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"NEW GIRL" New Dog (spec script) By Katelyn Trela

Schmidt and Winston compete over whether the best way to win the affections of women is through a dog or a baby; Jess befriends an intruder.

Copr. Katelyn Trela, 2012

Katelyn S. Trela 110 S. Roberson Street, Apt. 9B Chapel Hill, NC 27516 704.579.0379

NEW GIRL: SPEC SCRIPT. Logline: Schmidt and Winston compete over whether the best way to win the affections of women is with a dog or with a baby; Jess befriends an intruder. INT. APARTMENT BUILDING HALLWAY - DAY JESS gets off the elevator. She is singing a string of thoughts. JESS (singing) Its been a terrible day, a terrible day, but its Friday and Ive got ice cream. She unlocks the door. INT. APARTMENT - DAY JESS bursts through the door, throwing her arms wide in theatrical fashion, singing louder now. JESS ILL HAVE ICE CREAA-She sees a massive St. Bernard DOG sitting directly in front of her. JESS A BEAST! Jess quickly runs out into the hallway, closing the door. After a moment, she peeks back around the door. The dog is still sitting, staring at her. JESS (calling inside) Nick? Schmidt? Winston? There is no reply. Jess, resigned, cautiously steps back inside, shutting the door behind her. She stands with her back against the door, her hands on the handle behind her back. JESS Okay, dog. All I want is some ice cream and Ill be off to my room. No need for any trouble here. (CONTINUED)



Jess slowly steps forward. The dog perks up, taking a step toward her. Jess retreats back against the door again, squeezing her eyes shut. JESS (quickly) No, I loved you in Beethoven! The dog whimpers and takes a step back. Jess opens one eye, then exhales. JESS Youre only a dog! And I only want my ice cream, so, this isnt a big deal. Youre just the size of the class bully, Ralph, whatever. The dog barks once. Jess steps forward again, even slower this time. The dog doesnt move. Jess takes a long side step, sliding a few feet toward the kitchen. The dog turns its head, following her with its eyes. JESS Here we go. Just escaping the bully-size beast. Slowly, Jess makes her way to the kitchen, awkwardly slide-side-stepping. Once she reaches the freezer, she spins and opens it, grabbing a pint of ice cream. JESS Glorious! Jess closes the freezer. The dog is sitting on the floor a foot in front of her, looking up with pleading eyes. JESS You again. Who are you, anyway? The dog barks once. Then he nudges Jess foot with his head. JESS Why are you looking so sad, Rolf? Ruff life?




Jess laughs to herself, setting the pint down on the counter and giving herself a high-five. She picks the pint up again and pulls a spoon out of a drawer, looking down at the sad looking dog. JESS My days been bad, too. (a beat) Im sorry I called you a beast, Disney taught me nothing. Jess eats a spoonful of ice cream. JESS If youre the beast, I guess Im the beauty. And youll slowly win me over. The dog perks back up. Jess sinks down to sit on the floor next to the dog, humming "Beauty and the Beast." CUT TO: INT. APARTMENT - 30 MINUTES LATER WINSTON enters the apartment, rushing. He holds a heavy-duty leash in one hand. WINSTON DOG! HERE, DOG! The DOG bounds in from the direction of Jess room. Hes wearing a leather jacket and pedicure toe-separators. He runs into Winston, knocking him over by hitting his legs. JESS ROLF! Winston sits up. WINSTON Is that--? JESS Winston, hey! Rolf and I have become the best of friends! Hes the mystery dog I foun--




WINSTON His nails are red. JESS They match mine. Jess holds a hand out for Winston to see, winking comically. Winston stands up, rubbing his head. WINSTON Get the jacket off the dog, Jess! Jess throws up her hands, looking defeated. JESS Winston, we were having such a good time! WINSTON (to himself) I shouldve gotten a baby. Schmidt knew this would happen, no one would ever leave a baby alone where Jess might find it. Jess is bent down next to the dog, carefully taking off the jacket. JESS Im sure Ill see you again soon, Rolf. (singing) Ive...had...the time of my life with you, my new dog friend. Jess hugs the dog. WINSTON Jess... JESS No. Just...just go. Winston hooks the dog up to the leash. Jess hugs the jacket as Winston leaves the apartment. JESS Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme...Jess and Rolf.

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