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DATE: MAY 28, 2012 STATEMENT # 1

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This statement is to compensate the people of Wisconsin for the harm done to them by the organizations Americans for Prosperity, the Heartland Foundation, and the CATO Institute.




November 4, 2010

Rejection of federal stimulus funds for High Speed Rail construction. The Wisconsin DOT estimated that the following number of construction and engineering workers would be employed to build the rail network: (2011) 2,792 jobs; (2012) 3,794 jobs; and (2013) 1,231 jobs. Talgo Inc. established a manufacturing plant in Milwaukee specifically to produce passenger cars for the new Wisconsin rail service, as well as other states. As a result of the Governor’s decision, Talgo announced that it will shut down its Milwaukee train manufacturing operations in 2012, leaving only a maintenance facility. This does not include the loss of jobs that would have been created by future economic development along the rail network. Scott Walker announces the details of Act 10, which strips most public employees of the right to bargain collectively for anything except inflation raises, reversing 50 years of labor rights. He effectively cuts their pay by increasing the amount they pay into retirement and health insurance – something state employees already pay 100% of.

5-6,000 jobs and unknown economic development along the new rail corridor.

$810 million

March 11, 2011

A drop in real wages means a drop in spending and tax revenue.

$284 million

March 11, 2011

Gov. Walker's $1.6 billion cut to education is leaving school districts fighting an uphill battle to make ends meet. Seven of 10 students now attend a district with fewer teachers, nine out of 10 students saw a cut in staff, 40 percent of schools have larger class sizes, and more than 60 percent of our school districts anticipated more drastic cuts coming. At the same time, taxpayer funding to private schools is being increased despite studies showing voucher schools are worse than public schools.

Schools cut programs because they cannot make up the cuts with increases in tax revenue. Increases to the voucher program is estimated at $1 billion. As Scott Walker said under oath, in front of the U.S. House of Representatives, this doesn’t save the State any money Wildlife, aquatic life and surface water drinking water sources will be affected The ACLU and League of Women Voters are challenging the State of Wisconsin in State and Federal Court over the Voter ID Law

$2.6 billion

June 29, 2011

Loss of Collective Bargaining Rights

Cost public employees their voice.

May 24, 2011

Republicans in the Joint Finance Committee vote to end a decade-old rule package that protects Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and streams from pollution running off of farm fields, construction zones and city streets. This will increase phosphorous to lakes, streams, and wetlands.

The cost of cleanup is unknown. The State Department of Transportation will have to come up with an additional $6 million the first year and $4 million every year after that to implement Act 23. At an estimated cost of $30,000/ year, the loss to State Citizens is estimated at over $1 billion/ year.

May 25, 2011

Wisconsin Act 23, otherwise known as the Voter ID Law, is signed into law. The barriers will essentially deny the right to vote for many seniors, people with disabilities, students, people of color and low-income voters, especially because studies indicate they are much less likely to have the photo ID now required. The new barriers to this core democratic right are expected to discourage and disenfranchise thousands of voters.

July, 2011 until present

A total of 35,600 jobs lost in the second half of this year. This stands in dramatic contrast to consistent job growth at the national level.

$30,000 is the amount Koch Industries feels is adequate for people to live on.

January, 2011

Massive new tax breaks for corporations and wealthy investors (Las Vegas Loophole, Capital gains, Manufacturer and Agribusiness income tax, Junk Mail) will cause an additional loss of revenue to state government

WI businesses are already taxed at a lower rate than our neighbors Taking earning from low-wage earners takes money out the economy as these Wisconsinites must spend what they make to live

Nearly $2.4 billion over 10 years

January, 2011

Taxes are increased on low-wage earners with children including the Earned Income Tax Credit and Homestead Tax Credit.

$70 million

January, 2012

Cuts in aid for Wisconsin Technical College System at a time when enrollment is increasing. Technical Colleges took a 30% cut.

Employers will not have the skilled workers they need and will leave the state.

The skill shortage is estimated to the cost each Wisconsin company between $63 and $100 million over the next 5 years. At an estimated payment of $500 /month, over 10 years, revenue lost to Wisconsin will be in the billions.

January 2011

Cuts in aid to the University of Wisconsin System total about $300 million. Increases in tuition will mean that middle and low income students must shoulder more debt, limiting their economic spending after graduation due to student loan burdens.

Student loan debt will lower tax revenue and spending.







We will forgive this bill if you leave us alone

Take Americans for Prosperity back to NY

Take Scott Walker with you

And the Fitzgeralds too..

We want our clean government back.

Make all checks payable to the People of Wisconsin

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