Prerequisite checks 1) Network setting :check ip address & host name (using ipconfig & hostname command in cmd) 2) Verify virtual

memory (swap),page file setup(should be 2*ram) 3) Java installation check (environment variable setting) 4) Web server installation check(MS IIS for window & Apache for Unix) 5)Make sure the Disk layout (Space) and drive letters are as per the requirements. 6)must gather the data i)New <SID>: ii)<SID> admin user: iii)<SID> admin Password iv)Windows Service user (Domain user): v)Windows Service user password vi)Windows Admin group (Domain group) vii)Global password for all users to be created viii)CI instance no.(e.g.10) ix)IP Address x)Host Name xi)Administrator’s password xii)Location and file name of Java (e.g.C:\java) xiii)Solution Manager Installation Key- Generate using SMSY transaction code using Solution manager system. xiv)path of the ECC installation 7)DVD / CD Media list needed for installation. i)master installation cd/dvs's for sap ECC ii)Kernel iii)Java based Software Components

Execute (Execute service) 5. SAP system id(SAPSID)= <SID> 2. N.exe in Installation Master CD. iii)DNS Domain Name 1. Central system Installation.Custom Select The “Custom”. ii)General Parameters 1. 3.Unicode system (recomonded) : check this box if Unicode system required. Choose service 2. Set environment Variable B) Installation of Central Instance (CI) Double Click on sapinst. Define parameter 3.INSTALLATION A) Install Database & Java. 2. Completed Phase 1: choose service Options: 1. we can run prerequisite check & OS Users and Groups check (optional but highly recommended) (Sap installation master-> sap ERP ->software lifecycle option->Additional preparation option) There are 5 phase in ECC installation 1. Summary (check parameter) 4. distributed System Installation. High-availability system Installation: Choose: Central System Installation(sap installation master-> sap ERP->sap application server ABAP->choose your db->choose your system) Phase 2: Define Parameters i)Defaults settings parameter mode:1. Installation Drive 3.Typical 2.Set FQDN for sap System(Fully Qulified Domain Name):check the box .B.

2.Internal ABAP message server port .DNS Domain Name for SAP System* iv)Master password:(8-14 char long provided by specification) v)Windows Domain 1.Domain Model local installation.use domain of current user. Enter the location of DB client viii) TempDB cofiguration confirm the configuration ix)Database import 1. Enter the location of Unicode kernel 5. Enter the location of database software 3. Enter the location of Installtion Export CDs 2.use different domain selet use domain for current user vi)Database Connection Information Enter the db instance name vii)Mediabrowser>softwarepackage code page 2.ABAP message server port 2. Enter the location of kernel CDs 4.SAP system id(SAPSID) 2.Number of parallel job (by default it is 1 increase it to speed up of installation) x)Central Instance change Instance no as per project xi)Central Instance 1.

xv)JCE unlimited strenght jurisdiction policy files archive: enter the path of java cryptoghraphy extension(JCE) xvi)SLD Destination(System landscape directory) 1.No SLD Destination Phase 3: Parameter summary All the entered parameter will be checked and shown in summary .Host with transport directory xii)SAP cryptographic software provide the path of to the SAP cryptographic Library xiii)Unpack the archive select which archive you want to unpack xiv)General System Parameters 1. .B. Phase 4: Execute Service Enter solution manager key : Using Tcode SMSY( provide Hardware key and SID of the system) N.Unicode system (recomonded) : check this box if Unicode system required.Registerin existing central sld(choose it) 2. You can modify some of parameter here.Diagnostics Agent System id(DASID) 2. Once all the parameter is checked installation will enter to Execute service. there are 26 step & Import ABAP take most time likely 30 hrs Phase 5: Completed Wait until all the phases are completed.3. Any error occurred troubleshoot it.Destination drive 3.

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