Text I In the 1930s, Chester F. Carlson was working in the patents department of a large electronics firm in New York City. One of the major problems in his work was the length of time and expense involved in getting patents copied, patents were lengthy legal documents, and the only ways to get them copied were to take them to a typist or to take them to a photographer. Either way of copying patents took a lot of time and cost a lot of money. He came up with the idea for a machine that would copy documents quickly and efficiently. He researched the idea in the library and then worked over a three-year period on developing a machine that used a light, an electro statically charged plate, and powder to duplicate images on paper. The result of this work was a machine that produced the first xerographic copy on October 22, 1938. He named the process "Xerox", which means "dry writing". Carlson felt that he had a good idea, one that would be extremely helpful in the business world. He tried to sell his idea to a number of large corporations, but they were not terribly interested in his machine. A few years later he sold the process to a small family-owned company. This small company grew into the giant Xerox Corporation, and both Carlson and Xerox became rather wealthy in the process. 1. The text is mainly about ......... (A) the life of Chester F. Carison (B) Carlson's career in a patents office (C) the development of the Xerox machine (D) how the, Xerox machine became popular (E) the effect of the invention of the Xerox machine 2. To get an idea what machine to produce, Carlson went to .......... (A) an electronics firm (B) the library (C) a man called Xerox (D) photographers (E) other patents departments 3. Carlson was thinking of a better way to copy patents because ......... (A) he found many problems in his office —1—

.. or slabs. AS the plates separate from each other. Continents are floating apart from each other... (A) destroy existing continents (B) are felt sixty miles below sea surface (C) cause changes on earth —2— .... From the text we can conclude that the movement of plate tectonics . a new sea floor is formed by the molten matter that was formerly beneath..(B) (C) (D) (E) typists could never meet deadlines he worked in a small electronics firm producing copies was quite expensive he liked working on experiments 4. The following are the components Carlson used for his newly . 6..... except . Volcanic islands and large mountain ranges are created by this type of movement... The topic of the paragraph is .... this is referred to as the continental drift. (A) the process called dry writing (B) a businessman whose name is Xerox (C) the research performed in a library (D) a large and established corporation (E) the efforts of a family-owned company popular worldwide Text II Earthquakes are one of the most deadly natural disasters.... (A) the occurrence of the continental drift (B) deadly natural disasters (C) the cause of earthquakes (D) the formation of new sea floors (E) geologists research on earthquakes 7...... carry continents and sea floors at a rate of several inches a year..... (A) typewriter (B) powder (C) light (D) paper (E) electrostatically charged plate 5.. About sixty miles below the surface of the sea. What causes them? Geologists explain them in terms of a theory known as plate tectonics. there is a emimolten bed of rock over which plates.invented machine. We may conclude that Xerox has become through .

. therefore. to work in the morning without having eaten a proper breakfast... continual increase in the number of passengers.. Humans are designed to feel hungry every three hours or so..600 and 2.10.... instead of three large ones.. Sudden dizziness attack them..(D) (E) is good for volcanic islands and mountains form new sea floors every year Text III Research shows that people who eat small meals and snacks throughout the day are usually more successful at losing weight or maintaining an ideal body weight.. Eating too few calories or waiting too long between meals-can make you feel tired.. failure. In extreme cases...... your blood sugar level remains stable.12.... . And when you do eat. nervous. From the text we may conclude that .13.. 10.. a great way to stay in control. (A) eating only snacks may result in losing weight (B) men and women need different amounts of calories (C) a low blood sugar level shows a loss of weight (D) snacking is not harmful for one’s health (E) big meals are in most cases better than small meals 09.. and people's ..14.. to avoid interacting with strangers... (A) put off (B) run after (C) rush off (D) walkout (E) look after —3— ... contributing to their stress are other factory overcrowding of both sexes. they are so afraid of . The topic of the above paragraph is .. fire and/or crime that they show signs of panic men by having chest pains and women by becoming hysterical... hungry.. (A) the suggested calorie intake for woman (B) how to maintain an ideal body weight (C) the effects of a low blood sugar level (D) how to eat small meals throughout the day (E) the needs of every healthy woman Text IV What makes people get sick on subways? One of the reasons is that they .. you may over-eat on sugary food to get an instant "fix" of energy.. Snacking is.... you will be so hungry. If you eat six small meals a day. The other cause is the overcrowding and ensuing feeling of claustrophobia.11.. .. you can pass out when your blood sugar level drops too low. And an average healthy woman needs between 1... 08.. which brings on stress and anxiety.....200 calories each day. and irritable.

..' (A) go (B) have gone (C) will have gone —4— ..... 'Have you already decided where to go for your holidays?' 'Certainly.. to Italy... a sophisticated safety system.... (A) mechanize (D) mechanical (B) mechanised (E) mechanic (C) mechanism 13...11..' (A) not need to (B) don't lock (C) shall not (D) won’t lock (E) don't have to 19.." (A) Turning off (D) To turnoff (B) For turning off (E) We turnoff (C) You turnoff 17.. (A) requiring (D) require (B) requires (E) it requires (C) to require 16...' 'I ... (A) Especially (D) Eventually (B) Individually (E) Carefully (C) Comfortably 14. The installation of various high-tech electrical devices in our office ... (A) adaptability (D) inability (B) possibility (E) suitability (C) capability 15. we .. (A) In addition (B) Therefore (C) In conclusion (D) However (E) Nevertheless 12.. all the lights when you leave the office. "What is it that you want us to do?" ".. 'Why don’t you want Amir to be the team leader?' 'Well.. my niece will stay at home today.. 'Don't forget to lock your front door when you leave.... people around' (A) his ordering (B) why he orders (C) he is ordering (D) he orders (E) with his ordering 18.. I don't like ....

..... he would not have got that terrible accident..... (A) there are many (D) many of whom (B) many of them (E) they who (C) whose many —5— ... she would have been entitled to a scholarship for further study... The financial report states that the petty cash has been used for reimbursing transportation costs and .. (A) enjoying the holiday (B) hospitalized (C) very tired (D) still at the football field (E) in Puncak 22.. were among the crowd participating in the 'dangdut' dance.. 'What it are the workmen doing in your garden?' 'Oh..... soon..(D) are going (E) will have been going 20........ She could not finish her study in four years. are Japanese... I . If Angga had chosen to play football instead of going to Puncak with his friends on their motorbikes. computers... 'What time will the delayed plane depart?' 'They say that it . From the above sentence we may conclude that now Angga is . (A) upgrading (B) it is to upgrade (C) to upgrade (D) we upgrade (E) we need to upgrade 24.. The tourists. (A) however (B) consequently (C) otherwise (D) moreover (E) nevertheless 21...' (A) am having a gazebo built (B) am building a gazebo (C) have built a gazebo (D) have to build a gazebo (E) have been building a gazebo 23.........' (A) will announce (B) is to announce (C) to be announced (D) announces (E) will be announced 25.. .

according to the United Nations.. As cities grow.. Cases ol Legionnaire's disease are becoming fewer with system design and modifications to older systems.. bacteria-laden air was combined with cooled.Teks 1 About two-thirds of the world's population is expected to live in cities by the year 2020 and. The warm. Much research has looked at how the circulation of air inside a closed environment .such as an office building ....7 billion people will inhabit urban areas some ten years later... where it existed in harmless quantities.. factories.. . particularly in developing countries. This warm air was. Although many of us may feel air-conditioners bring relief from hot....... Air-conditioners give people comfort: nevertheless. conditioned air and was then circulated around various parts of the building.. It is predicted that in the coming two decades there will be an increase in the use of air-conditioners.. which was first recognised in the 1970s. so does the number of buildings that characterise them: office towers. but many older buildings. and high-rise apartment buildings. (A) the advantages of using air-conditioners (B) the reason why people choose to live in urban areas (C) the development of Legionnaire's disease (D) the potential risk of being in air-conditioned buildings (E) the improvement of the cooling system technology 02.. the perfect environment for the rapid growth of disease-carrying bacteria originating from outside the building.. One of the more widely publicised dangers is that of Legionnaire's disease. they pose many potential health hazards. the writer wants to show the readers . (A) they bring relief from hot. in most cases owing to poor design..can spread disease or expose occupants to harmful chemicals... (A) a rapid development in technology (B) a population increase in big cities (C) a higher rate of air population (D) an increase in people's standard of living (E) a rapid rise in the world's population 03. These structures depend on artificial ventilation systems to keep clean and cool air flowing to the people inside. or polluted outside air. This disease was found to have affected people in buildings with air-conditioning systems in which warm air pumped out of the system's cooling towers somehow flowed back into the building....... 01. polluted outside air (B) they produce clean air which is good for people's health —6— .. require constant monitoring. Studies showed that even people outside such buildings were at risk if they walked past air exhaust ducts. needless to say. In the above text. We know these systems by the term 'air-conditioning'. shoping malls. because there will be . approximately 33.

Most importantly.. In 1905..(C) research shows the cool air they produce may eliminate health hazards (D) the closed environment will make the air too humid (E) the air the circulate contains chemicals harmful to people's health 04.. They learn to laugh at other things.... The outside air which carries bacteria may enter an air-conditioned room through .s childhood (E) who Frank Epperson is 07.. you —7— ......... As the temperature dropped that night. Legionnaire's disease in air-conditioned buildings exists due to . with the spoon in it. the soda water froze. This was a tasty treat for him. From the text we learn tha conclude that .. The text tells us about . they learn not to hurt people's feelings by laughing at their problems.... they learn to laugh at themselves... (A) how popsicles came into being (B) Frank Epperson's favourite drink (C) what popsicles really are (D) Frank Epperson.. at someone who is not dressed as well as they are.... Frank Epperson went into business producing popsicles. When Frank found the glass the next morning. on the back porch overnight. eleven-year-old Frank Epperson stirred up a drink of fruit flavoured powder and soda water and then mistakenly left the drink.. 06... Years later. (A) various parts of the building (B) newly designed air-conditioners (C) the cooling towers taking in the outside air (D) all air-conditioners found in developing countries (E) old air-conditioner systems Teks 2 One example of a product invented by chance was the popsicle.. remembering how enjoyable the treat had been.. For example... (A) the flow of clean and cool outside-air (B) the lack of constant monitoring (C) an inappropriate air-conditioning system (D) the exhaust pipes outside the building (E) outside bacteria-laden air 05.. he pulled out the spoon and the frozen soda water stuck around the spoon. But as they grow up....... (A) popsicles can olny be produced during winter (B) popsicles were invented by accident (C) Frank Epperson started his business in 1905 (D) a popsicle is a kind of soft drinks (E) many drinks wee invented in the 20th century Teks 3 Small children often laugh at a lame or blind person..

The new . up to 85 percent of babies with Down's sydrome..(12).... British screening techniques .. You make a silly mistake and lose. Do you become angry? Or.. except . to have Down's syndrome... showed that fetuses without a nose bone are more than 100 times more .... Kypros Nicolaides of King's College Hospital. one should do the following things.... (A) not to become angry (B) to laugh at your mistake (C) to become sad about it (D) not to make the same mistakes (E) not to worry about it Teks 4 Doctors are developing a new test for Down's syndrome that could help save the lives of hundreds of babies.(13). If one makes a silly mistake. Research by a leading medical expert Prof..... You accidentally spill some food.. 08. (A) supposedly (B) possibly (C) correctly (D) likely (E) closely 12..(14).. Why keep worrying about how clumsy you looked? Why not laugh it off and enjoy yourself anyway? If you can.. London ..... it is a good sign you have really grown up.000 pregnant women in Britain must the choose whether to undergo further testing or not..are playing a game.. 30. From the text we may conclude that the writer wants to tell the reader .. (A) how children laugh at handicapped persons (B) how people feel at being laughed at (C) why children laugh at somebody else's problems (D) that people should learn to laugh at themselves (E) when people are not dressed properly 09. more than 600 pregnant women. can you laugh at yourself and hope to do better next time? Suppose you are at a special dinner.. involves examining the nose area in babies during routine scans 11 to 14 weeks into pregnancy....(10).. 10. (A) involving (B) requesting (C) producing (D) collecting (E) carrying 11.... (A) technique (D) research (B) equipment (E) capability (C) characteristic 13.. (A) detect (D) detector —8— ..(11)....

(A) taking (D) will take (B) having to take (E) to take (C) take 18......... please........ Sir.." (A) To register (B) Registration is (C) Having registered (D) Have them register (E) Have to register 19..... ... "There are students who want to take the new course." "You ......(B) detection (E) detectable (C) detective 14.. until the end of the month.. by Friday. I think my fever is getting worse..... for this firm for 5 years next month!" (A) have been working (D) worked (B) am working (E) will have worked (C) have worked 17. please.. (A) be able to (D) are able to (B) have been able to (E) were able to (C) was able to 16..... come....... "How long have you been a consultant for our firm?" "Well.. our hotel ... I . (A) In addition (D) In conclusion (B) However (E) Therefore (C) For example 15. My brother and I were invited to attend the opening ceremony of our neighbour's restaurant.. All new students at this university are required . neither of us .." (A) it is fully booked (B) we book it fully (C) is fully booked (D) booking it fully (E) to be fully booked 21.. however." ".. please. "I'd like to book three standard rooms for next week........ before Friday.... Having been bribed by the rich businessman.." "I'm sorry." (A) had better see (B) may have seen —9— .. "Tito. a doctor before you get seriously ill. (A) the businessman was freed from all charges by the judge (B) the judge freed the businessman from all charges (C) all charges were dropped by the judge (D) there were no charges on the businessman (E) freedom was given by the judge to the businessman 20..

... (A) nevertheless (D)still (B) however (E) yet (C) otherwise —10— .. (A) the employees are still going on strike (B) the company gave the employees fair bonuses (C) the employees were not given bonuses at all (D) the company has lost many employees (E) the employees were very dissatisfied 24. caused people to panic and leave their valuables behind.. the employees would not have gone on strike. "What can we do to increase next year's production?" "... the rooms would be booked by others...... We should immediately make reservations for our seminar at the Mandarin Hotel.........(C) should have seen (D) had to see (E) would rather see 22....... . "Had the company been fair in giving bonuses.. (A) We adopt (B) To be adopting (C) Our adopted (D) Adopting (E) It is adopting 23...." From the above sentence we may conclude that ..... new technology in the factory is one alternative... (A) it was the heavy storm damaging the houses (B) also the heavy storm getting the houses damaged (C) because the heavy storm damaged the houses (D) the heavy storm damaging the houses (E) the houses were damaged by the heavy storm 25.. The water flooding the street and ..

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