SBI CLERK-27/05/2012 G.

Q1) Who was railway minister before Mukul Roy ? Ans:- Dinesh Trivedi Q2) OPEC summit 2011 held at? Ans:- Vienna Q3) Who was guest of honour for republic day? Ans:- Yingluck Shinawatra Q4) What is current CRR? Ans:- 4.75% Q5) Swabhiman is related to Ans:- financial inclusion Q6) Ranbir Kapoor won best actor for film ? Ans:- Rock Star Q7) Who is Chief justice of india? Ans:- S H kapadia Q8 ) Ranji trophy is related towhich sport? Ans:- cricket Q9) kiran desai has written which of the following book ? Ans:- Inheritance of loss Q10) penalty realed to Ans:- football Q11) Match the capita? Ans:- Italy – Rome Q12) What does „D‟ stand for in SDR? Ans:- Drawing Q13) Russia which is now presently a member will be formally accepted in which group in 2012? Ans:- WTO Q14) Earth summit 2012 will be held in Ans:- Rio de janeiro Q15) Aids day is observed on? Ans:- 1 December Q16) Prez Pratibha Patil term will end on? Ans:- July 25 Q17) Which agency regulate share market in India? Ans:- SEBI Q18) Which agency proposed teaching of financial in school? Ans:Q19) Against which country violation of human rights reported? Ans:- Sri Lanka Q20) Who Is the president of france? Ans:- Francois hollande Q21) Who is PM of Tridad Tobago ? Ans:- Kamala Prasad Q22) Wasim Jafffer is associated with which sport? Ans:- Cricket Q23) who got the Nobel peace prize for 2012?

Ans:- tawaakul karmannn Q24) which term is related to football ? Ans:- Penalty Q25) 126 rafael fighter jets are ordered by which country ? Ans- India Q26) Which of the following are highlight of union budget ? Ans:- direct Tax Code Q27) Padma Bhusan Awardee___ Ans:- Homi K. Bhaba Q28) Gavaskar-Border trophy is releted with India and which country Ans:- Australia Q29) PM Manmohan Singh represented which summit in Russia Ans:- India-Russia Summit Q30) Bussiness correspondent is releted to ? Ans:- Financial inclusion Q31) India is declared free from which disease? Ans:- Polio Q32) Term related to Economics? Ans:- Arbitrage Q33) .GDP divided by National income is equal to ? Ans:-Per Capita Income Q34) Earthquake measuring instrument ? Ans:- Siesmometer Q35) Arjun award is related to Ans:-Sports. Q36) saving account with insurance benefits? Ans:- value added service Q37) Which of the following is not the function of RBI? Q38) Winner of Shooting Championship? Q39) New Framework: for Minor and small banks. Q40) Question on NATO.

Q1) Who has won National award for best actress? Ans:- Vidya balan Q2) Anoop Jalota is Ans:- Singer Q3) 3rd BRICS Summit 2011 held at ? Ans:- Sanya (China) Q4) Loan to SHG group is called ? Ans:- Micro Credit Q5) RBI is called Ans:- Bankers Bank Q6) victoria azarenka (Belarous) is related to which of the following sport ? Ans:- Lawn Tennis Q7) Who has won Australian Open ? Ans:- Novak Djokovik Q8) What is the current Bank Rate ? Ans:- 9% Q9) Population Day is observed on which of the following Day? Ans:- 11 July Q10) Which of the following scheme is related to rural infrastructure? Ans:- Bharat Nirman Q11) Members of rajya sabha elected for how many years ? Ans:- 6 years Q12) Sheikh Hasina is Ans:- Prime Minister of Bangladesh Q13) Which of the following term is not related to banking ? Ans:- Amplitude Q14) Which of the following cup is related to Tennis ? Ans:- Wimblendon Q15) Who is External Foreign affair minister of India ? Ans:- S M Krishna Q16) Which of the following is Book Of Vikram Seth ?

Ans:- The Golden Gate Q17) In “ECB” what does “C” Denotes? ans:- Commercial Q18) Mukul Roy is related to which Party ? Ans:- Trinmool Congress Q19) Which of the following term is not belog to cricket ? Ans:- Jockey Q20) Who is U.S. foreign secratory of state? Ans:- Hillary Clinton Q21) G 8 Meeting 2012 held at Ans:- Camp David Q22) Who headed Indis – Russia Meeting ? Ans:- S M Krishna Q23) Chief election Commisoner is Ans:- S. Y. Qureshi Q24) Which of the following is true for railway budget 2011-12 Ans:- AC 3 tier railway fare was not hicked Q25) Related to CM of states? Ans:- HP CM P K Dhumal Q26) 17 th SAARC Summit attended Ans:- P M manmohan Singh Q27) Which of the following is not OPEC Country? Ans:- Bangladesh Q28) Wat is the works Unit ? Ans:- Joule Q29) What is the literacy rate ? Ans:- 74.4% Q30) 16 KM border Pact is with which country ? Ans:- Bangladesh/MYANMAR(DOUBT) Q31) India Sell nuclear Reactor to? Ans:- Kazakistaan

Q32) Pullitzer Prize 2011 won by Ans:- Siddharth Mukherjee Q33) CRIS for which country ? Ans:- India Q34) Micro Finance Regulating Authority is ? Ans:-RBI Q35) Which Of the following award is related to literature ? Ans:- Saraswati Q36) Why EU constructed? Q37) Next army chief is ? Ans:- Bikram Singh Q38) India hockey Defeated which country in Olympic qualifier 2012? Ans:- France Q39) If expenditure is greater than income than difference is called? Ans:- Budget Deficit Q40)

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