30 mph speed limit (that should be enforced). I now enjoy school zones without concern for speeding tickets. I can smell the roses and cut grass, while pausing to feed the ducks swimming in the ponds that are now in my line of travel. Department stores and supermarkets have become 'drive through' in the fullest sense of the word. This is my wonderful world of retirement that a personal NEV has opened up to a cripple, that my Senior Center sponsor wishes to contain from other seniors - that have unused mobility scooters, bicycles, tricycles, or the ability to fast walk; to travel through the maze of roadway that truly belongs to them! The totally brainwashed public that is terrified to exercise their rights (will eventually have them legally stolen). I am 4

just attempting to stir up the same type of gumption that Sally attempted in the classic movie “Cabaret.” “Don't sit alone in your room, come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret old chum, come to” Carrollton's Senior Center!

Ramblings of Sanity
MorE InsAnitY! 68 Thousand folks are killed on American highways every year. This figure is greater than all the wars our armies are presently facing annually, with the enemy seriously energized to kill us? Yet all we do is band-aid these kinds of idiotic problems with corporate salable goodies like, 11 airbags and radar to wake you up before the impact, instead of seriously attacking the corrupted philosophy generated by corporate marketing. Performance today is more important then efficiency that is conservatism. Conservatism is attacked by liberals, via the title of (hated) Anarchy! The 1920s had 3 million cars on the road, and government stepped in with licensing to protect pedestrians (who had the right of way – and still do). Vehicular traffic was 20 mph in cities, and a racy 35 mph on highways. In Germany however, Porsche with Hitler's improved autobahn, created a system to support 100 kph traffic for the peoples car (VW); however that was a stimulant for corporations to push performance, and make wealth without concern for public safety. A few race car drivers were killed, exceeding 200 mph (320 kph); three times Dr Speer's architectural limits - that had very good margins for safety. Today stupidity has become the overwhelming influence, again churned up by marketing! We have cars that are sold with 300 hp capable of 200 miles per hour; sold here with a national speed limit of 65 mph (that many states refuse to honor), and a constant barrage of stupid stunt drivers stimulating idiots to do the same. The attitude of; that if you hit someone! Step on the gas and get the hell out of there before anyone can identify you, because your chariot is faster than most! How many commercials do you see with vehicles and tires spinning, under expert control, but at zero traction encouraging youth to do the same. And movies with the “heroes” having the same “don't give a crap attitude?” Currently we have 200 million cars on the roads that range about three times as far (that average twice as fast) as they did in the 1920s because of creature comfort. Our cars are heavier because of all the unnecessary crap (that is distractive to the pilot of the vehicle). To solve the fuel inefficiency of the over displaced American vehicle through marketing - that is primarily controlled by money; we have their ridiculous solution [Any change must contribute more performance!]. Instead of making vehicles smaller, with less displacement; marketing moves forward to add a second motor with a batch of batteries to increase mass, size, and deadliness, with this being passed on as evolution by “Great Engineering?” A total violation of the basic philosophy of good engineering i.e. simplicity! The root of the problems is the fact we the people permit dictators to move into office, and despoil our government and legal system, with the concept of equity. Our elections are controlled by how much money can a candidate sweep in as a badge of “honor”? The public has now become immature with Government seeding academia to concentrate on knowledge instead of wisdom; making mankind the stupidest animal on the planet. In 1960 America's average IQ was 104. Today with all the intense education available, we are now down to an average IQ of 80 (5 points above Forrest Gump)! My pet cat 5

is a genius (relative to survival), then anyone else I know (including myself)! Killer whales develop hunting strategy, and communicate to team with each other; while “intelligent” humans spend trillions attempting to contact alien critters i.e. without successfully being able to communicate with whales?? Top secret, national security, security clearance, confidential, are all bullshit terms to hide the sinister workings of corrupt, dictatorial, communistic governments; that are dedicated to protecting themselves; with individuals only considered as unimportant “collateral damage.” We the American people have a ghost of a constitution; that has become totally transparent, and replaced with government permission vouchers (equitable licensing). The degree of overpowerment of the public is so intense that the enslavement of the public is now total. How can anyone react to nerve gas delivery systems, neutron bombs, million round per minute machine guns, controlled germ warfare, HAARP mind control (that the public spent 65 million dollars for it, and is it still classified); with civilian intervention of any kind, regardless of accidental, can legally initiate their extermination. Hopefully this demonstrates that there truly are 3 USA's that are competing with each other for prominence, and the citizens of America are just 'non existent' - collateral damage. A short demonstration of how manipulation of equity works. We start with the original pledge of allegiance: I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The pledge was amended subsequently by the substitution of the words “the flag of the United States of America” for the phrase “my flag.” The newly worded pledge was adopted officially on Flag Day, June 14, 1924. By joint resolution of Congress the pledge was further amended in 1954 by the addition of the words “under God.” This is how the pledge now reads: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

My version: 4-20-2012
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and to the republic for which it regulates: one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. The American Flag is now attached to 3 USA's, meaning that one is blindly accepting all the laws that the flag is attached to! Martial law has no justice or liberty attached to it, with closure the only prime function. Basically we have legally turned our American flag into Hitler's swastika - while we Americans keep sleeping!

The 2012 dilemma:
We are on the threshold of cataclysm. Financial destruction by government substituting script 6

for money while raising the real debt limit above 75 trillion dollars - with no people's gold stored “safely” at Fort Knox. [The gold replaced with bins of undisclosed white powder] And here comes “Mr. Clean(up)...Nibiru. A new patsy to be used for another government scapegoat! It started with censorship of this natural astronomical occurrence, with government spending $1.3 trillion investigating the situation. Afterward, how many trillions has been spent digging down 2.5 miles into rock beds to secure safe habitat shelters for slimy officials? Since we the people will have to fend for ourselves, we should be attempting to add comfort before the discomfort. The intense solar flares of the Suns cycle may damage the electrical systems; however that is the easiest to repair. Ocean shipping should be damaged; meaning no Arab oil for a few years. In fact; with the result of calamity putting us back into the equivalent of the 1930s, we should make due with what is available. Mobility scooters for the elderly, is an ideal option for local transportation; filling in as a personal NEV. An electric vehicle, or 50 cc motorscooter that can stretch 2 gallons of fuel. [The motorscooter would be a more heavy-duty version that would compliment a more able body] Hobby's and sports should center on fishing and hunting, while we regain the wisdom of survival; that government stripped away via academia. While our 'fearless' heads of state sleep safely cowering, able bodied citizens should remake a civil market outside of government control; little family owned businesses. Block captains (unemployed police?) to maintain peace, and a vigilante system to secure a more militant reserve of volunteers (affirmative action groups) selected by moral issues, rather then financial, should be the guardians protecting the turf. And then some great innovative programming to insure the sleepers stay in their hole long after everything settled down.... Look at the advantages of keeping our “superiors” heads down, cringing in their nasty egotism, safely encased in more than 2 miles of earth.. No World War III; in fact, mom's should presently keep their children home (away from military careers - because our “responsible” leaders will strand American troops all over the world; blaming Nibiru - instead of acknowledging their role in the blame). Just like the MIAs from Korea and Viet Nam, all the while believing that they, the superiors, are Teflon coated like Bill Clinton. A small scale city like Carrollton TX can become a bustling community using personal NEVs for local transportation; weaving through the maze of stranded vehicles - that can become temporary mobile habitats for homeless survivors. Hopefully, when the idiots do surface, and find a well organized peaceful society, their self sustained abuse may extol some wisdom, to keep their “weapons of mass destruction” in their pockets, and actually attempt to maintain success, without catering to avarice. [Constitutional wishful thinking?] Because of government censorship of reality and replacing it with (wild ass) illusions to create confusion, some of the real problems of a Nibiru close call (20 million mile miss) that it just may slow rotation of Earth a bit. [At the equator the surface speed of Earth is a smidgen above Mach 1; with megatons of atmosphere moving at the same velocity meaning that it will have massive inertia; possibly creating hypercanes (the big daddy of hurricanes).] Obstinateness is an educated attribute that is similar to the force that lemmings follow, as they plunge into the sea! Primitive man was not exposed to organized education, thus he was wise enough to follow the migration patterns of animals; primarily for the purpose of dinner - while promoting his ability to cling to a violent planet. Smug obstinate educated folks cling to political blinders that claim there is no danger, and not to worry; while the famous 'Ring of Fire' circumventing the entire Pacific Ocean has 'taken up smoking' with more then 200 currently active volcanoes. Info: A hypercane is a hypothetical class of extreme hurricane that could form if ocean temperatures reached around 50 °C (122 °F), which is 15 °C (27.0 °F) warmer than the warmest 7

ocean temperature ever recorded. Such an increase could be caused by a large asteroid or comet impact, a supervolcanic eruption, or extensive global warming. There is some speculation that a series of hypercanes resulting from an impact by a large asteroid or comet contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs. The hypothesis was created by Kerry Emanuel of MIT who also coined the term. Hypercanes would have wind speeds of over 800 km/h (500 mph), equaling an original Fujita scale rating number of F9.0, and would also have a central pressure of less than 70 kilopascals (21 Hg) (700 millibars), giving them an enormous lifespan. For comparison, the largest and most intense storm on record was 1979's Typhoon Tip, with a wind speed of 305 kilometers per hour (190 mph) and central pressure of 87 kilopascals (26 Hg) (870 millibars). Such a storm would be eight times more powerful than the strongest storms yet recorded. My concern is based upon IF! If the upper atmosphere is agitated by a reduction of planet rotation; then it is possible that a hypercane can develop at lower water temperature. Unfortunately I am not skilled enough at higher math to fabricate a hypothetical model that would be digestible; the majority would not accept 5th grade math - that probably is more realistic. A comment on pole shifting: Some illusionists stimulate fear of a pole shift - proving again my pet cat is much smarter then us humans. Cats are programmed to survive, and so were humans. Knowledge (along with political BS) replaced human survival programming - making my species quite stupid (on the wisdom scale). It took a few years for Earth's wobble to increase from 4 to 8 degrees. We are talking of huge mass with gyroscopic effects, meaning a slow motion pole shift (by our time system) would probably occur (even if the earth's rotation is slowed just enough to throw our clocks and calenders away - per the Sumerian and Mayan “end of time”). Alvin Sugar 5-8-2012

Texas Newtimer Club
Let's enjoy the Mayan “End of Time” with a fresh positive outlook for the future passage of Nibibru through our solar system. Yes, it will trigger disasters, but they will be tame compared to the disasters we the people of Earth created by fueling tyrannical governments; by not abiding to enforce our Constitutional (God given) rights. My engineering stimulation is that “End of Time” means Earth's rotation will be effected; and that I should be selling adjustable sundials to compensate the event. [And if I am wrong, and not a surviver, I hope to confuse something/somebody, that may pry my wrist “trinket” (watch) from my cold and icy wrist.] Financial chaos should occur in 2012; due to excessive strain on systems that only concentrate on the survival of the wealthy. So it is time that we should look after ourselves, the elderly, with a system of personal transportation that will be deeply rooted in the concept of survival, and reduction of bondage. Prominence, property, and debt are the modern chains of subtle slavery, with licensing a technique of stricter containment. Any attempt to loosen our bondage usually has authoritarians pointing fingers and shouting “anarchism! These criminals wish to destroy our way of life!” Interestingly Congress enacted HR 549 to help green up America with NEVs. Today it has been grossly modified to disturb the owners of golf carts, and Government supported NEVs with new taxations 8

and rules to damage the “good intentions,” business as usual. Golf carts to become LSV (low velocity vehicles), by proclamation instead of deed. Abraham Lincoln's distorted technology of creating financial penalty's for non conformists; to be applied onto the publics unprotected poor (that can least afford it). Carrollton Texas elevation is 540 feet MSL. It is located 200 miles from the sea. The Tennessee fault line is 20 miles away. And there is no calderas, or volcanoes within 1000 miles. This translates to a pretty safe area, with the excellent prospect of recovery from an obnoxious natural disaster. We the senior citizens of Carrollton should develop the maturity necessary to encourage survival. We senior citizens happens to be the majority, and we should create a personal transportation system that is more realistic for mankind, instead of following the pressure of our typical marketing programs that are engineered to gratify wealthy children. Everything in our universe has limits; other then our minds. Fickle humans attempt to believe perfection is open ended, and thus pursue ridiculous impossible dreams that we title as evolution. Evolving machinery while degenerating the human animal is stupidity; while forcing the elderly to drive competitively with the more adventurous fearless youth is brainwashed foolishness. Us older Texans have to logically evolve, and assert realism onto our Constitutional Right of Passage so as to safely navigate within our local community of Carrollton, lowering our city's corporate expenditure, while giving freedom to us retired individuals to scoot about between rush hours using 1930 traffic controls/laws on a time share basis. Making available selected cross streets dedicated to 15 mph traffic (per Texas regulations for unlicensed LSV mobility scooters) would permit slower vehicles to enjoy inexpensive personal transportation safely; while encouraging more bike and mobility scooters to be used by senior citizens to get about for a 7 mile range. Due to our moderate climate, exposure to the elements for 15 minutes is not enough discomfort while the motion through air is more refreshing then sitting around in stagnant air waiting for a bus; that requires a lot more circulating capitol to operate; and transit time still averages about 15 mph. So we have to put fear behind us and be a bit adventurous, to have a more secure grip on life. Wisdom means we should follow civil law while recognizing our language, and the proper intent. A speed limit means a peak velocity i.e. not to be exceeded. When I do 15 mph in a 30 mph limit, I am totally legal; whereas, those drivers pushing 35 mph are “criminals.” This is the mature attitude I am attempting to establish in a Senior Citizen environment. I have been racing bikes since I was 18, off and on, until age 65. With the Blue Bonnet cycle club I was a lead rider for newbies, and ladies. Most of my competition was against myself in scoring. I was strong in duration, but a bit slower then the fresh youngsters. Thank goodness I am a conservative, and enjoy accomplishing tasks to the best of my ability; without concern for more trophies. This is an attitude I am hoping to stimulate with the Newtimers because too many years have passed with us elderly being forced (at high expense), to be competitive to the younger generation. Why, as a majority, we willingly give up our rights, and accept mediocrity and abuse by being forced into second class citizenry in an urban environment; and not be supported in our right of passage for individuals - instead of by massive machinery. Sepulveda California was laid out with bike trails throughout the city, and this alternate traffic was used by all kinds of folks until the world became infested with SUVs. My concern is to break free of the current scare tactic, and install time share traffic in Carrollton Texas to encourage school kids, and senior citizens, to ride regular bikes for transportation safely, and to give seniors that have handicaps a means to travel. Because of “education” traffic signs that say “bike lane,” or “share the road with bikes,” just don't work; but stimulate instead aggressive driver behavior - as viewed by my experiences. Time share means we take certain cross streets like McCoy, Jackson, Scott Mill, etc. and make them 15 mph limits 9

between rush hours. This would take the pressure off those of us that would use a bike or mobility scooter to enjoy our freedom to shop without depending on being chauffeured about. This would also improve the economy of Carrollton, while being a improvement to the quality of life for us senior citizens. Hopefully, Nibiru will teach us some of the wisdom of the Ancients, who concentrated on survival. I am certain the Mayan architecture, and Egyptian pyramids will still be intact after Nibiru passes, and live on for the next orbit; but I cannot say the same about modern structures. Man is meat, bone, and connective tissue. Nature designed him to travel at 12 mph average, with a peak velocity of 20 mph. After 20 million years evolving mentally; our bodies have degraded to the point that we are now the weakest critter (by the pound) on this planet; and it appears we have childishly developed machines that are designed to damage us sociologically. If one wants to travel in excess of 200 miles distant, one should take a train, or an airplane. When one arrives at destination, and if wheels are needed – rent them. Having competitive racing vehicles for highway transits in excess of 45 mph; with all the modern distractions called luxury; is ludicrous. This is the fault of our educational system, with its concentration on knowledge instead of wisdom; that creates damaging brainwashing to the individual so as to make him search for more knowledge, with greed a dominating factor; that common sense should overrule. Wisdom, patience, logic, have all been destroyed by modern education with its demand for immediate gratification. Hurry up to wait, now is the modern slogan. Why roast at a buss stop for 30 minutes, when in 15 minutes you could be at a typical destination, and more comfy because of air circulation. Our first psychological problem is to eliminate the immature question of “how fast will your scooter go?” Seniors walk about 2 mph. Typical scooters move at 4 mph, pedal bikes and trikes up to 8 mph, the large Amiga scooter does 10 mph, and Freedom, that I am riding, does 22 mph - that has a cruise control that I set to limit speed at 22 kph for 15 mph. Time is the real issue, and not velocity! When I was able, I would walk to the Senior Center, meaning 24 minutes of exercise. As my handicap progressed, I tried biking to the Senior center, and that took 12 minutes. My Electric bike was down to 8 minutes, and freedom takes 6 minutes (no sidewalks though, because in Carrollton they generally are bad news for a trike). Enjoying Clint Eastwood's attitude “A man should know his limitations,” may be disturbing, but is a valid reality when facing survival situations that should be free of fear and ego. LSVs are the future with Britain building villages for scooter traffic following the American Amish, but modernized. Europe has many villages that ladies scurry about riding personal LSVs. India has solar powered scooters that can handle their typical 9 mph traffic. Lets face facts, and the day of cheap gas and fuel sucking muscle cars are over, and it is about time we loosen the brain muscles, and dive into our future with common sense, and realistic goals, instead of spiritual assistance of 250 hp automobiles that travel at 15 mph during rush hour; all because of overcrowding. Remember one important fact: throughout history, those of us that do not use our rights will be the first to lose them! To date I have explored up to 10 miles of my environment enjoying feeding ducks, kids at play, checking out my old flying fields, etc. By my definition, this is freedom! Hope more will join me to gain leverage on Time Share Traffic, and add growth to the Newtimers.. Comfort levels: 1. Sitting stationary in 85 degree plus weather is un-comfy; whereas moving at 5 mph equals the effect of some “air conditioning.” 2. 65 degrees; and a jacket is wise. 3. 55 degrees add a scarf to a good jacket and gloves. 10

4. Below 55 degrees; full dress of overcoat and above. 5. Below 50 degrees and over 100 degrees; stay home!

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In the U.S., the preferred term is NEV. In the U.S., LSVs can be powered by gasoline. In Canada, LSVs can only be electric. For the purposes of this page, I will use the term NEV most of the time, as the E for electric is visible in the acronym. In some U.S. states, electric Medium Speed Vehicles are also included in the NEV category (speeds up to 35 mph permitted). NEV is not synonymous with electric car. There are many electric cars which are capable of traveling at highway speeds, while NEVs are limited by law to lower speeds (typically 25 or 35 mph, depending on the state, or 40 km/h in those few Canadian jurisdictions that have joined the 21st century by acknowledging the vehicle classification exists.) The NEV has a number of advantages that we think will contribute to their growing popularity. NEVs do not use gasoline or diesel fuel; which has environmental and energy security benefits. NEVs have an enviable safety record, because of their restricted maximum speed and corresponding areas of use. As a result of this safety record, NEVs get very favorable insurance rates. Using an NEV to run short trips reduces wear and tear on a highway-capable gasoline vehicle, which is the usual alternative, which extends the life and value of that vehicle. NEVs are quiet, which is a great thing in residential and urban areas where they tend to be used. Not all U.S. states have embraced the NEV yet, there are still 4 or 5 hold-outs. In Canada, the situation is reversed, with only 3 or 4 jurisdictions having accommodated NEVs at all. It's unclear what Manitoba's stance is on the subject. In British Columbia, LSVs must essentially be legalized one municipality at a time, creating a nightmare patchwork of regulations. In Ontario, onerous additional regulations have been placed on LSVs, such that no manufacturer is prepared to enter the Ontario market (too small to warrant the extra cost of a variant model). Quebec has started a pilot project which includes only the two models of LSV built in the province. While the NEV is a recent innovation (circa 1995) in vehicle classifications, it already has an interesting and somewhat tumultuous history. My paper in the Sixth International Conference on the History of Transportation, Traffic and Mobility (2008) Proceedings (MS Word format) Sideshow for my presentation at the Sixth International Conference on the History of Transportation, Traffic and Mobility (2008) (Powerpoint format) Paper: Regulatory Impediments to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: Safety Standards and ZeroEmission Vehicle Rules by Timoty E. Lipman, Kenneth S. Kurani and Daniel Sperling. (PDF, 1994) Low Speed Electric Vehicles enable 'Go Green' initiatives (February 2010) Long-Proposed Electric Car Finally Gets Builder (January 2010) EcoV Web site


Club Car announces its first street-legal LSV (November 2009) Report Summary from a pilot study on LSVs by Transport Canada (January 2009) There is a Yahoo! group for NEVs. The NEV-LSV Forum ************************************************************************** Texas Incentives and Laws for NEVs The list below contains summaries of all Texas incentives and laws related to NEVs. Laws and Regulations Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Access to Roadways NEVs are defined as vehicles that can attain a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour (mph) and that must comply with the safety standards in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 571.500. NEVs may only be used on roadways that have a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less except to cross at an intersection. A county, municipality, or the Texas Department of Transportation may prohibit the operation of NEVs on a street or highway if the governing body determines that the prohibition is necessary in the interest of safety. (Reference Texas Statutes, Transportation Code 551.301-551.303) ****************************************************************************** Texas residents have additional EV incentives above and beyond the USA Federal Government Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives of up to $7,500 USD tax credits for new qualified plug-in electric vehicles, up to $4,000 USD for EV conversion kits, and tax credits for EV charging equipment of $1,000 USD for each charging station for individuals and up to $30,000 USD for commercial buyers. Texas Clean Fleet Grants The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) administers the Texas Clean Fleet Program, part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan, which encourages owners of fleets containing diesel vehicles to permanently remove the vehicles from the road and replace them with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) or hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Grants are available to fleets to offset the incremental cost of such replacement projects. An entity that operates a fleet of at least 100 vehicles and places 25 or more qualifying vehicles in service for use entirely in Texas during a given calendar year may be eligible for grant. Qualifying AFV or HEV replacements must reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides or other pollutants by at least 25% as compared to baseline levels and must replace vehicles that meet operational and fuel usage requirements. Neighborhood electric vehicles do not qualify. This program ends August 31, 2017. (Reference Texas Statutes, Health and Safety Code 391) Clean Vehicle and Infrastructure Grants The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality administers the Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants (ERIG) Program, part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan, which provides grants for various types of clean air projects to improve air quality in the state’s nonattainment areas. Eligible projects include those that involve heavy-duty vehicle replacement, retrofit, or repower; alternative fuel dispensing infrastructure; idle reduction and electrification infrastructure; and alternative fuel use. 12

(Reference Texas Statutes, Health and Safety Code 386) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Incentive – Coulomb Technologies Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint America program offers EVSE at no cost to individuals or entities in the Austin metropolitan area. To be eligible for a public or commercial charging system, an entity must be located within the Austin metropolitan area and in defined potentially “high use” areas, and provide public access to the charging system. Companies and municipalities may apply on the ChargePoint America Web site. To be eligible for free home charging stations, individuals living within the specified area must purchase a qualified electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Individuals purchasing an eligible EV or PHEV should apply for the ChargePoint America program at the dealership or with the vehicle manufacturer at the time of vehicle purchase. In most cases, installation will be paid for by the EVSE owner; some cities, states, and utilities, however, will provide funding towards installation costs. All participants in the ChargePoint America program must agree to anonymous data collection after installation. Additional restrictions may apply. Texas is also home to three other similar Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) programs being offered from: ECOtality offers EVSE at no cost to individuals in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston metropolitan areas. Austin Energy: Plug-in electric vehicle owners in the Austin Energy service area may be eligible for a rebate of 50% of the cost to purchase and install a qualified Level 2 charging station. The maximum rebate amount is $1,500. CPS Energy and the City of San Antonio are offering 50% of the cost of Level 2 residential EVSE. Electric Vehicle incentives (Central Texas Clean Cities and Austin) Central Texas Clean Cities and Austin have Electric Vehicle incentives are worth between $100 and $500 to Austin Energy customers who purchase qualifying Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEVs), motorcycles, scooters and bicycles from approved dealers and/or build a qualifying all-electric Gas Engine Conversion. Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Access to Roadways NEVs are defined as vehicles that can attain a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour (mph) and must comply with the safety standards in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 571.500. NEVs may only be used on roads that have a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less but may cross a road or street at an intersection where the road or street has a posted speed limit of more than 45 mph. A county, municipality, or the Texas Department of Transportation may prohibit the operation of a NEV on a street or highway if the governing body determines that the prohibition is necessary in the interest of safety. (Reference Texas Statutes, Transportation Code 551.301-551.303) Alternative Fuel Use and Vehicle Acquisition Requirements State fleets with more than 15 vehicles, excluding emergency and law enforcement vehicles, may not purchase or lease a motor vehicle unless the vehicle uses compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, propane, ethanol or fuel blends of at least 85% ethanol (E85), methanol or fuel blends of at least 85% 13

methanol (M85), biodiesel or fuel blends of at least 20% biodiesel (B20), or electricity including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. ****************************************************************************** ****** Texas Laws on 50 CC Scooters Traffic Laws of Texas Motorized Bicycle Laws in Texas Electric Scooter Regulations Electric Scooter Laws Electric Scooter Laws in Texas By Paul Caruso, eHow Contributor Print this article If you own and/or operate an electric scooter in the state of Texas, there are certain rules and regulations governing the operation of such a vehicle under Texas law. Failure to comply with these laws may result in fines and traffic citations. Related Searches: State of Texas Motor Scooter Rules of Operation According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, under the Texas Transportation Code electric scooters (defined by law as "electric personal assistance mobility devices") fall into a hybrid category that governs the operation of bicycles, mopeds and electric bicycles. As such, individuals operating electric scooters have the same responsibilities and must follow the same rules of the road as a bicycle, moped or electric bicycle operator. Operators of electric scooters therefore must not carry any more persons on their vehicle than the vehicle permits. So, in other words, if your electric scooter does not have a passenger's seat, you cannot carry a passenger. Additionally, operators of electric scooters may not tow other individuals who are on skateboards or roller skates (or blades) and cannot carry any load which may impair their ability to steer the scooter (for example, carrying passengers or other heavy loads on the handlebars). Rules of the Road Under Texas law, operators of electric scooters may ride only on roadways where the speed limit is 30 mph or less and may do so only if there is no available bicycle lane or sidewalk to ride on. If an operator of an electric scooter is riding on a roadway and moving more slowly than the other vehicles on the road, the operator must ride as close as possible to the right-hand shoulder of the road unless the scooter operator is preparing to pass a vehicle moving in the same direction, preparing to make a left-hand turn at a driveway or intersection, or avoiding an object, pedestrian or animal on the 14

right-hand shoulder. Operators of electric scooters may also ride two abreast on a road as long as they are not impeding traffic and not on a road divided into two or more lanes--in which case they must ride singlefile. Registration, Insurance and License Because electric scooters are essentially governed under Texas law as bicycles, operators do not require any license, nor do the vehicles need to be registered. Electric scooters do not need to be inspected, and they do not need to bear "slow moving vehicle" emblems, which may be required of other slow-moving vehicles, such as golf carts. Additionally, operators of electric scooters do not need to carry any liability insurance.

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