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A B S O L U T E B E A C H F R O N T. T O TA L L U X U R Y.

B E A C H F R O N T A PA R T M E N T S . E C H O B E A C H . C A N G G U . B A L I . N O W S E L L I N G .

Sea Sentosa has given some of the world’s leading designers the opportunity to put their heads and hearts together to create something very special in luxurious beachfront apartment living. The result is a unique blend of contemporary Italian design, Balinese sensitivity, vertical gardens and world-renowned art.

it will also be in harmony with the Balinese culture.Bali’s integrated resort A BEAUTIFUL WORLD UNTO ITSELF IN HARMONY WITH THE BALINESE LANDSCAPE Sea Sentosa will blend perfectly with the natural environment while still embracing every facility and service you could wish for from a five star resort. It is said to be “Bon Chance” to live in such an environment. only fully . Not only is it integrated with nature and the ocean. On the property there are two temples. which will be kept alive with traditional ceremonies and offerings.

which is designed to make the buildings appear to be floating on water. Each building is also separated by vertical gardens that will touch and reflect in the water creating a sense of beauty and vitality no other building in Bali has.WATCH IT GROW Sea Sentosa’s ocean frontage makes water the dominant element. This is enhanced by the beautiful lagoon style swimming pool. Combined with the lush tropical landscaping of Sea Sentosa and ongoing innovation. . Vertical gardens will cover the buildings’ exterior walls and terraces. it will be a continuing pleasure for you to ‘watch it grow’.

specialty stores . cafes. boutiques.SEA SENTOSA RESORT PLAN Fully equipped medical centre Newsagent Secure underground parking for more than 100 vehicles 24 Hour security Kid’s activity club Spa with treatments also available in your own apartment Beautifully appointed gymnasium Resort lagoon pool spanning three Olympic sized swimming pools Lush vertical gardens Private infinity edge swimming pools Private sundecks Beach club Sea Sentosa Piazza comprising restaurants.

ABSOLUTE BEACHFRONT LIVING AND THE BEST BALI HAS TO OFFER Sea Sentosa is an integrated resort set on 2. showcasing the best of everything on the magical island of Bali. each designed to enjoy panoramic lagoon or ocean views.8 hectares with a choice of very generously sized one or two bedroom apartments and three bedroom penthouses. . Four beachfront restaurants within the resort will cater to international tastes and the Sea Sentosa Piazza will feature carefully selected cafes. restaurants and elegant fashion stores.SEA SENTOSA LOBBY THE PERFECT PLAN TO COMBINE DESIGN DRIVEN LUXURY.

One bedroom apartments range between 94 square metres to 117 square metres including balconies. You also have the option of converting two neighbouring one bedroom apartments into a two bedroom modular apartment. DVD player.ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS WITH A BEAUTIFUL LAGOON AS YOUR ‘FRONT YARD‘ Several ground floor one bedroom apartments open directly onto the Sea Sentosa lagoon. iPod docking station and a fully equipped kitchen. superior surround sound music systems. All one bedroom apartments include a luxuriously appointed bedroom with en-suite bathroom. with six metres of ocean view frontage. . flat screen TVs.

The deluxe bathrooms in each apartment make even taking a simple shower a sublime experience while the surrounding selection of exclusive finishings complete a totally unique sense of pure luxury.ALL DAY SHOWERS ARE PREDICTED There are enough luxurious appointments surrounding you in your apartment to keep you not wanting to leave it. .

Two bedroom apartments range between 201 square metres to 217 square metres including balconies. A twelve metre ocean view frontage makes the most of this superb beachfront location while selected ground floor two bedroom apartments open onto the Sea Sentosa lagoon. Both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom boast large en-suite bathrooms. Flat screen TVs. Cooling breezes from the Indian Ocean are a constant reminder of how special this breathtaking location is. DVD players. the wonderful views from selected ground floor two bedroom apartments compliment this absolute beachfront setting. iPod docking stations and a fully equipped kitchen are all included. some of which are wraparound. superior surround sound music systems. seabreezes .caressed by TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS: TWICE THE LUXURY Bathed in light.

caressed by seabreezes .


allowing you to maximize a return on your investment while enjoying your stay. . You have the option of experiencing the space and luxury of a two bedroom apartment through our unique modular design.every detail work of is a art TWO BEDROOM MODULAR APARTMENT CAN BECOME TWO ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS Sea Sentosa’s two bedroom modular apartments give you a unique opportunity to become scalable. or if needed you can choose to use both as one bedroom apartments.

every detail work of is a art .

which includes rooftop swimming pool and sundecks. From the second floor of the penthouse the only thing between your horizon pool and the horizon is the stunning beach.YOUR PENTHOUSE IS MORE LIKE A LUXURIOUS VILLA IN THE SKY The two storey penthouse apartments average 400 square metres. .

blessed nature by .



and a master bedroom and guest bedroom. a spacious open plan living and dining area.PENTHOUSE The first floor features a fully equipped kitchen. each with their own en-suite bathroom. there is another spacious master bedroom with a large en-suite bathroom. DVD players. On the second floor. superior surround sound music systems and iPod docking stations are all included. private swimming pool and sun deck. Flat screen TVs. .

And that’s just from inside your apartment! . After you have chosen the perfect setup you have the choice of three color schemes and furniture packages exclusively designed by Giacomo Passera. big open spaces and stunningly beautiful skies.TwO BEdROOm APARTmENT SEA SENTOSA APARTMENTS GIVE YOU THE LUXURY OF CHOICE You have the luxury of choosing the apartment to suit both your needs and your desire for something special. Each apartment celebrates the expanse of space and exquisite Italian design and there is a choice of direct lagoon frontage or expansive beach views. Enjoy expansive water views.

lava stone BRINGING THE EXQUISITE WORLD OF BALI INTO yOUR APARTMENT “For the interior finishes. We have created a special material similar to that used on a boat. I have designed it to tie the external and internal finishes together.Interior Designer . I will use natural materials like sandstone. We also thought carefully about what to cover the furniture with and the fabric has been designed especially to match the colours of the wood. This fabric has been made exclusively for me by one of the most prestigious factories in Italy. the objects we sometimes find on the beach and then use these simple materials with a refined and elegant design. natural wood.textured bark textured terazzo with mother of pearl trim textured bark with mother of pearl trim textured bark with mother of pearl trim white washed textured bark coconut wood coconut shell polished terazzo textured bark mother of pearl coconut wood black terazzo .” Giacomo Passera Architect . mother of pearl.

Ku De Ta. just 15 minutes from Nirwana Golf and Country Club designed by Greg Norman. Canggu SENTOSA Seminyak Kuta Sanur Airport Nusa dua Sea Sentosa is situated at Echo Beach. home to Sentosa Private Villas and Spa. you only have to walk a few metres and choose between a beach break or reef break. one of the best beaches in Bali and known by surfers all over the world. . internationally famous restaurants and the best boutique shopping.ABSOLUTE BEACHFRONT ON ONE OF THE wORLd’S mOST ENCHANTING ISLANdS SEA SENTOSA Echo Beach. Seminyak. It is 45 minutes from the airport. and 15 minutes from the cosmopolitan heart of Bali. Surfers travel thousands of miles to surf Canggu.

or perhaps the Japanese. the Italian or the Mediterranean restaurant. where to lounge and catch some sun. RESTAURANT. as a fully serviced resort you can enjoy 24-hour room service. . BEACH CLUB OR ROOM SERVICE Without leaving Sea Sentosa there is a world of choice: where to swim. The simple choice could be to stay in the luxury of your own apartment and have your meal delivered. or the Beach Club.SEA SENTOSA BEACH CLUB BEACH OR LAGOON? CAFE. whether to dine formally or casually in the French restaurant.

Each fully appointed apartment is an example of Italian design with an intelligent use of local Indonesian materials. Russia.” PATRICK BLANC Patrick Blanc the esteemed French botanist. magnificent gardens. This impressive list of talent perfectly embodies the Sentosa philosophy and ethos of “design driven luxury”. mASSImO LISTRI Massimo Listri has been described as an extraordinary ‘scenographer’. We are honoured Massimo’s art will appear in all Sea Sentosa apartments setting new standards for excellence and inspiration. he is again redefining “design driven luxury” by assembling a cast of internationally renowned consultants and artists to create his most phenomenal project to date. Expansive outdoor terraces and balconies provide panoramic views of the Indian Ocean beachfront and sculpted volcanic rocks. His work at Sea Sentosa will be a wonderful example of this global phenomenon. He has the gift of showing the secrets of lost worlds.quite simply. scientist and designer pioneered the concept of the vertical garden wall an innovative technique for growing plants on vertical surfaces without the use of soil and which can exist with little human interference. His most public displays grace Musee du Quai Branly. China. the largest installation is the vertical garden of the Caixa Forum in Madrid. It has to serve the very basics of what a building is for of course. and commissions for the Princess Grace of Monaco. Putu says “My true belief is that architecture needs to be sensitive to its surroundings and needs to express the lasting beauty of the natural environment. the Pershing Hall Hotel and the Ministry of Culture in Paris. without doubt the most dynamic young architect working in Indonesia today. . Patrick selects plants for their ability to live together using an average of 500 species per piece. objects d’art and princely palaces through stunning photography in a way that transcends photography into a true creative art form. now. but in this case because of the art of Massimo’s photography. Giacomo has successfully been able to blend Sea Sentosa into the local environment. In 2007. Canada and the French Riviera. the United States of America.THE THINKING ANd THE PASSION BEHINd SEA SENTOSA SAXON LOOKER The Sentosa Worldwide Resorts success story is built upon the philosophy of “design driven luxury”. has the unique ability to see a completed development in his mind’s eye. PUTU EdY SEmARA The Sentosa Worldwide Resorts group partnership with Putu Edy Semara has already produced the award winning Sentosa Private Villas and Spa in Seminyak and we believe he is. His work can be seen on walls from Europe to India to South Korea to Thailand to Japan and the USA. His work has featured in numerous exhibitions in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Florence and over 50 books and publications around the globe. sculptured vegetal walls and world-renowned art. but it also has to provide an aesthetic. it is the best of the best! GIACOmO PASSERA Italian architect Giacomo Passera’s unique style has been appreciated in Italy. a term more commonly associated with movies and theatre.the vision of Saxon Looker who. most notably in the famous Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo. Saxon completed the multi-award winning Sentosa Private Villas and Spa in Seminyak. His appreciation and sensibility cause him to design environments that have the feeling and sense of sanctuary. after 21 years at the helm of resort projects. it has to be a product of the civilization in that place and at that particular time.

cash flow. recruitment and training of a professionally managed resort. ROI and capital growth. standard operating procedures.Virtual Design: VISUALFRAME Italia . the Sentosa Worldwide Resorts team covers every aspect of daily operations.mANAGEd wITH UNmATCHEd GLOBAL EXPERIENCE ANd LOCAL KNOwLEdGE: YOU wON’T HAVE A CARE IN THE wORLd Management of Sea Sentosa will be driven by the Sentosa Worldwide Resorts management team. while you enjoy a totally relaxed experience of the ultimate in luxurious beachfront living in one of the most desirable locations in the world. With a vast wealth of hospitality experience and expertise that literally spans the globe. the same team currently in the driving seat at Sentosa Private Villas and Spa. Giacomo Passera . Arch. reservations systems. The primary focus of the team is to generate optimum revenue. including food and beverage. marketing.

based on the concept of design driven luxury. a constantly growing and evolving “living” approach continually re-interpreting and “transcending” conventional ideas of luxury.SentoSa WoRLDWIDe ReSoRtS The Sentosa Worldwide Resorts brand is the benchmark for unparalleled luxury. both physical and emotional. It is an intelligent luxury. It is now Sentosa Worldwide Resorts pleasure to offer an opportunity to experience this new interpretation of luxury beachfront living at Sea Sentosa. . high-end service and on-going organic growth applied to cutting edge resorts.

com .B E AC H F R O N T A PA RTM E N TS ECHO B A BEACH L I NOW SELLING S a l e s O f f i c e : Jl.seasentosa. Laksmana Seminyak 999X + 6 2 3 6 1 8 8 8 1 2 3 4 www.

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