One of the original interns, Cody Szuwalski

KVHA’s Commitment to Interns
By Alison Reber, KVHA Executive Director

The interns are a critical part of StreamLink’s unique nature. They have abundant enthusiasm and allow us to maintain a creative team that blends veteran talent with new talent. KDWP was the initial internship funder, helping us hire Jeff Severin in 1999. It was with their assistance that the framework for the program was established. In 2000, the City of Lawrence funded an additional intern, followed by intern funding through EPA and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Now after seven years we can look back and see the cumulative effect of this initially practical endeavor. Eighteen people have been a part of the program as either paid or volunteer interns. The initial intention of the internship opportunity remains the same - to help build the experience and knowledge base of those considering relevant careers. Coming to the program with diverse academic and practical backgrounds, the majority of our interns begin the program having completed bachelors degrees in the process of making graduate school decisions or are nontraditional students working through mid-life career changes. Typically interns are here for six (6) to 18 months and are a part of at least one field sampling season. They work along side full-time staff members and are assigned tasks based on their interests and abilities. This

List of Past and Present Interns:
Jeff Severin

Isabel Anheier Jeremy Frazell Cody Szuwalski Galen Worthington Mandi Chace Carey Maynard-Moody Sherri Fernkopf
includes fieldwork in diverse stream settings, public relations, teaching/public presentations, data basing, website maintenance, web research, and writing for a variety of purposes. By representing the organization at various meetings, interns establish professional relationships and develop a proficient operating knowledge of current environmental pressures affecting stream health &/or the interlacing environmental education processes in Kansas. We work very hard with our interns so that they leave the program with the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in stream ecology or environmental education professions. Each intern to date has continued along a career or academic path that directly ties to his or her KVHA experiences. We are very proud of our interns and are pleased that we have been able to maintain this opportunity as an ongoing part of the StreamLink program.
(from left) Sarah Holmberg, Alison Reber, Meg Givens, Adam Dixon
Meg Givens-Sage works with girl scouts at Hidden Valley Girl Scout Camp, June 2005

Mandy Rasmussen

Rachael Sudlow Kate Glanville Orrin Smith Meg Givens-Sage Prashant Patel Sara Holmberg Adam Dixon Patty Graves